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Mad Cows, Managens, and Peeking – log by Sami

(log by Sami)

The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
(Token magic) A magical spring flows from the ground here.
A copy of the TFC Daily News lies here.
(Light Red Aura) A cow is here, chewing on the remains of a rabbit.
Ghazkull is here.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

You blink.
You say (in common), 'Hello, Wind.'.

Ghazkull smiles happily.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'Hello, Almond'.

Sanitarium says (in minotaur), 'follow me'.

You ftell, 'hello, Sanitarium'.

You now follow Sanitarium.

Ghazkull joins Sanitarium's group.

You gossip (in common), 'good morning, Sahib Lycron'.

Sanitarium utters the words, 'safhar'.
The air shimmers as Sanitarium creates a portal here.

You ftell, 'oh. you didn't mean me.'.

Sanitarium ftells, 'lol'.
Sanitarium ftells, 'helping him to jill'.

You ftell, 'thank you - that is kind of you to help him.'.
You ftell, 'he is .. one who is very special to me.'.
You ftell, 'i appreciate any kindness given to him'.

Ghazkull arrives from above.
Sanitarium arrives from above.

Ghazkull says (in elven), '25k?'.
You thank Sanitarium heartily.

Sanitarium nods.
Sanitarium nods.
Sanitarium nods.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'ready'.

Sanitarium reports: 625/625 hp 114/624 mana 695/695 mv 547476 xp.
Sanitarium sleeps.

Ghazkull winces. Ouch!

You ftell, 'group me'.

You join Sanitarium's group.

You perform 'managen blossoms'.

Ghazkull is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Ghazkull winces. Ouch!
Ghazkull says (in elven), '-10 mana?'.

You nod.

Samiyah leans back against the stone wall, drained.

Sanitarium wakes and stands up.
Sanitarium removes you from his group.

Sanitarium utters the words, 'safhar'.
The air shimmers as Sanitarium creates a portal here.

Ghazkull arrives from the west.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'are you okay?'.

You say (in common), 'I will be. The managen leaves me feeling a little funny for a time.'.

[Exits: north east south west down]
(Dark Blue Aura) Sanitarium is here.
Ghazkull is here.
(Light Red Aura) A cow is here, chewing on the remains of a rabbit.

Ghazkull nods.

Sanitarium says (in minotaur), 'on a rabbit'.
Sanitarium scolds a mad cow.

You say (in common), 'what is?'.
You say (in common), 'oh.'.
You say (in common), 'the cow.'.

Ghazkull looks at a mad cow.

Samiyah rubs her eyes.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'a cow holding a staff'.

Sanitarium looks at a mad cow.
Sanitarium looks at Sanitarium.

Ghazkull checks on your health.

You say (in common), 'I am not..hurt... really, it's just more of a weariness.'.
You say (in common), 'Like when I touched Similus.'.

Ghazkull blinks at what you said, seemingly stunned.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'that bad?'.

You say (in common), 'But much less so.'.

Samiyah smiles gently. 'No, nothing is that bad that is not death.'

Samiyah daringly moves closer without invitation, leaning her head against your shoulder.

Ghazkull smiles warmly.

Lycron quietly enters the room in a beam of deep red sunlight.

Lycron smiles happily.

Ghazkull beams a smile at Lycron.

Samiyah touches her hand to her forehead, her lips, and her heart in a tribal gesture of respect.

Ghazkull bows before Lycron.

You say (in common), 'Hello, Sahib Lycron'.

The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
(Light Red Aura) A cow is here, chewing on the remains of a rabbit.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

Lycron arrives from above.
Lycron leaves north.
Lycron arrives from the north.

Lycron utters the words, 'fuyh'.
Lycron's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** a mad cow!
A mad cow is DEAD!!
You hear a mad cow's death cry.
Lycron gets 37 gold coins from the corpse of a mad cow.

You giggle.

The corpse of a mad cow sacrifices itself for the greater glory of Lycron.

Lycron snickers softly.

The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
(Intense Light Cyan Aura) Lycron is here.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

Ghazkull arrives from the north.

Lycron utters the words, 'bless'

Ghazkull gasps in astonishment.

Lycron steps into a red beam of light and slowly vanishes from sight!

Samiyah smiles wearily. 'Do not waste such a gift, sitting about chatting... off you go.'

Ghazkull smiles happily.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'if you're sure?'.

Samiyah eases herself down onto the floor with a nod.

Ghazkull makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Ghazkull draws a funny looking rune on you.

You make the gesture necessary to invoke your spell.
You draw a wizard mark rune on Ghazkull.

Ghazkull smiles happily.

> l Ghazkull

Ghazkull waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.

Samiyah catches at a lock of your hair, letting it ease through her fingers.

Ghazkull says (in elven), 'if you need me, shout, I will be here as soon as I can'.

You nod in recognition to him.

You ftell, '(i need to leave for work soon, but is there anything i can do for you?)'.

Sanitarium ftells, 'give me a nice set of legs'.

