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Ghazkull's Visit - Log by DarkClaw

> > Ghazkull: Entered Game
> > Sparhawk: Entered Game

DarkClaw gossips, 'Brother!'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), '*wearily* Good Evening, Star'.

DarkClaw gossips, '*frowns and looks Ghaz over* Come to me?'.

Sparhawk arrives from the north.
Sparhawk rests.

Sparhawk yawns.

DarkClaw nods in recognition of Sparhawk.

Sparhawk ftells, 'Didn't realize Ghaz was my level :o'.

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, 'Or shall I come to you?'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'He is.'.
DarkClaw ftells, 'But something is wrong...'.

Sparhawk ftells, 'I noticed.'.

Sparhawk taps his wrist impatiently.

Sparhawk leaves north.

Ghazkull tells you (in elven), 'is it okay to enter your office?'.

DarkClaw tells Ghazkull, 'Of course.'.

Ghazkull arrives from the north.

Sparhawk arrives from the north.

Sparhawk rests.

Ghazkull staggers in, the tiredness evident in his face.

Sparhawk bows before Ghazkull.

Ghazkull nods slowly to Sparhawk.

DarkClaw reaches out to steady Ghaz, frowning.

DarkClaw says, 'What is wrong with you, brother? Why are you so weak?'.

Sparhawk ftells, 'Wheres Sami at a time like this >.>'.

Ghazkull says softly, a hint of embarrassment in his voice, 'I have been afraid to rest'

Sparhawk raises an eyebrow at Ghazkull.

DarkClaw says, 'You've been reliving it again, haven't you?'.

Ghazkull nods slowly, reluctantly.

DarkClaw ftells, 'I'm not sure...'.

DarkClaw sighs and slowly eases Ghazkull to the furs.

Sparhawk looks down and study's Ghazkull.

Ghazkull slumps gratefully on the furs, shifting slightly so that his head is touching stone.

DarkClaw sits down on the furs next to Ghaz, her gaze drifting over him with concern. "Have you fed?"

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'a few elves, not much, I haven't had the energy'.

DarkClaw looks from Ghaz to Spar briefly.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'things that I knew wouldn't put up much of a fight'.

DarkClaw says, 'Of course. Hard to hunt when you are weak.'.

Sparhawk mutters something under his breath.

Sparhawk shakes his head.

Ghazkull says softly, 'Almond said she felt my dream...'

DarkClaw says, 'As did I....'.

Sparhawk raises an eyebrow at you.

DarkClaw says, 'I have not seen her since.'.

Ghazkull gasps quietly under his breath.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I did not mean for that'.

DarkClaw shakes her head dismissively. "It was beyond your control."

DarkClaw lifts a wrist, offering it to Ghazkull with an "I won't take no" expression.

Ghazkull blinks.

Ghazkull stares at the proffered wrist, a hungry look appearing in his eyes.

DarkClaw says softly, "You need your strength."

Sparhawk growls at Ghazkull. Better leave the room before the fighting starts.

Ghazkull utters a low growling sound in his throat at Sparhawk’s gesture.

DarkClaw says, 'Easy...both of you. This is not the time.'.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'He needs to feed. '.

DarkClaw nods in recognition of Sparhawk.

DarkClaw says, 'He does.'.
DarkClaw says, 'And he will.'.

DarkClaw moves the wrist closer yet to Ghaz's lips.

Ghazkull takes his sisters wrist in his hands, sinking his fangs into the vein.

Ghazkull's eyes close as he drinks, his heart starting to race and his body starting to tremble.

DarkClaw tenses almost unnoticeably, watching Ghaz with concern still.

Ghazkull suddenly pulls away, choking slightly as he does so, 'it's... strong'

DarkClaw brings her wrist to her mouth and seals the tiny wounds shut, nodding. "You are not accustomed to an immortal's blood."

DarkClaw says, 'We are much more potent.'.

Sparhawk grins evilly at Ghazkull.

DarkClaw says, 'Especially to one who hasn't fed enough.'.

Ghazkull breathes deeply, composing himself, before sinking back into the furs once more.

Ghazkull says softly, 'may I rest here a time, Star?'

DarkClaw smiles softly. "As long as you like."

DarkClaw says, 'And I think I know of someone who may be able to help you.'.

Sparhawk raises an eyebrow at DarkClaw.

Ghazkull nods slowly, gratefully, as the blood slowly satiates him.

DarkClaw shares a knowing glance with Sparhawk.

DarkClaw tells Sparhawk, 'Belsambar'.

Sparhawk tells DarkClaw (in common), 'Ah right'.

DarkClaw tells Sparhawk, 'He deals with dreams.'.

Sparhawk tells DarkClaw (in common), 'often does, just have to catch him at the right time'.

Ghazkull nestles slowly into the rugs, oblivious to everything else in the room, and closes his eyes.

DarkClaw tells Sparhawk, 'Yes. He is busy at the moment.'.

Sparhawk nods in recognition to you.

DarkClaw reaches out, stroking a hand over Ghazkull's forehead and hair soothingly, careful not to aggitate his scars.'.

Sparhawk looks down at Ghazkull sadly.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'I wish he had fed sooner.'.

DarkClaw says, 'As do I, but I also understand his dilemma.'.

Sparhawk nods.

DarkClaw says, 'His memories haunt him more powerfully than they have in a long time.'.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'I wonder why'.

DarkClaw looks to Sparhawk quickly. "That...is my concern is well."

DarkClaw says, 'The Elements spoke to me recently of great trouble heading our way.'.

