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tiax aruoiwunsoh (An Attempt at Newbie Helping)

(Sami meets Galimnor, a dwarven bard, and gives him several scores.)

Samiyah says (in common), 'are you in need of anything that i can help with?'.

Galimnor shakes his head.
Galimnor says (in common), 'not for the time being. With lq's not working i'm kinda defeated before I start'.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah comforts Galimnor.

Samiyah says (in common), 'mobhunt? Mob mastery?'.

Galimnor says (in common), 'a mobmastery could be done, I think i'm still a little small to get places for mobhunt'.

Samiyah smiles crookedly. 'I can help with that, you know.'

Galimnor chuckles, evidently amused.

Samiyah says (in common), 'and I'm happy to help a fellow Bard.'.

Galimnor utters the words, 'tiax aruoiwunsoh'.
Galimnor utters the words, 'tiax aruoiwunsoh'.
Galimnor utters the words, 'tiax aruoiwunsoh'.
Galimnor utters the words, 'tiax aruoiwunsoh'.

Samiyah sits down and thinks deeply.
Samiyah says (in common), 'what are you casting?'.

Galimnor says (in common), 'Know alignment'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'You said, 'Tiax aruoiwunsoh' and Tiax was an immortal here. I have seen his temple. So I didn't know if you were praying.'.

Galimnor shakes his head.

Samiyah nods.

Galimnor says (in common), 'I wouldn't have known him, I'm too young'.

Galimnor sleeps.

Samiyah shrugs a little. "Well. Yes. Though, there are stories and such.."

Galimnor wakes and stands up.

Galimnor says (in common), 'I could use a waterskin if you had one handy.'.

(Sami dashes over to Wintermeet)

Samiyah gives an antelope hide waterskin to Galimnor.

Galimnor bows deeply.
Galimnor says (in common), 'Thank you'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'of course.'.

Galimnor drinks water from an antelope hide waterskin.

Galimnor sleeps.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Call on me if you need anything el...'.

Samiyah falls silent as the dwarf abruptly sleeps.

A Gentle Reproach and a Status Report

Samiyah beams a smile at Ghazkull.

Ghazkull hugs Samiyah.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Hello, Wind. Welcome back.'.

Samiyah looks at Ghazkull.
Ghazkull looks at Ghazkull.

Samiyah's gaze flicks over his skin tone, the color of his eyes, his general appearance.

Samiyah says (in common), 'You fed, then?'.

Ghazkull sits down and thinks deeply.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'A day or two ago'.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah says (in common), 'How goes your Quest of Horribleness?'.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'My Triat Mastery Quest goes well, the tasks are slowly being completed.'.
Ghazkull hugs Samiyah.

Samiyah glances away, feeling his gentle reproach.

Samiyah nods, and allows quietly, 'I am glad. I'm proud of all that you've been accomplishing.'

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I still need to help others to two more Ascensions'.

Samiyah pauses a moment and thinks.
Samiyah says (in common), '..I am just picturing Jamal, clinging to your cloak, terrified, as you maul Hall Guards.'.

Ghazkull giggles.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'he is far too small at present'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Maybe so. But it's a funny thought.'.
Samiyah beams a smile at Ghazkull.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'he currently could possibly perch on my other shoulder...'.

Samiyah glances at the Angel.

Ghazkull's head twitches slightly as the Angel leans in to whisper something in his ear.

Samiyah smiles at the Angel's chatter.

Ghazkull mutters, 'I know... I'm right here'
Ghazkull rolls his eyes at the angel who grins defiantly at him.

Samiyah giggles at the exchange.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Well. You are certainly accomplishing more than I have. Three failed mob mastery quests so far today.'.

Ghazkull winces. Ouch!

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'Have you been distracted by thoughts of me again?'.
Ghazkull grins a wickedly toothy grin.

Samiyah says (in common), 'I killed the wrong dragon and ...'.
Samiyah breaks off her story and smiles tenderly. 'Always.'

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'the wrong dragon?'.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah says (in common), 'Onyx, instead of Ebon. Plantation, when it should have been the Valley of Dhraxx.'.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'ahhh, the wrong Black.'.

Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'well that is an acceptable mistake to make.'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'and I didn't wish to fight Nevyn. I regard him too highly...'.

Ghazkull chuckles, evidently amused.

Samiyah admits, 'And there's no way I could have found him in time.'

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'it cost me nearly an entire mana bar to get a mark on him earlier'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'there was another one I failed, but I don't recall it now.'.

Ghazkull's head twitches slightly as the Angel leans in to whisper something in his ear.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I will be back in a moment'.
Ghazkull kisses Sami.

Samiyah glances at him curiously.
Samiyah nods.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), 'I'm sorry, I had an idea where one of the other zones was so went to check.'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'You needn't apologize, Wind. Did you find it?'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), 'I didn't.'.
Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), 'there aren't that many places left to check though.'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*smiles* I have faith you'll find it.'.
(And then later that night, he did…)


Samiyah gossips (in common), 'my Greetings to all!'.

Kethran gossips (in common), 'Evening, Samiyah.'.

Ghazkull gossips (in common), 'Good evening, Almond.'.

Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'FeeeFiBoBami'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*smiles warmly* How are you, Wind?'.

Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'Saaaaaaami'.

Samiyah gossips (in common), '*blinks in confusion*'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'Getting confused'.

