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Soul Rifts and Palm Trees and Pastries

(Log by Wish)

###Seraph: Entered Game

DarkClaw: Good morning, Wish.

DarkClaw: Good morning, Seraph.

Seraph: hello all

Cordir: ....

Wish: hello Seraph...

Seraph: i can feel the love :)

Cordir: No, that's not quite the emotion inspired.

Seraph: feels it

Cordir: when you take people's loved ones hostage and require deeply offensive payment..
Cordir: don't expect thank you notes and invites to lunch

Seraph: what no lunch?

Cordir: You have earned my wrath and retaliation.

Seraph: ya
Seraph: at least its something right

Cordir: I have no idea what you mean by that

Seraph: your smart figure it out

Cordir: keep a civil tongue.

Seraph: that was civil

Seraph: ok i'll try again
Seraph: you are great, wise and powerful. I'm sure you can outwit me and figure out the meaning behind my saying

Wish: Was that sarcasm? I can't tell, I am too busy getting out of the way of the bolt of lightning coming your way.

Seraph: not lightning, Wish. Soul rifts are her thing

Cordir: shaking yours up a bit to find out who else's you have stolen away seems like a wise plan on my part.
Cordir: like shaking a palm tree to see what falls free

Wish's Obsession

You tell DarkClaw, 'I had said I would wait to take my elixir'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'You had wanted to express further concerns and perhaps provide an alternative solution.'.

DarkClaw tells you, '*nod* I did, and do. Ghazkull holds within himself Samiyah's blood. It seems...'.

DarkClaw tells you, 'It might be safer creating a second elixir with that instead...though he also holds my blood within him, and I'm not sure what that would do to you.'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'Indeed. It would seem there are no good options.'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'I am having strange feelings...since meeting Tross'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'I am having hesitations about drinking the elixir that I never thought I would have'.

DarkClaw tells you, '*blink* What is causing the hesitation?'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'I am embarrassed to say'.
You tell DarkClaw, '*sheepishly*'.

DarkClaw tells you, 'Oh, come on now. It's ME you're talking to. After my past, how can you be embarrassed to admit anything to me!?'.

You tell DarkClaw, '*sigh* you are right, Star...as usual'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'Okay, but don't tell anyone...'.

DarkClaw tells you, 'You have my word.'.

You tell DarkClaw, '*looks around furtively to make sure no one is listening*'.

DarkClaw tells you, '*raises a brow at your strange behaviou*'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'It seems, since being in this form and meeting Tross, I have developed a fondness for...'.

You tell DarkClaw, '*blushes and turns red*'.
You tell DarkClaw, '"A fondness for pastries!"'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'I mean, I can't stop thinking about them~!'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'All day, all night..pastry, pastry, pastry!'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'cinnamon pastry, apple, cherry, lemon, lime!'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'is there something wrong with me?!'.

DarkClaw tells you, '*her brow arches further and she bursts out laughing* Are you saying, because of a mere child, your sanity is gone?'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'well, I don't know! They are so delicious, and I had no idea this is what people ate all the time.'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'First of all, its been so long since I have had to eat anything...and bvefore that I tended to only eat fish or bread'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'nothing like the glorious sweetness that is nectar filled pastry!'.

DarkClaw tells you, '*grins* I asked Tross to share one of his pastries with me sometime. Now I'm having second thoughts.'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'they are indeed delicious!'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'and you are right to beware'.

DarkClaw tells you, 'I think I will inform Tross that I've changed my mind. I would hate to desire pastries more than blood.'.

DarkClaw tells you, 'Is there not a chance you would still be able to eat them in your old form?'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'Well, yes, but I am afraid I won't enjoy them as much'.

DarkClaw tells you, 'Hmmm, there is always that possibility. But...would you even miss something that you no longer enjoy?'.

Cordir: have you found your cure yet, Wish?

Wish: Well, I have found...something of a cure...but I have not yet taken it..I have hesitations.

Wish: I am speaking with Darkclaw about them now.

DarkClaw: *tries unsuccessfully to hold back a grin*

Wish: SHHH!

