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Books, Bonds, and Blood

(Log by Samiyah: Contains 'train of thought' commentary as the scene progressed)

Ghazkull arrives from the west.

You smile at him.

Ghazkull smiles at you.

You say (in common), 'Hello, Ghazkull'.
Selff grins happily at Ghazkull.

> l Ghazkull

Ghazkull looks at you.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Hello, Samiyah'.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'How are you?'.

Ghazkull beams a smile at Selff.
Selff leaves west.

You say (in common), 'has my journal popped back into being since you saw it last? It is still missing..'.

Ghazkull shakes his head.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I know'.

Samiyah's brow furrows as she frowns, looking troubled.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Venom has asked the Lost Ones to find it'.

You say (in common), 'Sahib is concerned and has comman....'.
You say (in common), '..What?!'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'He will get no help from me on it though'.

Samiyah's brow furrows as she frowns, looking troubled.

You say (in common), 'If Venom is seeking my journal, that is not a good thing'.
You say (in common), 'he has named himself "Al-Shaitan" and that is a very very bad thing.'.

Ghazkull blinks.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I am not familiar with the word...'.

You say (in common), 'it means an enemy spawned straight from hell.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'however, Shaitan sparks a memory'.

You say (in common), 'the enemy that must be fought to the last breath and drop of blood'.
You say (in common), '.. it means I must kill him.'.

Ghazkull blinks.

Samiyah says softly, 'If he is seeking my journal... I *must* find it first.'
Samiyah bites her lower lip worriedly.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I will keep my eyes open'.

Samiyah gestures with her hands, outlining the size of the book.
You say (in common), 'like so and so, black, made of leather'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'and if I find it, I shall return it to you'.

You smile at him.You say (in common), 'Thank you.. but .. will that cause you trouble?'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'probably.'.
Ghazkull winks suggestively at you.

You say (in common), 'oh dear'.

Ghazkull shrugs.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I do not fear venom'.

You say (in common), 'I am forbidden to speak to him.'.

Ghazkull nods.

You say (in common), 'Sahib knows I cannot keep my tongue still around him.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'it is probably for the best'.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'he has... a way with words'.

Samiyah points to her lip, where she bit it through, trying to keep from talking.

Ghazkull's brow narrows as he stares at the wound.

(Why is he looking at my mouth? Oh. because it was bitten. But it's healed now. Sahib healed it. (remembers Seraph's touch, healing her lip) Perhaps he can still see the healing wound. Why would he look at my mouth, though..? Can he see through my veil? Oh! He's a vampire.. he must sense it, even through the cloth. Do I need a new veil? Is this one torn and ragged? Does my mouth show? Ack!)

You say (in common), 'I spoke to the Sayyida about "al-shaitan"..'.
You say (in common), 'and she said that whatever I must do, he likely has coming to him.'.

You say (in common), '(it's healed. just a scar, not open wound)'.

Ghazkull says lightly, 'so now you can answer your own question, surely'
Ghazkull smirks slightly.

(My own question? What question? Did I miss something he said? I don't know. Change the subject!)

You say (in common), 'oh!!'.
You say (in common), 'I learned something.'.

Ghazkull raises an eyebrow at you.

You say (in common), 'ELVEN vampires, made by the Sayyida..'.
You say (in common), 'think that I smell like pastry.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'you have spoken to another?'.

You say (in common), 'and HUMAN vampires, NOT made by the Sayyida (including the sayyida herself), think that I smell pleasant-but-not-pastry'.

You say (in common), 'I was talking to the Sayyida of it, and I cut myself so she could smell the blood, and Venom sensed it and came running'.

You say (in common), 'and he says I smell 'pure.
You say (in common), 'but I don't know what that means exactly'.

(I think it means something about not having done haraam things with men... but I would never say that..not to him and not to anyone, and I hope Sahib did not hear me thinking of it!)

You say (in common), 'but he wanted to drink it and I would not let him, of course.'.

(Venom is .. creepy. He makes me feel like a a lizard about to be eaten by a sand cat.)
(Perhaps this wasn't the best topic, talking about what I taste like...)

You say (in common), 'I was speaking to Nicholai about blood and bonds and charms and all manner of things.'.

Ghazkull says, while gesturing to the scar on your lip, 'and what did you think you tasted like?'

(ACK! He's looking at my mouth again!)

You say (in common), 'Me? blood tastes salty and not very nice at all.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'that was always my thoughts, in the past'.

(**aaaaand there it is.** Blood tasted bad.. in the past. But not any more.. I wonder - What if the cut was still there, and he kissed me, and tasted blood? What would that be like? For him? What would that be like.. for me?)

Samiyah colors a bit, shifting uncomfortably as an almost alien thought slips into her mind. She glances at you, frowning slightly.

Ghazkull raises an eyebrow.

Samiyah blushes further, and adjusts her veil.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Speak, sami. You should be able to speak what's on your mind to me, surely?'.