Mugen gossips (in common), 'heya Samiyah'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'and not by Sparhawk'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'Do you need Teas?'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'not that sort of confused hehe'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'oh.'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'this part of the zone is confusing me.'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'So are you on an adventure for your qu.. er.. Trial of Triat Mastery? Should I be quiet so as not to distract you? '.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), '*smiles a little at your correction* Feel free to talk to me, it might help soothe my frustration a little. Never feel that you need to be quiet'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'Well, I mean, if you were fighting Venom or walking a tightrope or composing a letter or talking to someone important, I wouldn't want to distract you. So I wasn't sure if you were .. distractable at the moment. I could feel something, but wasn't sure what was going on.'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'In those instances, I would not reply until I was able to. But I thank you for the thought'.

Where Has The Rum Gone?!

(All Notes in parenthesis are commentary by Asterius)

(Let us begin with an out of character quotable..? DarkClaw: How the hell do you kiss a minotaur?! )

Asterius prays, 'Good evening, Milady'.

The Pit
A grand staircase leads to the temples above.
A pit for donations dominates the room.

The earth trembles beneath you!

Sparhawk arrives from above.
Sparhawk looks at you.

Asterius stops himself from pouncing on Sparhawk's pulsing jugular vein.
Asterius smiles at him.

Sparhawk growls at Asterius. Hey, two can play it that way!
Sparhawk leaves up.

Asterius tells Sparhawk (in minotaur), '*sigh* I'll keep working on it'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Good evening, Asterius.'.

Asterius prays, 'That Sparhawk... gets all butt hurt 'cause I keep trying to bite him'.

Asterius gossips (in minotaur), 'Hi all'.

DarkClaw ftells, '*chuckle* He'll survive.'.

Asterius gossips (in minotaur), 'And a special Hi to Sparhawk the Growly'.

Kethran gossips (in common), '(It's a non-elf! Get 'im!)'.

Asterius prays, 'Hey...'.

An Elemental Lair
(Intense Dark Purple Aura) DarkClaw is here.
(Dark Purple Aura) Eyce, Snowman of Darkclaw, is here.

Asterius bows before her.

DarkClaw softly nuzzles his neck.

Asterius smiles happily.
Asterius takes off his cloak and puts away his axe.

DarkClaw says, 'How're you?'.

Samiyah gossips (in common), '*reproachfully* I am not an elf, Kethran. Are you going to come and 'get' me?'.

Kethran gossips (in common), '*chuckle* I just might.....'.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'I am wellest'.

Asterius gets an earthenware jug of rum from a bag.
Asterius says (in minotaur), 'I found alcohol!'.

Asterius drinks firebreather from an earthenware jug of rum.
Asterius looks a little tipsy.

DarkClaw laughs.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Though it doesn't seem to effect me much'.

DarkClaw says, 'I see you've visited Filthy.'.

Asterius grins evilly.
Asterius brushes his cheek against her, then rests at her feet.

DarkClaw purrs, holding his gaze as he pulls back. "Are you alright?"

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Oh quite'.
Asterius says (in minotaur), 'That firebreather is potent stuff'.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Mayhap I should have waited to taste it until later in the evening.'.

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused.
DarkClaw says, 'Why?'.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Well I can't very well stumble around outside your temple. Would reflect poorly.'.

DarkClaw grumbles something under her breath about a couple other of her drunk chyldren.

Asterius tries to drink from a canteen and misses.
Asterius snickers at his own evil thoughts.

DarkClaw giggles.

Speaking of Kindred / Stupidly Late / Mobs Imitating Sparhawk

A Painful Drop
[Exits: west]
You are within inches of death!

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*you feel a sharp, overwhelming pain through the bond, but no distress*'.

Standing Before an Arch of Obsidian
[Exits: north east west]
You are within inches of death!

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '(*again, blinding pain, but calm*)'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'I hit a nasty 1hp room earlier in my travels'.
Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'although there were Nicholai tracks down there'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*struggling to keep her voice level* I have just found one as well. What were you doing there? Were you Hunting him?'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'I would never hunt the Eldest. I value my Thread.'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'and speaking of Kindred, have you met new .. erm.. Nephew.. ? Brother? Chylde of your Sister?'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'She has made another?'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'Yes. His name is Asterius. He is a minotaur. He is newly made and .. well.. *her tone becomes careful* He is struggling with his Thirst. '.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'I would not know, she still has not re-opened our Makers Bond. *you sense a slight bitterness in his voice*'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*bites her lip* I am sorry she has not. I tried talking to her about it, but.. the conversation did not go well.'.

Kethran gossips (in common), 'Hello, Asterius.'.

Asterius gossips (in minotaur), 'And a special Hi to Sparhawk the Growly'.

Kethran gossips (in common), '(It's a non-elf! Get 'im!)'.

Ghazkull gossips (in common), 'Greetings, Kindred.'.

Ghazkull gossips (in common), '(How can you tell that i'm online supidly late?)'.
Ghazkull gossips (in common), '(I get to see Boromir go vis :D)'.

Boromir gossips, 'youre snoring ?'.

Ghazkull gossips (in common), 'Good evening, Lord Boromir.'.

Asterius gossips (in minotaur), 'You're speaking common?'.

Samiyah gossips (in common), '*reproachfully* I am not an elf, Kethran. Are you going to come and 'get' me?'.

Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'He might'.
Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'Be careful'.
Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'He likes nonpointy eared things'.

Kethran gossips (in common), '*chuckle* I just might.....'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'I love agressive wimpy mobs'.
Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'I keel you!, I run away!'.

Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'Sounds like me'.
Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'Only'.
Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'I'm not a mob'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*smiles and blows a kiss in your direction, sensing your frustration* You are in my thoughts.'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), '*smiles* Thank you, Almond, I appreciate it.'.