Sanitarium ftells, 'lol'.

You ftell, '*ponder*'.
You ftell, 'i have four pairs of hands, but no good legs :('.
You ftell, 'do you want these? <worn on legs> (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth pantaloons [m|AC 4 da:2 svs:-3 2#]'.

Sanitarium ftells, 'yes I could use those'.

Mish says, 'It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Samiyah.'.
Mish curtseys gracefully for you.
Mish gives a pair of heavy cloth stockings to you, and gives you a friendly smile.

You say (in common), '... turn around.'.
You say (in common), 'look that way.'.

Sanitarium ftells, 'i am 2hr over and -1svs over'.

Samiyah points in the other direction.

Sanitarium looks away but peeks alittle.

You stop using a pair of quilted cloth pantaloons.
You wear a pair of heavy cloth stockings on your legs.

Sanitarium grins happily.

You give a pair of quilted cloth pantaloons to Sanitarium.

Sanitarium ftells, 'why did you switch?'.

You ftell, 'if it would aid a member of the Order, I would remove anything I had and give it to them.'.

Sanitarium ftells, 'nah I can take things off people'.

You ftell, '(now wearing [m|AC 7 da:3 1#])'.

Sanitarium gives you a pair of quilted cloth pantaloons.

You ftell, '(sami's serious about that sort of thing)'.

Sanitarium ftells, 'you need the svs badf'.
Sanitarium ftells, 'bad'.

Samiyah gestures for you to turn again.

Sanitarium looks away but peeks alittle.

You stop using a pair of heavy cloth stockings.
You wear a pair of quilted cloth pantaloons on your legs.

Sanitarium grins happily.

You give a pair of heavy cloth stockings to Mish.
Mish says, 'I'll take care of this for you, Samiyah.'.
Mish curtseys gracefully for you.

Sanitarium ftells, 'Thanks for the offer'.

Samiyah did not notice the peeking.

You ftell, 'of course'.
You ftell, 'anything I have, you need but let me know.'.

Sanitarium ftells, 'I am hard to improve upon'.
Sanitarium ftells, 'just my legs'.

You tell Ghazkull (in common), '*smile* I must be going in a moment, but did not want to leave without saying goodbye'.

Ghazkull tells you (in common), '*smile* Will you be back later?'.

You tell Ghazkull (in common), 'I will. Until then.. be safe?'.

Ghazkull tells you (in common), 'I always try to'.

You ftell, 'be well, Order'.
You ftell, 'i must be going'.

Fare thee well!

Hatred Unabated – Log by Cordir

### Seraph Entered Game

Invis 73>

Cordir: hi

Seraph: hi someone

Invis 70>

Seraph: oh, it’s you

Cordir: ...

Seraph: problem?

Cordir: only your continued existence, soul-stealer.

Seraph: could always be worse, ice queen
Seraph: I could be mortal, killing everyone you care about - so be thankful I'm up here

Cordir: you did not manage that the first time you were mortal. Somehow I doubt you would manage it now.

Seraph: only because I was told to stop and have mercy on your little people. If I could go back I would have killed them all

Cordir: as I recall you were told to sit down, shut up, and quit interfering with the pacts and oaths Lord Kerri had made. i.e... Behave.

Seraph: as I recall you asked him to stop me to protect your little herd

Cordir: hardly... but feel free to continue to revise history if it pleases you to do so.

Seraph: I recall have a good laugh with my god on your behalf about it. I will admit it was fun watching your people run in fear when I came around. Oh, the good old days.

Cordir: I am quite certain that is not what actually happened.. Kerri and I were close friends and allies. But again: if it pleases you to make up a more .. potent.. story for yourself... rather than the reality of me potentially unleashing three Ordaineds and Abe himself on your sorry ass...

Seraph: lol abe
Seraph: I recall making him my bitch
Seraph: along with talyn

Cordir: At no time did you fight Abe

Seraph: no one in your poor excuse for a following would face me

Cordir: I have the Pattern to confirm it, Seraph, so make up all the rambling fantasies you wish.

Seraph: talyn and abe jumped me once at took and almost died

Cordir: Abe disliked Talyn and did not fight grouped with him while in Fate

Seraph: common goals will make people do things

Cordir: have you been drinking, to misremember so badly?

Seraph: no it will live again
Seraph: my control reaches farther then you or your little weave can see and if I have to, I will kill everyone connected to you.

Cordir: blah blah blah

Seraph: maybe Ghazkull will fall first
Seraph: Enjoy your day, Cordir, for it will be the last one that you will enjoy.

### Seraph has quit

A Warning – Log by Ghazkull

Cordir tells you, 'just the person I was looking for.'.

You tell Cordir (in elven), '*blink* me?'.

Cordir tells you, 'Do you have a moment, Heartbringer?'.

You tell Cordir (in elven), 'for you, My Lady? always'.

Cordir has transferred you.
A Midnight Garden
[Exits: none]
(Intense Light Cyan Aura) Cordir is here.
Lanae, Cordir's avatar, is here.
(White Aura) A distressingly large, shiny black spider weaves webs here.