Cordir: *raises an eyebrow*

Wish: *blushes brightly*

The Dealer

(Log by Wish)

The Coral Cave
[Exits: south]
Glittering white sand covers the floor of this room, curling in tiny swirls
across the room as if by some unseen current. The cave appears to have
naturally grown within the center of a massive coral formation, and you are
unable to detect any sign of intentional construction. The coral walls pulse
with life, as sea creatures dart in and out of tiny crevices, and colorful
coral fronds sway to and fro like leaves in the wind. Sunlight gently streams
into the room through cracks in the coral ceiling, bathing everything in an
eerie bluish cast. Some magical force must be at work here, since you appear to
be completely underwater, and yet able to breathe without difficulty. The
only exit is to the south, through a small carved out of the coral wall.
(Intense Light Cyan Aura) Cordir is here.

Cordir fades into existence, wreathed in ebon flame and sable shadow.
Cordir says, 'what are you up to?'.

Wish looks around furtively.

You say, 'uhhh..nothing..Cordir, nothing at all'.
You say, 'Have you seen Tross?'.

Cordir glances about suspiciously.

Cordir says, 'Not of late.'.

Wish looks impatient and nervous.

Cordir says, 'I toss mushrooms at her when I see her.'.

You say, 'Do you happen to know where she gets those delicious pastries?'.

Cordir looks surprised but nods.
Cordir says, 'Yes.'.

Wish looks ecstatic.

You say, 'Really? Can you tell me, please?'.

Cordir says, 'I sent Guardian after her once morning as she was stuffing her pockets with them.'.

You say, 'Why would you do that? '.

Wish steps closer to Cordir, waiting expectedly for the location of the pastries.

Cordir says, 'Because I am an evil spiteful hag, everyone knows that.'.

Wish laughs nervously.
You say, 'Not at all, Cordir! Not at all! You know I adore you.'.

Cordir blinks and looks at you closely.

Wish smiles sweetly.

You say, 'You were mentioning pastries?'.

Cordir takes in your sweaty palms and jumpy demeanor.

Wish wipes some saliva from his lips.

Cordir frowns.
Cordir says, '... are you a pastry addict?!?'.

You say, 'what?! huh? who me? I don't know what you are talking...me?!'.
Wish laughs unconvincingly.
Wish says on the side, "You don't happen to have any on you, do you?"

Cordir eats a light pastry.
Cordir watches your reaction.

Wish begins to drool.

Cordir says, 'a-Ha'.
Cordir says, 'I knew it'.

You say, 'What?'.

Cordir says, '.. today's flavor is blueberry-raspberry'.

Wish's eyes roll into the back of his head.
Wish reaches towards Cordir, absent-mindedly.

Cordir says, 'I thought I smelled berries when I passed that way.'.

You say, 'Cordir, please please tell me where I might find them!'.
You say, 'Not for me, of course!'.
You say, 'For Tross'.

Cordir affixes your hand with a gimlet gaze.

You say, 'I want to give her...i mean him...i mean...her..ummm a gift!'.

Cordir says, 'Tross should be eating fruits and vegetables at her age not pastries and cookies'.
Cordir scolds you. What did you do now??

You say, 'She has been such a good follower, dedicated, and such...she deserves a treat!'.
You say, 'Oh what's a few pastries?!'.

Her lips twitch with the effort not to smile.

Cordir gives you a light pastry.

You eat a light pastry.

Cordir says, '... for Tross'.

You say, 'ohhh'.
You say, 'oh, i had to make sure it was okay'.

Cordir coughs.

You say, 'you better give me like...5...no 10...just to be sure'.

Cordir gives you a light pastry.
Cordir gives you a light pastry.
Cordir gives you a light pastry.
Cordir gives you a light pastry.

You smile happily.
Wish is suddenly extremely happy.

You say, 'I will make sure she gets these'.
You say, 'Most of them..you know, after I test them to make sure they are okay'.

Cordir gives you a light pastry.

Wish nods reassuringly at Cordir.

Cordir gives you a light pastry.
Cordir gives you a light pastry.
Cordir gives you a light pastry.
Cordir gives you a light pastry.
Cordir gives you a light pastry.

You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.
You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.
You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.
You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.
You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.
You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.
You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.
You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.
You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.
You put a light pastry in a piece of red volcanic glass.

Cordir says, '...right. For Tross...'.

You nod in recognition to her.
You say, 'Yes...for Tross'.
You say, 'She loves them, apparently. '.

You say, 'Don't you have something...Goddess like to do now?'.
You say, 'Seraph is doing something bad somewhere I am sure'.

Seraph arrives from a puff of smoke.