Globes, Balls and Buttons

Asterius gets a faceted globe of crystal with snow inside from a backpack.
Asterius looks more closely at the snowglobe: A tiny snowstorm is bound within this crystal globe.
Asterius holds up a snowglobe in offering.

DarkClaw says, 'That is yours.'.

Asterius puts a faceted globe of crystal with snow inside in a backpack.
Asterius smiles happily.

DarkClaw says, 'If you acquire another you may offer it.'.

Asterius smiles happily.

DarkClaw nods in recognition to him.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'aww... alcohol wore off'.

(Asterius makes some private comments about Sparhawk's cute butt, and something else about adoring fans, and maybe a little bit about signing the breastplates of female warriors...)

DarkClaw tells Asterius, 'Just don't let me find out.'.

Asterius prays, 'Uh oh'.

DarkClaw tells Asterius, 'I might turn them into food.'.

Asterius prays, 'Not even if I shared?'.

DarkClaw tells Asterius, 'Well...that's a different story.'.

Asterius winks suggestively at DarkClaw.

(Asterius sighs to himself, followed by some _completely_ inappropriate discussion about his first encounter with Miss Sabella, the &^#$&^#^ tease.)

DarkClaw ftells, 'Do you want to read the story on my magicked eaten ball?'.

Asterius prays, '*grin* sure!'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'It's the only one in existence that I know of.'.

DarkClaw gives Asterius the magicked eaten ball.

Asterius examines the Magicked Eaten Ball:
The Magicked Eaten Ball sits here.

This is the Magicked Eaten Ball. How do you know? Well, that is a good question. You just do. Perhaps it's the magic.

This quite heavy dark oblong ellipsoid is approximately the size of an adult human skull, and very smooth to the touch. The coloring is blotchy, and varies between puke green to almost black. It is not particularly attractive.

Upon examination, its weight is probably due to the liquid you can feel sloshing around when you move the ball around. You could possibly crack this thing open, if so inclined.

Where did it originate? What is its history?

Asterius looks closer into the depths of the Ball:
The Magicked Eaten Ball was first "discovered" by Mard, the self-styled "Creative with Words and Writings Man." It is said that his moniker was his best work. Mard was once invited by his friends on an expedition to a dragon's lair. Okay, he wasn't so much "invited," as he decided to just tag along, and the other members of his party were not "friends" so much as a small group of adventurers that did not initially want anything to do with Mard. After spending time with him (whether they wanted to or not), they relented, and allowed him to trail along behind them. The way the party saw it, having Mard along might be of benefit. After all, they were off to find gold and other riches, and unfortunately, "dragon's lair" often comes equipped with a real, live, deadly DRAGON. Mard was always so happy, talkative, and loud. He would make the perfect diversion (and snack) for any dragon in the area. Mard was oblivious, however. Mard felt like he had friends, and that he and his friends were on a grand adventure.

Unfortunately, Mard was as clumsy in deed as he was in word. As he was setting up camp some distance away from the rest of the party (they told him it was for "security"), Mard fell. And landed, with a splat, into a large mound of smell that was only noticeable when he was enmeshed within it.

As he struggled to free himself, he came across a large, smooth, roundish object, which he pulled out with him.

Unfortunately, Mard was no longer suitable even as decoy, and sent him back to town. Just as well: the rest of the ill-fated party was eaten by the dragon.

Mard took to research, and eventually discovered the origin of the ugly thing he had discovered.

He found that dragons sometimes enjoy eating magical items. It's something of a delicacy for them, evidently. And even though a dragon's digestive system is very very efficient, there is some waste, particularly when magic is consumed. The... result... of the magic item consumed was the funny shaped ball.

With this discovery, Mard had an opportunity to use his art of words, and name the object. He came up with "Magicked" -- it was a magical item consumed by the dragon; "Eaten" -- the magic item was eaten; "Ball" --though not actually round (and thus, not a ball), but close enough.

Behold: The Magicked Eaten Ball!

And so, Mard also added "figure outerer of things" to his self-proclaimed
list of titles.

Asterius laughs.

DarkClaw grins evilly.

DarkClaw ftells, 'It was gifted to me by Odie.'.

Asterius chuckles.

DarkClaw stops using (Ogre Aura) (Singing) an Oook Fan Club button.
DarkClaw gives you (Ogre Aura) (Singing) an Oook Fan Club button.

Asterius looks at the button:
This button bears a distinctly Ogreish aura, and the image of our favorite bard.

Every *true* Oook fan should have a button like this! It pulses with a crimson
glow, rather similar to the food stains that color the infamous bard's clothes,
and has a vaguely haphazard look to its construction. A slight odor seeps from
the button, reminiscent of the swamps that surround the base of Skull Top. Its
an entirely Ogre-ish sort of smell: a little grimy, a mite bit earthy, a tad...
overpowering? But the neatest thing about this button is that it seems to be ..

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'hmm'.

Asterius frowns.?
Asterius tries to figure out the trick to understanding its song.
Asterius shakes it gently.

DarkClaw grins evilly.

Asterius starts to lick it, then thinks better.

Asterius prays, 'I vaguely recall one or two of the things she made often had hidden symbols or words to trigger them'.

DarkClaw says, 'I think she trapped his vocal essence inside somehow.'.