Samiyah glances at you from the corner of her eye, her gaze resting briefly on your mouth before flitting away. She shakes her head strongly. "No."
Samiyah adds softly, 'It is haraam.'

(ACK!! I can't be thinking of such things!! It's WRONG! Haraam!! Quick, change the subject!)

Ghazkull regards you quizzically.

Samiyah blushes a deeper red, mumbling in an attempt to deflect the topic 'So. Um. What.. er.. new adventures have you had lately? I have not seen you for a few days.. is all well?'.

She stares carefully at the ground, so as not to look at your mouth again.

(Don't look at him. Don't look at him. Don't look at him. Stop thinking about his mouth.)

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I.. needed to relax for a few days'.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I had a very trying time a few days ago, I displeased DarkClaw, and the Weaver'.

You say (in common), 'Oh dear.. that sounds bad... do you wish to speak of it?'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'If you would hear it?'.

(ACK! There it is again, that thought! That terrible, wicked thought! What would a kiss be like? Not like the kiss Sahib puts on my forehead when He blesses me - that is safe and beautiful and makes me happy...but from Ghazkull..on my mouth.. Oh Gods. Stop thinking about it.)

Samiyah's eyes drift towards your face again, and she forces herself to look away.

You nod.
You say (in common), 'of course.'.

Ghazkull notices the movement, but says nothing.

Samiyah sits down against the wall, loosely clasping her hands in her lap and tracing the patterns of mehndi on one palm with a fingertip.

(Meditate. Think of home. Think of Sahib's wings. Think of anything else. At home, you would be whipped for such thoughts. Think of that, girl, and stop thinking about this..)

Ghazkull says (in common), 'my Sister... believed I had not been feeding enough, again.'.

You say (in common), 'Had you?'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'to my mind'.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I had been feeding in smaller portions, rather than one big 'banquet' if you will'.

An odd expression flits across her face again.

(... What if...?)
(..what would it be like if...it wasn't from a goblet...)
(..Everyone talks of this bond, is that why I am thinking of these things?)

You say (in common), '.. if the Sahib allowed it.. would you.. I mean.. do...'.
Samiyah breaks off her stammer.

Ghazkull's brow furrows once more, 'Sami, you have something on your mind, clearly?'

Samiyah glances up at you, eyes dropping to your mouth again, then back at your eyes.

(Should I ask? I shouldn't. No. Absolutely not. Don't say anything.)

You say (in common), 'If the Sahib permitted it, would you want to drink my blood again?'.

(ai! stupid girl, why did you say it?)

Ghazkull blinks.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I...'.
Ghazkull blinks again, clearly surprised at the question.
Ghazkull says quietly, 'Why would you offer this?'

(Ohno, he thought i was offering, i wasn't offering, i was just wondering, Sahib would never allow it, he was so angry before.)

Samiyah fidgets, toying with the fringed edge of one long end of her veil.

You say (in common), 'well, you don't seem to want to drink anything else - or at least, not if the Sayyida had to tell you to..'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I..'.

(Make him think it was a joke. Just a joke. Not what you were were thinking, haraam girl!)

You say (in common), 'and I don't want you to dry up like a leaf and blow away'.
Samiyah says with a touch of teasing, 'OR look like week-old goat meat on a plate..'

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I HAVE been feeding'.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I just do not see why it has to be such a big ceremony'.
Ghazkull waves a hand to illustrate his point.

(Oh. Feeding is not important, not a big ceremony, not ...ugh. You are a stupid goat, Samiyah! Thinking such things! he doesn't think that way, it is obvious! See! This is what comes of thinking haraam thoughts. Get your mind out of the gutter, girl!)

You say (in common), '.. oh.'.
Samiyah says entirely quickly, 'wellthennevermind.'

(Oh gods, you sound like an idiot! He knows that's what you were thinking, and thinks its disgusting. It IS disgusting! Why would you ever have such thoughts, you haraam girl! Seraph will be SO disappointed! After he just talked about honor, you are thinking such things!)

Ghazkull chuckles, evidently amused.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I'm sorry'.

Samiyah fidgets, toying with the fringed edge of one long end of her veil.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I'm a little annoyed with my Sister, and I haven't really seen her since that night'.

You say (in common), 'oh dear'.
You say (in common), 'why are you upset?'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'After she ordered me to feed.'.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'the first time she has ever used that part of our... bond'.

(There it is, that bond again... that must be why I cannot stop thinking about.. Perhaps they were right? That there is one, even if he did drink from the cup...)

Ghazkull says (in common), 'she told the Weaver that I had not been taking care of myself'.

Samiyah starts to speak as you say the word 'bond', but then closes her mouth and listens.

<<Ghazkull is quiet a long moment. Nervously, Sami fills the silence>>

You say (in common), '.. and you felt you had?'.
You say (in common), 'so you felt.. angry? or frustrated?'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I felt angry that two Immortals that I have pledged my life to, would not believe I would keep up my end of a promise'.

