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(Log by Samiyah)
Seraph has granted you the ability to see him when he is invis.
Seraph ftells, 'hello dear one'.

You ftell, '*barely whispered * Hello, Sahib'.

Seraph ftells, 'did you get your kiss?'.

You ftell, 'What!?! No!! *stammers* No Sahib. '.

Seraph ftells, 'why not?'.

You ftell, '*wretchedly murmured* Because it is haraam, Sahib, and dishonorable and would shame You and the Order for me to behave in such a way'.

Seraph ftells, 'how so?'.

You ftell, 'We are not wed, Sahib - not that I would wish to be!'.
You ftell, '..and he has an evil aura and I do not think such haraam things fall under "talking"...'.

Seraph ftells, 'well, daughter, you are a woman'.
Seraph ftells, 'and he is evil'.
Seraph ftells, 'BUT… this one time - I will allow it so you know what it’s like'.

You ftell, '.. I do not understand "you are a woman and he is evil" - then it is as Elder Salam said and all women are evil in thoughts and hearts?'.

Seraph ftells, 'you pick words of an elder over mine?'.

You ftell, 'No Sahib I seek to understand. I am very confused'.

Seraph ftells, 'look. You have a desire. I could feel the conflict within you'.
Seraph ftells, 'so I will allow you to see what it is like'.

You ftell, '*blushes miserably* I tried not to think of it, Sahib! I have never had such a thought pop into my head.'.

Seraph ftells, 'you are a mortal, dear, it will happen more than once'.

You ftell, '*wilting with embarrassment* It will?! '.

Seraph ftells, 'yes you are a woman'.

You ftell, '*blinks* but I am not wed. Unwed women are not to think of such haraam things and even wed it is only duty.. . isn't it?'.

Seraph ftells, 'you follow my beliefs yes?'.

You ftell, 'Yes, Sahib.'.

Seraph ftells, 'then make a choice'.
Seraph ftells, 'think it over I have things I must attend to'.
Seraph has removed your ability to see him when he is invis.

Talking with Venom

(Log by DarkClaw)

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.
(Invis) (Dark Purple Aura) Venom is here.

###Venom: Entered Game

Venom ftells, 'Greetings, Lost Ones.'.

Grantsight set for Venom.

Venom ftells, 'Sorry I've been away, things have been busy'.

Venom arrives from the west.
Venom bows deeply.

You ftell, 'Understood.'.

Venom ftells, 'How are things?'.

Ghazkull leaves west.

DarkClaw sighs, reaching up and rubbing a hand over her temple, looking weary and tense. "We should talk."

Venom nods solemnly.

You say, 'Things are a mess. I've spoken with Belgarion.'.

Venom says (in elven), 'I suppose that did not go well...'.

DarkClaw drops her hand and looks at you fully. "Not at all. He wants you out."

Venom winces, not expecting that one.. "and what do you want?"

DarkClaw says, without hesitation. "I want both of you."

Venom ponders for a moment and proposes, "But he has given an ultimatum??"

DarkClaw lowers her gaze again, looking defeated. "He has. I'm hoping he changes his mind."

Venom dusts his shirt off some and clears his throat, 'okay Madam, and what is my role in this now?"

DarkClaw shrugs slightly, her eyes flitting about the temple in distraction, "I wish I knew...Avoid him? At all cost. Until I can have another chance to try and change his mind."'.

You say, 'Last night I couldn't find the words to explain. I have the words now. I just need the chance.'.

Venom nods.
Venom says (in elven), 'It seems as though perhaps I should be avoiding Ghaz too, since he refuses to speak to me.'.

You say, 'Running into Ghaz will just be uncomfortable. Nothing compared to running into Belgarion.'.

Venom says (in elven), 'This entire thing is a shame, but alas I think perhaps you are more diplomatic than myself.'.

You say, 'I...might've told Belg that I...need you, too...which obviously didn't go over well.'.

Venom says (in elven), 'I hope you explained that it was for very different reasons'.

DarkClaw raises her eyes to yours again and takes a few steps toward you. "That is what I couldn't find words for...till it was too late."
DarkClaw stops in front of you, inhaling your scent deeply and just closing her eyes, standing still.

DarkClaw opens her eyes again at the long silence, staring at you quietly.
DarkClaw sighs at your lack of response and moves away, dragging her fingers over the surface of the altar. "I guess there's nothing more to say, just...wait."

