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Why? - Log by DarkClaw

You [GS] tell Venom, 'May I see you in the temple when you have a moment?'.

Venom prays, 'I will be free in a short moment.'.
Venom arrives from the west.
Venom nods in recognition to you.

You say, 'Thank you.'.

Venom says (in common), 'No trouble.'.

You say, 'I want to know something.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Ask'.

DarkClaw pauses, studying you, reading your actions. "Why are you here?"

Venom says (in common), 'Because you requested my presence.'.

DarkClaw lets out a slightly frustrated sigh and continues.

You say, 'You don't like how I run the following. You have no use for any of us. You hate the rules and the decisions I make...'.
You say, 'Why are you in the Lost?'.

Venom says (in common), 'Because you are my Queen, and this is the home of my Sire.'.

DarkClaw raises a brow. "After what I just stated you still call me your Queen?"
DarkClaw looks amused.

Venom grins evilly.
Venom says (in common), 'Despite your best efforts, I remain loyal to you.'.

You say, 'Do you?'.

Venom says (in common), 'Yes.'.

DarkClaw shakes her head in disbelief. "You remain loyal to me only as it suits your needs."

Venom raises his eyebrow.
Venom says (in common), 'Do not talk so foolish.'.
Venom says (in common), 'I may lash out with sharp tongue but my actions remain a testament to my loyalty.'.

Venom fades out of existence.

You say, 'Don't kid yourself, Venom. If being loyal to me started to interfere with your goals, we both know which you would choose.'.

Venom says (in common), 'That day has not yet come. Will that be all?'.

DarkClaw smirks. "Can't stand to be in my presence any longer?"

Venom says (in common), 'I have work to do.'.

DarkClaw waves a dismissive hand. "Fine. Go."

Venom slams the door on his way out.

Venom leaves west.

The door closes.