You say (in common), 'did your Weaver lady not believe you?'.

Ghazkull shakes his head in frustration, 'I do not know'
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I do not remember much of that conversation, only that I felt ashamed'.

Samiyah reaches out and lightly touches your hand, in a gesture of comfort.

Ghazkull blinks at the touch, knowing well the desert peoples thoughts on physical contact.

Ghazkull pauses a moment, as though listening to voices coming from somewhere.

Samiyah draws back her hand at your reaction, looking down at the floor.

((What am I DOING?! He didn't like that. Of course he didn't like that. Sahib is going to be SO disappointed! Control yourself, girl, and behave with honor!))

Ghazkull says softly, 'I didn't mean..'

Samiyah nods mutely.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'and I fell in combat earlier today'.

Ghazkull says (in common), '(wrong channel)'.
Ghazkull blinks.

Samiyah's head snaps up, and she looks you over for injury.
> l Ghazkull

(STOP LOOKING AT HIS MOUTH! Aaai! But .. what would it feel like, to be kissed? )

Samiyah's gaze drifts over your face, then drops to the floor again. She resumes tracing the patterns on her skin.

(Haraam. This is haraam. Mind your thoughts, girl.)

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I apologize, there is something I must attend to with some urgency'.

(oh, thank the gods, thank you, Sahib, for getting this temptation away.)

You say (in common), 'do you need help?'.
You say (in common), 'er..'.

Ghazkull shakes his head.

Samiyah sighs, dejected.
You say (in common), 'I couldn't, anyway..'.

Ghazkull nods softly, knowingly.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'in time...'.

(in time? What does he mean, in time? Does he know what I was thinking? Is that what he means by 'in time'? Or that I will be able to help him someday? Is he going to leave the Lost and join the High Order? I'm so confused! AAaagh. He's waiting. Say something. Anything.)

You say (in common), 'be well.'.

Samiyah fidgets, toying with the fringed edge of one long end of her veil.

Ghazkull waves happily.
Ghazkull leaves west.

You tell Ghazkull (in common), '.. I hope that all is well. I must go.'.

( I must go and scrub myself clean of these thoughts. Perhaps I can go to the desert and let the wind and the sand and the sun scrub them from me. Yes. That's what I will do. The Sahib mustn't know I was so wicked. I will NOT think of this again.)

Ghazkull tells you (in common), 'Hopefully, it will be. Be safe'.
Fare thee well!

DarkClaw's Confession

(Log by DarkClaw)

You ftell, 'Good morning.'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'Morning, DC. I... spoke to Belg this morning'.

You ftell, '*starts at hearing you call her "DC" instead of Star* Did you? I'm glad he's back.'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'He seemed a bit, off'.

You ftell, '*raises a brow, a slight frown marring her perfect lips* What do you mean? He seemed fine last eve.'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'Something has upset him'.

You ftell, 'Did you speak to him? Did he tell you what it was?'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'he said something about The Foul Betrayer, Betrayed (in his title)'.

You ftell, '*eyes widen in alarm for a brief moment before she conceals it and speaks more hurriedly* But he didn't say what it is? Nothing about it at all?'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'only that it was something to do with...Venom. I did not get much of a chance to speak to him really, he was busy and I had to disappear for a while'.

You ftell, '*groans aloud and slumps against the Eye of the Lost, raking a hand through her raven locks and whispering* ...He knows...'.

Ghazkull arrives from the west.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'are you okay?'.

Ghazkull glances briefly at something on the Eye.

DarkClaw looks up at your arrival, her expression bleak, a tremble evident in her words. "He knows, Ghaz...I...I am in so much trouble."

Ghazkull closes the door.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'What's happened?'.

Ghazkull indicates the Eye, 'I'm guessing Sabella was involved, somehow?'

Her expression changes to one of pleading and she briefly glances down to the blood upon the Eye that she forgot to clean. "No...not directly."

Ghazkull says (in common), 'What happened the other day?'.

DarkClaw continues as if she didn't even hear your questioning, pushing away from the Eye to pace the floor. "What am I going to do? I can't lose him!"

DarkClaw looks back at you again in desperation, "I CAN'T!"

Ghazkull says simply, 'I can't help you unless you tell me what happened?'

DarkClaw visibly crumbles, her whisper even more pained than before. "You can't help me, Ghaz...nobody can. He knows Venom and I..."

DarkClaw looks down, unable to meet your gaze. "I couldn't fight it."

Ghazkull says (in common), 'this is why I spoke to you, the other day. I saw it happening and I was concerned, for you, for Belgarion, for myself and for the Lost Ones'.

DarkClaw lets out a heavy sigh, eyes closing tightly and fists clenching at her sides. "I know..."

Ghazkull moves towards you, placing an arm over your shoulders in comfort.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'you said I cannot help, but I can offer advice, although you probably already know what I will say'.