Venom tightens his belts, 'wait for Belg to find me, you mean.'

DarkClaw glances at you over one shoulder, pausing. "Wait until I can talk with him again... but... that, too."

Venom strolls around boyishly, 'If he finds me, he finds me.. I can't blame him.'

DarkClaw begins caressing the Eye again, her eyes following the movement of her fingers. "I told him he was asking me to turn my back on one of my children..."

You say, 'Told him that the blame does NOT fall on you, that he should blame ME.'.

Venom says (in elven), 'Men don't see things that way, Madam.'.

You say, 'Sabella told him that he was to blame as well, and...that I need you.'.

DarkClaw sighs and flattens her hands on the curved surface of the altar, leaning into it.

Venom says (in elven), 'Sabella is correct but provoking him.'.

DarkClaw whispers, "I know...unintentionally."

Venom says (in elven), 'I knew she was a trouble maker.'.

DarkClaw continues, "I tried fighting you...but your flame consumes me."

Venom grins a confident and even cocky grin; you recall where this stems from.

You say, 'You're like...a powerful inferno that leaves me mesmerized... and hot... so very hot... tempting me to touch, KNOWING I'll get burned.'.

Venom says (in elven), 'I have been feeling lately as though I may never be satisfied with the kiss of a mortal again, after your -last- kiss.'.

DarkClaw turns to face you, her expression carefully blank. "I would imagine that would depend on the mortal."
DarkClaw tilts her head slightly at your silence, drawing her arms and hands behind her form and pressing against the Eye for support.

You say, 'You are extremely quiet this evening.'.
You say, 'Is something amiss? I'm positive that none of THIS bothers you.'.

Venom disappears into the void.
(Venom had to leave unexpectedly)

Dear AbbyClaw

(log by DarkClaw)

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*glances in the direction of your temple as she hurries to the hall, her veil drawn close to hide a deep blush*'.

You tell Samiyah, '*frowns at your hurried passing and nervous glance curiously and draws the mists about her form, disappearing from her temple and reappearing before abruptly*'.

The Hall of the High Order
[Exits: north]
(Blue Aura) A hand-lettered open book rests upon a black iron pedestal.
(Dark Blue Aura) Samiyah is here.

You tell Samiyah, '*scowls and takes her leave immediately realizing where you are*'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*gasps, startled at your sudden presence and withdrawal, stupefied*'.

You tell Samiyah, '*quietly, her voice strained with fatigue and tension* Forgive me, Sami...I did not mean to invade your home. I only meant to speak with you.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*with great effort to control her embarrassment and tone* Was there something You needed to speak with me about, Sayyida?'.

You tell Samiyah, 'I was merely curious why your gaze turned to our temple but you did not visit. Instead you scurried away as if it might contain the plague.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*quietly, and with great care to her tone* No plague Sayyida. Forgive my intruding glance. I was just .. wondering about Ghazkull. He left a conversation abruptly yesterday and I .. wonder.. if I gave offense.'.

You tell Samiyah, '*her voice lights a bit with gentleness* Your gaze never intrudes, Sami. And I can't imagine how you would offend Ghaz. He's not that easily ruffled.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*draws her veil close and murmurs* I am glad to hear it. I would not wish to .. (she stumbles over the unfamiliar term) ruffle him. *tacks on with caution* Sayyida.. what is ruffling?'.

You tell Samiyah, '*chuckles softly, a hint of the sadness leaving her tone* Ruffling means...upsetting, getting under someone's skin, insulting...it could be taken for many things.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*bites her lip* But a haraam thing could do that.. it could be an insult..Or..or.. an offense.. '.

You tell Samiyah, '*Frowns slightly* Why do you speak of Haraam? What is it you think you might have done?'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*gasped out quickly, blushing, words tumbling over one another* I did not do! I only looked and wondered... *shamed* And Sahib heard the thought .. and now he has given me the choice .. but.. either choice is bad and .. I.. I did not mean to think it or offend Ghazkull.. truly..'.

You tell Samiyah, '*murmurs soothingly* Shhhh...relax, Sami. Tell me what happened. Perhaps I can help.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '.. unwed women should not have such thoughts.. I know that..'.

You tell Samiyah, '*a long silence, then she speaks again, careful to keep her tone neutral* ...There is nothing wrong with having intimate thoughts. It is part of who we are.'.