Asterius starts and almost drops it as a ghostly song rises from the button:
The songs seem to fade in and out of audible range, teasing your senses...
'Them say them silly elfies, them make the bestest stuff,'
'All frilly with them laces, and poofy with them fluff,'
'But us ogres know much better, me have tried it out me-self,'
'The bestest stuff from elfy-land am stuff what made of elf!'
'Dream back, we of Sealer, dream back, through the Age,'
'Remember that of then so we can speak with voices sage,'
'As we guide lost souls in this life and all the rest,'
'Ever-mindful of the lore, ever-mindful of the Test.'
'Demons dropping from the sky,'
'Some them crawl and some them fly,'
'But them all have a thing the same,'
'Them all went SQUISH when Lanfear came!'
'Seek it, track it, bring it down, Find it, learn it, teach the ground,'
'Sacrifice the greatest thing, Of these acts the bards will sing.'
'Sets of tasks each chosen true, Lessons waiting those that do,'
'Tested at each step in turn, Driven by a soul that burns.!'
'Honor those who do prevail, Learn from those who try but fail,'
'Choice is always yours alone, Consequences sure as stone.'

.. to hear more... find the Ogre Bard at his next performance!

Asterius snickers at the first song.

DarkClaw says, 'The Elfy zs'.

DarkClaw says, 'Song rocks!'.

DarkClaw says, 'My fave.'.

Asterius nods his head.

Asterius chuckles.

DarkClaw says, 'You should see the whole thing.'.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'there are more verses somewhere?'.

DarkClaw hands Asterius a mystic scroll, and waits (to his thinking) extremely patiently while he sounds out the words.

DarkClaw grins evilly.

Asterius snickers.
Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Elf stews all around! Watch out, elf ears may still be sharp'.

Asterius mumbles as if his tongue is injured, 'Waiter! There's an ear in my soup!'

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'on second thought, it's possible the firewater has not completely worn off...'.

DarkClaw laughs.
DarkClaw sighs loudly.

DarkClaw says, 'Was trying to find one I had written but can't.'.

Asterius comforts her.

Sami’s Concern

Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), 'Hello there! How are you this evening?'.

Asterius tells Samiyah (in minotaur), '*bows* I am well, thank you for asking'.

Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), '.. and your Thirst.. are you doing better at controlling it? I know it was very distressing for Wind for a time. Er, I don't mean to pry. '.
Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), 'please accept my apologies if I am asking inappropriate or impertinent questions. '.

Asterius tells Samiyah (in minotaur), 'Not at all, I appreciate the concern.'.

Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), 'but being a Bonded, I am always fascinated with learning more about all the Kindred.'.

Asterius tells Samiyah (in minotaur), 'Today I'm ok. Although I rather gorged myself after some vicious taunting last night.'.

Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), '*Frowns* Someone was unkind? '.

Asterius tells Samiyah (in minotaur), 'Not unkind, just a little too teasing for my mental state'.
Asterius tells Samiyah (in minotaur), 'On a better day I would have handled it ok'.

Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), 'Oh. Well, it's dangerous to taunt a Kindred with blood, everyone knows that. '.

Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), '*carefully* So... my Bonded greeted you earlier, but you ignored him. Is that because his Maker is mad at him?'.

Asterius tells Samiyah (in minotaur), 'Oh dear... I'm sorry I suspect I missed it...'.

Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), '*with some relief* Oh, good. The Sayyida is upset with Wind right now, and I worried it might have affected how you think of him.'.
Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), 'His name is Wind, but some call him Ghazkull Mahsong. '.
Asterius tells Samiyah (in minotaur), 'I didn't mean to ignore him. I thought I gossiped back hi :('.

Asterius tells Samiyah (in minotaur), 'I'm prone to sassing people, but I generally don't ignore them'.

Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), '*with some relief* I'm glad.'.

Samiyah tells Asterius (in common), 'He is the world to me, and it saddens me when things are awry with his Maker.'.

Of Things Sanguinna

DarkClaw pulls her legs up against her chest and wraps her hands around her knees.

Asterius shakes his head and blinks, as if coming back from some far off place.

Asterius tilts his head.

DarkClaw says, 'Have you ever visited the Mother?'.

Asterius removes a pair of chain mail gloves.
Asterius runs his hand carefully down her ankle.

Asterius shakes his head, 'I don't think so'

DarkClaw sighs at having asked such a question, watching the movement of his hand.

DarkClaw says, 'Of course you haven't...you are newly embraced. And I doubt Lestat would put up with your presence this soon.'.

Asterius frowns.
Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Jealous type?'.

DarkClaw sits down and thinks deeply.
DarkClaw says, 'He is...territorial. Aggressive in nature.'.

Asterius nods his head.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'That's what I figured'.

DarkClaw says, 'And much older and stronger.'.

Asterius nods his head.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'I'll just have to get stronger, without hopefully getting too much older'.

DarkClaw says, 'Unfortunately, both he and Ybarra are...'.

(A quiet pause)

Asterius clear his throat quietly, 'you were saying about Ybarra?'

In A Stew

Asterius prays, 'Hello!'.

Asterius looks around:
7 characters. Total online: 8.
Elf [ Ra:18 Ma:16 ] Alis the Lost Elf Maiden
Min [ Wa:19 ] Asterius lost his billy goat, have you seen it?
Elf [ Lesser God ] Boromir, Lord of the Nexus
Hum [ Bard: 30 30 30 ] Samiyah believes in the Wind.
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Mugen Mclovin, Demonic Overlord of the Nashite Magi
Elf [ Nexus Prime ] Sparhawk will love you when you're gone
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] DarkClaw k'Treva, Ancient Chylde of Ybarra -= AOB =-

DarkClaw ftells, 'Hello, Alis!'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Good to see you.'.

Asterius ftells, 'Milady, does she know about the stew?'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'I don't believe so.'.
DarkClaw ftells, '*chuckle.