You bow deeply.

You bow before her.
The guardian spider bows before you.

You bow before her.
Lanae bows before you.

Cordir continues gazing into the flames, Her face impassive.

You say (in elven), 'how may I be of Assistance, Lady Cordir?'.

Cordir says, 'You know, I think, my opinion of Seraph?'.

You chuckle.
You say (in elven), 'not exactly, just little bits I have picked up here or there. I know your opinion of Samiyah, 'Seraph's Get' I believe was the term you used'.

Cordir says, 'I despise the earth he befouls by his passage and the air he corrupts with his breath.'.

You nod.

Cordir says, 'He is off on yet another plan of conquest and revenge...'.

You blink.
You say (in elven), 'another?'.

Cordir says, 'and states those I care about are to be the target - and he named you specifically.’

You gasp in astonishment.
You say (in elven), 'only the other day he was inviting me to join the High Order again'.

Cordir says, 'you are the last of My Chosen in this world.'.

You say (in elven), 'a fact I am all too aware of'.

Cordir says, 'and he knows that to have your Thread cut would cause Me pain. It also appeals to his sense of bullying.'.

You say (in elven), 'he seeks to cut my thread?'.

Cordir says, 'harm in some way - the physical is most likely.'.

You say (in elven), 'that may cause some friction between him and his daughter. She cares for me, more than she cares to admit, I feel'.

Cordir raises an eyebrow.
Cordir says, 'please do not think I have the slightest concern for his family squabbles.'.

You say (in elven), 'I don't, I just found it amusing, and I'm used to speaking my mind around you'.

Cordir says, 'as you should'.

Cordir says, 'the attack will likely come obliquely. The dagger in the dark, the hired assassin, the ill-timed accident'.

You ponder the question.
You say (in elven), 'you can read my memories, I know. The other day, in the Living Lands, there was an... illusion'.

Cordir says, '..If I choose, yes, but I do not do so without invitation'.

You say (in elven), 'then, please do so. It was... most strange'.

Cordir reaches up and lightly touches your Thread in the Pattern.

Ghazkull flinches slightly as though a force unseen moved him momentarily.

Cordir closes Her eyes as She runs a gentle fingertip along the Weave.

Despite that careful touch, you feel unwell as She searches your memory, the lingering haunting sense of something precious that is forgotten.

Cordir hmms.
Cordir says, '...interesting.'.

Cordir opens Her eyes and releases the Thread, regarding you with a sable gaze gone cold and inhuman, Weaver incarnate.

You say (in elven), 'I didn't know what to make of it at the time, it was strange, but I dismissed it at the time. Given your revelation, I feel it was a rash decision on my part'.

Cordir says, 'it seems likely that will be his avenue of hostilities'.

You nod.
You say (in elven), 'I fail to see how this could harm me though? If it is just an illusion, it has no real substance'.

Cordir says, 'I may do no more than warn, Heartbringer'.

You nod.

Cordir says, 'walk with care.'.

You say (in elven), 'one of the first things I learnt in your service was how to tread carefully'.

Cordir says, 'my Bard spoke truly when she said that My people are everything to me, and his are nothing to him.'.

You nod.

Cordir says, 'be well.'.

You say (in elven), 'and you, Lady Weaver'.

You bow deeply.

Cordir has transferred you.
Room of Records
[Exits: east]

The Sanity Check – Log by DarkClaw

Cordir: Hello, Star.

DarkClaw: Good evening, Cordir.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'Good Evening, Sister'.

You gossip, 'Hello, brother.  :-) Good to see you.'.

Ghazkull tells you (in elven), 'how are you today?'.

You tell Ghazkull, 'Not too bad so far. You?'.

Ghazkull tells you (in elven), 'not too bad, figured i'd get some exp'ing done'.

You tell Ghazkull, '*grin* Might as well while you can.'.

###Seraph: Entered Game

DarkClaw: Hello, Seraph.

Seraph: hi

Cordir: ...

DarkClaw: ...Have you regained your sanity yet?

Seraph turns his back to Cordir and answers DarkClaw: never lost it

DarkClaw: *raises a brow* Sure you didn't.

Seraph: yeah, I am sure

DarkClaw: I'm not convinced.

Seraph: why

DarkClaw: Because what you did the other night was NOT your typical behavior.

Seraph: what is typical behavior?

DarkClaw: Just not...that.

Seraph: are we not supposed to grow and learn?

DarkClaw: *laugh* You consider that growing and learning?

Seraph: something different

DarkClaw: It was definitely that.

Seraph: everything you can grow and learn from

DarkClaw: ...I suppose.

Cordir: sorry, was momentarily overcome by laughter. Back.

DarkClaw: Welcome back.

Seraph doesn't even pay attention to Cordir: See, Star, everything can change
Seraph: oh well. See where the day takes me

###Seraph: Quit

DarkClaw: *snorts and shakes her head*

Cordir: i have to admit i rather felt sorry for you - and in a way, even for Mystaya - when I saw his rather sad attempts at.. what.. seduction? assault?