Samiyah tells Cresom (in common), 'Brother!!'.
Samiyah tells Cresom (in common), 'Are you well?'.

Cresom tells you (in common), 'hello sister'.
Cresom tells Samiyah (in common), 'how is everything going around here'.

Samiyah tells Cresom (in common), 'well.. er... um ....'.
Samiyah tells Cresom (in common), 'fine!! everything is fine! No problems or anything wrong at all..'.

Cresom tells Samiyah (in common), 'well that was pretty easy to see though'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*bewildered and ashamed* I have never had them before. But it came into my head and then I could not stop thinking it.'.

You tell Samiyah, 'Yes, but, in the desert...how often were you in the company of a man?'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '... Never...but the desert was long ago'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*pauses and explains* He.. was.. He.. I had told him I had to bite my lip to obey Sahib and not speak to Venom.. and he was looking at my mouth where Sahib healed it.. and.. it just . came into my head.'.

You tell Samiyah, '*bristles at the mention of Venom and blinks, trying to stay focused on your words* Who is he, Sami? Are you speaking of Ghaz?'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'It is because of the blood I gave him, that.. that is what caused this haraam thought... ? *nods* Yes.. Ghazkull. . He must think me a terrible girl, now'.

You tell Samiyah, '*grins slightly, unable to keep from doing so, humor in her voice* No, Sami...it is not from the bond or your blood... And he does NOT think you're terrible, I'm sure. It is because you are a woman.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'That is what Sahib said, too!!'.

You tell Samiyah, 'There you have it, then! It is perfectly natural to have those thoughts and more.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'ai.. I cannot imagine it! More?! '.

You tell Samiyah, '*takes in a deep breath and lets it out quickly, a hand moving to her temple to rub at her tension* I should not say anymore on this. I am a horrible choice for you to learn from.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'I .. I have already decided that even with Sahib's permission.. I will never speak to ghazkull of this'.

You tell Samiyah, '(ROFL! I just realized the line cut off at "I am a ho")'.
Samiyah tells you (in common), '(giggle)'.

You tell Samiyah, 'What if Ghaz feels the same way? What if he is thinking the same as you and not wanting to speak of it...and you never get the chance? There are many forms of regret, Sami. Some are easy to live with...some excruciating.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*firmly* I am not going to tell him that I wondered such things.. and I know he would not have wondered them either'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*you get a clear-as-a-bell image of Sami with a trace of blood on her bitten lip caught up in a hungry kiss by Ghazkull *'.

You tell Samiyah, '*more softly* ...Do you?'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '.. No. He was married, you see...'.

You tell Samiyah, '*frowns and shakes off the vision, unsure of what to say next* Sami, I... *huffs out another breath* *regains her composure* If I continue to speak on this, I am sure I will end up saying the wrong thing...'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*horrified* I thought it again!! Gods.. does it never go away?'.

You tell Samiyah, '*chews her bottom lip for a moment* Did you speak to Ghaz about his hunger? About how it consumes him?'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'well.. yes.. sort of.. I mean.. He was upset that .. er.. I mean . .. *blurts* I said if he isn’t eating as he should then maybe if the Sahib said yes would he want to drink again.. but he said it was a thing of no ceremony and so I .. he .. does not .. think such things .. it is just the pastry, I am sure of it'.

You tell Samiyah, '*blinks twice...three times...simply staring at you for a long moment before responding* Our hunger, Sami...if not sated...can completely consume us from within... It can destroy who we are if we let it...and turn us into...*careful of her choice of words* ...someone else entirely. Your thoughts...are a version of that hunger...that need...desire...on a different scale.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'He said .. he was eating many small meals and taking care of himself... It’s just.. I wondered.. in that thought.. If the blood would make him want to kiss me..'.

You tell Samiyah, 'And what does having those thoughts make you feel? Besides shame?'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'Worry of disappointing Sahib.. worry of being bad.. I do not want to shame the high order.. Shame, yes..'.

You tell Samiyah, '*raises a brow in a slight bit of challenge* Nothing else?...Do you WANT to kiss him?'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '.. *admits* .. curiosity.. *whispered* .. Yes.. but... I will not.'.

You tell Samiyah, '*murmurs* I'm not so sure of that.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '.. have you ever seen a sand dune collapse? I am told that snow does it too.. a single grain falls.. and another and another and then it all roars away... that is .. that is Haraam thoughts. I will not let the first grain fall.'.