DarkClaw leans into you, soaking in the offered comfort, head dropping against your shoulder in defeat.

You say, 'What would you say?'.

Ghazkull says simply, 'You need to choose, although the choice for you is a double-edged sword'

Ghazkull continues, 'Whichever choice you make, you will lose the other one completely'

DarkClaw pulls away abruptly and begins pacing the temple floor again. "You don't understand, Ghaz! It's not so easy as to choose which man I want to be with."

Ghazkull says (in common), 'then make me understand, Star!'.

DarkClaw folds her arms over her chest in self-comfort, her expression taut, emotions warring in her features.

You say, 'We Kindred have...needs...beyond the thirst. You are young yet and have not lived enough to miss being...alive.'.

Ghazkull listens, not saying a word.

You say, 'Sex...consumes us...makes us feel human again...and so very alive... It awakens things...makes you -FEEL-.'.

DarkClaw growls in frustration. "So hard to explain."

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I do not pretend to understand, I just know what it will come down to. You said to me earlier, that you cannot lose him. Then to me, the answer is simple - but I am still a youngling'.

DarkClaw sighs and nods. "There are those who think I should leave Belg. I...can't. I love him. But I can't fight this...need for Venom either."

You say, 'He has this control over me...I cannot even explain.'.

Ghazkull's hand moves unconsciously to a spot on his cloak where something used to be.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I can understand love and I can understand control'.

Ghazkull's face darkens as he remembers a command, given recently.

DarkClaw's gaze follows the movement of your hand then flicks back up to meet your eyes with a look of regret.

DarkClaw whispers, "How am I to face Belg now?"

Ghazkull looks at you, his face softening. 'personally, I would do it with humility, but that's me'.

You say, 'He will have an even harder time understanding than you.'.

Ghazkull nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'but you must make him, if you wish to keep him'.

DarkClaw murmurs softly, "And if I can't? What then?"

Ghazkull says (in common), 'then he is Lost'.

DarkClaw closes her eyes once more, visibly crumbling again. "...Such a mess."

Ghazkull nods slowly, 'Everything happens for a reason'

DarkClaw takes in a deep breath, her eyes reopening and staring out across the temple. "He will go after Venom with a vengeance."

Ghazkull says (in common), 'did you _really_ expect anything less?'.

DarkClaw shakes her head slowly, letting out another sigh. "No...but he will do it under false pretenses."

You say, 'Venom has no desire to take me from Belg.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'then the three of you need to sit down and have a chat and you will need to keep Venom's tongue in check, for he will cause more problems than he will solve'.

DarkClaw scoffs, her eyes flaring a brilliant red in irritation. "THAT'S an impossible feat!"

Ghazkull shrugs.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'withhold sex, threaten to ignoring him, you're a woman, do what women do best! I have never met a woman that isn't able to get what she wants out of a man. I'm sure you are no different'.

Ghazkull grins wickedly.

DarkClaw laughs and then sobers abruptly, her expression darkening and a hand going to her throat, remembering the away Venom forced her hand last evening.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'he only has control if you let him have control. YOU are his master. Or mistress, if you prefer'.

DarkClaw murmurs almost inaudibly, "...There is more."

Ghazkull blinks.

You say, 'And you need to know this. When I made him Kindred...he...siphoned some of my power.'.

DarkClaw lets out a breath quickly that she didn't realize she was holding.

You say, '...Somehow.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Siphoned? How?'.

### Venom has connected.

Venom ftells, 'Greetings, Lost Ones.'.

DarkClaw shakes her head and growls in frustration, pulling away to walk across the room again. "I don't know! I can't explain how it happened, it just...did."

Ghazkull ftells, 'Greetings, Venom'.

You ftell, '*softly* Venom...'.

Venom ftells, '*Inquisitively* Yes?'.

You ftell, 'I would speak with you...in a short...when I am done here.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'so what are you saying?'.

Venom ftells, 'As you wish, Madam.'.

You say, 'I am saying that he is stronger than he -SHOULD- be...strong enough to give me trouble breaking away from his hold...at times.'.

You say, 'There is a beast that lives within him. I believe said beast somehow transferred some of my power into him when he fed from me.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'a beast? I don't understand'.

You say, 'Yes, I believe it is some sort of demon, though I don't fully understand either. My introduction was not complete.'.

You frown. What's bothering you?

Ghazkull says (in common), 'did you know of the demon before you made him... One of us?'.

DarkClaw looks away quickly and whispers, "I did."

Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'then why? If I may ask?'.

You say, 'It wasn't my intent. In fact, I denied him the first time, but...things happen when passions flare.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I do not wish to know in that case'.

DarkClaw tries for a topic change. "Sabella paid a visit last eve."

Ghazkull indicates the spot of blood remaining on the eye, 'I gathered'

You say, 'She's...quite upset with me.'.

Ghazkull raises an eyebrow.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I didn't think she would ever be upset with you?'.