DarkClaw: ...I'm not entirely sure WHAT he was attempting. I'm not even sure he knows himself. All I know is that I'd never seen him like that before.

Cordir: i have seen drunken halflings with greater powers of persuasion.

DarkClaw: *laugh* No kidding.

Cordir says dryly: .. and THAT from a woman who has not lain with a man in several thousand years.

DarkClaw: That definitely doesn't say much for him.

Cordir: perhaps I should seduce a mortal or two.
Cordir: ... no. the very idea is quite ridiculous.

DarkClaw: ...Do you not miss it?

Cordir: *chuckles quietly* I can See it any time I wish.

DarkClaw: Seeing it is not the same as feeling it.

Cordir: be in that moment of Time in the Pattern.

DarkClaw: Or experiencing it for yourself.

Cordir: No, it isn't. But it is enough.

DarkClaw: I can't imagine how. I fear I would wither away without it.

Cordir: It is more important to me to maintain my Geasa.

DarkClaw: We are so very different.

Cordir: night and day

Ghazkull’s Visit – Log by DarkClaw

You gossip, 'You are quiet, brother.'.

Cordir: he has much to think on.

DarkClaw: Is everything okay with him? He seemed fine the other day when we spoke.

Cordir: it is for him to say or not

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'because I didn't realize you were around, you've gone invis'.

DarkClaw: *sighs and nods*

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'hehe'.

You gossip, 'Er, I didn't realize it. I'm sorry.'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'that's fine! it's your prerogative'.

You gossip, '*chuckle* It wasn't intentional!'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'afk a moment'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'back'.

You gossip, 'Welcome back.'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'thank you *Smile*'.

You gossip, 'Way too quiet today.'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'a few people were on earlier'.
Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'eww, bad recall'.
Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'oh, i know where I am'.

Ghazkull arrives from the west.
Ghazkull smiles happily.
Ghazkull says (in elven), 'mind if I rest here?'.

Cordir checks on Ghazkull's health.

###Eathor: Connected

Ghazkull rests.

Eathor gossips (in common), 'Evening all.'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'evening someone'.

Cordir gossips, 'Good evening, Bard'.

Ghazkull leaves west.

###Sanitarium: Entered Game

You gossip, 'Hello. (Sorry, was AFK.)'.

Sanitarium tells you (in minotaur), 'MOOOOooooooo'.

You tell Sanitarium, '*nuzzle* *pet*'.

Sanitarium tells you (in minotaur), '(chews his cud alittle slower)'.

Worship Without Worship – Log by DarkClaw

Selune arrives from the west.
Selune smiles happily.

Selune hugs you.

You hug her.
You smile happily.

You say, 'Hi there!'.

Selune says (in drow), 'I can walk in unobstructed'.

You grin evilly.

Selune smiles happily.

You nod.
You nod.
You say, 'That's kinda nice.'.

Selune says (in drow), 'Yeah...'.

You say, 'How're you?'.

>l selune

Standing before you is a elf, a dark skinned elf. As you look at her beautiful
flaming red hair you can see why her name is Crimsonmane. This dark elf stands
at five feet. Her almond shaped eyes, the color of lavender draws you in.
The way she carries herself, you can tell she was from nobility.

The product of love between Sune Crimsonmane and Vorax, Selune has been put on
a path like no other. She has wandered the realm trying to help out where she
can. Throughout her travels, she's helped people of many aura's, even as her
own aura shifted throughout time. She struggles to find a balance of her good
nature and her natural drow instincts.

Selune's mother has long since left the realm, her father followed not to long
after. The only one she has left is a half-sister Zip, and she's not been seen
in many decades. Her two previous Lords Molo, and Isolas have left the realm as
well. With the absence of evil tugging at her inner struggle, she now looks
directly into her pure self, not the drow.

Belsambar found the cleric a new home, with the company of Hutt. Wisdom has
poured into the drow's soul. Cleansed, and put back onto a path she was born
to, a life of helping others in the purest sense.

Selune is in perfect health.

Selune is using:
<used as light> (Weak magic) the light of wisdom and knowledge
<worn on finger> (Moderate magic) the fiery tiger eye ring
<worn on finger> (Moderate magic) the plain copper ring
<worn around neck> (Moderate magic) the neon ivory amulet
<worn around neck> (Moderate magic) the engraved gold amulet
<worn on body> (Moderate magic) a banded mail shirt
<worn on head> (Moderate magic) a steel helmet
<worn on legs> (Artifact magic) a pair of quilted cloth commoner's pants
<worn on feet> (Powerful magic) a pair of splint mail boots
<worn on hands> (Potent magic) a pair of splint mail gauntlets
<worn on arms> (Moderate magic) a pair of ring mail sleeves
<worn about body> (Moderate magic) a chain mail harness
<worn about waist> (Moderate magic) a scale mail girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the dirty rose bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the thick lapis lazuli bracelet
<wielded> (Powerful magic) a heavy mace

Selune says (in drow), 'Doing ok... just a little empty.'.

