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Chatter - Log by Cordir

### Cordir is visible to all mortals.

You gossip, 'Hello, all.'.

Venom gossips (in common), 'Greetings, Ice Queen... I see you are hosting further coldness and snow-i-ness in the realm.'.

Nicholai gossips (in elven), 'do-not-anger-the-Elsa'.

You gossip, 'Yes, Venom, I am. I bid the Lost luck in the competition'.

### Theros: Connected

You gossip, 'greetings and What Ho, He Who Is Hard to Restring For.'.

Theros gossips (in common), '*quiet as a mouse* what ho?'.

The Kitchen
[Exits: west]
A small white fountain gushes forth here.
(Invis) (Translucent) Lord Theros, The Grand Finder and Past Grand Finder, is here.

You blink.

Theros blinks.

You say, 'oh. Hello.'.

Theros says (in common), 'Hello'.

Theros bows before you.

Cordir glances around, a touch of disappointment at not spying someone specific.
Cordir schools her expression.

Theros looks around.

You say, 'Is your tunic to your liking?'.

"What ho, what ho?," says this fine fishy fellow as you look at him.
Theros won't win any beauty contests.
Theros is in perfect health.

Theros is using:
<used as light> (Moderate magic) (Glowing) a spinning blue spindle
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a simple ring
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a simple ring
<worn around neck> (Powerful magic) a golden lavaliere
<worn around neck> (Invis) (Moderate magic) a golden medallion
<worn on body> (Powerful magic) a stout kraken-hide tunic with many pockets
<worn on head> (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth lace scarf
<worn on legs> (Moderate magic) a pair of heavy cloth peasant pants
<worn on feet> (Moderate magic) stout brown leather boots
<worn on hands> (Powerful magic) damp gloves of shiny fish scales
<worn on arms> (Moderate magic) a set of carved ivory armbands
<worn about body> (Moderate magic) (chaotic) a cloak crafted of inky black tendrils
<worn about waist> (Moderate magic) a seashell belt
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) (Humming) a storm-gray silver bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Glowing) (Mystical) the band of inner peace
<wielded> (Artifact magic) a fishing spear
<held> (Potent magic) a blackened pipe
<worn with pride> the Ebon Sigil Odegra
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) the Symbol of the High Mage of Kuroth
<worn with pride> 2 medals, 6 pins, 51 ribbons, an insignia

Theros says (in common), 'Oh, very much so'.

Theros preens.

Theros coughs.

Theros says (in common), 'You must be paid back'.

You say, 'if you remove lint from it with your claws I shall scream'.

Theros nods at himself; he must be getting senile.

You say, 'It was commissioned work. I have been paid'.

Theros says (in common), 'perhaps'.

You say, 'you are just going to have to get used to the idea that people like to do nice things for you because you yourself are nice.'.

Theros says (in common), 'perhaps. I suspect the pay was unequal to the work'.

You say, 'The pay was more than sufficient'.

Theros sighs loudly.

You say, 'My Bard said, "Lady, would you.." and gave me a voucher. Then we collaborated - a thing I greatly enjoy'.

Theros smiles happily.
Theros says (in common), 'Well, who knows... I may still endeavor to show appreciation in some... way?'.

Theros scratches his head.

You say, 'Tell me you like it'.

Theros says (in common), 'Oh, I like it.'.
Theros says (in common), 'I like it'.
Theros says (in common), 'I love it.'.

You say, '... I feel appreciated'.

You smile happily.
You say, 'it is that simple'.

Theros says (in common), 'You are master crafter'.

You say, 'I enjoy making things - from Kraken tunics to songs'.

Theros says (in common), 'These things do not come easily for me'.

You say, 'to places to new ways for people to see themselves'.

Theros says (in common), 'I will work instead on items that may hand on tool belts'.
Theros smiles at you.

Cordir seats Herself on the edge of the fountain.
Cordir runs her fingertips through the water, purifying it with a touch.

Theros drinks water from a fountain.
Theros says (in common), 'Yum'.

Theros gets a savory meat pie from a saddlebag. Theros eats a savory meat pie.

You say, 'It can get a bit stale sometimes'.

You ponder the question.
You get a luscious chocolate frosted cupcake from the kitchen.
You give a luscious chocolate frosted cupcake to Theros.

Theros utters the words, 'identify'.

Cordir says wistfully, "I was learning how to bake sweets for Wish, when he disappeared."
Cordir gestures at the cupcake, "while I was learning, I assure you it is entirely edible."

Theros eats a luscious chocolate frosted cupcake.

Theros says (in common), 'there we are'.
Theros says (in common), 'Yum'.

You ponder the question.

You say, 'Wish had a particular weakness for sweets. Is there one you favor in particular?'.

Venom gossips (in common), 'Once I re-equip, you will be my focus.'.
Venom gossips (in common), 'mischannel'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'ogg'.

You say, 'is Venom threatening you?'.

Theros chuckles, evidently amused.
Theros says (in common), 'Was Venom ever not threatening anyone?'.

Cordir makes a gesture of concession.

Theros says (in common), 'mint is the thing'.

You ponder the question.

You say, 'I will see what I can come up with'.

Theros says (in common), 'well, my delight need not be a priority'.

Cordir frowns slightly glancing away.
Cordir's gaze falls on the long table.

Cordir says quietly, "Pardon me."