You say, '...Neither did I. But she was furious.'.

Venom ftells, 'Let me know when you are ready to speak.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'what about?'.

DarkClaw frowns. "It's complicated. I'm not even sure that I understand fully. Something about me asking Belg to trust me..."

You say, 'She left abruptly, then returned later to tear into me. Stating that she realized she needed Venom's permission to play with me as well as Belg's.'.

Ghazkull blinks.

You say, '...It was like she felt I betrayed her somehow.'.

DarkClaw shakes her head and frowns deeper.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I have not seen Sabella in a while, not since I gave her the whip'.

Ghazkull nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'so I don't know what she is annoyed about, although if I know anything of her, she will let you know'.

Ghazkull opens the door.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'well I shall go, you have... business to attend to no doubt'.

Ghazkull hugs you.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Look after yourself, and Be Careful!'.

You say, 'I will.'.

Ghazkull waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.

Ghazkull leaves west.

"He Knows."

(Log by Venom)

DarkClaw ftells, 'I am free now, Venom.'.

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.
(Invis 72) (Intense Dark Purple Aura) [GS] DarkClaw is here.

You bow before her.
You rest.

DarkClaw glances at you upon your arrival, her expression hard to read, her posture slumped as she leans against the altar. "You are well?"

DarkClaw shifts her gaze over your entire form as if she is looking for something.

Venom ponders you curiously, 'Yes Madam, I am well.. you seem down?'

DarkClaw hesitates, her eyes resting on your shoulder, remembering where it all started. "Have you seen Belgarion?"

Venom is calm and casual, 'No Madam."

DarkClaw drops her gaze to the floor of the temple, shifting restlessly against the Eye. "He knows."

Venom's expression is cold steel as though he was prepared for this, 'Sooner than I expected, but no surprise.'

You say (in elven), 'How did he react?'.

DarkClaw closes her eyes and exhales roughly, fingertips digging into the altar's surface. "...I have not seen him yet."

Venom's eyes pause as though processing a thought, 'He may become violent with me.'

DarkClaw reopens her eyes and glares at you in irritation. "Of course he will! But under false pretense, as I informed Ghaz."

Venom shrugs, 'He will not be the first angry lover of the realm, he will not be the last.'

DarkClaw stares at you hard for a moment, her voice holding a hint of contempt. "This is not a game, Venom. I suggest you take it more seriously."

Venom barks, 'What would you have me do! Cower! Plea and beg?!.. NO. What will be will be. Perhaps you should assert yourself as the Queen here!'

DarkClaw growls and pushes away from the Eye abruptly, stalking towards you, the crimson in her eyes
flaring lethally.

DarkClaw says, 'I -AM- the Queen here! Some choose to forget it!'.

Venom raises his chin in a stiff show of courage, 'Then why do you worry so god damn much!'

DarkClaw reaches out with lightning speed, fingers clamping around the edges of your vest as she lifts you up and hurls you in the direction of the door.

DarkClaw hisses, "Get out of my sight.!"

Venom Omphs.

You stand up.

Northern Avenue
[Exits: north east south]


(Log by DarkClaw)

Temple of the Lost

[Exits: west]

A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow..

Hutt tells you, 'I see you got a new boy toy'.

You tell Hutt, '*rolls her eyes and shakes her head* Think what you will.'.

Hutt tells you, 'I don't have to think, I already know'.
Hutt tells you, 'If you will do it once.....you will do it again'.

You tell Hutt, 'Of course I'll do it again! But not with every damn thing that has three legs!'.

Hutt tells you, 'stop kidding yourself, the lust and gluttony is too much for you'.

You tell Hutt, '*huffs in exasperation* Oh, go...play with puppies or whatever it is you do in your spare time.'.

Hutt tells you, 'I am'.

You tell Hutt, '*overly sweet smile* How cute!'.

Hutt tells you, 'I am talking to you aren't i?'.

You tell Hutt, 'Don't kid YOURself. You're talking DOWN to me, not to me.'.

Hutt tells you, 'that’s what you do to puppies right?'.
Hutt tells you, 'so I am doing what I do in my spare time'.

You tell Hutt, '*ignores you pointedly*'.

Hutt tells you, 'puppies can't ignore their masters'.

You tell Hutt, '*growls louder, her eyes flaring dangerously* You wouldn't have a clue HOW to be a master.'.

Hutt tells you, 'says the one that acts like a misguided dog.....no loyalty'.

### Belgarion: Entered Game

Belgarion ftells, 'hello'.

You ftell, '...Hi, babe.'.

Zarathos ftells, 'hey belg'.

You ftell, '*voice shaking a bit* ...Belg?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'what'.

You ftell, '*winces at the shortness* ...Can we talk?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'sure'.

Zarathos ftells, 'I overheard - Tross has advanced to level 9.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'we ALL overhear things'.

Belgarion arrives from the west.

Belgarion rests.