You say, 'Empty?'.
You say, 'In what manner?'.

Selune says (in drow), 'A godless cleric.'.

You nod.
You comfort her.
You say, 'I didn't think he would ever retire.'.

Selune says (in drow), 'Me neither, but things happen.'.

You nod.

Selune says (in drow), 'I was glad to talk to him the night before he retired though.'.

You say, 'Yeah'.
You say, 'Was Zephyr telling YOU that Boromir left?'.

Selune says (in drow), 'No, I misunderstood him. He was saying that Boro was one of the other goods left.'.

You say, 'Ahhh'.
You say, 'I was going to say, he didn't leave, he's just been sick.'.

You chuckle.

###Drakar: Entered Game

Temple of the Lost
[Exits: west]
A large eye hovers in mid-air here, emitting a soft, purple glow.
Drakar is here.
Selune is here.

Drakar coughs.

You hug him.
You chuckle.

Drakar says (in common), 'I was..hiding..'.

You say, 'Don't mind him. He's using my temple as his home, I think.'.

Drakar grins wickedly.

Selune snickers softly.

You say, 'He worships me without worshipping me.'.
You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*

Selune snickers softly.

Drakar sits down and thinks deeply.
Drakar says (in common), 'Something like that..'.
Drakar smirks.

Selune says (in drow), 'committing without truly committing'.

You say, 'Typical man.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I am anything but typical..'.
Drakar pokes you in the ribs.

You chuckle.
You say, 'I know.'.
You say, 'But now that I have you both here, you're stuck here!'.

You close the door.
You get a small twig from a crystalline prism.

  • Click*

Selune says (in drow), 'committing without truly committing'.

Drakar looks for a comfy spot to lounge, shrugs his shoulders and plops down.
Drakar rests.

Selune snickers softly.
Selune says (in drow), 'I could loiter a bit here too'.
Selune winks at Drakar.

You say, 'Umm...you'll be covered with dust now. I haven't had a mortal sweep the floor in decades.'.
You say, 'Hmm....what could we do...?'.

Selune says (in drow), 'there's a mortal right there'.

DarkClaw grins slowly.

Selune points at Drakar accusingly.

Drakar says (in common), 'I do many things... However.. Dusting is typically not one of them.....typical'.

You chuckle.

Drakar huffs in mock amusement.

###Sanitarium: Quit

Selune says (in drow), 'watch this...'.
Selune winks suggestively at you.

You say, 'I bet you could be persuaded, tiger.'.

Selune grabs drakar's foot and drags him about the floor.

You laugh at Selune mercilessly.

Drakar wiggles his toes, while chuckling.

You say, 'See? Female persuasion. It works wonders!'.

DarkClaw: *laugh* Were you perhaps listening?

Selune says (in drow), 'its the Drakar ball, he tilts with a smooth arc'.
Selune snickers softly.

You say, 'And covers a wide space, so dusting is done more quickly!'.

Drakar grins to himself. What IS he thinking about...?!

Cordir: no
Cordir: to what?

DarkClaw: Selune just did something quite amusing.

DarkClaw: I'll send you the log later.

You say, 'So what shall his job title be?'.
You say, 'Duster Extraordinaire?'.

Selune pat's Drakar on the back, and a poof of dust explodes behind him.
Selune says (in drow), 'DUST BUSTER!'.

You giggle.

Drakar sneezes quickly as he brushes the dust free from his fur.

You say, 'You just undid all his work.'.

Drakar sniffs sadly.

Selune nods.
Selune rubs her eyes, all itchy and watering.
Selune sneers derisively.
Selune sneezes.

You say, 'I don't even have anything we could sweep it underneath.'.
You say, 'Oh wait, the bookshelves!'.

Drakar leans away avoiding the errant moisture coming from Selune's nose.

Selune snickers with Drakar about their shared secret.

You laugh.

Cordir: excellent :)

You say, 'Probably a good thing I closed the door. Don't want to dust bunnies escaping.'.

Selune smiles happily.

Drakar says (in common), 'Bunnies?'.
Drakar gawks around.

Selune says (in drow), 'some of them could have been dust yeti's'.

You blink at what she said.
You say, 'Good point!'.
You say, 'You might have to actually USE your mace, Drakar.'.

Drakar meanders over to the mirror and idly draws pictures in the dust.

DarkClaw looks at what Drakar is drawing and coughs. "How can you even BEND that way?!"

Drakar shoots a quick look at DarkClaw that silently says "You know...."
Drakar goes back to doodling.

Selune snickers softly.

DarkClaw tilts her head this way and that, than looks to Selune.

You say, 'One track minds.'.

Drakar giggles infectiously.

Drakar says (in common), 'No waaay...'.

You raise your eyebrow at him.

You say, 'Right. You're innocent.'.
You say, 'I say you both worship me, then we throw a party.'.
You grin evilly.