Asterius ftells, '*stage whisper* I don't think we should tell her'.
Asterius ties his cloak back around his neck, to make a better impression should Alis come in.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Alis, meet Asterius. Asterius, Alis.'.

Asterius ftells, 'A pleasure'.

Asterius runs down to the guild...

The Pit
A pit for donations dominates the room.
(Dark Purple Aura) Alis is here.

Asterius bows before her.

... and runs back up to the temple.

Alis ftells, 'likewise'.

Asterius grins to himself, 'I'm getting faster'

Someone tells Asterius (in common), '*curiously* Faster at what? Sorry, I heard you talking, not meaning to be rude..'.

DarkClaw says, 'I find Elven blood to be the most delicious.'.

Asterius tells someone (in minotaur), 'Faster at making elf stew, of course!'.

Someone tells Asterius (in common), '*Blinks* er... are you .. is that a joke? I am not very good at realizing when something is a joke....'.

<<Some small concern and distress bleeds through the bond between Samiyah and Ghazkull>>

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Ooh... I don't believe I've tried it'.
Asterius' stomach rumbles.

DarkClaw grins evilly.

Asterius tells someone (in minotaur), 'Depends... to whom am I speaking?'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'what's wrong?'.

Someone tells Asterius (in common), 'to Samiyah ... '.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*frowning* I am not sure if it's something wrong or not, I'm trying to find out.'.

Asterius tells someone (in minotaur), 'Besides... Probably shouldn't be listening at keyholes *wink.
Asterius tells someone (in minotaur), 'might hear something... scandalous'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'No making Elf stew out of Alis.'.

Someone tells Asterius (in common), '*blinks* Well, maybe you shouldn't be talking so loudly... I'm no where near a keyhole, I'm fighting guards and heard you all the way past the vortex'.

Asterius tells someone (in minotaur), '*chuckle* Perhaps so'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*indignation* '.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), '*confusion*'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'Your new .. Kindred-relative... said something about being faster at something. so I asked what. He said 'Making Elf stew! So I asked him if it was a joke - because, well, sometimes I cannot tell. And he told me to stop listening at keyholes! I wasn't!'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in common), 'He is struggling with his change, give him some time.'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'well, he'd better not be thinking of making stew of you. That's all I can say. I already had to tell him I was Bonded and he couldn't.. er.. well. Nothing came of that. So.'.

Asterius ftells, 'Yes, Milady. I wouldn't dream of it. I don't even know the recipe'.
Asterius' stomach rumbles.

DarkClaw ftells, 'I bet Crunch does.'.

Asterius ftells, 'Alis, would you take a snowglobe by way of apology?'.

Alis ftells, 'couldn't be too complicated, I could volunteer some of my hometown residents'.

Asterius ftells, '*grin.

Alis ftells, 'no apology necessary, I'm not precious about others'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'You don't get along with them?'.

Alis ftells, 'not without exception'.

Asterius ftells, 'It was Samiyah who was peeping at keyholes. Serves her right.'.

DarkClaw ftells, 'WHAT?!'.

Asterius ftells, 'I told her it would serve her right if next time she saw something scandalous'.
Asterius ftells, 'She claimed to not be, but how else could she hear me?'.

Asterius sits down and thinks deeply.

Asterius ftells, 'Out of healing potions, going to go find a few...'.

Asterius bows before DarkClaw.

DarkClaw rakes her gaze over him slowly, licking her fangs. "I'd like to see something scandalous."

Hard Won Success

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), '*exultation as realization and comprehension dawns*'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*stirs, having been on the edge of sleep* Yes, Wind? Hello? What is it?'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), 'I figured out the map layout'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'well, good!'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), 'everything lines up and makes sense. Oh, and I encountered a dragon.'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*warmly and proudly* I knew that you could. Er, a dragon? Did it breathe on you?'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), 'it did as I wasn't expecting to come across a dragon. It breathed frost once, then I managed to exclude before it happened again'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*with a sigh of relief* Oh, good!'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'Alright. Be careful...'.
Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*sends a wave of warmth, strength, and support through the Bond*'.

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), 'I always try to be.'.
Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), '*you sense a smile appear on his face*'.

Something Scandalous

Asterius grins evilly.

Asterius flops back down on the furs.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Or maybe I could stay...'.
Asterius's breath comes in a little harder.

DarkClaw grins and lifts up onto her knees, tucking her feet beneath her.

Asterius curls onto his side, tail twitching up over his back and into view.
Asterius slides his bracers off his wrists and trails his fingers down them.

Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'I love being big enough to go into Demon Realm and -not- worry'.

Asterius gossips (in minotaur), 'Worry wart. Even demons just want to cuddle sometimes'.

Sparhawk gossips (in elven), '*smirk* Not even.'.
Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'I think this will be...fear practice....'.

(and here the scene gets a bit private in nature. If you want to read the log, please contact one of the participants on mud and ask for it. During the scene, as Asterius is also actively participating via tells and gossips, this happens:

Samiyah yells up from the guild, 'are you in need of anything? Eq? consumables? ... er... potions and the like?'.

Asterius laughs with joy and shouts back, 'I may need some lemonade in a bit'.

Samiyah arrives from the north.

Asterius lets out a loud moan from underneath the piles of furs on the floor.

Samiyah gasps at the sight before her and drops a jar of spiked lemonade on the floor. It lands on one of the furs scattered by the door and does not break.

Samiyah flees north.

