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Following the Rituals - Log by Samiyah

The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
This hallway must have been built by giants! It is huge! Then
again, there are more than a few giants that belong to The Guild, so
it may just be so. A stairway leads up to another hallway above.
The corpse of Sparhawk is lying here.
Mish Leigh Salvandor will use her contacts to help you... for a price.

Samiyah kneels next to the corpse.

Samiyah murmurs a quiet prayer, aware of the irony, given their recent conversation about faith: "May you pass gently into the next life."

You say (in common), 'May the Shepherd guide you through your rebirth. May the Teacher grant you the wisdom you lacked in this life. May the Guardian give you vengeance.'.

Portobello arrives from above.
Portobello's steak made from Sparhawk looks very filling.

Samiyah calls the sacred fires.

You say (in common), 'damnit!'.

Portobello raises an eyebrow.

You say (in common), '.. timing.'.

Portobello blushes.
Portobello laughs.

You say (in common), 'horrible, horrible timing.'.

Portobello says (in gnomish), 'w`yp'.

Samiyah was about to do a special ritual sacrifice thing.

Portobello laughs.
Portobello says (in gnomish), 'rpun qu spyyy rynseyak pus byusp unsruyw!'.

You say (in common), 'I don't speak gnomish'.

Portobello says (in common), 'then ye shall consume his flesh instead!'.

You say (in common), 'gaaaah!!'.
You say (in common), 'NO!!'.

Eragon has entered the game.

You sigh.

Eragon raises an eyebrow.

Samiyah looks dejectedly at the steak.

Eragon says (in common), 'He was an idiot and chased into the wrong room'.
Eragon shrugs.

You say (in common), 'I was about to do the rituals for the peace of his spirit'.
You say (in common), 'and Portobello made.. food... out of him.'.
You say (in common), 'which is a curse I cannot lift through faith.'.

Eragon nods.

Eragon says (in common), 'Eat the steak then?'.

Eragon shrugs.

Samiyah kneels next to the lump of flesh, and repeats her earlier blessing, speaking softly in the desert tongue.

Samiyah calls the sacred fires.

Ivorytiger accepts your sacrifice.

A Letter to Venom:

A lone sheet of parchment rests atop the surface of the double sarcophagus,
heavily wrinkled as if it was crushed within a fist and then discarded, only to
be pulled back out and reconsidered. The ink upon it is smeared in places due
to its mistreatment, but not enough to make it illegible. The words read:

"I have spent what feels like a lifetime fighting you.
Fighting for you, with you, against you.
My strength is waning and I still force myself to stand.
Your Fire rages, consumes, lashes, calls...even flickers and teases.
But I am the Air to your Fire...coaxing it, fueling it, giving it life and making it burn brighter.
All we have is passion and lust, yet we still thrash and struggle against it.
Two that belong to each other yet neither willing to admit.
Do we surrender, or does the battle rage on forevermore?
Perhaps it is the battle itself that we truly crave. "

True Allies - Log by Samiyah

You gossip (in common), 'my Greetings to all :)'.

Vendetta gossips (in common), 'hi Samiyah :)'.

Sirka gossips (in common), 'hey sami'.

You gossip (in common), 'do any of my Allies in the Lost or Wisdom need any assistance?'.

Belgarion gossips (in common), 'no thank you I am ok for now'.
Belgarion bows deeply.

Pharuin gossips (in common), 'Hunt&'.

Vendetta gossips (in common), 'maybe! I’ll let you know thanks'.

Pharuin gossips (in common), '*'.

Belgarion says (in common), 'just hanging out'.
Belgarion chuckles, evidently amused.

You tell Pharuin (in common), '?'.

Pharuin tells you (in common), 'your true allies'.
Pharuin tells you (in common), 'also, lulz you didn't mention Nexus'.

You tell Pharuin (in common), 'the Sayyida Katrana has not ever honored me with Ally status. And I am not allies with Nexus. Though, I do have the Rule of Three with Hunt.'.

Pharuin tells you (in common), 'that's ok, Kat has a weird smell anyway'.

You tell Pharuin (in common), '*blink* not so that I have ever noticed... but my sense of smell is not very good.'.

The Bard's EQ Plan - Log Snippet by Samiyah

You tell Pharuin (in common), 'my plan is to PK Portobello for his DA sleeves....'.
You tell Pharuin (in common), 'shhhh.'.

Pharuin tells you (in common), 'share the eq and we got a deal'.

You tell Pharuin (in common), 'lol'.

Pharuin tells you (in common), 'I just want his wwp'.
Pharuin tells you (in common), 'that's it!'.

You tell Pharuin (in common), 'what, I do the wrong, and you share the loot?'.

Pharuin tells you (in common), 'wait'.

You tell Pharuin (in common), 'er, work'.

Pharuin tells you (in common), 'nvm, his boots. His wwp is gone. Yes but I can tell him I need his help in a 1hp room then BAM. You got this'.

You tell Pharuin (in common), 'He's smarter than both of us :P'.

Pharuin tells you (in common), 'not really, he has 3 kids'.
Pharuin tells you (in common), 'no thx'.

You tell Pharuin (in common), '*snicker*'.