Sparhawk taps his wrist twice and sighs walking in circle around Ghazkull trying to decipher his own thoughts.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'Great trouble you say'.

Sparhawk grins evilly at you.

DarkClaw says, 'Though they never relay WHAT that trouble is.'.

Sparhawk chuckles, evidently amused.

Ghazkull twitches slightly in his sleep, once more moving his head towards the stone floor.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'Who knows.'.

Sparhawk jumps over the newly shifted head of Ghazkull then grumbles.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'Can't a vampire walk in circles around another vampire without having to jump these days'.

Ghazkull murmurs softly under his breath, 'N'Kai'

DarkClaw says softly, pure hatred lacing her words. "He dreams of Leareth."

Sparhawk sits down next to Ghazkull studying the vampires face intently, "Leareth?"

Sparhawk looks at Ghazkull.

DarkClaw says, 'Have you so quickly forgotten my story?'.

Ghazkull twitches slightly.

Sparhawk chuckles, evidently amused.

DarkClaw says, 'Your insanity is interfering.'.

You grumble.

Sparhawk snickers softly.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'That’s what happens when you spend too much time in ones own head'.

DarkClaw comforts Ghazkull again, trying to turn away the horrid nightmares.

Sparhawk his voice dropping, "Explain it to me once more"

DarkClaw says, 'Leareth is the Grandfather I disowned...the one who held me captive for years...The one who stole me from my mother's arms. And operated on Ghazkull...'.

Sparhawk jerks back as the memories return.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'I don't remember you mentioning that part about operating on Ghazkull tho.'.

DarkClaw says, 'The one that holds more of my hatred than any other. It was not my story to tell.'.

DarkClaw sighs softly.

DarkClaw says, 'But you are here now...witnessing this.'.

Sparhawk nods in recognition to DarkClaw.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'aye'.

DarkClaw lets her gaze travel over Ghazkull's form, noticing the toll lack of sleep has taken on him. "We will find help."

DarkClaw raises herself up to her full height and begins pacing her office, not wanting to listen to the voice inside and the possibility of what it's suggesting.

DarkClaw turns her head slightly to watch Sparhawk take his leave, then stops her pacing to watch Ghazkull again.

Ghazkull stirs slightly.

Ghazkull opens his eyes and moves into a sitting position.

DarkClaw offers a small smile to her brother, leaning back against the hearth. "good morning."

Ghazkull looks around the office, a confused look on his face.

DarkClaw says, 'My office.'.

Ghazkull says with a cracked voice, 'what ha...'

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'What Happened?'.

DarkClaw says, 'You fell asleep.'.

Ghazkull's eyes open wide, 'No! I mustn’t sleep...'

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'The Dreams!'.

DarkClaw says, 'But you did...and you needed it.'.

Ghazkull subconsciously moves his hand to his head, running a fingertip slowly across the scar.

Ghazkull looks at his hand, as though checking for something.

DarkClaw says, 'He is not here, Ghaz. It was just a dream. He has long since been gone.'.

Ghazkull nods slowly, 'a dream'

Ghazkull murmurs, almost to himself, 'a Dreamwalker being afraid of dreaming, what would she think of me now'

DarkClaw pauses, letting you regain your bearings. "She would understand."

DarkClaw says, 'How long have you been dreaming of him again?'.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'That I remember, the other night was the first. I've often wondered what happened'.

DarkClaw toys with her lower lip worriedly, turning so you cannot view her expression.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'Seraph once told me he could help me remember, if I wanted to. I never took him up on it'.

Ghazkull glances up at your movement, 'Star?'

DarkClaw says, 'Do you dream of him every day now?'.

Ghazkull shakes his head.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'Well. If I do, I haven't remembered it, but it felt so real, as though I was there and it was happening'.

DarkClaw turns back to you, her smile tense. "So it has been only once?"

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'and you weren't there, I couldn't feel Almond, or Cordir, or Anyone that I can remember'.

DarkClaw pauses, then nods to herself. "Yet we could feel you...though our bond was weak."

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'Lady Cordir felt me?'.

DarkClaw says, 'I do not know about Cordir...I was referring to Sami and I.'.

Ghazkull nods in recognition to you.

DarkClaw says, 'I assume Sami felt you as well, since you are bonded to one another.'.

Ghazkull pulls a folded piece of parchment from a pocket sewn into his sash and hands it to you.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'she sent me this'.

DarkClaw taks the parchment and reads it, then refolds it, handing it back. "She misses you greatly."

Ghazkull nods.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I miss her. I regret not being here as often as I would like to but the Outworld has been exacting payment from me recently for spending too much time in the realm'.

DarkClaw says, 'We all have our trials we endure...some more than others. I think you should speak with Belsambar.He is a dreamwalker as well...'.

Ghazkull nods.

DarkClaw says, 'And perhaps he can give some thought as to what we should think.'.

DarkClaw says softly, "You should rest some more while I am here to keep the demons at bay."

Ghazkull nods.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I must go anyway'.

You smile at him.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'but I shall rest here if I may'.

DarkClaw says, 'I am glad to see you.'.

Ghazkull smiles happily.

DarkClaw says, 'Of course you may.'.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'Thank you'.

DarkClaw says, 'I will summon Sami when I see her.'.

Ghazkull smiles happily as he nestles back down amongst the rugs.

DarkClaw says, 'Sleep well, brother.'.

You hug him.

Ghazkull closes his eyes and drifts back off to sleep, a slight smile on his face.

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