With a low chuckle, Asterius says, 'It's always a good idea to hydrate when... exerting oneself'. The scene continues… Afterwards …)

Asterius pants softly.
Asterius pants and exhales slowly, 'I just need a minute...'

DarkClaw retracts her claws that'd shifted into animal form and licks the blood from one shoulder, purring.

Asterius reaches over and takes a sip of lemonade.
Asterius shouts out towards the guild, 'Samiyah, if you're still around... Many thanks for the lemonade, by the way, it was quite helpful'.

Samiyah yells (in common), 'Erm. Sorry for.. uhm... I just didn't want to be interrupting, but you were talking to folk, so I didn't think I would be...'.

Asterius yells (in minotaur), '*with an evil grin* you weren't interrupting... if we wanted privacy we would have shut the door'.

### Somewhere, Samiyah blushes scarlet and stammers something indecipherable.

Asterius laughs loudly enough to be heard downstairs.

(Some post-coital play snipped)

Asterius arches his back, stretching.
Asterius looks down and says, 'I may need to add one more spot as being sensitive after that...'.

DarkClaw grins slowly, admiring the view, reaching out and taking one of his clawed hands and bringing his wrist in so her mouth hovers just above it.

Asterius licks his lips in anticipation.

DarkClaw very lightly brushes her lips against the inside, then teases him with her fangs.

Asterius whispers, 'please'.

DarkClaw responds in a similar strained whisper, 'Please what?'.

DarkClaw licks slowly across the base of his wrist, then holds her breath, waiting.

Asterius whispers, 'This I offer with faith and humility, my blood, my memories, my life'.

DarkClaw releases her breath, letting it trail up to his inner elbow, nuzzling her nose along the same path, 'Tell me you need me, Asterius.'.

Asterius body trembles with need, and he groans out, 'I need you, Milady. I need your teeth inside me, as I was in you.'.

DarkClaw locks her eyes with his and peels her lips back, piercing his wrist with razor-sharp fangs, mouth latching onto him.

Asterius cries out, 'Yes!' and pants, staring into his face all unfocused.

DarkClaw laves the open wounds with her tongue and begins sucking with her lips, drawing the blood to the surface and groaning as it slides down her throat.

Asterius clenches and unclenches his fist, causing the blood to flow faster.

Sanguinus Interruptus

Sparhawk yells something (in elven), 'yeap.

Sparhawk yells something (in elven), 'ryfuv.'.

Sparhawk yells something (in elven), 'z`yu sunsuw....syyakrpuna...nuv.'.

<< DarkClaw feels a growing sense of anger and betrayal passing through her Maker’s bond>>

Sparhawk yells (in elven), 'ez'. [Oi]

Sparhawk yells (in elven), 'ryfuv.'. [Maker]

<<DarkClaw blinks in mid-feed, sending a questioning tendril back across the bond.>>

<<DarkClaw feels her Chylde snarl in anger>>

Asterius yells back some really bad elven slang, it being the only elven he knows...

Sparhawk tells DarkClaw (in elven), '*quietly* You made Asterius....Kindred...'.

DarkClaw growls at being disturbed mid-feed and yanks her fangs out to yell, 'WHAT?!'.

Sparhawk yells (in elven), 'vyvys ynavuyqjunusp buuwuna ynw sfuyf vurp yak.'. [*growls angrily* Finish feeding and speak with me. ]

<<Outside the Temple of the Lost: Sparhawk taps his foot impatiently. >>

DarkClaw yells, 'You do NOT order me around!'.

Sparhawk yells (in elven), 'tye ryn yr glwvk auyu rpu wurunrq ry ynu yb itcv gynwuw, ry fnyv gubyvu ywwuna ynyrpuv yunu ry ur.'. [You can at LEAST give the decency to one of your bonded, to know before adding another line to it.]

DarkClaw yells, '*grins slowly, amused* Is that jealousy I hear, Spar?'.

Asterius pants and looks around, eyes starting to focus.

Sparhawk yells (in elven), 'nuvfszuyyyesq yyuv rpyr rpuna,'. [*smirks* Jealousy over that thing?]

Sparhawk yells (in elven), 'wyvwyq'. [Hardly]

Sparhawk yells (in elven), 'perfyuskpu nuxr rpuna z unyaunuw vyeyw`yu guun nurpyyyu, nyr...rpyr rpuna.'. [*chuckles* The next thing I imagined would've been Nicholai, not...that thing.]

Asterius mutters, 'Stupid lack of schooling... I need to find a tutor in elven one of these days.'.

Asterius muses out loud, 'Unless I can just drink in the knowledge..? Does that work?'.

DarkClaw yells, '*sobers* Tread carefully, Chylde.'.

Sparhawk yells (in elven), 'ws z syuw. npun itc`vu wynu buuwuna, sfuyf vurp yak.'. [As I said. When you're done feeding, speak with me.]

<< Sparhawk angrily to himself, "Yet here I am, still crawling at the heels of my maker">>

DarkClaw sighs and says, in an aside to Asterius, 'Unfortunately, no. And I apologize for the interruption.'

Asterius sighs, 'It's not your fault Milady'

DarkClaw says, 'He is jealous, though he denies it.'.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Just for this, I'm not going to stare at his butt next time I see him. He doesn't deserve it.'.

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused.
DarkClaw swipes her tongue across your inner wrist once more, sealing the tiny holes.

DarkClaw says, 'He sensed what we were doing through the bond.'.
DarkClaw sighs loudly.

DarkClaw says, 'I was distracted and didn't think to shut him out.'.

<<Sparhawk taps his silver boots on the ground and growls>>

Asterius curls up next to you, 'At least he didn't interrupt... earlier'.

