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Warning: Due to particularly emotionally charged events, today's logs contains strong language.

Speak To Me of Nash

The Pit
[Exits: east up]
A pit for donations dominates the room.

A black silk cord has been purged!
A black silk cord has been purged!

Sabella swears loudly for a long time.

Sabella gossips (in common), 'good morning, darlings'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'hello there, sexy'.

Someone licks Lexie.
Someone licks Sabella.

Lexie says (in common), 'hehe'.

Lexie snuggles up to someone.

Sabella says (in common), 'who's the licker ?'.

Lexie says (in common), 'belsy'.

Sabella says (in common), 'OooooOoooooh'.

Someone snickers softly.

Sabella feels around with her hands for the invisible one... oooohhh... there he is...

Someone says (in common), 'a little lower...'.

Lexie says (in common), 'oh my'.

Sabella slowly slides her hand lower, finding exactly what she was looking for.

Lexie says (in common), 'i'm runnning!'.

Someone snickers softly.

You wave.

Someone says (in common), 'I have to do something before you molest me :P'.
Someone says (in common), 'brb'.

You yell (in common), 'I'm verrrrry annoyed by all this 'Someone' business. *stamps foot*'.

Someone tells Sabella, 'Come to my Hall for a moment'.

Sabella tells someone (in common), 'to whom am I speaking?'.

Someone tells Sabella, 'Come to My hall. Now'.

The Hall of the High Order
[Exits: north]
A hand-lettered open book rests upon a black iron pedestal.

Someone nods in recognition to you.
Someone sits upon his throne of bones.

Sabella says (in common), '..Hello, Immortal.'.

Sabella drops into a curtsey, her head bowed.

Someone says, 'Explain Nash to me'.

Sabella tilts her head to one side, clasping her fingers loosely together.

Sabella says (in common), 'Nash is All. '.

Someone says, 'how?'.

Sabella says (in common), 'All of existence. All thought. All deed. He is that which inspires the wrath of destruction and the joy of creation. He is the world. '.

Someone says, 'and you know this how?'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I have seen his bloodline, Incarnate before me. I have been overcome with holy furor and felt Him in my thoughts, in my veins, like a fiery drug. '.

Someone says, 'so he creates life and can destroy it?'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Yes.'.

Someone holds out his hand.

Someone's hand glows bright blue as a soul of a bird appears.

The soul forms into a living, breathing bird and starts flying around.

Sabella says (in common), '.. that is a pretty trick.'.

Someone says, 'a trick it is not'.

Sabella says (in common), 'But if you are trying to suggest that YOU are Nash, or His equal...'.

Someone says, 'His equal? No'.

Sabella arches one eyebrow, the expression wickedly inquisitive.
Sabella says (in common), 'What, then?'.

Someone says, 'I am showing you, desert girl, your faith is in the wrong area'.

Sabella narrows her topaz eyes in just a touch of a glare.

Someone says, 'since I touched your soul, I knew'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Knew what?'.

Someone says, 'the desert blood runs through your veins. It was not Nash that breathed life into your soul'.

Sabella extends her arms and turns slowly, a sarcastic expression on her face and tone in her voice.

Sabella says (in common), 'Do I look like a common Midgaard peasant to you?'.

Someone says, 'did I say that?'.
Someone taps his fingers on the arm of his throne.

Someone tells you (in common), 'found someone to play with I see? *grins*'.

Sabella tells someone (in common), 'No, we are debating theology'.

Someone tells you (in common), 'ahh'.

Sabella says (in common), 'No. You had no crafting of my soul. I am *older* than you are. '.

Someone says, 'no you're not'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I was born in the second age. Centuries before you were.'.

Someone says, 'I have been walking since the beginning. Not always in this form'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I have been warned of you already, Seraph. I have heard tell of your penchant for meddling.'.

Someone says, 'warnings from evils. How cute'.

Sabella says (in common), 'And I do not have any intention of coming to heel such as this kinswoman of mine I hear tale of has done.'.

Someone says, 'that is your choice'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Though, how she got past the Veil is quite beyond me.'.

Someone says, 'Ask your god, Nash. He knows all... Unless he chooses not to answer your prayer'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I'm certain that He will.'.

Someone says, 'of course he will'.

Sabella does not respond, as you have but spoken the truth. Her prayers will be answered.

Someone says, 'I know he will answer'.

Someone removes his helm and rests it on his throne.

Someone says, 'it is entertaining watching a mortal play puppet master to immortals'.

Sabella arches one eyebrow, the expression wickedly inquisitive.

Someone says, 'You use their weakness against them. You brought DarkClaw to her knees and now Wish. Very good'.

Sabella says quietly, 'And do you think that you, yourself, do not have fault-lines of weakness?'

Someone gets a sly grin across his face.' I do not'.

Sabella smiles slightly, but does not refute you.

Someone says, 'You're welcome to try, desert girl'.

Someone leans forward staring into your eyes.
Someone says, 'but everything has a price'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I would agree with your last statement. Yes. There is a price to be paid for everything. Alchemy has consequences. The only question, is : Is it worth it? I do not make slaves of Immortals. I do not seek to bring them to heel. I am a catalyst to help them see or express themselves. More fully, more truly... and I love the feel of their power, their aura, their presence, their command. It is .. mutually delightful.'.

Someone says, 'you make them slaves. I have seen it'.

Sabella smiles, casting her eyes downward. 'Then you have seen what you wish to see. It is I, who prefer to be enslaved.'

Someone says, 'So you say. I watched you tear DarkClaw's life to shreds'.

Sabella says with a touch of steel in her voice, 'Star K'treva tore her own life to bits with her deceit'

Someone says, 'which you started. She was fine until you walked in her temple. And now - giving Wish lessons'.

Sabella says (in common), 'She had made herself less than she was. I reminded her who she was.'.

Someone sits back in his throne.
Someone says, 'yes you did. And if you stayed away she would not have gone back to it. Maybe it's your lord Nash's will to make the immortals suffer'.

Sabella says (in common), 'She would have, in time.'.

Someone says, 'keep telling yourself that. A simple desert girl, weakening the immortals. How interesting'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I prefer to be the one suffering. Not the one causing it. Though I am able to instruct when needed.'.

Someone says, 'well, Sabella, you are causing it'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I do not think that Wish is suffering. Star's suffering is, as I said, of her own making.'.

Someone says, 'of course... you had nothing to do with it'.

Sabella says (in common), '.. my presence can be a catalyst for change. But what that change is, I do not direct.'.

Sabella arches one eyebrow, the expression wickedly inquisitive.

Sabella says (in common), 'Why, are you looking for a catalyst? Are you bored and stuck in a rut, not wholly yourself? Pretending to be something you are not, such as Star was? Pretending to be tame?'.

(A long, silent pause..)

Sabella shrugs slightly, the movement causing pleasant jiggles.
Sabella leaves north.

The Pit
[Exits: east up]
A pit for donations dominates the room.

Someone tells Sabella, 'Come back. We are not done'.

Sabella tells someone (in common), '*shakes her head in an attempt at refusal*'.

Someone tells Sabella, 'I said: We are not done'.

Sabella tells someone (in common), 'You ceased speaking. That indicates the conversation was over.'.

Someone tells Sabella, 'I will tell you when we are done. Now: come back'.

The Hall of the High Order
[Exits: north]
A hand-lettered open book rests upon a black iron pedestal.

Sabella drops into a curtsey, her head bowed.

Someone says, 'you stand there, saying the gods are their own weakness and you have nothing to do with it'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Every soul has its flaws. I help make them stronger. Every person has those lessons they need to learn, but sometimes cannot face alone. Every person has a rage inside them, they need to release, or a desire they need fulfilled. I can embody that. I serve the need of my Patron.'.

Someone says, 'except one'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Nash. He who is ... Perfect. And that is why my soul belongs to Him.'.

Someone says, 'a false god'.

Sabella says (in common), 'You may speak it as your truth, as long as the desert winds howl, but that will not make it so.'.

Someone says, 'I heard your cries to leave the desert. You did not fit in there or there ways'.

You laugh.
Sabella says (in common), 'You were listening to some other girl, I am afraid. I had no desire to leave the desert. The tribe gave me as a slave, as tribute, to the Black Conclave to keep from being slaughtered.'.

Someone says, 'such cowards they were then'.

Sabella whispers the word, filled with venom and centuries of hatred. "Yes."

Someone says, 'selling you off to save their asses'.

Sabella says (in common), '.. and I have prayed to Nash every day, that the sun and sand scour their bones.'.

Someone says, 'which I will admit which wasn't the choice I hoped they would make'.
Someone says, 'if there is a Nash - Molo was him'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Respectfully, I disagree. Lord Sirak, Nash's Son, predates the Prince of Lies.'.

Someone says, 'of course. Molo enhanced the belief. More have branched the Nash faith from Molo than anyone else'.

Sabella says (in common), 'that, I would agree with. He consolidated Nashite power and influence in a way that Lord Sirak did not have the patience for.'.

Someone says, 'As I said: Molo is more the Nash god, for without him the Nash faith would have faded'.

Sabella makes a gesture of dismissal. 'Another would have risen up. But he was .. effective... in the charge given him by Nash.'

Someone says, 'No. No one would have'.

Sabella shrugs slightly, the movement causing pleasant jiggles.
Sabella says (in common), 'I am not going to argue with you.'.

Someone says, 'look at the Nash followings afterward. Faded. Gone. Even Wish doesn't fully embrace Nash'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Wish is devout. He simply grants others the ability to choose Nash for themselves, rather than by dictate. Indeed, he is one of the MOST true-to-Faith Nashites. All must be dictated by choice and free will. We can only find Nash within us when we seek Him. Not when we are forced to it.'.

Someone says, 'that is not Nashite life'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Then you have an imperfect understanding of Him.'.

Someone says, 'everything is a choice'.

Sabella nods.

Someone says, 'as I stated before - it is entertaining, watching you work'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I'm not certain how to respond to that. But I will brook no insult of Lord Wish without disagreeing in the strongest terms.'.

Someone says, 'Too bad they are weak and give in, but still: entertaining watching them fumble around'.

Sabella says (in common), 'and as I have said: I do not savor or prefer being the one in command. It is not my natural state. I do take great joy in awakening potential.'.

Someone says, 'so - great job, making them look like weak fools'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Learning of one's self is not foolish or weak. It takes strength. '.

Someone says, 'being immortal you should already know yourself so you can lead others'.

Sabella says (in common), 'So.. upon reaching that pinnacle, one becomes stagnant? Unchanging? Frozen in time and mind and place?'.

Someone says, 'how can you lead others in your ways if you do not know the way yourself'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I am not going to speak of the needs and explorations of my Patrons.'.

Someone says, 'Because you can't'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Because I have integrity and discretion. I have confidence in Wish, else I would not be giving him my worship.'.

Someone says, 'if you change your beliefs your followers will not have faith in you after a while'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I cannot and do not speak for Wish but I do not see that he has the slightest intent to step away from Nash or Alchemy. I think you are confused.'.

Someone says, 'Confused? I am not. Look at DarkClaw and her unrest, because you changed her back. Her followers walk over her, do not listen, publicly blast her in their titles'.

Sabella says (in common), 'There is a difference between personality and the tenets of faith.'.

Someone says, 'they go hand and hand'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Star will have to find her own balance, which she has not yet done. Her lover is angry, that is certain. She is not my concern any longer. Nor is he.'.

Someone says, 'I know. You have moved on'.

Someone says, 'When your god falters you second guess your belief'.

Sabella says (in common), 'when your lover lies to you, you are hurt. I can only assume that is what Belgarion is experiencing and expressing.'.

Someone says, ' yet again - she wouldn't have had to, if you stayed away. And now you're on to the elf. Should be fun to watch'.

Sabella says (in common), 'If you continue to speak mockingly of Lord Wish, this conversation is over.'.

Someone says, 'when Nash tells you how Samiyah got out, please enlighten me. Now go run to the next toy you want to play with'.

Sabella says, a touch mockingly, 'What, you do not know all? And need Nash's guidance and wisdom?'

Sabella drops into a curtsey, her head bowed.

Someone says, 'No. I know how she got out'.

Sabella says (in common), '..Then why ask Nash?'.

Someone says, 'Because I want to see the false god's answer'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I do not quite understand your obsession with Nash. Perhaps some lingering rebellion from your days in the Black Conclave?'.

Someone says, 'I joined the Conclave for a purpose'.

Sabella inquires politely, 'To hide?'

Someone says, 'Hide? No. It was a purpose you need not concern yourself with'.

Sabella smiles slightly.

Sabella says (in common), 'That sounded a little defensive.'.

Someone says, 'Not at all'.

Sabella chuckles.
Sabella drops into a curtsey, her head bowed.
Sabella says (in common), 'Of course.'.

Someone says, 'I know who I am'.
Someone says, 'do you?'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Do I know myself? Or you? To what are you referring?'.

Someone says, 'yourself'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Every craven, blasphemous, whorish, vulnerable, damaged bit of it, yes. '.

Someone says, 'good'.

Someone opens his hand. The soul of the bird comes back to it.
The bird falls to the floor
A shadow forms into the shape of a man and cleans up after the bird.

Sabella says (in common), 'For a "good" immortal, you certainly play with Shadow a great deal. Are you sure that -you- are expressing your true self?'.

Sabella arches one eyebrow, the expression wickedly inquisitive.

