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Humping and Tracking - Log by Cordir

5 players.
Hum [ Triat Weaver ] Cordir: Lady Stormreaver, Patroness of Bards <Inv 73>
Gno [ Th:21 Wa:20 Cl:21 ] Dimwit the Flathead of the Nexus
Hum [ Ma:23 Th:20 ] Malkil the Spy. *info*
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Lexie, Soul-Devouring NashiTe Succubus *D*A*M*
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Belgarion The Lost Rivan King

Dimwit questions (in common), 'if I info Malkil will I gain extra info from it?'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Malkil answers (in common), 'maybe'.

Dimwit questions (in common), 'if I said you have a beautiful body Lexie would you hold it against me?'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'of course'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'maybe I’ll just go and hug Belgarion's leg'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'ok'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'keep him busy'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'I’m to shy'.

Belgarion gossips (in common), 'heh'.
Belgarion gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Lexie cants, 'ok ocean no bueno'.
Lexie cants, 'BAH'.

Belgarion gossips (in common), 'you better be quick Dimwit I am not in the same place or very long lol'.
Belgarion gossips (in common), 'you die Lexie?'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'I’m always at the same place'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'of course not'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'where I am'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'I have tempest on me'.

Belgarion gossips (in common), 'ummm GH possibly?'.

Belgarion gossips (in common), 'nice he will slow you down'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'diiieeeeee'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'of a leg humping dimwit'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'want me to hump the tempest?'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'yes'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'I found your darkness '.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'yea tempest was around there'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'ill track him down'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'yay'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'gnomes have a special knack for tracking in water'.
Dimwit gossips (in common), 'I think it went invis to hide from me'.
Dimwit gossips (in common), 'it’s afraid'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'it’s still hunting me :('.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'keeel it'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'ill choke it'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'yay'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'I slew it'.
Dimwit gossips (in common), 'no wait it was a pelican'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'did u?'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'omg'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'dimwit you fail me'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'I need assistance in deterring his scavenge'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'not my fault tempest is afraid of me'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'it’s after me now'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'my hero'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'I hid in a chest and tricked it'.
Dimwit gossips (in common), 'The Tempest slaps you across the face leaving a distinct stinging sensation.'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'hehehe'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'omg why is it not attacking you'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'I slapped it first and stunned it'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'it’s been the bane of my existence for two days now'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'I used my martial arts skills'.
Dimwit gossips (in common), 'The Tempest's magic missile injures you.'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'tempest is in the MG temple hahaha'.

Lexie cants, 'cackle'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'it will be its doom'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'it will dehydrate'.
Dimwit gossips (in common), 'and it still got my colors'.

Isolas gossips, 'I just placed a fire hose connected to the Midgaard well to help it out'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'I saw the pretty pink on it'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'oh no!'.

Dimwit gossips (in common), 'sniff'.

Ketan's Paranoia - Log by Cordir

DarkClaw: Not one person has asked me to accompany them to the ball Saturday. *frowns* I'm beginning to feel like I'm losing my touch.

Cordir: *ponder* no one asked me either

Isolas: Maybe because person #1 is invis to everyone

DarkClaw: I have 2nd place in immortal visibility ranking, though.

### Ketan: Entered game.

Isolas: Now see, Ketan can't see you

DarkClaw: *snicker* Ketan saw me all day yesterday.

Isolas: oooooooooooooh

Isolas: Here's how that's read in my mind:

Isolas: Ketan saw me all... day... yesterday.
Isolas: I add pauses where they are neither intended nor necessary, to make them dirtier to my liking.

DarkClaw: I wouldn't have thought you were Ketan's type.  :-P

Isolas: Well I guess that tells you where assumptions will get you.

DarkClaw: Ahh, but I didn't assume. I just wouldn’t have thought. There is a slight difference.

Isolas: Nope. Assumption. I heard it.
Isolas: Ketan is 100% my type. He's young and unaligned.

DarkClaw: But you are retired.

DarkClaw: There. I wasn't aware that I was invis to you. My apologies.

Isolas: Were you talking to Cordir just now? Because you still are.

DarkClaw: *grumbles at the Typo Demon*
DarkClaw: No, I thought I went invis 70 but did a typo.

### Ketan: Quit

DarkClaw: I go vis to Ketan and he flees in terror!
DarkClaw: Definitely losing my touch.

Isolas: It's just nervousness.

DarkClaw: *sigh*

Isolas: He was all worked up to ask you, and then he froze.
Isolas: Guys do that.

DarkClaw: I suppose it's possible.
DarkClaw: I did remember to brush my fangs this morning.

Isolas: It's probably Nicholai. Ketan knows there's history there and is just sure you two are already going together.
Isolas: You should make it clear you're not going with Nicholai to clear up the confusion.

DarkClaw: *blinks* There hasn't been anything between Nich and I in a LONG time...other than friendship.

Isolas: Hey, it's Ketan's paranoia, not mine.

DarkClaw: And a great deal of respect.

Sweet, Sweet Melodrama - Log Snippet by Cordir

### Portobello has connected.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'you know...I think that you think I don't think you're on, but you'd be wrong'.

Talmus gossips (in common), 'who?'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'I SMELL YOU'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'oh he knows'.

Portobello gossips (in common), 'There is no Shroom'.

Lexie cants, 'I’m just sad Nich didn't WARN ME'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'hehehehehe'.

Nicholai cants, 'sorry, I didn't know you were still on'.
Nicholai cants, 'he's out of guild too'.

Lexie cants, 'well nevyn is a spaz in the studio!'.
Lexie cants, 'oh great!'.
Lexie cants, 'omg'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'hi Ranus'.

Ranus gossips (in common), 'hello'.

### Belgarion has connected.

Lexie cants, 'OMG it’s about damn time'.
Lexie cants, 'here I’ve been battering Porto to death myself with no back up'.

Belgarion cants, 'about time for what'.
Belgarion cants, 'sorry get nich I’m on my phone'.

Nicholai cants, 'Porto is in the guild'.

Lexie cants, 'er what'.
Lexie cants, 'oh nich you are a party pooper'.

Nicholai cants, 'hehe'.

Lexie cants, 'a melodramatic sapper'.
Lexie cants, 'I feel sapped and zapped of melodrama when you do that'.

Nicholai cants, 'mmm...sweet sweet melodrama'.

Lexie cants, 'no matter, I can melodramatize myself'.

Nicholai cants, 'can I watch?'.

Lexie cants, 'hehe'.

Lexie cants, 'well that was a convenient teleport'.
Lexie cants, 'right outside DC temple'.
Lexie cants, 'I think it's an omen'.

Nicholai cants, 'could you give Ranus a ride to Riverhold?'.

Lexie cants, 'are you crazy'.

Nicholai cants, 'he needs an exp spot'.


Nicholai cants, 'just to the school'.

Lexie cants, 'I never find the school :P'.

Nicholai cants, 'don't you live there?'.

Lexie cants, 'no'.

Nicholai cants, 'oh'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'ranus. just exp in delving or living lands!'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'don’t allow the senseless murder of a Lexie'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'oh and Talmus I keel you if you hurt the Ranus'.

### [Nicholai says (in elven), 'this is a safe room']