Drakar says (in common), 'You should just want to use me to dust!'.
DarkClaw cocks a brow at Drakar in mock disbelief.

You say, 'Is THAT what they're calling it nowadays?'.

Drakar says (in common), 'That’s my story and I'm sticking by it..'.

You grin evilly.

###Cresom: Entered Game

Selune disappears into the void.

You say, 'I think Selune wore herself out with pulling you around.'.

Drakar sits down and thinks deeply.

Ghazkull tells you (in elven), '6k tnl!!!'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I'm not that heavy..'.

You tell Ghazkull, 'WOOT! Yay!'.

You say, 'Not to another tiger, no.'.

Selune has returned from the void.
Selune tickles you - hee hee hee.

You say, 'ACK!'.
DarkClaw squirms free.

Cresom yells (in common), 'knock knock'.

  • Click*

You open the door.
You tell Cresom, 'Come join the party.'.

Cresom arrives from the west.

Selune tickles Cresom.

Cresom tries to break dance, but nearly breaks his neck!

You nuzzle his neck softly.

Cresom says (in common), 'i was locked out'.
Cresom bursts into tears.
Cresom cuddles you.

Drakar scratches his head.

Cresom rests.

You beg forgiveness from Cresom... think he'll buy it?

Selune says (in drow), 'we were cleaning'.

You say, 'We were keeping the dust bunnies from escaping.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I was being held against my will..'.

You laugh at Drakar mercilessly.

Drakar says (in common), 'In fact, your timing is incredible...'.

Cresom snickers with Drakar about their shared secret.

Drakar says (in common), 'They were just about too..'.
Drakar says (in common), 'eh..'.
Drakar says (in common), 'nevermind.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'AFK'.

Drakar whistles appreciatively.

Cresom sleeps.

Selune laughs.

Drakar says (in common), 'It was all too much for him to handle.'.

You say, 'Apparently so!'.
You say, 'He didn't want to hear the gruesome details.'.

You snicker softly.

Selune stares dreamily at you, completely lost in your eyes.

You snuggle her.

Selune smiles happily.
Selune cuddles you.

You say, 'Cover your eyes, Drakar. You can't see this.'.

Drakar covers his eyes.

You give Selune a long and passionate kiss.

Drakar peeks.

You say, 'HA! Too late.'.

Selune smiles happily.

Drakar grumbles under his breath.

You say, 'Cheater.'.

Selune hold you close, and kisses your forehead.
Selune says (in drow), 'I must go'.

You hug her.
You say, 'Have a good night, hon.'.

Drakar waves goodbye to Selune.

Selune tickles Drakar.

You say, 'Thank you for the visit.'.

Selune says (in drow), 'Good to see you too'.

Selune leaves west.

###Selune: Quit

Corruption – Log by DarkClaw

Drakar says (in drow), 'melele. sjel elele...'.
Drakar sighs at himself. What a sorry sight.
Drakar says (in common), 'Speaks much better drow than me.'.

You chuckle.

You comfort him.

Drakar looks at Cresom.

l cresom

There isn't much to notice about this person. His clothes are ill-fitting,
and his face hasn't seen a razor since he left his mother's home. Yet...
something about the grace of the way he uses his hands, and a certain
ancient knowledge in his eyes bespeaks to his understanding of the ways
of magic. It would be easy to underestimate him - and many have, to their
peril. His gaze is steadfast, meeting yours without reservation.
Cresom has a special twinkle in his eye.
Cresom is in perfect health.

Cresom is using:
<used as light> (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the unbreakable bonds of family
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a simple ring
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) Thumbscrews of the Nashite Inquisition
<worn around neck> (Powerful magic) a golden lavaliere
<worn around neck> (Quivering) The Caustic Eye of Ancalagon the Black
<worn on body> (Moderate magic) a stout gambeson of unrelieved coal black
<worn on head> (Potent magic) a small striped insect, darting about quickly
<worn on legs> (Moderate magic) blood-spattered pants of black leather
<worn on feet> (Potent magic) a pair of quilted cloth slippers
<worn on hands> (Potent magic) blood drenched gloves
<worn on arms> The Emerald Vambraces
<worn about body> (Potent magic) (Ominous) the Whispering Shadow of Bleeding Death
<worn about waist> (Moderate magic) (Bloody) a briar-wrapped length of blue chain
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a studded leather wrist guard
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the aged sardonyx bracelet
<wielded> (Artifact magic) a keen-edged sword of odd green-brown metal
<wielded off-hand> (Moderate magic) a club
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) (Glowing) (Heathen) a Deity-uttered curse
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) (Glowing) (Unholy) the Favour of Lord Nash

You say, 'Can't use him to dust. He has nothing to catch the little critters with.'.

What's bothering you?

Drakar sniffs sadly.

You ponder the question.

You say, 'I wonder if we have time...before he awakens...'.

Cresom disappears into the void.