Someone says, 'I am'.

Sabella says (in common), 'You said earlier, that when someone changes utterly, it is hard to give them trust. How do your followers give you their faith, knowing who and what you were before?'.

Someone says, 'and you said people will see what they want to see'.

Sabella says (in common), 'So they want to see you as Good? Gentle and benevolent and protective? All the while, ignoring what lies beneath... Such hypocrisy. '.

Sabella drops into a curtsey, her head bowed.
Sabella says (in common), 'Good bye, Lord Seraph.'.
Sabella leaves north.


(Log by Samiyah)

You tell Ghazkull (in common), '.. were you and your Sister able to get the stench out of the Temple?'.
You tell Ghazkull (in common), '*grins mischievously* Did it take two, or three? '.

Ghazkull tells you (in common), 'I think she did, but it was to no avail as it was back the next day'.

You tell Ghazkull (in common), '*sigh* He does tend to lurk about, doesn't he?'.

Ghazkull tells you (in common), '*grinning broadly* yes, although I am just as guilty of that as he is'.

You tell Ghazkull (in common), 'well.. you don't stink...'.

Ghazkull tells you (in common), 'I thank you for saying so'.

You tell Ghazkull (in common), 'I would have to say .. it's.. kind of nice. It's .. hm. It's like the wind at the top of a tree. '.

Ghazkull tells you (in common), 'I think I know what you mean, similar to when I am on top of my home'.

You tell Ghazkull (in common), 'it is warm and smells of sunshine and growing things, but at the same time, has a cool, crispness.. '.

Jamilla: The Summoning

The Swirling Sands
[Exits: north west]
Impossible winds twist skeins of glistening sand up and about, making the
air itself seem alive. The churning of the sands becomes too thick to the
east and south but stumbling through other directions is still possible.
A small grey fox sniffs around for food.
(Invis) Venom is here.

Venom utters the words, 'detect magic'.

Venom looks to the east for signs in the winds.

Venom gets a set of shepherd's pipes from a saddlebag.

Venom drops a set of shepherd's pipes.

Venom gets a staff of summoning from a saddlebag.

Venom begins to chant harmonically, raising the staff above his head.

Venom utters the words, 'advanced illusion'

An apparition begins to form rising up from the heat waves off the desert sands.

The apparition begins to take the shape of a human, becoming more solid.

A song begins to fill the air, music from the moving lips of the illusionary singer.

Venom says (in common), 'Sing your song, my puppet Bard of arcane magiks, sing higher!'.

The illusionary bard raises the pitch of his song, his voice pouring into the Veil of
sand and wind. The Veil begins to waver, shimmer and weaken.

Venom utters the words, 'message'.
A whisper is carried into the winds, 'Sahib-Salam, where once you gave the gift of a girl
to save your land from doom, now another is required of you by the outer world.'

The wind howls, 'Stay away from our tribe, Al-Shaitan, and we will grant you one girl, and
one goat.'

Venom says (in common), 'Play the song of the goat herders, my puppet Bard!'.

The illusionary bard gets a set of shepherd's pipes.

A booming song echoes into the forceful winds playing the song of the goat herders.

Venom utters the words, 'message'.
A whisper is carried into the winds, 'Sahib-Salam, send me a living relative of Samiyah!'

The winds to the east shift and twist about as two forms appears beyond.

Venom brandishes a staff of summoning.
Jamilla arrives suddenly!

Jamilla says (in common), 'where am I?'.

Venom grins evilly, his elongated fangs glistening.

Venom allows his concentration to fall. The Illusionary Bard dissipates.

Venom says (in common), 'You are safe, child. My name is Venom. I am your friend, follow me.'.

Jamilla follows Venom.
Jamilla joins Venom's group.

Venom says (in common), 'Stick with me, my young gem, and I will show you the ways of this realm.'.


Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.
(invis) Jamilla is here.

Jamilla says (in common), 'thanks for everything, this land seems so different and scary'.

Venom says (in common), 'My dear child, I am the only one you can trust here. I brought you here'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'Oh Venom, do you promise you'll keep me safe here?'.

Venom says (in common), 'Of course, my child, but there is one thing you must do if you are to survive here'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'what's that?'.

Venom says (in common), 'Close your eyes and trust me forever!'.

Jamilla closes her eyes and holds her breath.

Venom cradles the young teenage virgin in his arms, an overbearing strength unnecessary.
Venom kisses her neck softly until her skin is moist with fear.
Venom sinks his fangs deep into the soft and tender neck, blood oozing down both her front and back.
Venom drinks deeply, sucking hard and gulping greedily.

Jamilla cries in pain.

Venom drops the near lifeless girl to the ground beneath him, his chin a crimson testament to all that is evil.

Venom says (in common), 'And now, the grand finale!'.
Venom slices his wrist with his nasty razor edged dagger and puts the bloody wrist to her mouth.
Venom says (in common), 'Drink, my dear. Drink and you shall be mine eternally. And, I yours.'

Jamilla drinks from the bloody wrist, gaining strength with each sip.
Jamilla stands.

(look jami)<---- oooOOOOOoooo! A nice idea for a nick name... Jami... Like Sami!

Before you stands an awkward young girl, perhaps in her early teens, with
deeply tanned skin and dark eyes. She is covered in the dust and sands of
the desert and looks ragged and poor as though her life has been that of
a tumbleweed. Her innocent eyes look back at you from just above a thin
veil, a begging plea for help in her glance, desperately seeking a way out
of a life of poverty. You get the feeling if you don't help her she might
rip your throat out with those glistening elongated fangs.

Elf [ Ma:19 Ra:15 ] Ghazkull Mahsong, Heartbringer. Fated, Lost, Ebrithil.
Hum [ Bard: 30 30 29 ] Samiyah bint Seraph ukhayyatun Cresom: High Order
Hum [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Belsambar: Dark Fated Mirthy Harbinger of Tiger Wisdom
Hum [ Sh: 3 ] Jamilla, Ukhayyatun Samiyah. (Blood-Bound)*Venom*
Elf [ Wa:15 Ma:17 Th:11 ] Venom, Blood Sucking Mini-Lich. *LOST**Alshaitan*
Gno [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Lins Lin, Wise Guardian of the Coven. (-gossip)
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Lexie, Rage Quit Nashite Succubus of Alchemy
Hum [ Th:23 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Sirka, The Thing of The High Order

Samiyah tells Venom (in common), '(hehehehe... you are SO F'ING LUCKY you are not in her range)'.

Venom tells Samiyah (in common), '(it gets better)'.

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.
Jamilla is here.
Venom is here.

Venom bows deeply.

You smile happily.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Hello Jamilla'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'Hello'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Is Venom treating you well?'.

Ghazkull blinks.

Venom grins evilly, his elongated fangs glistening.

Ghazkull blinks at what Venom said.

Jamilla says (in common), 'He is the nicest person I have met here'.

Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.
Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.

Venom smiles at Ghazkull.

> look jamilla
Before you stands an awkward young girl, perhaps in her early teens, with
deeply tanned skin and dark eyes. She is covered in the dust and sands of
the desert and looks ragged and poor as though her life has been that of
a tumbleweed. Her innocent eyes look back at you from just above a thin
veil, a begging plea for help in her glance, desperately seeking a way out
of a life of poverty. You get the feeling if you don't help her she might
rip your throat out with those glistening elongated fangs.
Jamilla is in perfect health.

Jamilla is using:
<worn on body> some tattered rags
<worn on head> a whisper thin veil
<worn on legs> thick leather pants
<worn on feet> a ratty old pair of boots
<wielded> a tarnished silver dagger
<worn with pride> the Symbol of the High Mage of Kuroth
<worn with pride> the Symbol of the High Mage of Kuroth

Venom says (in common), 'Ghazkull, I would like you to meet my adopted daughter, Jamilla.'.

Ghazkull starts at your words, '...adopted?'

Venom nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), '...daughter?'.
Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.

Venom says (in common), 'I was rather bored... so I made a toy.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'so.. umm..'.
Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.

Ghazkull pulls a water-stained book from a hidden pocket.
Ghazkull flicks through the book, muttering under his breath.

Venom says (in common), 'I made her earlier.'.

Ghazkull mutters, 'It means... sister?'
Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.

Venom nods.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'I.. ah..'.
Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'I'm a little confused'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*smile* Hello'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'your... sister?'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*blink* *stammers* What do you mean? .. I... was.. No.. I did not have a sister..'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'forgive me, I must not understand the desert tongue as much as I thought I did'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*stammers in shock* NO... uh.. it means sister.. But... '.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), 'wa aleikum, ukhayyatun... Kaifa haloki? '.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '.. is your lady present?'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '... if .. if my mother and father had another child.. if that is my sister... I am going to kill Venom.'.

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'sahib Venom forbids me to speek the native tongue'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'She is not present at the moment, at least, it is not known to me if she is and it is very unlike her to NOT let me know if she is present'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*shaking* I.. '.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'where are you at present? (if you don't mind me asking)'.

The Swirling Sands
[Exits: north west]

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'the desert'.

DarkClaw says, 'Hello.'.

Jamilla curtseys gracefully.

Ghazkull prays, 'Sami was asking after you a few moments ago'.

Grantsight set for Jamilla.

DarkClaw says, 'Greetings, Jamilla.'.

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, 'What did she want?'.

Ghazkull puts the Water-stained book back into his hidden pocket, glaring at Venom as he does so.

Jamilla bows before you.

Ghazkull prays, 'I'm not entirely sure, something about Jamilla I presume'.

Venom says (in common), 'did you think I would allow the sand-goat to meddle in my affairs without meddling in hers'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'but this!?'.

Venom says (in common), 'This will keep her busy, and I want my aloe back'.
Venom says (in common), 'Her blood was so rich, Ghaz... so pure.'.

Ghazkull gets a jar of slimy aloe juice from bag made from Ghazkull hide.
Ghazkull puts a jar of slimy aloe juice in bag made from Ghazkull hide.

DarkClaw blinks at Jamilla's title and looks between her and Venom, concealing her thoughts.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), '(in desert) How did you pass through the Veil? How did you come to know the evil one? '.

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'Sahib-salam offered me to the mighty one in trade'.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), '(in desert) .. How old are you, little one?'.
Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), '(in desert) Who are your parents?'.

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'I am the daughter of Rasul, my mother died'.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), '*softly, in desert* And when did you come to leave the desert?'.

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'this morning. '.

Samiyah gossips (in common), 'If the Lady of the Lost is present, may I respectfully and urgently request audience?'.

Ghazkull prays, 'first I knew about it, I just logged in and it's knocked me for six...'.

DarkClaw has granted Samiyah the ability to see her when she is invis.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), '*carefully, in desert* Little one, have you drank of the blood of the one Sahib Salam gave you to?'.

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'yes he told me that was the only way I could survive in this world'.

Samiyah tells DarkClaw (in common), 'I am going to kill Venom, Sayyida. '.

Jamilla joins Venom's group.

Venom is now guarding Jamilla.

Venom says (in common), 'We shall return'.

Venom leaves west.
Jamilla leaves west.

Grantsight set for Samiyah.

Venom prays, 'I need your help Madam.'.

DarkClaw [GS] tells Samiyah, 'What did he do now?'.

Samiyah tells DarkClaw (in common), 'Blood-bonded a child of the desert, who may be my sister, to him... I am going to kill him.'.

Venom prays, 'Are you not speaking to me Madam?'.

DarkClaw [GS] tells Samiyah, '*blinks* So THAT'S what her title is about, not...'.

DarkClaw tells Venom, '...I'm not sure.'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*swallows hard* I am going to kill Venom.'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), '(I'm completely floundering at the moment heh, I wasn't expecting this and it's knocked me for six admittedly)'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '(me either!!!)'.

Samiyah tells Venom (in common), '(( h.f.s. ))'.

Venom tells Samiyah (in common), '(not sure what that stands for...)'.

Samiyah tells Venom (in common), '(Holy f'ing sh..)'.

Venom tells Samiyah (in common), 'Your sister would like to meet you in the amphitheater.'.

Venom prays, 'I would request you to mediate a discussion between me and the sand-goat'.
Venom prays, 'She cannot speak directly to me'.

Ghazkull sighs wearily, resting his head against the temple and closing his eyes.

DarkClaw paces the floor, looking upset.

Ghazkull mutters a few select words under his breath.
Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.
Ghazkull leaves west and goes to the Amphitheater.

The Introduction

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]
Jamilla is here.
(Invis) (Dark Purple Aura) Venom is here.

Venom bows before Samiyah.

> l jamilla
Before you stands an awkward young girl, perhaps in her early teens, with
deeply tanned skin and dark eyes. She is covered in the dust and sands of
the desert and looks ragged and poor as though her life has been that of
a tumbleweed. Her innocent eyes look back at you from just above a thin
veil, a begging plea for help in her glance, desperately seeking a way out
of a life of poverty. You get the feeling if you don't help her she might
rip your throat out with those glistening elongated fangs.
Jamilla is in perfect health.

Jamilla is using:
<worn on body> some tattered rags
<worn on head> a whisper thin veil
<worn on legs> thick leather pants
<worn on feet> a ratty old pair of boots
<wielded> a tarnished silver dagger
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) the Symbol of the High Mage of Kuroth
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) the Symbol of the High Mage of Kuroth

Jamilla hugs Samiyah.