You frown at what Seraph did.

Cordir utters the words, 'rift'.
Cordir's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Seraph!

Cordir makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Seraph slowly fades out of existence.

You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee!
You say, 'Hilarious'.

Seraph: feel better?

Cordir: I do, strangely enough

Wish gets a bottle of bleach from his keepsake.
Wish starts to scrub the spot that Seraph was momentarily standing.

You say, 'thanks for the pastries...Tross will be very happy'.
You say, 'quite happy'.

Wish: i have to go afk

Seraph: good. Makes me feel good also
Seraph: so its a win win

You rest.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, '... don't eat them all at once.'.
Cordir gathers the shadows around herself, ebon flames outlining her for a moment.

Seraph: bbl
###Seraph: Quit

Cordir: back in a flash

Kandan gossips (in common), 'welcome back Lady Cordir'.
Cordir gossips, 'thank you'.

DarkClaw: Welcome back.

Cordir: :)
Cordir: no Seraph, I got to see Wish coveting pastries -if not taking a step to admit his addiction - its a lovely day

DarkClaw: *grins at something Cordir said but remains quiet, her eyes cast downward*

DarkClaw: (AFK for a few)

Wish: Cordir...the pastries are for Tross, remember?

Cordir: ...right. The ones you stuffed into your mouth and KEEPSAKE bag were purely for quality control I am certain...

###Seraph: Entered Game

Wish: absolutely!

Cordir: *laughs*

Wish: Tross has high standards. I can't abide her getting inferior product. Not after she..i mean he..has been so good to me

Cordir: Wish.. It is okay to admit you have a weakness for them.
Cordir: I will even admit it... I have something I crave from time to time.

Wish: It is?

Cordir: yes - it is.
Cordir: I like gyvel.

Wish: oh really? like day and night crave?
Wish: can't sleep or think about anything else, crave?

Cordir: ... that isnt really a "like" .. that is more of a "need"

Wish: I am confused.
Wish: What is "gyvel"?

Cordir: and even if you lay in your cave and drool at the thought of warm melted chocolate embraced by flaky sweet dough..

Wish: *quivers*

Cordir: we still love and support you.

Wish: *sniff*....that's sweet
Wish: not as sweet as pastries, but still sweet

Cordir: a bit too sweet for my taste - that's why I like gyvel.

Seraph: hello all continue with the love fest of food

Wish: ack, boss calling...
Wish: brb

Cordir: it grows on the grassy plains. Scar introduced me to it.

Wish: what do you do with "gyvel"? do you eat it?

Cordir: yes
Cordir: it is a plant

Wish: oh...so basically not nearly as good as pastry

Cordir: it is black leafed and has a slightly tart flavor that is almost like licorice


(Log by Wish)

You tell Cordir, 'I admitted this to Star...my predilection for...pastry...and other things this form enjoys is giving me hesitation to drink my elixir'.

Cordir tells you, '...indeed?'.
Cordir tells you, 'what sorts of things?'.

You tell Cordir, 'well, pastries...'.
You tell Cordir, 'pies...'.
You tell Cordir, 'and...other...private physical things'.

Cordir tells you, '*both eyebrows raise in surprise*'.

You tell Cordir, '*blushing*'.
You tell Cordir, 'come on! give me a break!'.
You tell Cordir, 'I didn't understand the...pleasure a new body can bring!'.

Cordir tells you, '*chuckles softly* There's no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure, Wish.'.

You tell Cordir, 'so now i am conflicted'.
You tell Cordir, 'i want my old body back...or at least my old self-perception'.
You tell Cordir, 'but I am enjoying the new experiences this body brings'.
You tell Cordir, 'especially the pastries'.
You tell Cordir, 'and the pies'.
You tell Cordir, 'and the other thing...'.

Cordir tells you, '*nods with another smile*'.

You tell Cordir, 'And now, with the dangers my half-wrought elixir might bring..i do not know what to do'.

Cordir tells you, '.. are you asking me my opinion or for help? or are you using me as a sounding board to think about it?'.

You tell Cordir, 'i am asking your opinion, of course. I value your advice, although I may not always take it.'.

