2011 Halloween Costume Contest

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[ 8] Cordir: The Annual Halloween Costume Contest
Tue Oct 25 19:06:40 2011
To: All You Ghosts and Goblins

With Tamar's kind permission, I will be sponsoring the Halloween Costume Contest
this year. It will be slightly different this year, with specific categories for
folks to enter in. Only one category can be selected. The categories are:

Best Costume of _another TFC Character_: The costume must portray another person
(active) on TFC. The person's name should NOT be directly referenced. If I can't
figure out who it is you're dressing up as, that won't bode well for your score.

Best Costume of _a TFC Specific Mob_: The costume must portray a specific mob on
TFC. The mobs name should NOT be directly referenced. If I can't figure out what
you're dressing up as, that won't bode well for your score.

Best Costume, General: This can be any themed costume that doesn't fall into one
of the other two categories.

There will be prizes for each category. The Best Costume - TFC Character and Best
Costume - Mob will have extra bonus prizes.


  • The contest entry must be in the form of a description. It must fit within the

measurable confines of a TFC description. Entries in the form of notes will not
be allowed.

  • The Costume Contest will be judged IN PERSON, on Sunday, October 30th. I will be

visible whenever I am online, and will accept entries throughout the day.

  • Only one entry per person is allowed.
  • I am the sole arbiter of the contest and my decisions are final.


We received a grand total of four entries, one of which was ineligible as it was submitted in note form, which was against the rules.

The winner of the Player Category is Aoide:

A giggle draws your attention to this young girl. Watching from a
distance, you see emotions from sheer joy to utter rage play over
her face in a matter of minutes. Her unbound raven hair hangs low
to her waist. A tendril of her mane is entwined with a delicate
gray feather, perhaps the feather of a dove. It is the same color
as her pale gray eyes. A simple crown threatens to fall off her
head as she skips around the room, looking for a playmate. She is
some sort of royalty, no doubt, though what race is unclear. Her
ears are as point as an elf's, but her accoutrements seem to be
gnomish. The blades of her weapon are still dripping blood.

Feeling the draw of your gaze, the girl turns to you, appraising.
It is then that you notice she has her face and neck painted, as
do many of the realm's children tonight. A scarlet rose adorns her
cheek. Briars surround the bloom and creep down her neck. A few of
the thorns glisten with crimson dew. The paint must be enchanted
somehow, for the image changes as she moves. The rose blooms and
wilts, only to bud up and bloom once more, whilst a small indigo
spider climbs among the briars.

A giggling child is using:
<used as light> (Potent magic) the call of the Hunt
<worn around neck> (Potent magic) twisting briars, spotted with blood
<worn on body> (Potent magic) a mist of forgetfulness
<worn on head> (Potent magic) a thin crown of bones
<worn as shield> (Potent magic) childish glee
<wielded> (Potent magic) dangerously sharp shears
<worn with pride> (Potent magic) a single dove-grey feather
<worn with pride> (Potent magic) a small indigo spider

Second Place in the Player Category is Rosemark:

I am a BIG FISH, who likes to dress in women's clothing
when no one is looking, of course...

Rosemark has a special twinkle in her eye.
Rosemark is in perfect health.

Rosemark is using:
<worn on legs> a set of fishnet stockings
<worn on feet> a pair of sharkskin flippers
<held> a shredded parasol

The winner of the Mob Category is Baric:

The human before has somehow mangaged to make himself appear gnomish
His skin is gray and pale. His eyes appear hazed over and dead.
His hair, what is left is decayed and dried out.
He is adorned with gold and jewels about his person. On closer
inspection you can tell them to be pot metal painted to
look like priceless treasures. His robes are ornate but dusty
the fabric is crushed in spots as if he has been sitting
for ages. He moves stifly, slowly bringing his opaque gaze to
meet yours. He speaks to you in gnomish:
"I shall carry the light of our message..." His words fade
as he hands you a faded manifesto written in gnomish.

The Ineligible Entry (Mob Category) was by Sabella:

Enchantments have made the normally amber eyes of the woman before you into a
deep, lightning-sparked storm blue, peeking at you from beneath a veil of ink
black lace. Her normally dark hair has been dyed a sun-touched honey-gold and
curled to fall in tumbling waves to her hips. A tight corset of midnight blue
pushes her feminine curves into high prominance, accented by a shining silver
chain that disappears into their depths and framed within the deeply plunging
neckline of her sheer emerald blouse. Thick silver hoops gleam in her ears, a
mirroring shape to an intricate set of tattoos upon her brow: crescent, full,
and waning moons, inked in deep blue. Her long and graceful fingers move with
dexterity and speed as she shuffles a deck of brightly painted cards, the key
to your future hidden within their mysteries.

"Cross my palm with gold and I'll reveal your fate," she whispers, her voice
soft and touched with the accent of the Great Eastern Desert. "Or do you fear
to know what Destiny and Chance hold for you?"

Sabella the Gypsy is in perfect health.
Sabella the Gypsy is using:
<worn around neck> (Glowing) a pentacle upon a silver chain
<worn on body> a breathtakingly tight under-bust corset
<worn on head> a sheer veil of ebon-black lace
<worn on legs> a pair of layered skirts, one of black and the other blue
<worn about waist> a bright scarf of purple velvet, sewn with beads and bells
<worn about body> a cloak of deepest sanguine velvet
<held> an ancient deck of cards to reveal your future