The earth trembles beneath you!

DarkClaw grins and settles against your side, rubbing her cheek over your ribs, 'I would've killed him.'.

Asterius' faces twists into a silly grin, 'I would have watched'.

DarkClaw laughs.

Sparhawk yells something (in elven), 'Asterius! =tye`vu funwvuw ryvvurr,$'.

Asterius yells back (in common), 'not speak elfen'.

DarkClaw sighs, hearing Spar's pacing right outside the temple, trying to ignore it.

Sparhawk hammers on the temple doors and shouts (in common), 'I know you're in there, I can smell him and you Maker.'.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Oh, is that what he's been on about'.

DarkClaw says, 'Mmmhmm'.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Evidently I just needed to wait for him to learn to speak common'.

Asterius grins evilly.
Asterius says (in minotaur), 'So considerate, and rude, at the same time'.

DarkClaw says, 'And he's upset that I made you Kindred.'.

Asterius tilts his head, 'Why?'

Asterius (does something very sexual, edited out)
Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Is he saddened for my innocent, lily white soul?'.

DarkClaw says, 'Because...'.
DarkClaw meets his gaze boldly.
DarkClaw says, 'Now it is you at my side when it used to be him.'.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Aah, jealous of you'.

DarkClaw chuckles, evidently amused.

The clang of silver against Marble echoes off the walls, growing louder and angrier with each step.

DarkClaw says, 'Jealous of you taking his prior place. only...you and I have already gone further.'.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'I could go stretch my legs, if you'd like a word with him'.
Asterius (does something very sexual, edited out)

DarkClaw groans, watching you intently, inwardly cursing Spar.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Fair to say I don't think there's a jealous bone in my body'.
Asterius (does something very sexual, edited out)

DarkClaw grins evilly at him.

DarkClaw shakes her head.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Well... maybe one'.

DarkClaw says, 'I have to go to him'.

Asterius grins happily to see the effect he had on you, and tucks his cock back into his leggings.

Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Of course, Milady'.
Asterius says (in minotaur), 'Would you mind if I wandered a bit in the meantime? I'm.. peckish.'.

DarkClaw growls and stands abruptly, then gathers her composure and walks calmly out of the temple.

DarkClaw glances at Asterius as she leaves and says, 'Not at all.'.

Asterius bows deeply.

DarkClaw leaves the temple.

Asterius carefully readjusts his armor, grimacing as some things don't fit quite right with his body once again hard and ready.

Out of the Fire….

(Rather than walk through what sounds to be a heated discussion, Asterius decides to use a magical potion to jump out of the temple. He bad recalls and lands in Utopia. He takes the opportunity to explore the area and read through Elmer’s journal, which he finds.)

Asterius prays, 'Always amusing to bad recall from the temples, of all places. This place looks fun!'.

Asterius staggers into a nearby cave, disoriented from the aftereffects of the potion.

Asterius falls to the floor, then looks around:

Elmer's Cave
Entering this messy cave, you stumble as you trip over a broom. Gnawed
bones and other things that were once food are strewn about, making the
room look somewhat like the Midgaard garbage dump. Between all the trash
cans and empty bottles you see a heap of papers under which you discover
something resembling a desk. Welcome in Elmer's favourite hang-out...
On a small wooden pedestal you see Elmer's Diary.

Bored while he rests to regain his strength, Asterius pores through the diary:

DarkClaw ftells, 'Hmmm'.

DarkClaw's voice whispers in his head, 'I know nothing about that place.'.

Asterius prays, 'Yeah, complete mystery to me too. I'm going to recall again after I finish reading this diary'.

Asterius goes back to reading.

Asterius prays, 'Can't resist a diary... Such juicy stuff in the ones back home.'.

DarkClaw's voice growls in his head: 'He wants our bond destroyed.'.

Asterius looks concerned and prays, 'Yours and his..? Or yours and mine?'

DarkClaw communicates, 'His and mine.'.

Asterius prays, 'Is that even possible?'.

DarkClaw communicates, 'It is possible to transfer it to another, but...dangerous'.

Asterius frowns.

DarkClaw growls in irritation, her frustration and anger transferring through the bond.

Asterius shudders and struggles through the combination of emotions, 'Is there aught I can do, Milady?'.

DarkClaw communicates, 'I'm afraid not, Asterius, but thank you. I'm rather upset about our time being interrupted.'.

Asterius prays, 'As am I...' and rubs his wrist.
Asterius prays, 'I remember now... Utopia! That's where I am.'.

DarkClaw smiles down on Asterius from the heavens.

(some time passes while Asterius explores)

DarkClaw communicates, 'I told him to call me when he has my replacement.'.'.

Asterius prays, 'Ouch'.

DarkClaw communicates, 'He smirked and said he shall.'

Asterius looks saddened.

DarkClaw flops down beside you, her expression unreadable.

Asterius runs his gloved hand down DarkClaw's leg soothingly.

DarkClaw ftells, 'Okay, time to crawl into my coffin. *frown.

Asterius prays, 'Good night, Milady'.

Nearly Finished

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), 'Would you make a bag for me please, Almond? I am in the Ghost Town.'.

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), 'Of course, Wind. I'm on my way.'.

Gladiator's Arena
[Exits: south west]
(Invis) (Light Red Aura) Ghazkull is here.

Samiyah smiles happily.
Ghazkull smiles happily.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Hello!'.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'Hello, Almond!'.

Ghazkull tries to cover his wounds.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Are you doing....'.

Ch ghazkull
Ghazkull has looked a lot healthier.