Drakar looks up innocently, then back and forth between you and the sleeping Cresom.
Drakar says (in common), 'What ever do you mean?'.

You chuckle at his joke.
You say, 'You forgot to cover up the mischief in your eyes.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I couldn't even if I wanted too, sadly'.
Drakar grins wickedly.

You grin evilly.
You sigh.
You say, 'I still have yet to create my new temple.'.

Drakar spanks you playfully. OUCH!
Drakar says (in common), 'Tsk tsk'.
Drakar says (in common), 'Are you creating an homage or tribute to me of some kind?'.

You blink at what he said.

Drakar stares at you anxiously.

You say, 'Well...I hadn't thought that far.'.

Drakar snickers softly.
Drakar says (in common), 'Maybe just a picture..'.
Drakar says (in common), 'Of..'.
Drakar says (in common), 'umm..'.
DarkClaw glances over to the mural.

>l mural
This haunting piece portrays DarkClaw standing within a shadowed room, gazing
into a floor-length mirror before her. Instead of seeing her own reflection,
a black tiger stares back at her with hungry eyes, fangs bared and stained
with blood. Is it symbolic? The quality of this work is of the finest, the
texture of the fabric smooth as silk to the touch. Oddly enough, it looks as
if it is three dimensional. Magic, perhaps?

Drakar says (in common), 'Yeah. Maybe not.'.

You chuckle.

Drakar winks suggestively at you.

You say, 'Have you ever looked at that mural?'.

Drakar shakes his head.

Cresom has returned from the void.

You say, 'You should.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'back'.

You smile at him.

Cresom looks at Drakar.

You say, 'Welcome back.'.

Drakar looks at Drakar.

>l drakar
You see nothing special about him.
Drakar is in perfect health.

Drakar is using:
<used as light> (Weak magic) (Glowing) the Rod of Blacklight
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a simple ring
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a simple ring
<worn around neck> (Artifact magic) a Major Amulet of Blocking
<worn around neck> (Moderate magic) the impressive pewter amulet
<worn on body> (Moderate magic) a heavy cloth peasant shirt
<worn on legs> (Potent magic) a pair of heavy cloth pantaloons
<worn on feet> (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth slippers
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the splendid obsidian bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) an animal hide bracer
<wielded> (Powerful magic) a heavy mace
<wielded off-hand> (Moderate magic) a light mace
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) the Agriculture Minister's Symbol of Office
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) the Agriculture Minister's Symbol of Office

Drakar says (in common), 'Is that...hmmm..'.

Drakar scratches his head.

You raise your eyebrow at him.

You say, 'Something wrong?'.
You say, 'It's been a really quiet day.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'why is that?'.

You say, 'Not many people on, no gossip or anything.'.

You shrug.

Cresom says (in common), 'i was on earlier today with Samiyah'.

DarkClaw scowls at the mention of her name.

Cresom scowls.

You say, 'Your sister is extremely frustrating.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'how is that?'.

You say, 'She is way too stubborn and difficult.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'stubborn i would totally give you '.
Cresom says (in common), 'she has never been difficult with me'.

You say, 'She insists on calling me a liar even when I speak the truth.'.

Cresom winces. Ouch!

Drakar says (in common), 'Probably best to be careful calling and immortal a liar regardless of whether it is the truth or not..'.

You say, 'She doesn't seem to think about that.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'I will speak with her'.

You say, 'No, don't. It's not worth it.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'she listens to me '.
Cresom says (in common), 'most of the time '.

You say, 'She won't when it concerns me.'.
You say, 'She hates me now.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'that makes me sad '.
Cresom frowns.

You shrug.
You say, 'I have tried speaking with her, to no avail.'.

Cresom says (in common), 'sometimes it is just better to let something and people just go'.

You say, 'She will hardly speak to me without HIM present.'.

Drakar raises an eyebrow.

Cresom nods in recognition to you.
Cresom says (in common), 'be right back'.

You nod.

Cresom leaves west.

You chuckle.

DarkClaw looks back to Drakar, finding his gaze with hers. "That tiger...is why we have the connection we do."

Drakar says (in common), 'You mean it wasn't because of my boyish looks and charm?'.
Drakar chuckles quietly, looking back at the mural.

DarkClaw grins slowly. "Not entirely, no."

You say, 'Sorry to disappoint your ego.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'You had strong connections with other Tigers before, hmm?'.
Drakar says (in common), 'There is no disappointing my ego, dear..'.

You say, 'I did, yes. If you remember correctly...Tripper and I were involved for a time.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'and Garland..'.

You nod in recognition to him.

Drakar says (in common), 'I miss Tripper..'.
Drakar says (in common), 'very much...'.

You say, 'As do I.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I didn't care for Garland.'.
Drakar shrugs.

You say, 'Garland...was everything I wanted in a man.'.
You say, 'But he changed. Grew distant. And finally disappeared.'.

Drakar nods.

You say, 'I don't know if that was because of me...or not.'.

Cresom gossips (in common), 'is there a God+ around and free?'.

