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Socializing - Log by Samiyah

You tell Malkil (in common), 'Hi there, Malkil! Do you need anything?'.

Malkil tells you (in common), 'hi, no thanks, just doing some research in the delving'.

You tell Malkil (in common), 'Oh - I bet that would be a good zone for you at your level!'.

Malkil tells you (in common), 'so far i haven't found anything about wererats'.
Malkil tells you (in common), 'but I'll keep looking '.

You tell Malkil (in common), 'I have not ever seen or heard of wererats.. but I will keep an eye out.'.

Malkil tells you (in common), 'thanks'.

You tell Theros (in common), '*smiles* What ho!'.

Theros tells you (in common), 'What ho, what ho.'.

You tell Theros (in common), 'What hi! How low!'.

Theros tells you (in common), 'what news from the east?'.

You tell Theros (in common), 'Not much. I was pondering working on my song of Night, and also pondering taking time off to read a book.'.

Theros tells you (in common), 'Guess what'.

You tell Theros (in common), 'but I'm feeling most drawn to working on the descriptions of the restring I'm hoping to use your credit for.'.

Theros tells you (in common), 'There's no bad choice there'.

You tell Theros (in common), 'What?!'.

Theros tells you (in common), 'Ah. Something in mind yet?'.

You tell Theros (in common), 'Yes.'.
You tell Theros (in common), a sand-washed silk robe of desert hues' '.

Theros tells you (in common), 'most excellent'.

Drakar gossips, 'Greetings'.

You cant, 'Seeking a god+ if one might be available.'.

Malkil gossips (in common), 'greetings'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'What ho'.

Bittersweet gossips (in common), 'Greets Drakar'.

Golson gossips (in common), 'drakar you are a god!'.
Golson gossips (in common), 'where was I'.

Golson gossips (in common), 'will drakar + me suffice sami?'.
You gossip (in common), 'Can you do restrings?'.

Golson gossips (in common), 'do you have a good imagination?'.

You gossip (in common), 'I have a most excellent imagination. But it's the observer's viewpoint I'm trying to provide for...'.

Drakar smiles at you.

Golson gossips (in common), 'touche :)'.

You tell Drakar (in common), '*bow* Greetings, Sahib Drakar. I trust that the DreamMaster has shown you no impertinence of late?'.

Drakar tells you, 'None. Humbled for the time being, it would seem.'.

You tell Drakar (in common), 'May he remain quietly respectful!'.

Drakar tells you, 'Tell me, how is Ghazkull doing? I..*sighs quietly*..I regret departing my Sodality so..prematurely..'.

You tell Drakar (in common), 'He is doing .. better. I ward his dreams, so they do not turn to nightmares. He was quite troubled by them for a time. He joined Wisdom, but has only seen Lord Hutt once since giving his oath, I think. Today, he reached effective 30th!'.

Drakar tells you, 'I would like to speak with him and others..if not to explain myself, just to look them in the eyes..'.

You tell Drakar (in common), 'we have learned to our happiness that I _can_ exp him. :)'.

Drakar tells you, 'My departure was necessary.'.

Drakar tells you, 'excellent!'.

You tell Drakar (in common), '*nods* Only the gods know the mysteries of the gods... but I think that yes, it would be a comfort for them to hear from you.'.

You tell Drakar (in common), 'With your departure, and Wish's, in much the same way, one after the other.. I think some took it hard.'.

Drakar tells you, 'We walk in curious times, fleeting in what's love and lost. '.

Bittersweet chirps happily at the site of her mentor.

You say (in common), 'Hello, Bittersweet'.

Bittersweet curtseys gracefully for you.
Bittersweet says (in common), 'Good evening '.

You say (in common), 'how are you?'.

Bittersweet says (in common), 'Progressing '.

You say (in common), 'you have grown since I saw you last.'.

Xander arrives from the west.

You give the cursed scroll to Xander.

Xander thanks you heartily.
Xander thanks you heartily.

You say (in common), 'Xander, I would like to introduce you to Bittersweet'.
You say (in common), 'Bittersweet has asked to become my student.'.

Drakar stretches his cat-like form against the ground, waiting for someone to take notice.

You auction (in common), 'seeking a true seeing amulet of level 20 or better.'.

Theros auctions (in common), 'oh, but you must say for whom. perhaps you will give it someone suspicious?'.

Theros auctions (in common), 'j/k :P'.

You auction (in common), 'It is for a bard!'.

Golson gossips (in common), 'she is my broker'.

Theros auctions (in common), 'They are all suspicious!'.

Drakar says, 'Ahh choir practice?'.
Drakar grins playfully.

You say (in common), 'well, Xander has not yet been convinced I would be a good teacher.. So he is not within the Choir, officially..'.
You smile at him.
You say (in common), 'I have hopes he might, though.'.

Drakar sits down and thinks deeply.
Drakar says, 'For what it is worth, I would endorse you as a mentor. However, do not count me as one who is musically inclined.'.
Drakar snickers softly.

Bittersweet says (in common), 'eeep'.
Bittersweet bows before Drakar.

Drakar beams a smile at Bittersweet.

Bittersweet says (in common), 'Sorry, Lord Drakar'.

Drakar says, 'No worries'.

Bittersweet says (in common), 'I was busy reading through somethings'.

Theros arrives from the west.

You smile at him.

Theros smiles happily.
Theros bows before Drakar.

Drakar beams a smile at Theros.

Theros says (in common), 'You don't know me nor I you, but I can try to absorb wisdom'.