Samiyah makes a complicated looking gesture.
Samiyah makes a complicated looking gesture.

Ghazkull smiles happily.

Samiyah makes a complicated looking gesture.

Ghazkull blinks.

Ghazkull checks on Samiyah's health.
Ghazkull grumbles.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. I Can't Feed you, but I can do that, Wind... at least let me do what I can...'.

Ghazkull puts bag made from Tamagotchi the dragon hide in bag made from young desert goat hide.

Ghazkull gives Samiyah the corpse of the Luggage.

Samiyah makes a complicated looking gesture.
Samiyah's new bag made from Luggage hide looks pretty snazzy.

Samiyah gives bag made from Luggage hide to Ghazkull.

Ghazkull grins a wickedly toothy grin.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'Thank you!'.

Samiyah nods.
Samiyah says (in common), 'of course. Do you need pebbles?'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull nods.

Samiyah gives bag made from heron hide to Ghazkull.

Samiyah says (in common), 'take them all.'.

Ghazkull puts a ragged pebble of schist in bag made from young desert goat hide. (x bunches)
Ghazkull puts a ragged pebble of schist in bag made from angry, territorial penguin hide. (x bunches)

Samiyah smiles at the sight of the bag.

Ghazkull gives Sami bag made from heron hide.
Ghazkull bows deeply.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'Thank you'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'of course'.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I am nearly finished here'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'I'm glad you are making such progress. That has to feel really good.'.
Samiyah beams a smile at Ghazkull.

Ghazkull hugs Samiyah.

Samiyah hugs Ghazkull.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull nods.

Samiyah smiles happily.

Ghazkull smiles happily.
Ghazkull kisses Samiyah.

Samiyah kisses him.
Samiyah says (in common), 'be safe.'.

Ghazkull nods.

Ghazkull draws a funny looking rune on her.

Samiyah glances down at the glowing rune on her wrist and smiles.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I had better get back to it'.
Ghazkull chuckles, evidently amused.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'so close to finishing this one'.

Samiyah nods, smiling, her expression wistful.

Ghazkull hugs Samiyah.
Ghazkull kisses Samiyah.

Samiyah hugs Ghazkull.
Samiyah kisses him.

(Some time later...)

[A flash of pain through the Bond: nauseating pain, causing the world to go white for a moment.]

Samiyah tells Ghazkull (in common), '*blinks* Urm... Are you ok?!'.
He can't hear you.

You hear a distinct pop as Ghazkull's portal closes up.

Ghazkull is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.
Ghazkull gets a thin black leather notebook from a sack of ill-gotten loot.

Samiyah checks him over for injury. 'Are you all right?'

Samiyah says (in common), 'I felt the worst pain through the Bond...'.

Ghazkull is slightly injured.

Ghazkull opens the notebook to the section titled "Tamar" and ticks another box with a smile on his face.

Ghazkull puts a thin black leather notebook in a sack of ill-gotten loot.

Ghazkull smiles happily.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I am fine. Better than fine'.

Ghazkull smiles happily.

Samiyah beams a smile at him, her grin nearly a match to his, happy for his success.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'And that's Penfolds done'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'Do you need any more bags?'.

Ghazkull shakes his head.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'the last mob didn't drop a corpse'.

Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'Do you feel tenfold better?'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), '100fold'.

Sparhawk gossips (in elven), 'grin'.

Samiyah clears her throat.
Samiyah says (in common), 'so.. Um... Asterius said he needed some Lemonade... and he was chattering to me and talking on gossip, so, I thought, it would be ok to bring him some.. Except.. um... well... He and the Sayyida were.. erm..'.

Samiyah looks down at the floor.
Samiyah says (in common), 'Not ready for company.'.

Ghazkull grins a wickedly toothy grin.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I would not like to imagine what you saw'.

Samiyah says (in common), '.. it wasn't quite as bad as it could have been. They were under the furs. But that made for a very odd picture. What with his horns, and the furs spread all around and over, and moving, and...'.

Samiyah coughs and blushes scarlet.

Ghazkull chuckles, evidently amused.

Samiyah shudders slightly, trying to shake off the mental image.

Ghazkull hugs Samiyah.

Samiyah echoes her own words: "I am glad I did not see more."

Samiyah says (in common), 'and then he laughed and there were .. noises...and he said he didn't mind... or else they would have closed the door!'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'so I said I was sorry, and he started chuckling, all... low and wicked. and then I felt terrible, terrible pain from you, and stopped worrying about what he thought was so funny.'.

Ghazkull's hand unconsciously moves to his groin.

Samiyah's eyes follow the movement, then widen as she realizes what must have happened. She makes a soft sound of concern.

[Through the bond: Alarm | concern ]

Samiyah says (in common), '.. are you .. er.. okay?' **she tries to block her own thoughts of the last time she saw you naked**

Ghazkull tells Samiyah (in elven), 'I'm fine, just a gargoyle fought a bit dirty and got a knee in.'.

Samiyah nods at her Bonded in relief.
Samiyah thinks something entirely cheeky, but doesn't say it aloud.

Ghazkull chuckles, evidently amused.

Samiyah smiles wearily.

Samiyah says (in common), 'I should seek my rest, Wind.'.

Ghazkull nods.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'I don't think I will be too far behind you. I have been very busy the last couple of days'.

Samiyah says (in common), 'You have. Good night, Wind.'.
Samiyah kisses him.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'good night, almond'.
Ghazkull kisses her.

Samiyah fetches out the pillow.

Samiyah curls up in the corner, laying her head down on it.

Samiyah sleeps.