DarkClaw winces again and lowers her gaze at your arrival.

Belgarion looks DarkClaw up and down.

DarkClaw whispers, almost inaudibly. "I'm sorry."

Belgarion says (in common), 'I hear you have been having some fun while I was away? You know what burns me?'.

DarkClaw looks back up to you, her eyes pleading, but waiting to hear you out.

Belgarion says (in common), 'the fact I said a couple days ago I said SO LONG as it’s not behind my back! And here you go the next day and do just what I asked you not to'.

Belgarion closes the door.

Belgarion says (in common), 'would you care to explain?'.

DarkClaw shakes her head quickly, "No...it started...before that."

Belgarion says (in common), 'so nothing happened after I said that? Not quite the impression I got from someone'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'considering'.

DarkClaw looks away, unable to meet your gaze. "Who told you?"

Belgarion says (in common), 'Teva. He caught infos, then came to TC and noticed that it was only you two up here'.

DarkClaw groans and paces the floor in front of you, her entire form rigid. "I wanted to tell you. I...wanted to explain."

Belgarion chuckles: explain???

DarkClaw stops and walks closer to you, reaching out to rest a hand against your chest, where your heart lies beneath.

You say, 'You don't know what it's like....being Kindred.'.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion says (in common), 'so being Kindred means that if I asked you to not touch someone then I might as well ask that wall over there?'.

DarkClaw winces and pulls away, thoroughly chastened, her voice weak again, "It's my nature."
DarkClaw looks back up, pleading again. "I tried to fight it. I did. For years."

Belgarion says (in common), 'I asked you not to behind my back. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less. I think that’s more than fair'.

DarkClaw closes her eyes and nods slowly. "...I don't want to lose you."

Belgarion says (in common), 'well, that's not how someone treats someone they don't want to lose'.

DarkClaw whispers, "I know. I..."
DarkClaw sighs and runs a hand through her raven-colored locks, wilting visibly.

You say, 'I can only apologize for what's already done...for my betrayal...I only hope you find it within yourself to forgive me.'.

DarkClaw takes one last look at you, then draws the mists around her, disappearing from your view.

Belgarion says (in common), 'this I understand'.
Belgarion shakes his head.
Belgarion sighs loudly.

DarkClaw whispers, "I love you."

      • DarkClaw leaves and goes elsewhere. ***

Belgarion sighs loudly.
Belgarion falls back against the wall.
Belgarion closes his eyes, clearly considering what was said.
Belgarion stands up.
Belgarion looks at the door.
Belgarion opens the door.
Belgarion, shoulders slumped, starts walking out the door.
Belgarion leaves west.

DarkClaw watches Belgarion leave the temple from afar, struggling for the words to make him understand.

Base of the Oak
[Exits: west up]
Some wild flowers grow here, untouched by mortal hands.
Violets grow in small bunches here.
(Glowing) The altar glows brightly beside the tombstone.
(Blue Aura) The tombstone of the Dark Mother lies here, surrounded by flowers.
(White Aura) Ybarra's shade floats dimly before you.
A small black cat sits here purring next to the old man.
(White Aura) An old man sits in the corner smiling to himself.

DarkClaw falls to her knees at Ybarra's feet, desperation written across her pale features, gazing up at the Mother.

Belgarion ftells, 'so DarkClaw, you leave in the middle of this conversation?'.
Belgarion ftells, 'rather important discussion to walk out on'.

You ftell, '...I wasn't...sure what else I could say...'.

Belgarion ftells, 'well let’s see there’s still a couple things I wish to say'.

You ftell, '*whispers brokenly* Please, Belg...not...on here...'.

Belgarion ftells, 'but here is as good a place as any'.
Belgarion ftells, 'so'.
Belgarion ftells, 'you say you don’t want to lose me'.

You ftell, '*softly* I don't...I...can't.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'then Venom cannot be here'.
Belgarion ftells, 'I know now why he told me he’s not in a hurry to level'.

You ftell, '...What?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'so you have a choice to make'.

You ftell, '...You're asking me to turn my back on one of my children!!'.

Belgarion ftells, 'LOL'.
Belgarion ftells, 'seriouly'.
Belgarion ftells, 'you think I would come back and find this out'.
Belgarion ftells, 'and not want his ass out'.

You ftell, '*growls in frustration and clenches her fists* The blame does NOT fall on HIM! Be angry with ME, Belg. ME! I'm the one that betrayed you!'.

Belgarion ftells, 'and he knew we were together and you have no call to be yelling at me'.
Belgarion ftells, 'I have done NOTHING wrong'.

You ftell, '*sighs and gathers her composure, rubbing a hand across her temples* You haven't...I'm sorry. He has no desire to take me from you.'.

Sabella & Belgarion

(Log by Sabella)

The Pit
[Exits: east up]
A grand staircase leads to the temples above.
A pit for donations dominates the room.
Odie is here.
Kandan is here.
Belgarion, The Past Grand Finder, is resting here.