A Thank You – Log Snippet by Cordir

The Sea-Lock
[Exits: north]
(Token magic) A magical spring flows from the ground here.
(Dark Purple Aura) Venom is sleeping here.

Captain Ak'ash'eck yells (in sahuagin), 'Cast off moorings! The Te'nayu'ka is on its way!'.

Venom wakes and stands up.

Venom nods in recognition to you.

You nod in recognition to him.

Venom says (in common), 'Can I help you?'.

You say, 'I wished to express my appreciation'.

Venom says (in common), 'For what?'.

You say, 'for your hosting of the Kindred Ball'.

Venom says (in common), 'It was my pleasure...'.
Venom grins evilly, his elongated fangs glistening.

You nod.
You say, 'I attended... in a manner of speaking. It seemed only polite to thank you.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Your presence is always welcome...'.
Venom grits out a smile...

Cordir chuckles slightly, a smirk acknowledging your forced smile.

You say, '.. that is all. I simply wished to say thank you.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Thank you.'.
Venom bows deeply.

Scoundrels and Seriousness – Log Snippet by Cordir

### A fierce nor'easter killed by Pie at The Southern Side of the Town Square

Theros gossips (in common), 'Pie, you scoundrel'.

Pie gossips (in common), 'Not so not so!'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'What ho'.

Pie gossips (in common), ':) How you doing?'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'well... keeping busy'.

Pie gossips (in common), 'Busy is good'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'keeps you out of trouble? ...'.

Pie gossips (in common), 'Or in it.'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'yeah, about that... I'm working on being more <echo> serious </echo>, so Nicholai will like me'.

Zappa gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'oops, my echo tags were stripped from that'.

Nicholai gossips (in elven), ':)'.

You gossip, 'the Eldest sits in a tree and feeds people corpses to cats and trains puddings ... he might not be so solemn as you think'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'Well... he has a good poker face anyway'.

Nicholai gossips (in elven), 'I'm seriously not that serious'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'er, what?! nvmd'.

The IceQueen – Log by Cordir

### Venom has connected.

The temperature creeps downward.

Venom gossips (in common), 'huh, wha?'.

Venom tells you (in common), 'I know that is you...'.

You tell Venom, '*distracted* Pardon? What is whom?'.

Venom tells you (in common), 'It's not like you to play coy.'.

You tell Venom, '*full attention* *chuckles* coy? No. Not with you.'.

Venom tells you (in common), 'Are you enjoying yourself?'.

You tell Venom, '*raises a brow* ..What are you talking about?'.

Venom tells you (in common), 'Are you saying that you are not toying with the temperature?'.

You tell Venom, '*quietly, after a long pause* ..Not knowingly.'.
You tell Venom, 'Sometimes when I am distracted, I do not realize I am affecting the world.'.

Venom tells you (in common), 'Perhaps it is just your body temperature...'.

You tell Venom, '..Perhaps'.

The Threads of Time

Cordir says, quietly and sadly, 'I spent too long today amidst the Threads of Time. I miss Deamhan.'.

DarkClaw frowns, slowly.
DarkClaw says, 'I can only imagine the emptiness you feel.'.

Cordir says, '...we danced. In my Garden. His ghost and I .. when you were all at the Ball. It seemed only .. mannerly? So I thanked Venom for hosting the Ball.'.

DarkClaw asks, '...Was it worth the pain...to see him again?'.

Cordir answers without hesitation, the word barely breathed: 'Yes.'.

A soft, slow, light drizzling rain begins to fall.

DarkClaw whispers, 'It's alright to cry. I won't tell a soul.'.

The rain intensifies slightly.

DarkClaw hesitates only briefly before wrapping her arms around you in an unfamiliar gesture, but sincere with the desire to comfort you.

Cordir stands still and silent - not rigid and rejecting, but not relaxing, either.
Cordir takes a long, deep breath.

The rain turns stingingly hard, pelting down from a gray sky.

DarkClaw says, 'You've had to be so strong for so long...for so many others...making countless sacrifices out of duty.'.

Cordi draws back out of the comforting hug.
Cordir says, 'That is my job. It is what keeps me going.'.

DarkClaw sighs, feeling the failure of what she was trying to accomplish.
DarkClaw murmurs, 'It does not go unnoticed...But I wish for your happiness again.'

Cordir shifts uncomfortably, turning away before responding: "It's just the occasional bout of loneliness. Gwyr's return is a reminder of all the other losses."
Cordir withdraws further, moving a step away. "I will be fine. Thank you for .. being worried."

DarkClaw says quietly, pleading, "Don't...don't shut me out more...not now."

Cordir glances back over her shoulder at the Kindred.
Cordir says, with a bare smile, in an attempt to reassure, "I am not, Star.. but as I was reminded of today by Venom, if I don't mind my thoughts, they manifest in the world..that can be dangerous. I'm just striving for self control.'.

The unusual rain begins to fade.

Cordir reaches out and briefly squeezes your hand before releasing it.

DarkClaw watches you quietly for a moment.
DarkClaw says, 'When I was under your wing so long ago. I had no idea all the sacrifices made, all the effort put forth... All the heartache and decision making...'.

Cordir nods. 'But you have your own now - and you understand ..'

DarkClaw says, 'Had I have known then, I would have respected you much, much more. For that, I am sorry.'

Cordir frowns.
Cordir says, 'There isn't anything to forgive there, Star.'

DarkClaw says, 'Perhaps not, but I regret not showing you more even so...'

(End scene)