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Important Code Change Info – Log by Belsambar

Portobello smiles happily.

Portobello says (in common), 'playing with silly venom?'.

Portobello utters the words, 'unfetter'.

Vierna says (in common), 'nah he will steal'.

Portobello looks at Sanitarium.
Portobello hugs Sanitarium.

Portobello nods in recognition to Vierna.

Vierna says (in common), 'he has already taken all my bags once'.
Vierna giggles.

Portobello snickers softly.
Sanitarium says (in minotaur), 'You are a pacifist.'.

Portobello enthusiastically cheers Sanitarium to victory.

Portobello says (in common), 'it's been a while for you!'.

Sanitarium says (in minotaur), 'good to know that unfetter works on everyone now'.

Portobello nods.

Vierna says (in common), 'not on me'.

Sanitarium tells you (in minotaur), 'unfettered'.

Portobello utters the words, 'unfetter'.

Portobello says (in common), 'dare you to portal!'.

Sanitarium says (in minotaur), 'not much of a dare'.

Portobello utters the words, 'unfetter'.

Portobello looks at Venom.

Venom chuckles, evidently amused.

You say (in common), 'I don't thnk I'm unfetterable'.

Venom says (in common), 'you are'.

Portobello nods in recognition to Venom.

You say (in common), 'No more paci protection? Lame'.
You say (in common), 'go ahead and hit me Port, I wanna see'.
You say (in common), 'not like I have any marks out there :P'.
You say (in common), 'or not :P'.

You ftell, '(SMII) [Venom tells Portobello (in common), 'when are you retiring anyhow']'.

Someone says (in common), 'I would be able to XP so fast with Porto's eq....'.
Someone sits down and thinks deeply.

The Mouth of My Cannon – Log Snippet by Belsambar

Palin has entered the game.

Venom arrives from above.
Venom looks at Palin.

Venom makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Venom draws a funny looking rune on Palin.

Palin laughs.

Portobello looks at Palin.

Portobello softly nuzzles Palin's neck.

Palin licks Portobello.

Venom says (in halfling), 'Laugh all you want, I shall reply from the mouth of my canon.'.

Palin says (in common), 'it is funny because you think i'm gonna move'.
Palin says (in common), 'tfc is more of a chatroom now'.

You say (in common), 'You go ahead and reply with the mouth of your cannon'.
You say (in common), 'my mouth IS my cannon :P'.

You cant, 'You respond with the mouth of your cannon Venom, my mouth IS my cannon :P'.

Venom cants, 'we know'.

You cant, 'spitting them wicked rhymes for wicked times as I slowly fall behind the evolution of life within my fading prime'.

Bornik says (in common), 'it's rather sad really'.
Bornik chuckles, evidently amused.

DarkClaw cants, 'No more rhymes. I mean it!'.

You cant, 'anybody want a peanut?'.

Rapping TFC Style – Log Snippet by Belsambar

### [Venom says (in common), 'I like heals']

Venom gossips (in common), 'With my mind on my gold and my gold on my mind...'.

### [Somewhere, Dustyn says swarfs who talk smack get dealt with real quick]

You gossip (in common), 'strolling down the street, smoking Emdee-endo, sippin' on Filthy's brews...'.

Ink gossips (in dwarven), '*sigh*'.

### [Somewhere, Dustyn will make you bow down to the snow]
You gossip (in common), 'No smack talk allowed'.
You gossip (in common), '((unless you have a safe word set and end it with a good night kiss))'.

Dustyn gossips (in common), 'Now understand this (My group can't be touched)'.

Belsambar touches your group.

You say (in common), 'I beg to differ!'.

Belsambar tickles the underside while he's at it.

You gossip (in common), 'man, I must be losing my touch, not even a 'heh' out of anyone :('.

You say (in common), 'you people are no fun today'.

Ink comforts you.

Ink has lost his link.
Ink has reconnected.
Ink mutters something under his breath.
Ink looks at Ink.
Ink tries to break dance, but nearly breaks his neck!

Venom chuckles, evidently amused.
Venom looks at Venom.

Ink says (in dwarven), 'you have an uber set'.

Venom shakes his head.

Ink nods.

Someone gossips (in common), 'My enemies give me reason'.

Venom says (in common), 'I will though eventually'.

Dustyn walks in with a slight limp and throws a sign.
Dustyn has left the game.