Drakar says, 'The Grand Finder and the Past Grand Finder. That covers quite the extent of finding.'.
Drakar says, 'Perhaps it is you who has the wisdom to inpart.'.
Drakar grins happily.

Theros says (in common), 'Oh, no. I know a few things, but knowledge is not wisdom'.
Theros nods at himself; he must be getting senile.

You say (in common), 'I keep trying to tell him that he is wise, but he doesn't believe me.'.

Theros says (in common), 'I am young and foolish yet. But, more to the point, Who the deuce are you?'.

Bittersweet blinks at Theros, seemingly stunned.

You say (in common), 'are you asking who Drakar is?'.

Theros shrugs.
Theros says (in common), 'Someone from above the waves?'.

You say (in common), 'Drakar is an ancient of this realm. He was in the Tigers, under Sahib Tripper.'.
You say (in common), 'He was the lord of the Nashite Sodality of Peace for a time.'.

Theros looks at Drakar.

Theros looks thoughtful.

Drakar nods.
Drakar says, 'Those things are true.'.
Drakar says, 'Who are you, Theros?'.

Drakar beams a smile at Theros.

Xander disappears into the void.

Theros says (in common), 'Oh.'.
Theros says (in common), 'A fishy scholar'.

Theros shrugs.
Theros says (in common), 'did I interrupt? be plain if I need scurry'.

Drakar nods slowly, shifting his glance from each of the 3 in the room individualy.

Drakar says, 'Not at all.'.

You say (in common), 'Not all.'.
You say (in common), 'we were simply relaxing.'.
You say (in common), 'He was asking about Wind, but I answered His question.'.
You say (in common), 'I was not so subtly trying to get Xander to join my Choir..'.
You say (in common), 'but he was resistant.'.

Drakar says, 'I saw 3 bards in a room and I immediately was intrigued.'.

Theros smiles happily.

You say (in common), 'and I am intermittantly pondering restrings and the Song of Night.'.

Bittersweet disappears into the void.

Drakar says, 'This void seems to be swallowing bards at will. Careful, Samiyah.'.
Drakar snickers softly.

You smile happily.

Xander has returned from the void.

You say (in common), 'I am steadfast.'.

Drakar says, 'Have you all had a chance to visit the new submarine yet? I visited with the captain a bit yesterday.'.

You say (in common), 'I have only been there briefly, through visits with others.'.

Drakar says, 'He was a fish too. Although I'd wager not much of a scholar.'.

You say (in common), 'She seemed quite fearsome.'.

Drakar says, 'Quiet. Almost annoyed, perhaps.'.

Theros says (in common), 'No worries, sometimes it's hard to tell gender without looking under the flaps and that can be awkward'.

You cough.

Drakar snickers softly.

Bittersweet has returned from the void.

Drakar says, 'Do fish take it as a slight if others ask them to "raise their flap"?'.
Drakar sits down and thinks deeply.
Drakar says, 'I know little of fish etiquette.'.

Drakar tries to stay away from the water.

Theros says (in common), 'Well, first is the fish wearing pants? It's a dreadful habit but...'.
Theros sighs loudly.

Drakar says, 'No pants. All fin.'.

Theros says (in common), 'Basically wearing pants is soo humiliating that you don't have to worry about the request, But if they're not wearing pants it's more about whether they're reformed Sahuagin or orthodox '.
Theros sighs loudly.

Drakar says, 'I see..'.

Theros says (in common), 'I guess this is more complicated that I thought. Just keep your paws to yourself'.
Theros coughs.
Theros says (in common), 'your most esteemed worshipfulness'.

Theros bows before Drakar.

Drakar looks at his paws clumsily and shrugs.
Drakar says, 'Fair enough.'.

Theros says (in common), 'excuse me'.
Theros stands up.
Theros leaves west.

Drakar says, 'So..is he reformed orthodox...?'.
Drakar grunts something incomprehensible.

You say (in common), 'I don't know.'.

Drakar says, 'and I though Aarakocrans were different..'.
Drakar mutters something under his breath.

You say (in common), 'I've never asked.'.

Sparhawk arrives from the west.
Sparhawk bows before you.
Sparhawk bows before Drakar.

You bow before him.

Drakar says, 'Hello Sparhawk..'.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'Greetings Drakar'.

Sparhawk walks over to Drakar and wonders if he should lick the God.

Drakar pats Sparhawk on his back.

Sparhawk leaves west.
Sparhawk arrives from the west.
Sparhawk licks Drakar.

Sparhawk squeezes Drakar fondly.
Sparhawk says (in common), 'Licks and squeezes for retired immortals'.

Sparhawk beams a smile at Lishay.
Sparhawk looks at Lishay.

Drakar says, 'Hello Lishay..'.

Lishay says (in common), 'hi'.

Drakar says, 'in lieu of recent conversations I've had this eve'..I have a question for you..'.
Drakar looks at Lishay.

Lishay says (in common), 'me?'.

Drakar says, 'Correct.'.

Lishay says (in common), 'okay'.

Sparhawk is now guarding Lishay.

Lishay says (in common), 'It was Samiyah's doing.'.
Lishay says (in common), '(just guessing)'.

Lishay says (in common), '(did I miss the question?)'.

Drakar says, 'Are you a reformed or orthodox Sahuagin?'.

Sparhawk blinks.
Sparhawk ponders what Drakar is talking about.
Sparhawk leaves west.

Lishay says (in common), 'Reformed, I suppose...from Thor's following.'.

You bow deeply.
You say (in common), 'pardon me'.

(end scene)