Cordir tells you, 'When you despaired and wished not to live in this form..'.
Cordir tells you, 'i came to realize that my own. issues.. with veiled self perception colored my opinions too much.'.
Cordir tells you, '.. I want you to be happy, Wish. If there are some unexpected delights or things to explore with this new form, I encourage you to pause and think:'.
Cordir tells you, 'Yes - exploring them could be fun and new - but will mean more to Change and forget to be back where you were'.
Cordir tells you, 'If you do not have complete confidence in your elixir however - I would advise waiting until you do '.

You tell Cordir, 'As always, your council is wise. I shall consider it. I miss my old form greatly...but this has been more pleasurable than i anticipated'.

Cordir tells you, '*wryly* well I don't know about 'wise'..'.
Cordir tells you, 'but I do hope you can find peace in yourself: whatever your external form'.
Cordir tells you, 'as for pleasure.. well. I.. um.. can probably give less advice on that topic than Star can.'.

DarkClaw: Wish?

Cordir: His mouth is full of pastries. Can't talk right now.
Cordir: please leave a message.

DarkClaw: *laugh* That sounds about right.

Wish: Sorry...work has my full attention...*chew chew chew*

DarkClaw: *grin*

Cordir: better chewing than.. er ..

DarkClaw: *raise a brow*

Cordir: *giggles* (yes: giggles) I suggested he talk to you on some topics...

DarkClaw: *blinks* Which topics were those?

Wish: *blush* Cordir!!

Cordir: Oh Wish... You get the joy and delight of learning about _kissing_. Which is even better than cake pie and pastry combined.

DarkClaw: Unless it's from someone you despise.
DarkClaw: But...surely you've been kissed before, Wish.

Cordir: ... *mood plummets*
Cordir: *nods abruptly*

DarkClaw: *looks to Cordir apologetically* Sorry...I've actually been kissed by someone I despised before also...long ago.

Cordir: *nods abruptly*

DarkClaw: *considers stealing Wish's pastries so he'll be able to talk*

Cordir: all teasing and moodiness aside, Wish, there are many physical experiences an elven rather than sepoid body can experience
Cordir: that are exponentially amplified by the positive (or negative) emotions you have for te other person sharing them with you.
Cordir: for example, kissing.

DarkClaw: Very true, Cordir. Sometimes it can be so intense you are almost overwhelmed and feel like you will burst...in a manner of speaking. *grin*

Cordir: which can be intimacy, offering, feast, sacrifice, entwinement, ownership, -and- physical pleasure.

Wish: sorry, ladies, i have been listening..just a bit overwhelmed
Wish: No, I have not "kissed" anyone before
Wish: Sepiods do not "kiss"

DarkClaw: *blinks slowly* I...suppose they don't.

Wish: we embrace tightly and entwine tentacles
Wish: but I have never met another sentient sepiod so even that has been beyond my experience

Cordir: .. thus my comment that you have so very much available to explore and experience.

DarkClaw: *frown* I cannot imagine my life without kissing...even moreso without intimacy, period.

Wish: I suppose I do, Cordir...and it would seem opportunities are more available in this form than my previous
Wish: Are Elf women easily persuaded to enjoin in these activities?

Cordir: some are and some are not
Cordir: but one can kiss someone of a different race

Wish: I see.
Wish: I suppose I shall have to try them all then.
Wish: To see which race kisses best.

Cordir: I think it rather depends on the person rather than the race.

DarkClaw: And the chemistry between the parties involved as well.
DarkClaw: *ponder* Well, maybe that's not exactly correct.
DarkClaw: The better the chemisty is, though, the more that's thrown into the kiss, so to speak.
DarkClaw: *thinks she's better just shut up while she's behind*

Wish: well, i find it hard to believe "kissing" can be better than pastry
Wish: but I suppose I shall have to try it to find out

Cordir: *softly, caught up in memory* It can.

The Hunt

You tell DarkClaw, 'Is Samiyah still being hunted by Lost?'.

DarkClaw tells you, 'I removed the board note, but my people are open to attack anyone.'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'understood'.

DarkClaw tells you, '*looks at you curiously* Why do you ask?'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'I am attempting to determine the likelihood of ever getting her corpse'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'It appears minimal'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'Although Hunt may kill her, they will not provide me with her flesh'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'And she appear to be too slippery for Teva'.

DarkClaw tells you, '*nod* She IS downright slippery...but everyone dies at some point.'.