You tell Samiyah, '*sighs and rubs her temple again, her weariness returning as she mutters* Perhaps you're better off that way.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'I am sorry Sayyida.. am I vexing you? Wish sounds the same way after we talk..'.

You tell Samiyah, 'No...I was thinking about something else. I'm sorry. Have you seen Belgarion today?'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '..no.. but I try not to cross his path '.

You tell Samiyah, '*nods mutely, her gaze downcast*'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'did he die in battle?'.

You tell Samiyah, 'He did, but he's...fine. As fine as he can be, anyway.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'Is that why you are so sad when you say his name?'.

You tell Samiyah, 'No. But it's nothing you did, so there's no need for you to worry. But because of what...it is...I should not be the one you talk to about intimacies.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'It probably was not right to speak of it at all..'.

You tell Samiyah, 'There is nothing wrong with speaking of it, Sami, just not...I am...a bad choice, is all.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '.. You did not laugh.. and were kind .. and..'.
Samiyah tells you (in common), '.. and I thank you for listening..'.

You tell Samiyah, '*offers a somewhat forced smile and nods* I am always happy to listen...no matter what the topic. You just need call.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'so... How are you today?'.

DarkClaw shrugs lazily, her features weary and sad, tension still evident in her form. "I am here."

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I saw Venom briefly, earlier'.

DarkClaw doesn't seem to move at all, her gaze riveted on the floor across the temple. "And?"

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Nothing really, he said "Greetings, Ghazkull" and I just nodded curtly at him. Then my link dropped and when I returned he'd gone. You showed up shortly afterwards'.

DarkClaw nods slowly.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*perceptively* But it made you think of something that sorrows you.. I am sorry for that..'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*sensing Ghazkull close* .. You.. you won't speak to him of this, will you? *glances apprehensively out the amphitheater archway*'.

You tell Samiyah, 'Of course not, Sami. You have my word on that. But do me a favor, if you would?'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), 'What is that, Sayyida? If it is a thing the Sahib would permit..'.

You tell Samiyah, '*softly* Follow your heart...that is all I ask.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '*blinks* I ... Sayyida, I do not have feelings of love for Ghazkull... I just.. wondered what it would be like to be kissed ...with hunger..'.

You tell Samiyah, 'I did not say that you did. Following your heart does not necessarily have to entail love.'.

Samiyah tells you (in common), '... oh.'.
Samiyah tells you (in common), '*notices he has left and dashes quickly out of the temples*'.

Ink: Pro Shopper!

(Log by Sabella)

You tell Ink (in common), 'Ink! I require your help, oh mighty Swish!'.

Ink tells you (in sahuagin), 'What's this help you speak of?'.

You tell Ink (in common), 'I have a special client. I need proper clothes.'.

Ink tells you (in sahuagin), 'haha'.

Ink tells you (in sahuagin), 'Yes, lady (of the night)'.
Ink tells you (in sahuagin), 'what do you require?'.

You tell Ink (in common), 'I need Mistress Ardant's corpse full of clothes'.
You tell Ink (in common), 'I can't meet this client wearing nothing but stockings and heels.'.
You tell Ink (in common), 'she or the silkweaver has a black spidersilk dress..'.
You tell Ink (in common), 'I need it. Terribly.'.

Ink tells you (in sahuagin), 'okay'.
Ink tells you (in sahuagin), 'what is your suggested payment?'.

You tell Ink (in common), 'I'll let you watch me play with my pearls..'.

Ink tells you (in sahuagin), 'haha'.
Ink tells you (in sahuagin), 'deal!'.

(moments later...)

Ink gives you the corpse of Mistress Ardant.
Ink leaves east.

You gossip (in common), 'Thank you, Ink darling'.

Ink tells you (in sahuagin), ':)'.


###Belgarion: Entered Game

Grantsight set for Belgarion.

You ftell, 'Hi, babe.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'hello'.

Belgarion ftells, 'not many on tonight'.

You ftell, 'There were. Some have left.'.

Belgarion arrives from the west.
Belgarion rests.

You ftell, 'There's been some drama happening.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'like what?'.

You ftell, 'I shouldn't talk about it probably. Heh. Nothing concerning us.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'well guess that's up to you hehe'.

DarkClaw looks up at your arrival, her emotion carefully concealed in her features. "You're back."