Samiyah holds Jamilla's face in her hands, examining her.

Jamilla says (in common), 'the Sahib Salam told me I had a sister when I became a shaman'.

Samiyah tells DarkClaw (in common), '... He made a CHILD into a vampire?!'.

Ghazkull arrives from the west.

Samiyah glances at Ghazkull, shaking in helpless rage.

Ghazkull looks at Samiyah.
Ghazkull looks at Jamilla.

Samiyah turns her back to Venom, her full attention on the girl.

Samiyah removes the decorative brooches holding her veil in place.
Samiyah unwinds the dark linen folds of fabric that cowl her hair.
Samiyah lifts the last drape that conceals her face.

DarkClaw [GS] tells Samiyah, '*looks distracted, her attention focused elsewhere, voice tense and filled with emotion* ...Do as you see fit, Sami.'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), '(I can leave if you'd prefer)'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'no, stay!!'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'they said my sister did halam'.

Jamilla looks at you.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Haraam, yes.'.

Jamilla shakes her head.
Jamilla says (in common), 'halal'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'But there is nothing so haraam as what has been done to you, little one.'.

Venom grins evilly, his elongated fangs glistening.

Jamilla says (in common), 'she makes evil water'.

Seraph has granted Samiyah the ability to see him when he is invis.

Samiyah adds softly, 'And I will break the laws of heaven and earth to kill the one who did this to you.'

Samiyah prays, 'I need you, Sahib, please..'.

Seraph [GS] tells Samiyah, 'I'm in the hall'.

Venom says (in common), 'Jamilla does not have any interest in doing your Halal Bard, she has been saved. By me.'.

Samiyah prays, '(venom's created an RP by which he got Samiyah's sister and made her a vampire)'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'be he said this was the only way to live here..did you not drink the blood of the one who allowed you to pass'.

Seraph [GS] tells Samiyah, 'I'm in the hall'.

Ghazkull raises an eyebrow.

Venom says (in common), 'No she did not my pet, she is evil.'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'No, little one. My mother parted the veil for me. She was a bard too, in secret.'.

You ftell, '... I do not know how, but I am going to kill Venom.'.
You ftell, 'I am going to kill him dead and stake his corpse out for the sand-cats to eat.'.

Ghazkull storms out in disgust.
Ghazkull leaves west.

Samiyah says (in common), 'the Sahib Salam is a cruel and evil man, Jamilla, and he has given you to one who is just as cruel and evil.'.

Venom pats Jamilla on her back.

Seraph [GS] tells Samiyah, 'what is it venom wants?'.

Venom hugs Jamilla.

Samiyah says (in common), 'You can tell, in this world-beyond-the-veil. Those who are good, have auras like mine. Those who are evil, have red auras, such as his.'.

Venom grins evilly, his elongated fangs glistening.

Samiyah prays, 'I do not know.'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'He has been so nice to me..he has shown me that path and how to survive in that world.'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Little one... I am so, so terribly sorry..'.

Venom says (in common), 'Samiyah'.

Samiyah cups Jamilla's cheek with one hennaed hand.

Venom says (in common), 'I have an ultimatum, that you must hear and take back to the Sahib-Seraph. This child is indeed of Rasul and she is blood bound to me'.

Samiyah ignores Venom, speaking to the girl. 'There is only one way for me to free you, no matter what he says. His blood will be spilled.'

Jamilla says (in common), 'you don't have to be sorry I am happy..i was a little scared but I am ok now'.

Venom says (in common), 'You and the sahib-Seraph will return to me all the Aloe you snatched from me in spite'.

Samiyah glances in disgust at Venom, not caring that she is unveiled.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I don't understand how I am captive..'.

Venom says (in common), 'You will also fund my relocation to Riverhold. If you do not do these things what I will do to Jamilla will not be able to be described as only haraam, but much worse. If you comply, I will release her into your care. I will give you time to seek his counsel'.

Seraph [GS] tells Samiyah, 'your choice'.

Samiyah whispers in a deadly tone. 'I am going to kill you, Venom.'

Venom says (in common), 'You are dismissed'.

Sirka ftells, '-Info- Somewhere,Ghazkull opens his eyes, a look of serenity crossing his face'.

Samiyah whispers, 'I am going to KILL you. And I am going to stake your guts out for the sand cats to eat that your sins never be forgiven.'

Jamilla waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.

Utterly Lost

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.

Ghazkull arrives from the west.

DarkClaw tells Venom, 'What...did you do?'.

Venom tells DarkClaw (in common), 'I made a weapon'.

DarkClaw hugs Ghazkull.

DarkClaw says, 'I am sorry.'.

DarkClaw tells Venom, 'You embraced a CHILD!'.

Venom tells DarkClaw (in common), 'I know god damn well what I have done'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I... He... He told her it was the _only_ way!'.

DarkClaw tells Venom, '*growls* Don't you DARE yell at ME!'.

Ghazkull shakes his head in disbelief.

Venom tells DarkClaw (in common), 'I wasn't yelling...'.

DarkClaw tells Venom, 'Close enough.'.

Ghazkull grits his teeth and fumes with rage.
Ghazkull gets a black rose from a saddlebag.
Ghazkull stops using a light mace.

DarkClaw looks distracted, her attention focused elsewhere, voice filled with emotion. "What are you talking about?"

Ghazkull holds a black rose in his hands.
Ghazkull closes his eyes, breathing deeply.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'He told Jamilla that the only way she could leave the desert was to drink his blood'.

Ghazkull rests his head against the coolness of the wall.
Ghazkull opens his eyes, a look of serenity crossing his face.
Ghazkull stops using a black rose.
Ghazkull wields a light mace in the off-hand.
Ghazkull puts a black rose in a saddlebag.

Ghazkull leaves west.

The Bargain

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]

The shadows of the room start to steal the light

Venom bows deeply.

Seraph steps out of the shadows.

Samiyah lays a hand across her chest, modestly lowers her eyes, and curtseys.
Samiyah touches her hand to her forehead, her lips, and her heart in a tribal gesture of respect.

Venom says (in common), 'Greetings Sahib-Seraph'.

Ghazkull arrives from the west.

Seraph says, 'hello'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '... he did it for blackmail. For gold and for trinkets.'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'I...'.

Seraph [GS] tells Samiyah, 'want me to answer?'.

Samiyah prays, 'sure :) Jump in!'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'I bow to Your will, Sahib.'.

Seraph says, 'my answer is no'.

Venom says (in common), 'So be it.'.

Samiyah closes her eyes, trembling.

Venom stands up.

Venom leaves west.
Jamilla leaves west.

DarkClaw tells Venom, '*still growling* You have gone against the very nature of our ways by embracing a CHILD! Did you not THINK before you ACTED?!?'.

Grantsight set for Belgarion.

Belgarion ftells, 'hey babe'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*growls* Hi, hon.'.

Venom tells DarkClaw (in common), '*calmly and unworried* I thought of every angle'.

Belgarion ftells, 'hrm'.

DarkClaw tells Venom, 'You thought of only YOUR angles!'.

Belgarion ftells, 'you ok?'.

Samiyah throws herself into Seraph's arms, weeping.

Ghazkull glances at Samiyah, aware of the presence in the room.

Seraph says, 'he controls her'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Lord Seraph, I will leave if you wish'.

Seraph says, 'no it is fine. Under his control he can make her do what he wants no matter what. I told you not to play with him'.

Venom tells Samiyah (in elven), 'Soon Jamilla and I will make the beast of two backs... because you refused to share some aloe. Such a pity'.

Seraph says, 'besides her shell belongs to him - her soul belongs to me'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Sahib, you blame me for this?'.

Seraph says, 'how did he find her?'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'She says that Sahib Salam - the highest of the Elders - gave her to him'.

Seraph turns and steps into the shadows.
Seraph has removed your ability to see him when he is invis.


Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.

DarkClaw tells Venom, 'You have cursed that child BEYOND words!'.

Venom tells DarkClaw (in elven), 'I am aware of the consequences, a Lich thinks of himself first.'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*glares lethally in Venom's direction, chest heaving in anger, fists clenched* No. I'm not.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'what the hell is going on?'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'have you checked who is online since you logged in Belg?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'yes'.

Belgarion ftells, 'nothing unusual'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'look again'.

Venom ftells, 'I agree'.

Venom ftells, 'Nothing to see here....'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'He embraced a CHILD! A fucking CHILD!'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'not just ANY child either'.

Belgarion ftells, 'Jamilla'.

Belgarion ftells, 'what is she to Sami?'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'her sister'.

Belgarion ftells, 'holy shit'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'a sister that Sami didn't even know existed'.

Venom ftells, 'I warned the sand-goat about her meddling....'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Sami said she COULD be a sister to her...not that she is.'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'But irregardless.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'are you insane?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'It's a child'.

Venom ftells, 'I am Chaotic Evil, if that's what you ask.'.

Belgarion ftells, '*takes a calming breath* I understand we are chaotic. That is something we all knew we wanted when we joined DarkClaw'.

Venom ftells, 'A kindred Lich needs no advice on the affairs of vampires from food-folk.'.

Venom ftells, 'I have made a weapon against Samiyah the sand-goat'.

Belgarion ftells, 'and no matter what I am still the Ordained of Lost'.

Venom ftells, 'I would have expected the support of my Kindred. And as the ordained you prefer to support the High Order?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'so apparently you did something wrong if DarkClaw is not supporting this'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'this has NOTHING to do with alignment, Venom... she is a child!'.

Venom ftells, 'Actions are reflections of alignment. What I did was evil. Pure evil. Eeeeeevil. Say it with me: eeeeevil'.

Belgarion ftells, 'what you did was WRONG'.

Venom ftells, 'wrong is a matter of perspective'.

Venom ftells, 'Stop being so petty'.

Belgarion ftells, 'you are the petty one'.

Belgarion ftells, 'you couldn't get what you wanted so you took a child'.

Venom ftells, 'A simple way to highlight a clever ploy, yes'.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]

Samiyah says (in common), 'Ghazkull... he is going to force her.'.

Ghazkull nods.

DarkClaw [GS] tells Samiyah, '(DC is fucking FURIOUS with him!)'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Would it help to know that my Sister and her Ordained are NOT happy about this?'.

Samiyah tells DarkClaw (in common), '(GOOD! He just told sami he was going to fuck her. she's 13.)'.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. he is going to force a _thirteen year old girl_.'.
Samiyah says (in common), 'Ghazkull, what do I do?'.

Ghazkull grits his teeth and fumes with rage.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I really don't know'.

Ghazkull shakes his head to try and think clearly.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I am at a loss, Sami...'.

Samiyah tells Belgarion (in common), '*bowing* I must tell you, Ordained of the Lost .. I am going to kill him. I know that you will have to punish me for it. But I must.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I need to see my sister for a moment, will you be okay for a short time?'.

Samiyah nods.

Belgarion tells Samiyah (in common), 'we are trying to deal with this right now and we are not pleased with him AT ALL'.

Ghazkull leaves west.

Samiyah tells Belgarion (in common), 'Is there a way to .. to .. unmake her?'.

Belgarion tells Samiyah (in common), 'I will find out'.

Samiyah tells Belgarion (in common), 'I do not know the ways of vampires, but.. can .. can the Sayyida break the bond, or .. or.. take it over.. or.. '.

Samiyah tells Belgarion (in common), '*desperately* There MUST BE SOMETHING!!!'.

What Is To Be Done?

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.

Belgarion arrives from the west.
Belgarion rests.
Belgarion closes the door.

Belgarion tells DarkClaw (in common), 'I have to think about this'.

DarkClaw sighs, pacing the floor, her form tense, vibrating with anger.

Belgarion ftells, 'Venom I will tell you this'.

Ghazkull prays, 'may I enter? or is it currently too private for me?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'I have been asked some questions'.

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, 'You may.'.

The door opens.

Ghazkull arrives from the west.
Ghazkull closes the door.
Ghazkull bows deeply.

Belgarion tells DarkClaw (in common), 'Sami wants to know if there's a way to at least break the bond'.

You [GS] tell Belgarion, 'There is not. Not unless an immortal with greater power than I has the knowledge.'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'I believe making him Kindred may have been a mistake'.

OOC Chatter

Venom tells Samiyah (in common), '((I would rather enjoy the log from Sami's veiw, is that ok??))'.

Samiyah tells Venom (in common), '(there's a LOT more going on, on your end, honestly. What she's done, you have seen, for the most part. )'.

Venom tells Samiyah (in common), '(ok, I will include the precursor in paragraph form)'.

Venom tells Samiyah (in common), '(I can't scroll back far enough to catch the amphitheater, my ftell is on fire)'.

Samiyah tells Venom (in common), '(Dude. Log your whole session. :P )'.

Venom tells Samiyah (in common), '(I wish I could figure out how!!)'.

Samiyah tells Venom (in common), '( NOOB! )'.

Venom tells Samiyah (in common), '(it's true..)'.

Venom tells Samiyah (in common), '(you grab theatre I will grab the ftells and prelims)'.

Sahib Seraph

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'who is this Sahib Seraph'.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), '*whispered softly* little one.. I ... The Sahib Seraph, the Shepherd, Teacher and Guardian of our People, holds your spirit. No matter what happens to flesh, he will keep your soul safe.'.

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'I don't feel as if I am not safe'.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), '*whispered softly* .. And you will be avenged.'.