> l Belgarion

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

Odie drools all over you.

Sabella says quietly, 'I am sorry.'

Belgarion shrugs.
Belgarion says (in common), 'wasn’t your fault'.

You say (in common), 'No, it wasn't.'.

Odie says (in common), 'what did I miss!'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'no Odie this is VERY unrelated'.

You say (in common), 'But I can still feel badly for your hurt.'.

Belgarion nods.

You say (in common), 'I am angry with her about it.'.

Kandan says (in common), 'dc?'.

Belgarion nods.

Kandan comforts Belgarion.

Odie says (in common), 'whew'.

Kandan says (in common), 'Is that the title reason ?'.

Belgarion nods.

Kandan says (in common), 'that stinks man '.

Belgarion says (in common), 'Sabella, meet me in the temple please'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'too much happening here '.

You now follow Belgarion.

Sabella lays a hand on Belgarion's arm.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion stands up.

Temple of the Lost

[Exits: west]

A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.
Belgarion, The Past Grand Finder, is here.

Belgarion rests.

Sabella releases Belgarion's arm with a curtsey.

You say (in common), 'Is it appropriate for me to be here?'.

Sabella arches one eyebrow, the expression wickedly inquisitive.

Belgarion says (in common), 'I thank you for you what you said - just too many ears there'.

You say (in common), 'Understood. I wasn't certain whether or not you were leaving, and wanted to be sure to catch you.'.

Belgarion nods.

Sabella looks at you and sighs.

Belgarion says (in common), 'well what’s done is done. I told her the truth of what I thought and she left the temple'.

You say (in common), 'I understand why she did what she did, but I do not like how she went about it. It is one of the few ways we are different, she and I.'.

Belgarion shrugs.
Belgarion nods.

You say (in common), 'The sad thing is that you have her heart. The whole love thing is utterly beyond my comprehension, but she does love you.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'seems so'.

You say (in common), 'There is just more to her than her heart.'.

Belgarion nods.

You say (in common), 'I asked you once, many times, the same question. Has your answer changed?'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'a little too soon to be asking that, Sabella'.

You nod.

Belgarion says (in common), 'I am still angry at the moment'.

You say (in common), 'I would imagine so. And you have every right to be. You were cuckolded.'.

Belgarion nods.
Belgarion closes the door.

You say (in common), 'I love the woman.. as much as I love anyone... which... '.

Sabella shrugs slightly, the movement causing pleasant jiggles.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

You say (in common), 'well. That's neither here nor there. I'm fond of her. '.

Belgarion says (in common), 'I know you are'.

You say (in common), 'But Star has always been three different people... and unable to reconcile them.'.

Belgarion nods.

You say (in common), 'She's the Lady, who desperately wants a shining knight in armor.'.
You point at him accusingly.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

You say (in common), 'She's the Vampire Queen, who needs fear and respect and devotion. And.. the part she can't handle.. She's also a filthy whore, who needs to be put in her place. And I say that as a compliment, not an insult'.

Belgarion nods.

You say (in common), 'because, well, I'm a filthy whore, too.'.
Sabella shrugs slightly, the movement causing pleasant jiggles.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

You say (in common), 'You speak to a very, very powerful part of her. But the woman has been married several times, and each has ended nearly the same way. '.

Belgarion shrugs.
Belgarion says (in common), 'maybe seems like the other part takes over whenever it wants'.

You say (in common), 'She seeks out prince charming, but cannot reconcile her other needs. I swore off the whole love nonsense, and I'm much happier for it.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'maybe she should, too. Maybe she will be happier'.

You say (in common), 'but it is just as much of her as the need for love. Or maybe she needs three men in her life, each who fulfills their part.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'again totally different scenarios as you yourself know'.

Sabella shrugs slightly, the movement causing pleasant jiggles.

Belgarion says (in common), 'I already said, as long as it’s not behind my back! Did I not say that?'.

You say (in common), '..and it already had been, at that point, yes. You know that I haven't ..served.. Star since you two have been together, yes?'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'and after'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'never knew that I thought you had'.

You say (in common), 'I am not trying to assume what you think or know or feel. But I did want to make my part in this known.'.

Belgarion nods.
Belgarion says (in common), 'you did. Your part is minor to me at this point'.

You say (in common), 'I may be .. what some would call.. evil... but.. I do believe strongly that one's word is one's bond.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'Venom!!!!'.

You say (in common), 'hm?'.

> c 'detect invis'
Your eyes tingle.

Belgarion says (in common), 'he’s the problem'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'yes that is true - and I myself have lived by that'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'maybe I am naive to think that others should think the same way'.

You say (in common), 'some do. some don't.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'this I know, but I was thinking the one I loved would at least hold to her word'.

Sabella shrugs slightly. "We all are, who we are. Star is a creature of chaos and passion and heartbreak. She truly is elemental."