Belgarion says (in common), 'I am. You said you had more to tell me.. so would you be willing to tell me now?'.

DarkClaw folds her arms behind her and leans against the Eye, more for support than comfort.
DarkClaw draws in a breath and lets it out in a heavy exhale. "I'm not perfect by any means, Belg. I never have been."

Belgarion says (in common), 'none of us are'.

DarkClaw acknowledges your response with a small nod. "...I embraced him...made him Kindred."

Belgarion sighs loudly.

You say, 'Before yesterday.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'are you serious?'.

You say, 'I wish I could tell you no.'.

Belgarion sits down and thinks deeply.
Belgarion says (in common), 'So what all does that entail? Does he now have a major connection to you? Is that what it means'.

DarkClaw closes her eyes, fingertips digging into the altar's surface. "It means we are affected by the blood bond."

You say, 'But it does not mean that I love him anymore than I would love a child of my own.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'but enough to fuck him?'.

DarkClaw winces, drawing inwardly at your rhetorical question, her frame tensing. "...I deserve that."
DarkClaw takes in another breath, opening her eyes again and searching yours from across the room.

You say, 'I tried to explain last night, but the words wouldn't come.'.

Belgarion nods.
Belgarion says (in common), 'I saw that. You chose to leave me sitting in the temple alone'.

DarkClaw closes her eyes again, briefly, then looks back to you. "I'm sorry."

You say, 'You are Ebrithil...Master of all the elements...just as I am an elemental creature...'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'Maybe it's my own fault this happened. Maybe I am to blame'.

You say, 'You are my Earth, Belg...my solid rock...my foundation...NO! It's not your fault.'.
DarkClaw pushes away from the altar and approaches you, hesitantly lifting a hand to your cheek, her expression fierce. "Do NOT blame yourself."

Belgarion says (in common), 'so then if I am your rock, your foundation, why would you succumb to Venom?'.

You say, 'Venom is my fire...that rage of flame that fascinates...tempting you to touch it...KNOWING you'll get burned.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'And you are getting burned - badly. I remember when you brought Venom in, I said: Are you sure this is a good idea?'.

You say, '...I remember.'.

Belgarion nods.

DarkClaw continues, trying to make you understand. "Sabella is my wind... playful at times... at others, like a raging hurricane... lashing out... but one of the elements nonetheless."'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'So you have earth, wind, and fire. Who's your water, and who's your spirit?'.

DarkClaw holds your gaze quietly, her voice softening, "You are both my Spirit and my Earth. You have more of me than any other."

Belgarion says (in common), 'but you need the others?'.

DarkClaw continues to search your eyes, desperately trying to read your depth of understanding. "They are a part of me...of who I am.."

Belgarion says (in common), 'I have accepted Sabella. You know that. I can never accept Venom. I wasn't sure about accepting him before this all happened, but you know there's no way I can, now. At least Sabella had the decency to come to me first'.

DarkClaw drops her gaze to the temple floor and draws back from you somewhat, her voice shifting to a pained whisper, "Sabella is wind. You cannot compare the two.".

Belgarion says (in common), 'makes no difference: she still had the decency to do so. I can make some guesses on what it was thinking but I won't do that. It seems to have some hold over you'.

DarkClaw whispers, still not meeting your gaze, "May I be alone?"

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion says (in common), 'again?'.
Belgarion stands up.
Belgarion bows deeply.
Belgarion leaves west.

You say, 'Wa...'.

Cordir tells you, '*gently* Star, dear, may I make a suggestion? Perhaps, given your current tenuous relationship with Belg.. a title change is apt? And by that, I mean the part about wanting sex... not his name.'.

You tell Cordir, '*looks up quickly at the sound of your voice, expecting your presence but not seeing it* You...know?'.

Cordir tells you, '*Quietly* ..I have ears, too, Star. '.

You tell Cordir, '*sighs heavily and nods, leaving her head bowed* I can't make him understand.'.

Cordir tells you, '*blinks* Did you expect him to?'.

You tell Cordir, 'It was a fool's hope, I'm afraid.'.

The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
( 4) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Julianna is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Cresom is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Mnaramenth is here.
(Dark Purple Aura) Belgarion, The Past Grand Finder, is resting here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Kandan is resting here.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

DarkClaw walks up to Belgarion, her expression determined but still riddled with signs of weariness.

Belgarion glances up at DarkClaw.