Belgarion tells Samiyah (in common), 'there is not a way to break the bond unless there is an immortal with greater power then Star'.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), 'You will not have been allowed into the Tent of the Shrines, for you are a girl, but there, are the alters to the three Gods of our people - the Three who are One. Teacher, Shepherd and Guardian. They are all embodied in Seraph. He is the god of the Desert Tribes. '.

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'and he is one?'.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), 'He is the One who spoke earlier.'.

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'why can't he help if I am in so much trouble'.

Samiyah tells Jamilla (in common), 'I am bound by His commands and decisions.. but we ... many.. are working to find a way to help you.'.

### [Somewhere, Ghazkull swallows]

Jamilla tells Samiyah (in common), 'ok I don't see where I need help but ok'.

It Was A Mistake

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.

Belgarion says (in common), 'I believe making him Kindred may have been a mistake'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'I am at a loss about Venom'.

DarkClaw groans and rubs her temple, flopping down onto the sofa and sinking back into the cushions.

Belgarion says (in common), 'He is defiantly chaotic. He goes from one thing to another but he is doing it whether it hurts following members or not'.

Belgarion ftells, 'Venom how long have you been Kindred'.

Venom ftells, '*plainly ignores the question*'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I shall be but a moment'.
Ghazkull leaves west and goes to the Amphitheater.

Belgarion ftells, 'Your Ordained has asked you a question Venom'.

Venom ftells, 'Yes, and I ignored him'.
Venom ftells, 'What do you know of kindred?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'you have very little respect for people dont you'.
Belgarion ftells, 'I want to know nothing'.
Belgarion ftells, 'I asked how long you have been'.

Venom ftells, 'Why?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'because I want to know'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*growls louder*'.

Venom ftells, 'I have been kindred since before you were born, I am older than the ages themselves. This is only a recent body'.

Belgarion ftells, 'well since in this form you are much younger then I am. I want you to tell me how long you have been kindred'.

Venom ftells, 'I am only young physically'.

Belgarion ftells, 'I really dont care how long you spirit has been around'.

Venom ftells, 'You are the youngling.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'I truly don't care what you have done in the paast'.

Venom ftells, 'Then I truly don't care about the present. Two can play that game, Belgarion.'.


The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]

Venom arrives from the west.
Jamilla arrives from the west.

Venom smiles happily.

Samiyah looks at Venom with an expression of cold, calm rage.

Venom bats his eyes lovingly.
Venom says (in common), 'You should have left my butcher alone. You should have left my aloe alone. Now you see the price for meddling in the affairs of a Lich. When next the moon is dark I will take her into my bedchamber. HARAAM. I know your struggle, Sami. You fight for what you think is good. But you will learn the limits'.

Samiyah gazes at Venom, mutely. Her expression yet cold.

Venom says (in common), 'Liches... are to be left alone. Make no mistake about it, I have studied long and hard. I know this is the daughter of Rasul. Do you not see in her eyes'.

Samiyah turns her back on Venom and encloses Jamilla in a warm embrace, dropping a kiss on the top of the girl's head.

Samiyah says (in desert), 'By the dark of the moon, he will be dead, little one. By all I hold sacred, I will move heaven and earth to make it so.'

Jamilla shows her fangs, to bear down on sami's neck.

Samiyah blinks.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I am sorry I feel very hungry'.

Venom says (in common), 'Your idle threats do not scare me'.
Venom pats Jamilla on her back.

Samiyah holds Jamilla at arm's length. She murmurs, the phrase obviously a quote from another time: 'Friends do not bite friends.'

Venom says (in common), 'That's ok, hun, we will feed soon'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'I need your cup. Please. '.

Venom gives a loaf of bread to Jamilla.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I am ever so sorry...i really don't know what came over me'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '.. Please.'.

Venom says (in common), 'You desire blood youngling'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'He made you a vampire, little one. You thirst for blood.'.

Ghazkull arrives from the west.

Venom says (in common), 'Nothing wrong with that'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Ghazkull, may I borrow your cup?'.
Samiyah says (in common), 'and your dagger?'.

Ghazkull stops using a slim, deadly holdout dagger.

Samiyah extends her wrist out to Ghazkull, and nods.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '(cut her)'.

Lexie tells Samiyah (in common), 'GASP'.
Lexie tells Samiyah (in common), 'CUT HER?!'.

Ghazkull glances at Sami, trying to discern what is going on.

Samiyah holds the goblet below her other wrist.

Lexie tells Samiyah (in common), 'goodness gracious!'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Ghazkull... she is thirsty.'.

Ghazkull wields a slim, deadly holdout dagger.

Venom says (in common), 'You are in for a treat JamJam. Bard blood is sweet, I hear'.

Samiyah asks softly, 'Can you do this for me, Ghazkull? or will it be too difficult...?'

Ghazkull glares at Venom as he wordlessly slices Samiyah's wrist.

Lexie ftells, 'Teva told me: [Somewhere, Ghazkull glares at Venom as he wordlessly slices Samiyah's wrist.]'.

Tross ftells, 'He WHAT?!'.

Ghazkull murmurs, 'I do this because you ask me to Sami'

Lexie gossips (in common), 'there is some bad stuff going on in DC's temple!'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'or where ever they are!'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I must leave'.

The blood flows quickly, dripping down her dusky wrist to fall into the cup.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'please forgive me Sami'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'people are slicing and dicing each other'.

Samiyah nods in recognition to Ghazkull.

Ghazkull leaves west.


Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.

Venom ftells, 'Then I truly don't care about the present. Two can play that game, Belgarion.

Belgarion ftells, 'well I am in the present and at this moment in time, I happen to be the elder'.

Venom ftells, 'Only in body'.

Belgarion ftells, 'at this moment in time'.
Belgarion ftells, 'and'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I...'.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I need to feed'.

Venom ftells, 'I am not going to buckle to intimidation from a young'un, no matter the size of his muscle.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'It's not my muscle'.

Venom ftells, 'So that will be enough trying to force me'.

Ghazkull wipes his dagger on his cloak, eyes misting over slightly.

Belgarion ftells, 'It's my authority I have been granted'.

Venom ftells, 'If you cannot be diplomatic Sir, then I won't hear of it. *bow*'.

Belgarion ftells, 'I have been'.
Belgarion ftells, 'I have asked you a question'.

Venom ftells, 'Demands are not diplomacy'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'Venom, He is Ordained and Ebrithil, you WILL answer him'.

Belgarion ftells, 'and you have refused to answer it. As your Ordained I ordered it'.

Ghazkull ftells, 'If you have a problem with him, you answer then take it up with DarkClaw'.

Venom ftells, 'Ok, I will answer. I have been Kindred since before you were a thought in the mind of your father and I retain all my knowledge and experience'.

Belgarion ftells, 'no'.

Venom ftells, 'YES'.

Belgarion ftells, 'you haven't'.

Venom ftells, 'I have actually'.

Belgarion ftells, 'no, you haven't. Let me ask you this'.

Venom ftells, 'Ummm actually, yes I have...'.

Ghazkull looks bleakly at his Sister, forgive me, I must go.
Ghazkull leaves west.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]

DarkClaw gossips, '*growls* Leave it, Lexie.'.

Samiyah waits impassively for the goblet to fill, then extends it to her sister.
Blood continues to flow from her wrist, spattering on the floor.

Jamilla drinks from the goblet..the blood slowly pours out of the sides of her mouth.

Venom says (in common), 'Good girl JamJam'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'Much better soooo gooood..'.

Samiyah swallows hard as she begins to feel faint, then glances down at her wrist with a muttered curse and binds up the wound.

Tross arrives from the west.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I thank you'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Tross. Leave.'.

Tross says (in common), '..no.'.

Samiyah tells Tross (in common), '(OK. Young, 13 year old girl vampire, blood all over her face. Venom smirking. Sami pale and bleeding like crazy from her wrist.)'.

Samiyah glances at Tross and says, her voice breaking with emotion, 'THIS is why I warned you about him.'

Tross takes in the scene, looking from the girl to Sami to Venom in assessment.
Tross leans his shoulder against the archway, frown deepening.

Venom beams a smile at Tross.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I think I want to go home..i don't think I like it here'.

Tross looks at Jamilla.

Jamilla looks at Tross.

Samiyah murmurs softly, 'I am trying to find a way home. I swear it. I will continue to try.'
Samiyah reaches out and cups Jamilla's cheek with her un-cut hand.

Jamilla smiles at Samiyah.

Tross nods briefly in return to Venom's smile.

### [Ghazkull tells Lexie (in common), 'to Sami, of all people']

> l jamilla

### [Ghazkull tells Lexie (in common), '*bleakly* I cannot speak anymore of it, I must feed.... the scent of her blood....']

Samiyah says (in common), '... His blessings on you, Jamilla. He will hold your soul safe.'.

Samiyah leaves west.

Lost Ftell

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.

Belgarion ftells, 'what makes you think that we really care about your past'.

Venom ftells, 'Perhaps you aren't listening.. the seed of who I was has returned to me, I am the same Lich'.

Belgarion ftells, 'for all we know you could be spreading a bunch of lies to make yourself seem more then you are'.

Venom ftells, 'Ask your girlfriend about what lies behind my single red eye'.

Belgarion ftells, 'all we have at this point is your word'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Ghaz...'.
DarkClaw ftells, 'Belg...he speaks the truth.'.

Venom ftells, 'thank you Madam'.

Belgarion ftells, 'so'.

Venom ftells, 'Now, I hope that answers your question'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Or, at least...what I believe is the truth.'.

Venom ftells, 'If that's all, I would like to end this conversation as I am beginning to feel it is pushing the limits'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'But that does NOT excuse his actions.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'so'.
Belgarion ftells, 'you had DarkCLaw make you a kindred'.

Ghazkull prays, 'I... must feed...'.

Belgarion ftells, 'now'.

Venom ftells, 'I did no such thing'.
Venom ftells, 'Perhaps you have your facts mixed up'.

Belgarion ftells, 'DarkClaw is your goddess'.

Venom ftells, 'I am aware of that'.

Belgarion ftells, 'she is not pleased about what you did'.

Venom ftells, 'I am aware of that as well'.

Belgarion ftells, 'In fact'.
Belgarion ftells, 'she's furious'.

Venom ftells, 'I accept that'.

Belgarion ftells, 'and you sit there and make excuses as to why you did it'.

Venom ftells, 'I have not made any excuse'.

Belgarion ftells, 'you have. Your words: "I am chaotic evil" "I am evil" "it's what I do" That's just an excuse'.

Venom ftells, 'That is your opinion'.

Belgarion ftells, 'to pardon the fact you did something that your goddess did not want you to do'.

Venom ftells, 'I expect no pardon Sir.'.
Venom ftells, 'I have asked for none'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'He couldn't give a SHIT what I want or don't want.'.

Venom ftells, 'That's not true Madam, you know I worry about what you need.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'then'.
Belgarion ftells, 'you know what you should do my love'.
Belgarion ftells, 'we have talked about this multiple times'.

Venom ftells, 'Why must you always push her towards letting go of her children, when you know she doesn't want that'.
Venom ftells, 'Maybe it's just what you want, Sir.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'excuse me but what we talked about was long before your time in Lost'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*abruptly pushes herself up off of the sofa, pacing the floor in agitation and anger, her features rigid with emotion*'.

Belgarion ftells, 'so you just sit there and be quiet'.

Venom ftells, 'I will not be sushed thank you'.

Belgarion ftells, 'I am ordering you to be quiet'.
Belgarion ftells, 'It's time to listen'.

Venom ftells, 'Is that a fact?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'yes actually'.

Venom ftells, 'I see.'.
Venom ftells, 'Than perhaps you are right'.

Belgarion ftells, 'I will ask questions and you are going to answer'.

Venom ftells, 'I will do no such thing, your persistent bullying must stop now'.

Belgarion ftells, 'I am your ORDAINED I have been LONG before you came and since you came Lost has been in turmoil'.

Venom ftells, 'Then perhaps I have over stayed my welcome'.
Venom ftells, 'But you have no authority to do that, have you?'.

Belgarion ftells, 'no your right'.
Belgarion ftells, 'I do not'.
Belgarion ftells, 'but'.
Belgarion ftells, 'I have the respect of EVERYONE in Lost -1'.

Venom ftells, 'Then I have heard all I am willing to hear. If you do not resume being diplomatic I am done with you'.
Venom ftells, 'You will not order me about like a puppy'.
Venom ftells, 'I am kindred'.
Venom ftells, 'we are fire!'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*snarls* ENOUGH! BOTH OF YOU! This is getting us nowhere!'.

Venom ftells, '*bows to darkclaw*'.

Belgarion tells DarkClaw (in common), 'It's time he learns'.

DarkClaw ftells, '(This fucking SUCKS that my attention is divided!!!)'.

Belgarion ftells, 'hehe I know'.

Ghazkull's Hurt, and Kindred Solidarity

Ghazkull wipes his dagger on his cloak, eyes misting over slightly.
Ghazkull looks bleakly at his Sister, forgive me, I must go.

Lexie tells Ghazkull (in common), 'well I should hope your eyes mist over, you fiend'.

Ghazkull tells Lexie (in common), '*bleakly*, I did what I did because I was asked, no other reason'.

Tross tells Ghazkull (in common), '*with concern* What's going on with Sami? The short version. '.

Ghazkull tells Belgarion (in common), 'please can you tell tross I cannot answer her question right now'.