You say, 'Tripper was...IS...pure.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I care little. He had no time for me and I him.'.

###Cresom: Quit (24/428916)

Drakar says (in common), 'Yes, indeed.'.
Drakar says (in common), 'He is.'.
Drakar says (in common), 'One of few I held the utmost respect for.'.

You say, 'He is still loved, by everyone.'.
You nod in recognition to him.

Drakar titls his head to the side, remembering fondly.
Drakar says (in common), 'He used to play these games with us...'.
Drakar says (in common), 'You may remember..'.
Drakar says (in common), 'But he would hide throughout the realm and give us hints..'.
Drakar says (in common), 'and the first one to find him would win..'.

You grin evilly at him.

Drakar says (in common), 'I was young and much smaller than most Tigers in those times..'.

You say, 'I remember.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'But I would win nearly every time..'.
Drakar grins to himself. What IS he thinking about...?!

You chuckle.
You say, 'He favored you?'.

Drakar says (in common), 'Aye, before he left..'.

You say, 'Did he tell you why?'.

Drakar shakes his head.
Drakar snickers softly.

You say, 'It would be interesting to know.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I was much more adventuresome and curious those years ago..'.

You say, 'I miss the way his ears would turn red when he blushed.'.
You chuckle.
You say, 'It was the cutest thing.'.

Drakar grins wickedly.
Drakar says (in common), 'Ehhhh...different times..'.
Drakar says (in common), 'I changed a lot.'.
Drakar says (in common), 'We all have.'.

You say, 'But I always felt...safe.. around him.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'This realm has.'.

You nod in recognition to him.
You say, 'I can tell you this, though....'.
You say, 'Were he to return, he would still be as well-loved as before.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'Certainly.'.

DarkClaw lets out a long sigh.

Drakar strokes his fur thoughtfully, idly running his paw over one of his larger scars.

You say, 'I miss Khore as well.'.
You say, 'But at least I have gotten to see him recently.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'Aye...I miss many..'.

You say, 'Odd how some of us stayed and others wandered.'.
You say, 'Back then, seems like we thought it would always be the way it was.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'And most who stayed still wander..'.

You say, 'True.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I have no home anymore.'.
Drakar shrugs quietly, looking towards the ground as if to hide even the slightest bit of vulnerability.

DarkClaw says quietly, "You could have...though it would never be the same."

Drakar remains still and quiet, just another shrug as to dismiss any substance of emotion.

DarkClaw steps closer, reaching out a hand to stroke the fur of one cheek.

Drakar finally speaks in a whisper, "Nothing ever is.."

You say, 'With those words...surely you understand now why I've turned to Chaos.'.

Drakar looks up slowly, his eyes deep masses that tell many stories.
Drakar says (in common), 'I do.. and I have for a long time..'.

DarkClaw searches your gaze, lowering her hand to smooth over the contours of your shoulder and arm. "There is no escaping it."

You say, 'Fight it all you want, Drakar...but things will always change.'.

Drakar nods in recognition to you.

You say, 'We have our memories. They have to be enough.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'They are...they have to be.'.

DarkClaw offers you a small smile and leans in, brushing her lips against one corner of yours.

### Ghazkull has advanced to level 20.

You gossip, 'Grats, brother!'.

Drakar smiles against your lips, then teasingly grabs a small handful of your hair and pulls it playfully.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'thanks!'.

Drakar says (in common), 'Don't get fresh!'.
Drakar winks suggestively at you.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'wasn't a great one :-('.

You gossip, ':-('.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), '1/0/5/6/0'.

DarkClaw chuckles and pulls back, grinning. "Why not?"

Drakar winks suggestively at you.
Drakar says (in common), 'I can't be corrupted.'.
Drakar shakes his head furiously.

You raise your eyebrow at him.
You chuckle.
You say, 'You were corrupted a long time ago, tiger.'.

Drakar sighs, admitting defeat.
Drakar says (in common), 'Yeah..I know..'.

You say, 'In fact, I dare say you had a part in my very own corruption.'.
You say, 'Or was it the other way around?'.

You ponder the question.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'well that's me done for the night'.

You say, 'Too long ago to remember.'.

Ghazkull gossips (in elven), 'night all'.

You gossip, 'Goodnight.  :-) Sleep well.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I would never admit to either..'.

###Ghazkull: Quit

Drakar says (in common), 'Or..both'.
Drakar chuckles, evidently amused.

You grin evilly at him.

DarkClaw pulls back, reaching up and prying your fingers from her hair and putting some space between us.

You say, 'I should go for now.'.

Drakar nods.
Drakar says (in common), 'Me too..'.

You say, 'Be well, tiger.'.

Drakar says (in common), 'I'm sure there is a spot in the lower hall just for me..'.
Drakar grins wickedly.
Drakar waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.

You chuckle.
You wave goodbye to Drakar.

Drakar utters the words, 'sanctuary'.
Drakar is surrounded by a white aura.

Drakar leaves west.

###DarkClaw: Quit