DarkClaw glances at the other occupants of the room, breathes in deeply, and lets it out in a shaky exhale.

Kandan bows deeply.

Cresom looks at Belgarion.

You say, 'Belg...asking me to turn my back on him is like asking me to turn you away... or Ghaz... or Evie... or any other of the Lost.'.

Belgarion laughs.

Belgarion says (in common), 'there should be no difference. I have been with you since the beginning He has been -- what, two weeks?'.
Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion says (in common), 'oh - might I add - the three weeks I was gone away.'.

DarkClaw says quietly, "You are all children of mine. That was not meant as insult. Please don't..."

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion says (in common), 'if I had been here, this probably wouldn't have happened'.

Cresom says (in common), 'what happened?'.
Cresom says (in common), 'i am lost'.

Kandan says (in common), 'Read belg's title'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'ask her she may tell you'.

DarkClaw looks to Cresom in irritation for the first time, then back to Belg.

Kandan says (in common), 'sorry'.

DarkClaw blocks out the others present and continues to focus on Belgarion, growling in frustration at her loss of words.

Cresom leaves up.

Kahann looks at Belgarion.

Kandan says (in common), 'should we go ?'.
Kahann looks at Belgarion.
Kahann raises an eyebrow at Belgarion.

Belgarion looks at DarkClaw 'you know what I am saying is true.'

DarkClaw whispers, "You would have me release him."

Kahann scratches his head.

Belgarion says (in common), 'That's your choice. I told you that'.

Kahann says (in common), 'Sounds like someone is angry'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'but either way: he will die'.

You say, 'You are not giving me a choice.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'yes I am'.

Kahann gossips (in common), 'show yourself, Someone!'.

Cordir gossips, 'Who, me?'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'its all in your hands, your choice'.

Kahann nods.

Ink arrives from above.

Cordir arrives from above.

Belgarion glares at Kahann.

Kahann says (in common), 'i smell a vampire'.
Kahann laughs at Belgarion mercilessly.

Belgarion says (in common), 'show some respect Kahann'.

Kahann says (in common), 'to you '.
Kahann laughs.
Kahann says (in common), 'no thx'.
Kahann says (in common), 'ink is the only evil I respect'.

Cordir gathers the shadows around herself, ebon flames outlining her for a moment.

Belgarion says (in common), 'to the Immortal you are ordering around'.

DarkClaw growls again and wraps one hand around Belgarion's arm, gathering the mists about both of them and disappearing from the room.

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.

Belgarion arrives suddenly.
Belgarion grins evilly.
Belgarion says (in common), 'nicely done'.

You say, 'I cannot THINK with all of them present!'.

Belgarion nods.

Kahann gossips (in common), 'looks like a feeding time'.
Kahann gossips (in common), 'bite him!!!'.

Belgarion rests.

You gossip, '*growls* Mind your own business, Kahann!'.

Belgarion gossips (in common), 'quiet now Kahann'.

Kahann gossips (in common), 'cackle*'.
### [Somewhere, Kahann puts in fake fangs]

You say, 'You said to me... either he goes or you do... did you not?'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'yes'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'and it's your choice on which one goes'.

Belgarion shrugs.

DarkClaw closes her eyes, releasing your arm finally. "That is not a choice. It is an ultimatum."

Belgarion sits down and thinks deeply.
Belgarion says (in common), 'You're right, and I apologize. That, I shouldn't have done. So I will not make you do this. Instead..'.

You say, 'Don't...'.
You say, 'Stop.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'i will ask you to do what you think is right'.

DarkClaw blinks and lifts her gaze up to your face quickly, unsure of what to say or think.

Belgarion says (in common), 'The thing is -- you know what I said downstairs is true. I have been here from the beginning I was with you before you Ordained me - If not officially. I know what you think is right'.

You say, 'Do you?'.

Belgarion lowers his head.
Belgarion whispers, 'you think that having all is right - or else you wouldn't be defending him.'

DarkClaw says quietly, "I cannot exist without you, Belg. I can exist without him... but asking me to banish him from the following is another matter."

Belgarion says (in common), 'That is fine. If you think you can then we will see'.

Belgarion looks over at DarkClaw.
Belgarion says (in common), 'you really hurt me!'.

DarkClaw searches your face, her own twisted in emotion. "...I know...and hurting you, hurt me as well."

You say, 'And I am so...so sorry, love. I cannot undo it.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'don't do it again'.