Lexie tells Ghazkull (in common), 'ok...but still, to get those infos was shocking!'.

Ghazkull tells someone (in common), '*bleakly* and how do you think _I_ felt having to do such a thing -- to Sami, of all people'.

Lexie tells Ghazkull (in common), 'ack you had to slice sami?'.

Ghazkull tells Lexie (in common), '*bleakly* I cannot speak anymore of it, I must feed.... the scent of her blood....'.

((Ghazkull goes to Cillidellia, where he slaughters several students and sprites, drinking them dry. Finally sated, he returns to the Temple of the Lost.))

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.

Ghazkull arrives from the west.
Ghazkull slumps on the floor, blood covering his cloak and face.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Don't ALL of you see what is happening?!??'.

Venom ftells, '*silently awaits an explanation*'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Solidarity....is CRUCIAL! It was drilled into my head COUNTLESS times by Khore!'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Brother... may I borrow your waterskin? mine is being used elsewhere'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'I WILL NOT have you fighting amongst yourselves!'.

Belgarion gives an antelope hide waterskin to Ghazkull.

Ghazkull drinks water from an antelope hide waterskin.
Ghazkull drinks water from an antelope hide waterskin.

Ghazkull gives an antelope hide waterskin to Belgarion.

Belgarion bows before Ghazkull.

Venom ftells, 'Perhaps you should have thought of that before you entered my bed and my veins'.

Ghazkull growls.

Belgarion says (in common), 'Tross is concerned for you Ghaz just asked me if you were ok'.

The door opens.

Venom arrives from the west.
Jamilla arrives from the west.

DarkClaw ftells, '...You did not just say that to me.'.

Jamilla bows deeply.

Venom says (in common), 'Jamilla wishes to speak to the queen of the kindred'.
Venom bows deeply.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I hope I am not imposing'.

Venom gives a loaf of bread to Jamilla.
Venom leaves west.

Jamilla says (in common), 'bread is dry..'.

DarkClaw is still pacing the floor, her features rigid and furious.

Jamilla eats a loaf of bread.

Ghazkull stirs at the sound of a strange voice nearby.

DarkClaw ftells, '(Can I kill you later, Venom? Repeatedly?)'.
Venom ftells, '(of course, as long as we're just RPing)'.
Venom ftells, '(you know I trust you ooc)'.
DarkClaw ftells, '(Of course.  :-P)'.

Ghazkull opens his eyes, noting the stains on his cloak and face.

DarkClaw inhales deeply and stops abruptly, her head turning in Jamilla's direction as if she just now realized her presence. "...Child."

Ghazkull runs his hands through the spring, splashing his face with water.

Jamilla says (in common), 'yes'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'It was not my wish to be this way..and yet I don't regret it. I feel as this is my home now and I would like to become a part of it. I feel so......comfortable here'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'that's to be expected'.

DarkClaw glides across the floor towards Jamilla, stopping directly in front of her, her expression softening. "I am sorry...for his actions. For your...state."

Ghazkull looks at Jamilla.

Jamilla says (in common), 'his actions do not bother me..his direction is the only thing that saved me here'.

DarkClaw is consciously aware of Ghazkull's condition, struggling between the two dilemmas.

Ghazkull murmurs, 'I am fine now, sister...'

DarkClaw ftells, 'Belg...Ghaz...I have to accept her...you know this.'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I understand his actions and have no ill will toward him at all. He saved me.'.

DarkClaw growls, "He cursed you."

Belgarion ftells, 'yes it's not her fault'.

Ghazkull ftells, '*waves a hand dismissively* you do what you must, better she is here than out there alone'.

Belgarion ftells, 'exactly'.

Venom arrives from the west.

Jamilla says (in common), 'He embraced me..a magical embrace that makes me feel things I have never felt.'.

Venom beams a smile at Jamilla.

Jamilla says (in common), 'look at things from a different light'.

Venom says (in elven), 'It's ok JamJam... our queen is just upset for the moment'.

Ghazkull mutters something about understatements.

DarkClaw snarls at Venom. "Get out of my sight!"

Venom enforces the blood bond with his will, 'come Jam, we are not welcome at the moment'
Venom leaves west.

Jamilla stands up.

DarkClaw ftells, 'You will NOT take her!'.

Venom arrives from the west.

Venom says (in elven), 'Are you saying she is to stay, and I am not?'.

DarkClaw says, 'That is EXACTLY what I am saying.'.

Venom says (in common), 'We are bound, you should understand that. She looks to me for protection.'.
Venom says (in common), 'She is mine.'.

Jamilla shakes and shivers in fear.

Venom comforts Jamilla.
Venom says (in common), 'It's ok JamJam'.

DarkClaw says, 'Don't speak to me about bonds and possession!'.

Jamilla eyes looking side to side.

Venom says (in common), 'I won't leave you'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I don't like this. is this all over me'.

Venom says (in common), 'No, darling.'.

  • Click*

Your soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Venom!
Venom is DEAD!!
You hear Venom's death cry.

DarkClaw ftells, '*growls* Get his corpse!'.

Belgarion gets the corpse of Venom.

DarkClaw ftells, '(It will be returned.)'.
Venom ftells, '(Yep, I have time, all good)'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I don't want this. I will try to find my way back to my world. This is not for me'.

Venom ftells, 'Belgarion, I suggest you return that immediately!'.

DarkClaw says, 'Jamilla...please excuse my actions. It was...necessary.'.

DarkClaw says, 'He has wronged us and deserved punishment. I have handed it out.'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'but why I don't understand'.

Belgarion ftells, 'no'.

Venom's single red eye begins to glow, 'Join me in death JamJam, for we are bound eternally.'

Jamilla tried to kill herself but missed! Quick, restrain her!

Jamilla's pierce EVISCERATES herself!
Jamilla is DEAD!!
### Jamilla killed by Jamilla at Temple of the Lost
You hear Jamilla's death cry.

DarkClaw says, 'ACK!'.

Belgarion sighs loudly.

DarkClaw sighs in resignation. "Return his corpse."

Belgarion sighs loudly.

Venom says (in common), 'do not drop it!'.
Venom winces. Ouch!

Belgarion says (in common), 'you realize he is ruling you'.

Venom says (in common), 'I think gloves are strength'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'he did that so he could get his own way'.

DarkClaw says, 'I am not returning it because of what HE did.'.

Belgarion nods.

Venom says (in common), 'Jam will follow me, even into death'.

DarkClaw says, 'I am returning because of what SHE did.'.

Belgarion gives the corpse of Venom to Venom.

DarkClaw looks to Venom with a sneer, "Bring her back. Now."

Venom gossips (in common), 'Jamilla come back, darling.'.

Jamilla arrives from the west.
Jamilla rests.

Venom hugs Jamilla.
Jamilla shakes her head.

Belgarion looks at Jamilla.

DarkClaw says softly, "Give me time and I will explain."

Venom says (in common), 'Now you have joined me in death darling. We will be together always'.

Jamilla shivers uncomfortably.
Jamilla puts her hands to her head a begins to cry.

Venom says (in common), 'This bread will do for now, but we will feed on elf soon.'.
Venom says (in common), 'I promise'.

DarkClaw tenses at Venom's words, her teeth clenched.
DarkClaw says, 'Jamilla...it is against our kind to...embrace children.'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'In my tribe I am an adult'.

DarkClaw says, 'Rather, it is unwise and rarely heard of...until now.'.

DarkClaw says, 'You are still very young. And not yet grown into your womanly desires, needs, and emotions. They will...cause problems, in the future.'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I am unsure of your ways here..i am sorry for my lack of knowledge of your world'.

DarkClaw says, 'There is no need for you to apologize. YOU were the one wronged.'.

Ghazkull jerks to his feet suddenly, oblivious to all that has recently transpired.

DarkClaw says, 'I understand that you believe he saved you.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Saved...'.

DarkClaw says, 'But he has also damned you.'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'my desires are the same. I desire blood. I need blood and if I get blood, I feel better'.

Venom says (in common), 'Has nobody asked of the veil, the tribe, the conditions she was in...'.

DarkClaw says softly, "That will not always be enough."

Venom says (in common), 'Do you all think so naively that her life would have been better where she was'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'It makes me feel happy that you are worried about me'.

Venom says (in common), 'I rescued her from a tribe of barbaric desert folk'.

DarkClaw glares at Venom. "This is MY conversation, NOT yours."

Ghazkull starts scrabbling around in his bags for his cup.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I will be ok. '.

Venom throws his arms in the air, 'Fine!'

Ghazkull ftells, '(now you need to flounce after that Venom!)'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'some things scare me here and I haven't seen many toys but I am sure I will find something to do'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'did you know that my sister is here also..i seen her when I first got here'.

Belgarion sighs loudly.

DarkClaw smiles, trying to force a less threatening appearance. " You are absolutely welcome here, Jamilla. I would love to have you among us...and under our protection.

Venom ftells, '(I was hoping to blow sami's mind... never really thought it might blow the minds of others)'.
Venom ftells, '(lol)'.

Belgarion ftells, 'LOL'.

Ghazkull stiffens at the mention.

Jamilla says (in common), 'so I may join your ranks?'.

DarkClaw says, 'Absolutely.'.

Jamilla turns to Venom. "Is this ok with you."

Venom sits down and thinks deeply.

Jamilla says (in common), 'I really would like to, Venom'.

Venom turns to each member in the room, intentionally skipping Belgarion, 'Yes darling, if this is what you want'

Ghazkull growls at Venom. Better leave the room before the fighting starts.

Jamilla now worships you!
Jamilla is zapped by the Symbol of the High Mage of Kuroth.
Jamilla is zapped by the Symbol of the High Mage of Kuroth.

Jamilla says (in common), 'Thank you'.
Jamilla bows before you.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Welcome, Jamilla.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'welcome Jamilla'.

DarkClaw smiles at Jamilla.

Venom ftells, 'Welcome JamJam'.

Jamilla ftells, 'Thank you..i feel that I have a home here'.

Venom prays, '(tee hee hee)'.

Ghazkull ftells, '*softly* Welcome, Jamilla'.

Belgarion pats Ghazkull on his back.

Jamilla ftells, 'thank you..you all seem so nice'.

Ghazkull holds his head in his hands.

Belgarion ftells, 'we are most of the time lol'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*laughs at that* I am not usually this tense.'.

Belgarion ftells, 'and neither am I'.

Jamilla ftells, 'It's been a long day for me..i have seen many new things'.

Venom ftells, 'Don't worry JamJam, with us together, we will be able to overcome anything...-anything-'.

Belgarion ftells, 'you will see many more over the next few years lol'.

Jamilla ftells, 'I can only hope'.

Ghazkull ftells, '(and i'm about as easygoing as they come, unless something blows my mind)'.

Belgarion ftells, '(like I am about to blow some minds) hehe'.

Venom ftells, '(actually dude, everyone here is cool or I wouldn't be here, Venom is just playin the badguy)'.

Belgarion ftells, 'LOL'.
Belgarion ftells, 'nod'.

DarkClaw ftells, '(Hehe)'.

Jamilla ftells, '( I am sure I will have some fun)'.

Belgarion ftells, 'If you don't like fun you're in the wrong following'.

Belgarion ftells, 'hehe'.

Ghazkull ftells, '(Venom, knowing what you know from reading the logs how could you not think this would blow my mind? hehe)'.

Venom ftells, '(I honestly just forgot to think of how the rest of the Kindred would react)'.

Belgarion ftells, 'LOL'.

Venom ftells, '(like.. that was a major thing that got right by me)'.

Ghazkull ftells, '(*sigh*, once again, RP has kept me awake lol)'.

Belgarion ftells, '(and since I am supposed to be the right hand of DC I have to act if she's not here)'.

DarkClaw ftells, '(*grin*)'.

Belgarion ftells, '(and she wasn't most the night lol'.

Ghazkull ftells, '(nodnod Belg, kinda similar with me and being Ebrithil :P )'.

Belgarion ftells, 'nod'.

Jamilla ftells, 'does anybody have any spare eq..i hate to ask but all I have is my tattared clothes'.

DarkClaw ftells, '(I will be more than happy to eq once my concert is over!!! Another 45 minutes. *sigh*)'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Jamilla, when you have a moment...would you find a way to put Lost in your title, please?'.
DarkClaw ftells, '(Good luck with that!)'.

Ghazkull ftells, '(be right back, I've just been ordered to send a log lol)'.
DarkClaw ftells, '(It's not done yet!)'.
DarkClaw ftells, '(You CAN'T send incomplete logs!)'.
DarkClaw ftells, '(LOL)'.

Belgarion ftells, 'hehe'.

Ghazkull ftells, '(you'd better let C know then)'.

Ghazkull says weakly, 'Jamilla'

Ghazkull says (in common), 'did you see what happened to my cup?'.

Jamilla says (in common), 'no clue..maybe sami has it'.

Ghazkull slumps against the wall, nodding gently.

DarkClaw leans into Belgarion, closing her eyes, needing his strength and comfort, uncaring of showing weakness.

Ghazkull looks at DarkClaw with concern.

Belgarion wraps his arms lovingly around DarkClaw.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I must speak to Tross'.

Belgarion nods.
Belgarion says (in common), 'I am sorry'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'I got so caught up in all this other I forgot to tell you'.