Belgarion nods.

Sabella frowns a moment, thinking.

You say (in common), 'I am horrible at analogies. And this is going to make you angry, I know in advance, but.. It's Venom's fault. And it's her fault. And it's your fault. You are a sky, that gives sunlight.. but no rain. And Star's a plant that has to have both. Venom is rain. '.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

Belgarion says (in common), 'Venom is a disease that I intend to get rid of'.

You say (in common), 'I certainly can't fault you for feeling that way.'.

Belgarion shrugs.
Belgarion says (in common), 'wouldn’t really matter to me if you did'.

You chuckle.

Belgarion says (in common), 'sorry but I have told you before I am outspoken and honest'.

You say (in common), 'I'm just a strange woman from Star's past with altogether too high an opinion of my own legendary status.'.

Sabella shrugs slightly, the movement causing pleasant jiggles.

You say (in common), 'You don't know me from a Nexus. In fact, you probably know them better.'.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion says (in common), 'thing is at this point if Venom is going to be here then I am not, So she must make a choice'.

You nod.

> l Belgarion

DarkClaw's Return

(Log by DarkClaw)

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.
Sabella is here.
(Dark Purple Aura) Belgarion, The Past Grand Finder, is resting here.

DarkClaw emerges from a thick layer of mist as it dissipates and seeps into the ground, a soft whisper filling the area.

Sabella starts to speak, then pauses and stops.
Sabella drops into a curtsey, her head bowed.
Sabella says (in common), 'Star. I'll take my leave.'.
Sabella opens the door.
Sabella leaves west.

Belgarion glances at DarkClaw.

The door closes.

You say, 'N...'.

Belgarion grumbles.

DarkClaw sighs and looks to you slowly.

You tell Sabella, '*softly* Please come back.'.

Sabella tells you (in common), 'This is sooo between you two, dear.'.

Belgarion stands to his full height.

Sabella tells you (in common), 'All that talk of feelings was starting to make me itch.'.

You tell Sabella, '*sighs, knowing better than to try and argue, not even having the energy for it*'.

Belgarion looks at DarkClaw.
Belgarion says (in common), 'you have some choices to make'.

DarkClaw swallows, merely watching you and listening.

Belgarion says (in common), 'and no matter the choices you make - HE will pay. But the choice you make will let me know where I stand in this following. Then, after, I will make my choices. According to Sabella, apparently you need Venom'.

DarkClaw winces and takes in a sharp breath, eyes widening in alarm and features crumpling.
DarkClaw whispers brokenly, "I need you, too."

Belgarion says (in common), 'TOOO???'.
Belgarion shakes his head.
Belgarion says (in common), 'I truly can't believe you just said that'.

DarkClaw straightens, trying to regain some of her courage, and approaches you, lifting a hand to brush her fingers across your cheek.

Belgarion slowly takes DarkClaw’s hand.

DarkClaw drops her gaze to both hands, then looks back up, her eyes searching yours. "Make me feel..."
DarkClaw croaks, "Anything but this."

Belgarion says (in common), 'what'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'anything but what?'.

DarkClaw whispers, "Fear."

Belgarion says (in common), 'I can’t make you feel anything at this point. Maybe you wouldn't feel this fear if you had thought before you acted. I am sorry but at this point I am still angry.'

DarkClaw bows her head, letting her hand drop away from you. "It is your right."

Belgarion says (in common), 'once I am not so angry then maybe I can make you feel something different. But one thing will never change: he had better not be here when I am'.

DarkClaw nods slowly, licking her lips quickly and wrapping her arms about herself in a clear display of self-comfort.

Belgarion says (in common), 'I will let you consider what I have said. You have to understand: I WILL be having a conversation with Venom'.

DarkClaw nods again, her gaze still averted and her stance stationery. "I know."

Belgarion stands up.
Belgarion says (in common), 'I must go for now'.

DarkClaw looks up quickly, the fear plain to see in her expression.
DarkClaw whispers, "Will I see you again soon?"

Belgarion says (in common), 'I am hoping you will think about what I have said. I will be back, yes. But as for now I think you need time to think'.

DarkClaw exhales a sigh of relief at your words. "There is more...to tell...later."

You say, 'I'm sorry, but you have to know.'.

Belgarion sighs loudly.
Belgarion says (in common), 'more???'.
Belgarion shakes his head.

You say, 'It can wait.'.

Belgarion nods.

DarkClaw searches your eyes, uncomfortable with the silence.

Belgarion bows before you.
Belgarion opens the door.
Belgarion leaves west.

Belgarion arrives from the west.
Belgarion looks at you.

Belgarion shakes his head.
Belgarion hugs you.

DarkClaw tenses, caught off-guard by the hug, slowly wrapping her arms around you in a tight embrace.

You hug him.

Belgarion nods in recognition to you.
Belgarion says (in common), 'consider'.

You nod in recognition to him.

Belgarion leaves west.