Belgarion steps closer to DarkClaw.
Belgarion says (in common), 'it will take time'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'but now you have to prove to me'.

DarkClaw's gaze flits over your face with apprehension. "I will find a way...somehow."

Belgarion nods.
Belgarion says (in common), 'I hope so. Now there is one other problem'.

DarkClaw doesn't make a move to touch you or draw comfort from you, merely stands there.

Belgarion says (in common), 'and you know what the problem might be'.
Belgarion slowly wraps his arms around DarkClaw.

You say, '...He will not give in easily.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'he will pay for his actions. I am not worried about Venom. I personally cannot do anything.. but..'

DarkClaw closes her eyes and leans into you, soaking in your warmth and the feel of you against her. "He is aware you will come for him...eventually."

Belgarion nods.
Belgarion says (in common), 'and when I do, he will know the meaning of why I am feared'.

Belgarion looks into DarkClaw's eyes.
Belgarion says (in common), 'i hope you understand why I said the things I said. I had to be sure wht your TRUE feelings were'.

You say, 'I already told you that I need you...and I love you...'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'but until I pushed you, it could have been just words. do you understand? I do love you and I would have and very well may marry you someday'.

DarkClaw flattens her hands against your chest, wishing she could feel more of you. "I understand your need for reassurance...

You say, 'But I have never said those words lightly.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'i know this you told me right from the start. In fact, I remember you saying you probably would never those words to me'.
Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

DarkClaw grins slightly, some of the weariness disappearing from her face. "I did, didn't I?"

You say, 'See? Not perfect.'.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion nods.
Belgarion says (in common), 'you know: Sabella told me the other day that you needed me. That I played the biggest role in your life'.

Sabella gossips (in common), 'Thank you, Ink darling'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'speak of the devil'.
Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

You say, 'Sabella knows more about me than any other mortal...except for maybe you, now, with her help.'.

Belgarion nods.

You say, 'She knows more about me than I know about myself at times.'.

DarkClaw scowls.

Belgarion says (in common), 'I still would say she knows more than me. But: I bet if I ever have questions she will be the first I would ask. And I am almost sure she would give me an answer'.
Belgarion laughs.

DarkClaw frowns at your words, brow creasing. "Why not just ask me?"

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion says (in common), 'you said it yourself: she knows more than you do'.

Belgarion laughs.
Belgarion hugs you.

You hug him.
You chuckle.
You say, 'But that does NOT mean that you can't ask me SOME at least.'.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion says (in common), 'true true'.

Belgarion rests against the wall.
Belgarion says (in common), 'this whole ordeal as wiped me out. Not sleeping and such'.

DarkClaw sighs and rests her head against the hollow of your throat, letting the wall support both of us. "It's been..."
DarkClaw laughs. "I was just going to say that."

Belgarion says (in common), 'we need a bed in here'.
Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

Belgarion says (in common), 'need sleep'.
Belgarion grins evilly.

DarkClaw looks up at you with a grin and a wink. "I still have an office to be built."

Belgarion laughs.
Belgarion says (in common), 'true, true. You know I was thinking about something'.
Belgarion grumbles.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.
Belgarion ftells, 'OMs should get temple keys'.
Belgarion ftells, 'hehe'.

You ftell, '*laugh*'.
You ftell, 'Would be nice.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'no its true though'.

You ftell, 'I agree.'.
You ftell, 'I just don't see it happening.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'again would make gods be more careful of who they Ordain'.

Belgarion ftells, 'hehe'.

You ftell, 'But I don't think anyone's ever suggested that before, so maybe!'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'i think we should rest for a bit before we head back out again'.
Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

DarkClaw says a quiet prayer to Tynian for a bed, then frowns at the lack of response.

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

You say, 'Apparently he doesn't want his immortals getting rest.'.
You grumble.

Belgarion pulls DarkClaw down to the floor.
Belgarion kicks the door closed.

You get a small twig from a crystalline prism.

  • Click*

Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

You grin evilly at him.

Belgarion says (in common), 'rest first though'.

DarkClaw curls into you, draping an arm and leg over your form and resting her head on your shoulder.

Belgarion sleeps.
Belgarion snores loudly.

You ftell, 'LOL'.

DarkClaw plugs Belgarion's nose in hopes of stopping the cutely annoying snore.

DarkClaw watches your face for a long while, her eyes finally drifting shut and sleep taking her.