Ghazkull shakes his head.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'she spoke to me while I was, consumed'.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I was unable to reply'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'Tross has been asking about you a lot'.
Belgarion says (in common), 'she's rather concerned'.

Ghazkull looks at his sister, 'If you will excuse me a moment, Star?'

Belgarion says (in common), 'I told her that I thought it would be best if you spoke to her'.

DarkClaw says softly, "Of course, Ghaz."

Ghazkull nods stiffly to Jamilla, his nostrils flaring slightly as his vision passes over her.
Ghazkull leaves west.

DarkClaw sighs and pulls out of Belgarion's arms, standing at her full height, glaring at Venom.
DarkClaw says, 'You WILL see to her needs...NOT yours.'.
DarkClaw says, 'You WILL answer her questions accordingly.'.
DarkClaw says, 'And you will NOT put her in danger!'.

Venom feels DarkClaw's will weigh in on him heavily..."Yes, Madam.."

DarkClaw hesitates, then nods shortly.

Venom says (in common), 'I will finish my task with the sand-goat.'.

DarkClaw growls, "And you will NOT embrace another without my consent!

Venom says (in common), 'But no actual harm will come to her'.

DarkClaw murmurs, "Leave us, please. Take her with you."

Jamilla tags venom: You are it! Let's play.

Venom tags Jamilla back and runs.

Venom leaves west.
Jamilla leaves west.

Catching Tross Up

Ghazkull tells Tross (in common), '*breathing a bit easier now*, 'Is there somewhere we can talk?.

Tross tells Ghazkull (in common), 'I'm from Riverhold, I don't really get out much.. there?'.

Ghazkull tells Tross (in common), 'I have not yet found my way there, if you could return to the guild momentarily, I could follow you there'.

Tross tells Ghazkull (in common), k'.

Tross leaves north.
You follow Tross.
The Riverhold Town Hall and School
[Exits: north south]
Trudging along carrying buckets of water, this villager heads home.
Singing under her breath, Elvalee prepares the next lesson.

Ghazkull smiles at Elvalee.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Thank you'.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'okay'.

Ghazkull takes a few deep breaths.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'How much do you know, or have managed to piece together?'.

Tross leans against the framework of the boat by the portal south.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'and what do you _want_ to know?'.

Tross says (in common), 'We talk, in alchemy. Lots of rumors. Heard more than a few that left me raising an eyebrow. They included you cutting Sami, to start. Venom. And as for how much I want to know? .. I'm not sure. I bet if I were smart, I'd walk away. But Sami's a friend.'.

Ghazkull closes his eyes for a moment.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I know that we don't know each other very well Tross, and I know that you are a friend of Sami, as am I. I did what I did because she asked me to. I would not have done it otherwise'.

Tross says (in common), 'Do you think you should have?'.

Ghazkull rubs his temples to ease some tension.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'She is a very... giving person, is she not?'.

You ftell, '(btw, seems like the whole mud got an info about me cutting Sami's wrist)'.

DarkClaw ftells, '(EEP!)'.

You ftell, 'yeah, alchemy was all a twitter about me cutting her, Lexie was going on at me about it as well hehe'.

Venom ftells, 'Well, she asked for it.'.

Tross says (in common), 'Yep'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'Venom.... Venom appears to have found Sami's sister in the desert'.

Tross crosses his arms, just listening - but they unfold promptly at that.

Ghazkull murmurs, 'And made her.... Kindred'

Tross says (in common), 'Crikey! That crying bloody mouthed girl?'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Jamilla is her name if that is who you mean?'.

Tross nods in recognition to you.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'You know that Sami helped me to complete my change?'.

Tross shakes her head.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'okay, I'll start from the beginning. Well, no. The beginning is too far back. I walked the realm a _long_ time ago, a part of Lady Cordir's Chosen of Fate'.

Tross says (in common), 'the mushroom lady?'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I disappeared from the realm, captured by an evil, evil man named Leareth. I do not know why, possibly to get at DarkClaw, as he knew we were friends'.

Tross nods in recognition to you.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'DarkClaw put herself in great personal danger to rescue me, but it was nearly too late. She gave me some of her blood, Vampire blood, to keep me alive, and left me in the care of Regina and Algenara'.

Tross says (in common), 'I'm not sure what -. *he controls his words, nodding to him again to continue* Ok? '.

Ghazkull smiles slightly, 'I am getting to it. The change wasn't complete, and I needed to drink the blood of someone else in order to complete it, but I wouldn't take it by force. Sami offered me her blood'.

Tross says (in common), 'what happens with an incomplete change, do you revert back?'.

Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'the hunger was there and that is enough, it would have driven me insane. Jamilla had been turned, as far as I had been, she needed to feed. Sami offered to help her, in the same way she helped me. But she _asked_ me to cut her. I cannot stress that enough. She _asked_ me'.

Ghazkull repeats , 'she _asked_ me' over and over, like a mantra.

Tross says (in common), 'Hey, it's ok. I could tell, from what I overheard.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I... had to leave afterwards, Sami's blood... it drives me crazy so I do not know what happened after I left, and I am concerned, as Sami disappeared soon afterwards'.

Tross says (in common), 'Can a new vamp feed on another vamp?'.

Tross says (in common), 'I was there when she left.'.

Ghazkull looks up at you at your words, 'was she... okay?'

Tross says (in common), 'Crikey. You just told me Venom found her sister and vampred her. It seems obvious she is bewildered and way out of her depth. What does okay look like '.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'you raise a good point'.

Tross says (in common), 'What does okay look like in that?'.
Tross nods in recognition to you.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I don't know, I knew he was up to something but I didn't expect... this'.

Tross says (in common), 'She didn't look like she was falling to pieces though.'.

You ftell, 'yep, just had to explain to Tross that I only did it because I was asked'.

Venom ftells, 'I was really interested at Tross until I spoke to it. I'm a bit uncomfortable around those with gender confusion... I feel like I should slap them.'.

You ftell, 'She is in disguise - something you should know all about'.

Venom ftells, 'I AM wearing a mask...'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'that is somewhat comforting. As for your question, I do not know, I think my sister can feed from us, although immortal vampires may have different, requirements for sustenance. I would most certainly not try'.

Tross says (in common), 'Quite the path of the tornado you stumbled into.'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I would almost prefer to face the tempest - Although it is most probably sulking because Evie isn't around'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'when you spoke to me, I was consumed with hunger, which is why I could not respond, I heard your words, but was unable to communicate with anyone'.

Tross nods in recognition to you.
Tross rubs the back of his neck.
Tross says (in common), 'Thanks for letting me know what's going on at least'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'when I came to, Belgarion said you had been asking after me'.

Tross nods in recognition to you.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'You are a friend of Sami, as am I. I wanted you to hear it directly from me'.

Ghazkull allows a slight smile of remembrance cross his lips.

Tross says (in common), 'Sami seemed focused on the girl, I thought I could find out what was going on without having to distract her.. Plus, thought you might be able to reply more concisely.'.

Ghazkull laughs and says, 'I am not known for my conciseness'.

Tross shakes her head.
Tross says (in common), 'It's just that tensions were high - easier to explain things plainly when they're not.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'but if I had said, 'Sami fed her sister, who is a vampire' you would have been left with more questions'.

Tross considers that.
Tross says (in common), '... probably not.'.
Tross says (in common), 'Well, I would'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'so I felt it necessary to explain a bit deeper'.

Tross says (in common), 'but it would have gotten me oriented quick.'.

Ghazkull snickers softly.

Tross bows before you.
Tross says (in common), 'thanks'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'did you need any help before I return to my sister?'.

Tross shakes her head.
Tross says (in common), 'I'm okay. Glad you made the time.'.

Tross offers his hand.

Gazkull shakes Tross's hand.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'Blessings of the three on you, Tross'.
Ghazkull bows deeply.

Tross says (in common), 'of who?'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'The three: The Weaver, The Wyld and The Wyrm'.

Tross says (in common), 'uh - thanks. And Wish and Nash's on you.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'If you ever feel the need to study the Triat, you will learn of them'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I believe they are linked quite deeply with the Nashite faith, although I do not profess to be a Nashite scholar and I could be very wrong on that'.

Tross says (in common), 'I'm not either, just seemed the formal right reply.'.
Tross grins evilly at you.
Tross waves happily.

The Lost

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.
(Invis 72) (Intense Dark Purple Aura) [GS] DarkClaw is here.

Jamilla arrives from the west.
Jamilla bows deeply.

DarkClaw smiles happily.

Jamilla smiles happily.

Ghazkull gets a black rose from a saddlebag.
Ghazkull holds a black rose in your hands.
Ghazkull rests against the wall of the temple closing his eyes as he does so.

Jamilla eats a huge loaf of wheat bread.
Jamilla spits the bread..this is to dry.

Jamilla drinks water from an antelope hide waterskin.

(DarkClaw equips Jamilla, and asks Ghazkull to drop an item off in the pit. He leaves the temple and does so, quickly returning.)

Ghazkull slumps on the ground once more.

DarkClaw takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly, pushing her own concerns to the side. "What is it, Ghaz?"

Ghazkull says quietly, 'I need to find a new feeding place'
Ghazkull says quietly, 'I had to kill all of the students tonight, and it's still not enough'

Venom nods gravely, 'You are very thirsty Ghaz, perhaps something is bothering you?'
Venom quirks a brow.

Ghazkull glares at Venom, 'What do you _think_ is bothering me?'

DarkClaw's eyes widen with a start at Ghazkull's words. "Ghaz...remember when I spoke to you of not letting the hunger consume you?"

Venom shrugs lightly, 'Perhaps you are too easily bothered.'

Ghazkull says wearily, 'It takes a lot to bother me, Venom, but what you have done tonight....'

DarkClaw says, 'Ghaz, you must learn to fight it...but not so much that you starve yourself.'.

Ghazkull turns his head to look at his sister, 'I know...'

DarkClaw lays a hand on Ghaz's arm. "Tonight...was an exception. Should it happen again, come to me and tell me, please."

Jamilla sleeps.

Ghazkull smiles, taking comfort from the touch.
Ghazkull glances at the sleeping figure, nostrils flaring slightly.

Ghazkull says softly, 'I would have, but you had more important things to be dealing with'

DarkClaw sighs and draws her hand back, her gaze filling with regret. "I was torn. For that, I'm sorry. They are all important matters."

Venom says (in common), 'JamJam is going to be such a powerful ally... I am glad she is here.'.

DarkClaw says, 'I just... *glances at Venom for a long moment* ...Do not want to see this following torn apart.'.

Ghazkull says wearily, 'You do not have to apologize to me, there were more pressing concerns, I did what I needed to keep myself going. Although I doubt I will be welcomed home with open arms again'

DarkClaw murmurs, "This is your home, Ghaz. With me...us."

Venom ftells, 'INFO: Jamilla has advanced to level 4.'.

Ghazkull says wearily, 'I did not mean..'

DarkClaw ftells, 'Grats, Jamilla!'.
DarkClaw ftells, 'How was it?'.

Fayil ftells, 'gratz Jamilla!'.

Jamilla ftells, 'thanks'.

Venom ftells, 'Well done my beautiful gem'.
Venom ftells, 'You are making me so proud'.

Ghazkull murmurs, 'Cilli'

Jamilla ftells, 'thank you '.

Venom ftells, 'V^^^^V'.

DarkClaw tenses at Venom's words, gritting her teeth.

Venom winks suggestively.

DarkClaw comforts Ghazkull.

DarkClaw says, 'I'm sorry, Ghaz. You would have been torn away from there eventually either way.'.

Jamilla ftells, 'I have to run for the night have fun everybody'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'You too, Jamilla. Welcome again.  :-)'.

Fayil ftells, 'g'night Jamilla'.

DarkClaw says, 'Are you alright,Ghaz?'.

Ghazkull says wearily, 'conflicted'

DarkClaw says, '...About?'.

Ghazkull says wearily, 'A lot of things, I'm disgusted by event this evening'
Ghazkull shoots a glare in Venom's direction.

Venom raises an eyebrow.
Venom says (in common), 'Why so sensitive?'.

DarkClaw lowers her gaze, gathering her thoughts, then lifts it back to Ghazkull's. "...Had the embrace been with an adult...I would not have any issues with it. You know that, right?'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says wearily, 'and nor would I'

DarkClaw says, 'That means...regardless of what she meant or might have meant to Sami.'.
DarkClaw says, with some difficulty, "It would have been his right to claim her."

Ghazkull says wearily, 'I just... '

Venom smiles happily.

DarkClaw sighs heavily. "I am not siding with him. I am merely going by the rules of the Kindred and the guidelines they follow."

Ghazkull says wearily, 'I never disputed that'

DarkClaw says, 'I know. I just...wanted you to know.'.

Ghazkull says wearily, 'It's just... Her blood...'

DarkClaw says, 'What about her blood?'.

Ghazkull rubs his temples, trying to ease some tension.

DarkClaw smirks teasingly. "That doesn't help really. Trust me."

Ghazkull looks at Venom, 'could you leave us please?'

Venom stands up.
Venom bows deeply.
Venom leaves west.

Ghazkull looks at you, tears brimming his eyes.

Ghazkull whispers, 'I am not evil'

DarkClaw frowns, dreading where the conversation is heading.
DarkClaw hesitates, then says softly, "Go on."

Ghazkull whispers, 'How can I be evil? because I am a vampire?'