DarkClaw tells you, 'There is always the Ghazkull possibility to consider. Though I know not what...kindred blood would do to you.'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'I appreciate the offer from you and Ghaz...however, I believe it is safer to use the unadulterated dried blood from the scroll. It is her blood'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'unadulterated by anothers'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'the risk of the magic of the scroll is there, of course'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'but it seems to me to be the lesser of the two'.

DarkClaw tells you, '...Perhaps. There's only one way to find out, I suppose.'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'indeed...and yet..the pleasures of this body are hard to rest exploring'.

DarkClaw tells you, '*grins slowly* There is so much you have missed out on, Wish. I wish I could show you. I mean...'.
DarkClaw tells you, '*bites her lower lip* That...didn't sound right. But you get my point.'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'I do, Darkclaw, and I appreciate it. We are friends...and some of these pleasures are probably best not shared between friends'.
You tell DarkClaw, 'Not to say you were offering'.
You tell DarkClaw, '*bites his cheek* you know what I mean'.

DarkClaw tells you, 'Oh, it's not that. I would like to believe we are...WOULD both be beyond letting it affect our friendship.'.

You tell DarkClaw, 'Indeed. Okay...if you really want to...you can have one of my pastries.  ;)'.

DarkClaw tells you, '*bursts out laughing* I will refrain from saying what first came to mind.'.

Bels Takes An Interest in Wish's Clam

(log by Belsambar)

scan n
To the North: The Coral Cave

Belsambar tosses a small ruby in through the clam to get the resident's attention.
Belsambar tosses another.

A hand reaches down and blocks your way!
A voice booms, 'INFIDEL!!!!!!!! This is not your god's temple!'

A hand reaches down and blocks your way!
A voice booms, 'INFIDEL!!!!!!!! This is not your god's temple!'

Western Avenue
[Exits: north east west]
You stand on the marble walkway that makes up Western Avenue.
Although many feet have crossed this ground the marble is not worn
in the least. Wish's temple is to the north.
The sky is rainy and a cold northern gust blows.

You yell (in common), 'hey Wish, how do I open your clam so I can slip inside and say hi?'.

Wish yells, 'You need a stiff drink!'.
Wish yells, 'That usually opens clams for me'.

DarkClaw yells, 'And a pastry!'.

Wish yells, 'HAHAHAH'.

You yell (in common), 'maybe I'm too big...anyone have any olive oil?'.

DarkClaw yells, 'Er...you'd have to see the Booga for that, I'm afraid.'.

You yell (in common), 'sometimes all it takes it a little lubrication...'.
You yell (in common), 'like hell, he ATE all my olive oil when I was in Dark'.
You yell (in common), 'but I'm sure he could smooth talk it open, he was always good like that...'.

DarkClaw yells, '*snicker*'.

You yell (in common), 'I thought I had a master key, but apparently it doesn't open -all- locks like some would say'.
You yell (in common), 'that or this is a much classier lock than it's used to opening'.

DarkClaw yells, 'You were robbed, then!'.

Wish yells, 'Maybe your key is just not big enough.'.

DarkClaw yells, '*laugh*'.

Wish yells, 'Or its bent'.

DarkClaw yells, 'I hear size doesn't matter.'.

You yell (in common), 'maybe I need to bend it the other way'.
You yell (in common), 'usually a little kink is a good thing...'.

Wish yells, 'Trust me, I've spent countless hours trying to bend my key the other way, and it just keeps popping back.'.
Wish yells, 'don't waste your time'.
Wish yells, 'you are better off finding the just the right clam that you key fits into'.

Wish gossips, 'adios TFC'.

Wish: we are baaaaad

DarkClaw: *snicker*

Cordir: we are?
Cordir: I think I missed something

Wish: well, Darkclaw and I are baaaaad

DarkClaw: *grin*

Cordir: when I said you should explore kissing and other races I did not mean non-sentients

Wish: You mean Belsambar?

DarkClaw: *chokes*

who belsambar
1 player.
Hum [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Belsambar: Dark Fated Mirthy Harbinger of Tiger Wisdom

Wish: I had no intention of kissing him.

Cordir: *chokes with laughter at the inopportune info*

DarkClaw: *snickers at Wish*

Cordir: I .. uh.. shall leave you to your lessoning or explorations..

Wish: i have to go too
Wish: thanks for the help ladies

DarkClaw: Have a good day, Wish. *chuckle*

Cordir: of course Wish

You gossip, 'adios TFC'.