A Golson Donation - Log Snippet by Samiyah

Portobello gives you a prize voucher for 1 restring.
Portobello smiles happily.

You say (in common), 'How are you, Mister Mushroom?'.

You say (in common), 'OOOOOOH!'.
You say (in common), 'May I buy it from you?'.

Portobello says (in common), 'nah :)'.
Portobello says (in common), 'golson donated that :P'.

You grin wickedly.
You say (in common), 'that makes it even better!'.

Portobello nods.

c 'create food'
You make the gesture necessary to invoke your spell.
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.

You get a Magic Mushroom.
You give a Magic Mushroom to Portobello.

You say (in common), 'those are mighty rare.'.
You nod at yourself. Are you getting senile?

You say (in common), 'Thank you for the kind gift.'.
You bow before him.

Renovations In The Mind Palace - Log by Samiyah

Theros has reconnected.

You bow before him.
You say (in common), 'What ho!'.

Theros says (in common), 'Hello?'.

> vis

You say (in common), 'how are you?'.

Theros bows before you.
Theros says (in common), 'Oh, hello friend. Mostly ok. You?'.

Samiyah tilts her head to one side, concern flashing across her features. "I am well... but now, concerned. How can I make you feel better?"

Theros presses fingers to forehead.

You say (in common), 'are you hurting?'.

> ch theros
Theros is in perfect health.

You say (in common), 'are you injured?'.

Theros says (in common), 'No trouble really.'.
Theros says (in common), 'Just run of the mill headache'.

> c 'cure light' theros
You make the gesture necessary to invoke your spell.

Theros says (in common), 'I think my mind palace needs a wing added'.

Theros smiles happily.
Theros thanks you heartily.

You ponder the question.
You say (in common), 'is it stuffed full of learning and things you wish to remember?'.

Theros says (in common), 'I expect so. Make room for more! Every day I find I'm farther behind than I thought the day before'.

You say (in common), 'can I help you to catch up?'.

Theros says (in common), 'Yep. But only when I know what I don't know'.

You say (in common), 'would you like me to thwack things?'.

Theros sits down and thinks deeply.
Theros says (in common), 'What an odd question'.

You say (in common), 'I meant, like, with you in my group. To help you gain knowledge.'.

Theros snickers softly.
Theros says (in common), 'That might be fun. Are you busy, though?'.

You say (in common), 'I am not. Though, I cannot promise that Gala and Portobello won't want to come and smash us on the head. So it is not without risk.'.

Theros says (in common), 'together or separately?'.

You say (in common), 'either. Both. '.

Theros says (in common), 'Well, normally I would be risky, but ATM I am a little sleepy. Probably best to be safe'.

You ponder the question.
You say (in common), 'Okay.'.

Samiyah lays her hands over her heart, drawing forth her songbook.
Samiyah reaches up to draw a quill pen from behind her ear that wasn't there a moment ago.

Theros signals that he is ready.

You say (in common), 'for what?'.

Theros utters the words, 'safhar'.
The air shimmers as Theros creates a portal here.

(Some time later...)

Theros arrives from above.
Theros rests.

You smile at him.

Samiyah's lips move as she reads the words on the page.

Theros says (in common), 'oh duh'.
Theros says (in common), 'I am asleep'.

You say (in common), 'you are asleep?'.

Theros rolls his eyes.
Theros sleeps.

Theros wakes and stands up.

Scaring off Portobello - Log Snippet by Samiyah

Theros makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Theros draws a funny looking rune on Portobello.

Portobello says (in common), 'time for bed'.
Portobello waves happily.

Portobello says (in common), 'nighty night!'.

You wave.

Portobello has left the game.

Theros says (in common), 'I guess that scared him off'.

You say (in common), 'you wizard marking him?'.

Theros says (in common), 'oh yes'.

Theros rests.

The Dirty Sea - Log Snippet by Samiyah

### [Theros says (in common), 'keep the sea clean']

Theros arrives from above.

You tell Theros (in common), 'is someone making the sea dirty?'.

Theros tells you (in common), 'well, not that I know of. just keeping things on the up and up'.

Theros says (in common), 'and speaking of the deep…

You say (in common), 'yes? What of it?'.

Theros says (in common), 'I should stay a toil, but...'.
Theros sniffs sadly.

You say (in common), 'you must go?'.

Theros says (in common), 'the deep is calling'.

You shiver. Brrrrrrrrr.
You nod.

Theros bows before you.

You say (in common), 'go vis?'.

You make the gesture necessary to invoke your spell.
Theros fades out of existence.

You say (in common), 'for next time.'.

Someone thanks you heartily.

You say (in common), 'swim safely'.

Someone says (in common), 'take care, friend'.

You smile happily.
You say (in common), 'and you as well, Friend.'.

Duly Noted - Log Snippet by Samiyah

Vicarious tells you (in common), 'A female centaur rams her knee into your groin!'.

You tell Vicarious (in common), '*blink* Well, that was rude of her!'.
You tell Vicarious (in common), '*shifts uncomfortably* And.. it is haraam to speak of such .. parts.. of the form.'.

Vicarious tells you (in common), 'Duly noted. *Walks away uncomfortably*'.