DarkClaw shakes her head slowly, "Being Kindred does not make you evil."

Ghazkull whispers, 'I love being here, I do, really, but... I feel like I am expected to be something that I am not'

DarkClaw says, 'No, Ghaz...you love being with me. There is a difference.'.

Ghazkull considers your words.

DarkClaw murmurs reassuringly. "You will have me as a sister...regardless of your path."

Ghazkull whispers, 'perhaps...'

DarkClaw says, 'Always.'.

Ghazkull whispers, '...'

DarkClaw says, 'I am not saying you should go...neither am I saying you should not. That is only for you to decide.'.

DarkClaw says, 'But if you remain... There will be more evil deeds that you will have to face.'.

Ghazkull turns his face to one side, a cry escaping from his lips.

DarkClaw says, 'And if you go...'.
DarkClaw says, 'There is no guarantee you will not be affected by them in some fashion, either.'.

Ghazkull murmurs, 'cause and effect, I chose to get involved with her'

DarkClaw reaches up and gently touches a hand of fingers to your chin, turning you to face her. "Your struggle...is not so different from my own."

Ghazkull smiles at the touch, the first proper smile he has made all day.

DarkClaw says, 'You ache...you feel...you bleed...you burn...and through it all, you will endure.'.
DarkClaw whispers, "You will always remain Chosen to me."

Ghazkull nods softly.

Ghazkull says (in common), '(what the heck is a soft nod)'.
DarkClaw says, '(I would say a slow nod, without jerking. Hehe.)'.
Ghazkull says (in common), '(hehe)'.

Ghazkull says wearily, 'I.. I'm sorry, Star'

Ghazkull collapses into a heap on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

DarkClaw kneels beside you on the temple floor, reaching out and rubbing a hand over your back to comfort you. "Seek out the loom. You will find your answers."

Ghazkull rises, wiping his eyes on his cloak.

Ghazkull hugs DarkClaw.
DarkClaw hugs Ghazkull.

Ghazkull stumbles from the temple.

Ghazkull's Decision

On Top Of Cillidellia
[Exits: south west]
You stand high atop Cillidellia. The air is cool and a slight wind blows
from the north. To the north and east a vine-covered guardrail marks the
edge of the platform upon which you stand. Beyond the guardrail, far below,
spreads the Cillidellian Wood. All along the horizon to the north stretches
the mighty Maelmordian Seas. To the west is a violet energy fountain. The
platform continues to the south.
The sky is cloudless and a cold northern gust blows.
The corpse of a student is lying here.
A huge loom seems to grow from the floor here.

Ghazkull yells (in common), 'WHAT SHOULD I DO!?'.

Ghazkull murmurs, 'I'm not evil, I never have been... I learnt that long ago. I love Star, I love the Lost Ones... well, except for Him. But how can I stay there, when I do not agree with what he does?'

Ghazkull prays, '*sobbing* If I...*trails off* I will honour my promise to you.'.

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, 'Tell me what you're thinking, Ghaz.'.

Ghazkull prays, 'I am not evil, I love the lost ones like family... except for Him. But I can't see how I can remain, especially as Ebrithil, with my emotions so torn, especially towards him.'.

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, '...You have my understanding, Ghaz, and my support...whatever you decide.'.

Ghazkull prays, 'what would you do?'.

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, 'If it is just the matter of HIM, though...I am stuck in the middle...and more torn than you can imagine.'.

Ghazkull prays, 'This isn't to do with Sami, I know that nothing more than friendship will ever happen between us, as I spoke to you of it recently and I have accepted that, as much as it pains me. And I will always have N'Kai'.

Ghazkull prays, 'I think I...'.
Ghazkull prays, 'I need to find myself'.

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, '*nod* I believe you are correct.'.


Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.
(Dark Purple Aura) Venom is resting here.

Venom arrives from the west.
Venom rests.
Venom bows deeply.

DarkClaw flicks her gaze to yours, her expression cool.

Venom meets your gaze with a grin and raises you a wink.

DarkClaw says, 'I hope you're proud of yourself.'.

Venom says (in common), 'I upset Samiyah.. but I didn't get my aloe back. So the entire thing was a failure.'.

DarkClaw says, 'That pleases me...in some perverse fashion.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Well if there is anyone in which I would expect perversion'.
Venom whistles innocently.

DarkClaw raises her eyebrow at Venom.
DarkClaw says, 'Perhaps that is part of the problem. You expect it.'.

Venom says (in common), 'There is a difference Madam, between an expectation and a prediction.'.
Venom grins evilly, his elongated fangs glistening.

You raise your eyebrow at him.
DarkClaw says, 'Have you seen a vision? An honest to the Gods vision of me as you would have me be?'.

Venom recoils somewhat offended and places a widened hand upon his own chest, 'Madam! I would have you no other way!'

DarkClaw smirks and says sarcastically. "Of course not."

Venom says (in common), 'I hope you don't remain upset with me for too long my queen. I don't think I could... bear it.'.

DarkClaw says, 'Is that sarcasm I hear?'.

Venom says (in common), 'In what?'.

DarkClaw says, 'In your voice.'.

Venom says (in common), 'No. I meant that. You are exactly as I would have you. Do you think I am perhaps unsatisfied? Am I not Kindred as I desired? Am I not sated when I need be? Do I not say and do as I please?'.
Venom says (in common), 'What could I possibly want beyond that?'.
Venom says (in common), 'No Madam, I am not being sarcastic.... '.

DarkClaw regards Venom quietly, her expression unreadable. "I'm too tired to fight, Venom. Leave me be."

Ghazkull arrives from the west.
Ghazkull nods at DarkClaw, tears streaming down his face.

DarkClaw turns her attention to Ghazkull, letting out a soft sigh. "No tears, Ghaz. No matter your decision. Do it with pride and no regrets."

Venom sneers at Ghazkull, 'Get ahold of yourself my friend, it is not polite to cry in public.'

Ghazkull spits on the floor in front of Venom.

Venom says (in common), 'Also considered rude...'.

Ghazkull prays, 'may I post a board note before I go?'.

DarkClaw closes her eyes and flexes her fingers, her voice low. "Venom..."

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, 'If that is your wish, of course.'.

Venom straightens up as though receiving an unspoken message, 'Yes Madam..'

DarkClaw says, 'Make yourself useful and fetch me a meal...or two.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Me?'.

DarkClaw says, 'That is what I said.'.

Venom bows deeply.
Venom leaves west.
DarkClaw leaves west.

DarkClaw says, '(EEP! Sorry!)'.
DarkClaw ftells, '(ROFL!)'.

Venom ftells, 'Would you care to follow me straight to bed?'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*growl* No.'.

Venom arrives from the west.
A little girl arrives from the west.

A little girl rests.
A little girl says (in common), 'I am yours to command'.

Venom says (in common), 'How about I serve your meal for you directly?'.

A little girl stands up.
Venom leaves west.
A little girl leaves west.

You hear something's death cry.
Venom arrives from the west.

Venom gives the corpse of a little girl to DarkClaw.
Venom says (in common), 'She was a kind soul...'.
Venom rests.

DarkClaw works her jaw, struggling to maintain her composure. "...You would feed me dead blood?"

Venom says (in common), 'It's so fresh it's still bleeding'.
Venom says (in common), 'You want live blood?'.
Venom leans back, 'all you can drink!'

DarkClaw tosses the corpse back at Venom's feet. "I don't want you."

[ 13] Ghazkull: To my Friends.
Sat Apr 13 21:47:14 2013
To followers of: DarkClaw
It has been an eventful road that I have walked with you all,
unfortunately, recent events have shown me that I am _not_ evil, at least not chaotically so

my emotions are extremely conflicted right now, and I am unable to discharge my duties as one of your Ebrithil with a clear mind. I have decided to attempt to find myself, somehow, somewhere. Evie, for as long as I am able to, your favourite cleric will be on hand for id's, you only need ask. Belgarion, you have been like a brother to me, If I am able to help with anything, please ask. Z, Tirp, Null, Gen, ask, and if I can help, it will be done. I'm sorry to those I have missed, there are many of you, and I will miss you all, immensely.

Be Safe, All of you


Ghazkull nods in recognition to DarkClaw.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'It is done'.
Ghazkull bows his head, fighting back tears.

Ghazkull says (in common), '(*laughs at the email he just got*)'.
Venom says (in common), '(?)'.
Ghazkull says (in common), '(you have the same email)'.

DarkClaw speaks softly, not giving away her sadness caused by Ghazkull's decision. "You are ready, then?"

Ghazkull says softly, 'Not really, but now is as good a time as any I suppose'

DarkClaw says, 'You are sure of your decision?'.

Ghazkull prays, 'I don't suppose you could order venom not to attack me when it's done? at least for now *snicker*'.

Venom murmurs from behind slit eyes and gritting teeth, 'don't do it...'

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, 'I cannot. *sigh*'.

Ghazkull prays, '*nod* I understand, I shall take my chances'.
Ghazkull prays, 'a moment then'.
Ghazkull prays, 'If you please'.

DarkClaw turns to Venom suddenly, "Venom."
DarkClaw says, 'Instead of ordering you...I would ask a favor.'.

Ghazkull prays, 'If, in the fullness of time, I discover what I am, would you welcome me back?'.

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, 'Of course I would, Ghaz...if it is where you feel you belong.'.

Ghazkull prays, '*nod* then I am ready'.
Ghazkull hugs DarkClaw.
Ghazkull whispers, 'Thank you'

Venom says (in common), 'And what favor might that be?'.

DarkClaw says, 'I would ask that you not attack Ghazkull for a time.'.
DarkClaw says, 'Not permanently...but for a while.'.

DarkClaw hugs you.
DarkClaw smiles at you.

Venom says (in common), 'Ghazkull's affairs are beneath me, I have no interest in him. Good and Evil are but opinions to me. I'm too busy to hunt for weak blood.'.

DarkClaw sighs at Venom's condescending response.

DarkClaw turns back to Ghazkull and holds his gaze for a long moment, "You are released from your Ebrithil duties and your duties within the Lost."

You have been rejected as a follower of DarkClaw!

Ghazkull bows deeply.

Ghazkull takes one last look around the temple, taking in all the details surrounding him.
Ghazkull leaves west.

DarkClaw sighs and drops her head, shoulders slumping, a hand reaching out to her altar for balance.

Teach Me

Samiyah tells Cresom (in common), 'brother...'.
Samiyah tells Cresom (in common), '.. You have to teach me.'.

Cresom tells you (in common), 'teach you what?'.

The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
(Invis) (Dark Cyan Aura) Cresom is here.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

Samiyah says (in common), 'You have to teach me how to kill Venom.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'I don't need to teach you '.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Yes. You do.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'once venom gets old enough he will die a bunch very quick'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Do you know what he has done?'.

Teva rests.

Cresom says (in common), 'no but I know he has attacked wisdom people that have not attacked others'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'He has somehow gotten his hands on .. on a child of my father's, born after I left the desert...and he has made her a vampire.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'just a few more levels, and I will kill him each and every level'.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. and he says he is going to .. violate.. her. She is only a little girl, Cresom.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'yeah he is a sick person'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'I only know how to escape. I do not know how to do the killing. But. I have to learn. I have to kill him.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'I am not the pker. Teva was just here. He would be a better teacher'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Well. Teva just wants to kill me. Not the best teacher.'.

Shazar nods in recognition to you.
Shazar says (in common), 'may I interject ?'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'It is hard to learn from someone what to do, when they are backstabbing you.'.

Samiyah rubs between her shoulder blades.

Cresom says (in common), 'sure Shaz'.

Ghazkull arrives from above.

Samiyah says (in common), 'and his hits very very hard.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'not that hard we sparred tonight'.

Samiyah glances at Ghazkull, her eyes red-rimmed from weeping. She does not say a word.

Shazar says (in common), 'but if you learn how to escape from this Teva is that also not learning the killing tatics ?'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'No. It is escape. Two terribly different things.'.

Ghazkull smiles weakly and slumps to the floor.

Cresom says (in common), 'how did it do it? And looking back - make it a road map of how you should do it '.

Samiyah says (in common), 'I do not know the tactics of pursuit, building gear, what spells and tools to use and when. I will ask the Wyld Hunt, if Sahib will permit it. Wish still wants me dead. I threw my shoe at his temple. So he is extra mad.'.

Teva says (in common), 'why don't you ask your following'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Because there are none there that know what bards skills are and the Wyld Hunt has bards.'.

Cresom gives Samiyah the dim crystal sphere.
Cresom says (in common), 'use that on venom - with your swing he is prob dead'.

Samiyah gives the dim crystal sphere to Cresom.
Samiyah says (in common), 'It is better used in your hands'.

Cresom says (in common), 'I don't kill people'.

Teva says (in common), 'It doesn't matter what class you are, spell still work the same'.

Cresom says (in common), 'even though I am #1 on the pk rank and people can't take that from me '.
Cresom says (in common), 'muhahahahah'.

Teva responds to Cresom with a shrug.
Teva says (in common), 'been there done that'.

Ghazkull stirs and looks blearily around, 'Sami... are you okay?'

Samiyah glances at the vampire. 'No. I am not.'

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), '(fyi, you might want to check my aura)'.

Changes and Choices

The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
This hallway must have been built by giants! It is huge! Then
again, there are more than a few giants that belong to The Guild, so
it may just be so. A stairway leads up to another hallway above.
Ghazkull is here.
Shazar is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Cresom is here.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

Samiyah blinks.