(Log by Sabella)

The Pit
[Exits: east up]
A grand staircase leads to the temples above.
The corpse of Mistress Ardant is lying here.
( 2) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
A pit for donations dominates the room.

Someone smiles at you.

Your eyes tingle.

Someone says (in common), 'heading out'.

You say (in common), 'who?'.
You say (in common), 'can't see ?'.

Someone chuckles, evidently amused.

Someone says (in common), 'Belgarion'.

You say (in common), 'Ah. ...'.

Belgarion appears out of nowhere.
Belgarion says (in common), 'i will be back tomorrow'.

Sabella obviously wants to ask questions, but doesn't.

You nod.

> l Belgarion

Belgarion says (in common), 'if you can wait until tomorrow'.

You say (in common), 'of course.'.

Sabella drops into a curtsey, her head bowed.

Belgarion says (in common), 'I will answer what I can'.

You shake your head.
You say (in common), 'it's honestly... it's none of my business. '.

Belgarion shrugs.

You say (in common), 'and I'm done with Star for a while.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'umm'.

You say (in common), 'It was stupid of me to get involved.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'umm'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'you’re not doing this because of me are you?'.

Sabella runs a hand through her hair in irritation, her sliding hair revealing a large bruise on one cheek.

Belgarion says (in common), 'who hit you?'.

You say (in common), 'Oh. I asked them to.'.

Belgarion sits down and thinks deeply.

Sabella makes a gesture of dismissal.

You say (in common), 'I needed to not think about Star, so I asked a friend to beat my ass down.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'ok that's not fair now I don't want to go'.
Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

Belgarion says (in common), 'you didn't answer my question'.

You say (in common), 'No.. I didn't.'.
You say (in common), 'but you're leaving, so..'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'is it because of me'.

Sabella shrugs slightly, the movement causing pleasant jiggles.

You say (in common), 'It's because she fucking well asked you to trust her with his ..sweat.. still on her. '.

Sabella shakes her head in anger.

You say (in common), 'I won't be party to that. We're similar in a lot of ways, but ... that's beyond the pale, and I'm done with her.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'you better get here'.

You get A Pin of Nashite.
You stop using conviction and belief.
You wear A Pin of Nashite as a decoration.

DarkClaw emerges from a thick layer of mist as it dissipates and seeps into the ground, a soft whisper filling the area.

DarkClaw says, 'Sabella...'.

Sabella glances at Ink and lets the glowing strands of pearls around her throat slide slowly through her fingertips. "thanks for the dress, sweets."

Sabella holds up a hand. 'Don't, Star.'

Belgarion waves happily.

You say (in common), 'good night, Belgarion.'.

DarkClaw sighs and rakes a hand over her face and through her hair. "You are angry with me. I get that."

You say (in common), '... ya'think?'.

Sabella arches one eyebrow, the expression wickedly inquisitive.

DarkClaw says, 'But you took it out of context!'.

You say (in common), '"trust me."'.

DarkClaw says, 'I was on his neck! I was referring to *BITING*! Or, rather, NOT biting.'.

Belgarion has left the game.

You say (in common), 'You ask a lover that, you aren't asking for one single moment. You're asking for trust.'.

DarkClaw says more softly, "I was asking him to trust in the fact that I would not sink my fangs into his throat in that moment."

You say (in common), 'I saw your look when I said I hadn't messed with you. You were using me as a distraction for him for the one you were messing with.'.

DarkClaw nods in recognition to Kandan.

You say (in common), 'I'm not party to a bait and switch. You wanna provide sexual service to the entire Black Manor guard? Great. I'll sit on the side lines and applaud, but don't lie about it. And you were lying - right at that moment. "Trust me."'.

Kandan thinks he don't belong here.
Kandan bows deeply.

You nod in recognition to him.

Kandan leaves east.

DarkClaw holds your gaze for a long moment, silently, unsure of what to say. "...I never meant to hurt you, Sabella."

You say (in common), 'I don't give a damn about my feelings here.'.

DarkClaw says, 'I do.'.

You say (in common), 'Fine: I'm offended you used me as a bait and switch.'.

DarkClaw groans, "It was not intentional!...NEVER!"

You say (in common), '... nothing ever is, with you.'.
You say (in common), 'Own your shit, Star.'.

Sabella shrugs slightly, the movement causing pleasant jiggles.
Sabella leaves east.