2002 Phoenix, Arizona GT

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(Originally posted to the Tapestry of Fate website)

The May 18, 2002 GT: Phoenix, AZ

Note: A huge THANK YOU to Tranquility, TyAnna and Kennet who provided photos.

Two 9x13" lasagnes, a massive pot of spaghetti, a quart of hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries, eight dozen chocolate chip cookies, four bags of assorted types of chips, two quarts of guacamole and a whole lot of alcohol later... The GT lasted over twelve hours from the time Tripper arrived to when Nyx and Jahiliya left.

Cordir's plane touched down late Thursday night, and after much giggling and girl talk, the planning began...

Boromir showed up for the GT a day EARLY (Friday) and raided the lasagne. He was his usual Mirth-y self, and was quite amused that he didn't look the way Ty and Cordir pictured him. ".. More Irish... bearded... cigar smoking.. and shorter!". He was unable to make it on Saturday, as it was his wife's birthday.

There were a few great surprises: Syla and Gaul being convinced to show up, Tyanna convincing Tirant and Kain to swing on her home made tree swing, the sheer amount of torment she could put them all through, and Cordir & Tirant actually getting along reasonably well.

There were plenty of war stories, and only a little bit of smack-talk (Majere finally learned the effects on the item he took from Ptarchyzk's corpse that Torchbearer instantly stole from him - it was a worn on head item from Madman's birthday party that had been restrung). Blystur stopped by briefly; we wish he could have stayed longer.

There were phonecalls adding to the merriment: Noctus called at 9 am on his cell phone to sadly report that he and the other Dutchies 'wouldn't be able to make it to the GT". Belsambar called as well, and was passed around the room like a party favor (sparking one of the amusing quotes of the night: "This is Nyx. And I don't talk. Goodbye.").

Tons of pictures were taken: sitting around chatting..more chatting... logging onto TFC... watching other folks log onto TFC... . Cordir giggling at Syla & Tokugawa... - even pictures of other people taking pictures!

Quotables included the inevitable Syla-ism: "Who are the kids on the porch?" (Majere, Tirant and Kain)

Tirant: "No one here has killed me yet." (we weren't sure if he meant on mud or in RL)

Tranquility: "You know, you behaved like an unmitigated bastard."
Tirant: "heeeeeeheeeeheeee"

TyAnna: "You're Nyx? You're supposed to be small!"

Majere, Tirant and Kain, quite astonished in disbelief: "You've been playing this long and you've never had a Pk'er?"
Cordir, grinning and blushing: "Well... I PK'd Keller, but he rested and slept first..."

Foolkiller: "When girls are giggling like that... someone is in trouble!" (This, admist offers of helping Emaleth and Sabella change clothes for their photo op with Tripper**... or at least wanting to photograph them changing).

The resident house-kitties (Junior and Frak) and TyAnna ( who is hyperactive and eight years old and wanted everyone to please tickle her - or let her climb on them! ) provided a lot of entertainment, and there were plenty of stories, mostly from 2x: Tales of Madman terrorizing the mud... the time that Welverin and Fookiller spent hours trying to get through the 2x Demon Realm to get to King Ebencaleneezer, only to have the mud crash when they were one room away, and thus had to start all over again... an immortal's perspective on how to crash the mud... the revelation of an ancient, partially destroyed temple to Syla hidden somewhere on the mud - and she wouldn't tell us WHERE!... discussions of new zones .... maps of old ones... trying to get Nyx to reveal the secrets of the Mystic Woods - as usual, he resisted all such attempts.

Cordir was on the mud for hours, trying to convince Tynian to show up. At times, it seemed like he might relent, but he resisted to the end. "There will be people there," he said. "I don't like people."

Fun moments... Tyanna wanting to play checkers on Majere's head... Foolkiller in Ptarchyzk's lap - getting groped! ... Emaleth and Sabella flanking the Master Tiger... Cordir belly dancing to club music... Syla in Ptarchyzk's lap.... TyAnna climbing people, trees, anything that didn't move fast enough .... the PKers swinging on the swings, too... Nyx made origami cranes (one of which liked cookies) and was his usual quiet self (we sometimes wondered if Kain and Nyx were having a quiet contest), so TyAnna dragged him off to play video games, soundly trouncing him. Ptarchyzk and his giant bottle opener providing assistance with the more stubborn liquor bottle caps... Tirant being stunned Cordir had a tattoo... Ptarchyzk asking Kennet if his tattoo was "in a girlie place". Marisa being accidentally sent off on a wild goose chase looking for Taylor and TyAnna in the park, when in fact they were buying ice cream from the ice cream man... At one point folks wandered outside for some group shots.

Majere and Tirant were grumpy they forgot the batch of take-out spaghetti Cordir made for them. The only culinary disaster was some garlic bread that became 'garlic charcoal'. Syla got the last chocolate covered strawberry.

When it was all over, we were all thoroughly exhausted. There were long drives home for some, and designated drivers for others. The next morning, Ty, Cordir, Nyx and Jahiliya met for breakfast then practically passed out again in the living room, giggling over pictures. And Nyx showed that yes, he is a man of infinite patience and taught TyAnna how to make origami cranes, which promptly attacked everyone.

All said and done, it was one of the best GT's I've had the pleasure of attending.

Final list of Attendees: Tranquility, Ptarchyzk, TyAnna, Cordir, Tripper, Nyx, Jahiliya, Foolkiller, Tokugawa, Marisa and her son Taylor, Gaul, Blystur, Kennet, Kain, Tirant, Majere, Syla... and Boromir, a day early.

Syla-ptar.jpg Gaul.jpg Outside.jpg

Toku-marisa.jpg Em-trip-belle.jpg Chatting2.jpg
Sabella and Emaleth would like it noted that despite accusations to the contrary, Tripper is a complete gentleman, and they are/were quite happy to perch on his lap and tell him so. Any such accusations will be met with quite a fierce and possibly painful response on their part upon the cretin rude enough to suggest otherwise.