Teva says (in common), 'you should have went hunt samiyah'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'I couldn't.'.

Venom tells you (in common), 'Ghazkull is no longer one of the lost. I suggest you do a better job protecting him than you did your sister.'.

Samiyah says hesitantly, 'Ghazkull... what happened?'

Teva says (in common), 'I mean you do only trust their advice'.

The Offices of the Midgaard Daily News
[Exits: east]
(White Aura) The newsboy stands here selling newspapers.
(White Aura) Greta waits for you to place your advertisement.

Ghazkull arrives from the east.
Ghazkull says softly, 'I.. couldn't remain'

Samiyah says (in common), '.. why?'.

Ghazkull says softly, 'I need to find myself, I'm not evil...'

Samiyah shakes her head.
Samiyah says (in common), 'no, you aren't.'.

Venom arrives from the east.
Venom leaves east.

Samiyah says (in common), 'You are a good and gentle soul.'.
Samiyah takes your hand and listens.

Ghazkull smiles at the touch.
Ghazkull says softly, 'I thought I would be able to remain, until he did what he did.. a child...'

Samiyah says (in common), 'He has named himself rightly. Al-Shaitan.'.

Ghazkull nods.

Samiyah looks down at your hand, clasped in hers.

Ghazkull tries to compose himself slightly.
Ghazkull says softly, 'I am sorry for leaving you in the amphitheatre'

Samiyah says (in common), 'You had to.'.

Ghazkull says softly, 'So, my Sister said I needed to make a decision, I needed to do what I felt was right'

Samiyah says (in common), '.. I am sorry. I know that had to have hurt you a great deal.'.

Ghazkull says softly, 'I will miss them, but I must do this. She understood, though I think it hurt her greatly'

Samiyah says (in common), '.. what are you going to do?'.

Ghazkull seems to calm slightly.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I do not know, yet. I guess I will wander without a family for a while. It won't be the first time'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'You know that Seraph would gladly take you in - he has already said so.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I know...but.. I made a promise to my sister that I would not join the High Orders ranks. This is not a recent promise. We spoke of my conflictions a while back but this should mean that you no longer get into trouble for aiding me. I would like to add that that wasn't my reason for leaving'.

Samiyah squeezes your hand and nods.
Samiyah says (in common), 'I know that you were already torn. '.

Ghazkull blinks suddenly, glancing downwards, 'How is your wrist? Tross was extremely concerned when he heard what i'd...'

Ghazkull trails off.

Samiyah says (in common), 'my hand is a little numb and I almost fainted.'.

Ghazkull nods.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. I am proud of you, though...'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'of me?'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Yes. Of you.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Proud of me? What have I done that is to be proud of?'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'You helped me despite its overwhelming personal difficulty. You helped me to help her. Even though it had to have taken everything to do so. You did it. I am proud of you.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Is she...?'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'I owe you my thanks.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'It makes no difference, I would have done it anyway. You owe me nothing, Sami'.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. she started to attack me.'.

Ghazkull blinks.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I wanted to stay'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'I gave her a hug, and she tried to bite my neck. Which is why I called for you to help me.'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'oh!'.

Samiyah extends the goblet back to you.
Samiyah says (in common), 'I didn't get a chance to wash it, though...'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'you read my mind'.

Ghazkull utters the words, 'qcandusahz gsfuio'.
A magical spring flows from the ground.

Ghazkull places the goblet in the spring, allowing the water to cleanse the residue.

Samiyah watches you, a touch of surprise on her face.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I... went home again. I do not think I will be welcome back anymore'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'to Cilladellia?'.

Ghazkull nods.

Samiyah says (in common), 'to.. to feed?'.

Ghazkull nods slowly, avoiding your gaze.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. because of my blood.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'not just that, the tensions of the evening, and my own anger but I think I took too many tonight. I managed to sneak back in later, to the loom, but I stayed invisible, the whole time to be safe'.

Ghazkull sighs wearily.

A magical spring dries up.

Ghazkull retrieves the goblet, a smile appearing on his face once more.

Samiyah tries to smile as well.

Ghazkull sits quietly, enjoying your company.

Samiyah looks down at her hand holding yours.
Samiyah reluctantly releases it.

Ghazkull lets out an almost inaudible sigh.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I think Lexie might be angry with me'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Why?'.

Ghazkull gestures towards your wrist.

Samiyah says (in common), 'She hasn't said anything to me. And Alchemy is still trying to kill me.'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'She was asking me why I did it, when I was heading to Cilli, I told her I only did it because you asked me to.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), '(it seems like the whole mud picked up that particular info at the time hehe)'.

Samiyah says (in common), '(I think so)'.

Ghazkull rubs his temples, trying to release some tension.

Samiyah reaches up and brushes your fingers away, replacing them with her own.

Ghazkull closes his eyes.

Samiyah rubs firmly on your temples with her fingertips, hoping to ease away the tension so clearly there.

Ghazkull relaxes slightly.

Samiyah smiles happily.
Samiyah says (in common), '.. I don't know how, yet... but it's going to be okay.'.

Ghazkull smiles happily.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I believe you'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'You will find a home - and yes, I hope it is within the High Order, honestly.. We WILL rescue Jamilla.. and Venom WILL be staked out for the scorpions.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'He said that I am no concern of his, I don't believe him at all'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Venom?'.

Ghazkull nods.

Samiyah says (in common), 'He will hurt you because Say..La..Your Sister.. cares about you.. and I care about you and because he likes to hurt people, because he can.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'She asked him to not harm me for a time, he said I was no concern of his, he is too busy to hunt for 'weak blood' as he put it'.

Samiyah slides her fingertips down from your forehead and smiles. 'I hope that helped.'

Ghazkull opens his eyes, smiling, 'It does seem to have helped a bit'

Samiyah smiles happily.

### [Lexie tells Ghazkull (in common), 'I'm sure...i caught infos for the last 3 hours :P']

For the Second Time

Samiyah looks at you oddly, as a thought occurs to her.

Ghazkull looks at you quizzically.

Samiyah looks down at her wrist.
Samiyah looks up at you.

Ghazkull looks back at you, not quite sure of your meaning.

Samiyah says quietly, 'You aren't "evil".'
Samiyah unwraps the clumsy, makeshift bandage around her wrist.

Ghazkull holds out the goblet for you.

Samiyah shakes her head.

Ghazkull blinks.

Samiyah extends her wrist, holding your gaze.

Ghazkull whispers, 'are you sure?'

Samiyah smiles and laughs a little nervously, 'No.. but I am offering anyway.'

Ghazkull grabs your wrist, hungrily eyeing the somewhat fresh wound, seeing the lifesblood pulse through the vein.

Samiyah does not draw back, just swallows hard, nervously, and watches you.

Ghazkull sinks his fangs into the vein, a slight moan of pleasure escaping his partially opened mouth.

Samiyah murmurs, '.. ow..' and flinches, but does not pull away.

Ghazkull closes his eyes as he drinks, succumbing to the exquisite taste.

Samiyah leans against the wall, already weakened from earlier blood loss.

Ghazkull pulls away quickly, before he becomes unable to stop.
Ghazkull turns away quickly, removing a tissue from a pocket and wiping his mouth.

Ghazkull turns back to face you, a smile on his face.
Ghazkull says softly, 'Thank you'

Ghazkull looks at you, concern suddenly filling his face, 'Are you okay? I...'
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I shouldn't have.'.

Samiyah faints.
Samiyah slides bonelessly down the wall, landing in a heap on the floor.

Ghazkull yells (in common), 'Sami!'.

Ghazkull kneels down to check on you.

Samiyah's breathing is shallow and slow, but she stirs at your presence.

Ghazkull murmurs, 'I have called your brother, hopefully he can help'

Samiyah murmurs, 'Don't yell. And don't tell Cresom. He'll be mad.'

Ghazkull murmurs, 'It is too late for that, I am concerned for you, I shouldn't have..'

Samiyah says softly, 'I'll be fine. I'm strong as a goat.'

Ghazkull laughs.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. I didn't want ...'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'didn't want what?'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'watching Jamilla drink... to .. to.. cover over what it was like to help you.'.

Ghazkull attempts to re-bandage your arm.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I don't understand, you didn't need to do anything Sami...'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'not for you. for me.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'you should rest, can I help you anywhere? The Hall? anywhere?'.

Samiyah shakes her head slightly. 'I don't really want to move.'

Ghazkull rests.

Samiyah shifts to one side, so that she can rest her head on your knee.

Ghazkull sits down next to you, concern etched on his face.

Samiyah says (in common), '..I will be fine. I'm strong.'.

Ghazkull gently holds your hand, 'You are cold'

Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I have no cloak or I would cover you. I do not think it appropriate to use my shirt'.

A small smile flits at the corners of her mouth.

Ghazkull gossips (in common), 'I need a cloak of some sort, stats do not matter'.

Samiyah smiles. 'Always a gentleman.'

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I try'.

Samiyah smiles happily.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. who did you give the oath to? The one not to worship Seraph?'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'my Sister, We spoke, a while back, of whether I was happy in the Lost -- The night you came to me with Seraph's offer'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'did she ask you to promise?'.

Ghazkull closes his eyes trying to remember something that seems like an age ago now.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'My memory escapes me, as I seem to recall, I sensed that she was worried I would join Seraph, and I said that I would not. I don't recall actually _saying_ that I promised'.

Samiyah bites her lower lip. "But.. you don't like him?"

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I guess I don't know him all that well, mainly hearsay'.

Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'and what I have seen of him before he was restored to power, I didn't like'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'He .. was.. a very very bad man.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'parts of that still show through when he is angry'.
Ghazkull remembers the last time he was in the Hall.

Samiyah says (in common), 'but.. when I was hurt, badly, by touching Similus.. he gave me part of his spirit to help heal me, and he had some of mine - and I think mine is helping him to be more .. good. and nice.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I want to believe that he has changed, Sami.. but.. well.. take me as an example. I found my home in neutrality. I turned to an evil following, but ultimately, I'm still the same person'.

Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'and eventually it turned round and bit me, excuse the terminology'.

Samiyah giggles.

Ghazkull smiles, pleased to hear you giggle.

Samiyah makes a gesture of refusal, with a smile. 'No more biting. Or there might not be any more sami.'

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I told you a while ago that I wouldn't... I only did... because you offered'.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah says (in common), '.. I am teasing you.'.
Samiyah smiles happily.
Samiyah tries to sit up, but with little success.

Ghazkull murmurs, 'steady'
Ghazkull eases you gently up into a sitting position.

Samiyah smiles gratefully, her eyes not entirely focused.

Ghazkull clicks his tongue as the memory finally comes to him.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I did not promise but I did say I would not'.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah sighs quietly. 'I.. had hoped.'

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I do not think she would stop me, or hate me if I did. She said I needed to find my own path'.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah says (in common), 'but if you would not be able to trust Sahib..'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I have seen how he is with you and how much he cares for you'.

Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'and I do find it odd that, despite how I spoke to him, he still made his offer'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'He respects strength and courage. It took courage to stand up to him.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I am angry with him however, for violating Lady Tamar's refuge and taking my gem but that is a different matter entirely and has been resolved.'.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah says (in common), 'Perhaps Lord Hutt, then?'.

Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I have friends there'.

Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Belsambar, I have been friends with since the Fate days. He told me I should have gone to Hutt when I...'.
Ghazkull trails off.

Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'I must confess to not having learnt much about the other immortals'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Me either, since I had sworn never to worship.'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'Have you been inside their temples and looked around?'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Well... Cresom has brought me to Lord Hutt's temple.. and Katrana's, I saw once or twice, including the chamber underneath it.. and I have visted Sa..Lady..Your Sister's..'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'on numerous occasions, as I recall'.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah says (in common), 'until... Belgarion hit me.'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'I am sorry for that'.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. why would you apologize? You didn't do it.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'no, I didn't - But that is when things started to get strained, at least from my point of view.'.

Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'and I guess, at the moment, I still feel like I am a part of them, and must apologize on their behalf.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'but I guess that will fade with time'.

Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Sami... I need to go, will you be okay now?'.
Ghazkull looks at you with concern.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah says (in common), 'I think so... can you help me stand up, though?'.

Ghazkull stands up.
Ghazkull reaches down and offers one arm for support, the other arm reaching for your waist to help you rise.

Samiyah takes your hand, smiling in appreciation.
Samiyah rises to her feet, if a little clumsily.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'did you need help getting anywhere?'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'No.. I will be okay. '.

Ghazkull helps you to steady yourself.
Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'well...Thank you'.

Samiyah glances down at her hand in yours, yet again.

Ghazkull blinks.
Ghazkull says (in common), 'that keeps happening, doesn't it'.

Samiyah smiles happily.
Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull squeezes your hand, before releasing you.

Samiyah smiles at Ghazkull.

Samiyah removes the decorative brooches holding her veil in place.
Samiyah unwinds the dark linen folds of fabric that cowl her hair.
Samiyah lifts the last drape that conceals her face.
Samiyah stands on tiptoe and kisses your cheek. 'Thank you.'

Ghazkull smiles happily.
Ghazkull inhales the scent of almonds, a smile on his face.

Samiyah blushes, ducking her head and concealing her face against your shirt.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Good night, Wind.'.

Ghazkull says (in common), 'Good night, Almond'.