2012 Birthday Quest: Wyld Hunt Ftell

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June 14, 2012:

Mutex ftells, 'yo'.

Shilea ftells, 'sup'.

Mutex ftells, 'nada'.
Mutex ftells, 'you?'.

Shilea ftells, 'not much'.

Mutex ftells, 'where are these spidies'.

Shilea ftells, 'randomly teled around'.
Shilea ftells, 'con them first'.
Shilea ftells, 'some are realy big'.
Shilea ftells, 'celeste is on fyi'.

Mutex ftells, 'above my range'.

Shilea ftells, 'nods'.

Shilea ftells, 'menelaos too?'.

Mutex ftells, 'he's in my range'.

Katrana ftells, 'oh hello'.

Mutex ftells, 'hey'.
Mutex ftells, 'you said to log in right?'.
Mutex ftells, 'not going anywhere, but here I am'.

Katrana ftells, 'Yea, I think things will be happening soon, like in 23 mins or so.'.
Katrana ftells, 'trying to ping the others'.
Katrana ftells, 'so let's brainstorm. What do we think the mobs will be'.

Mutex ftells, 'ooh crap... I had an idea the other day'.
Mutex ftells, 'oh yeah!'.
Mutex ftells, 'something to do with altibia'.

Katrana ftells, 'oh crap it's 6 central, haha, if you need to log for 40 min that's cool'.

Mutex ftells, 'I was reading on the wiki how cordir used to level there'.

Katrana ftells, 'Oh good idea! '.

Cremini ftells, 'oh man, I go afk for 2 seconds and look at the ftell'.

Mutex ftells, 'that's about the only idea I have so far'.

Katrana ftells, 'Here are my ideas'.

Mutex ftells, ':)'.

Katrana ftells, 'Based off of MY knowledge of my sister'.
Katrana ftells, 'I want to say it before it happens'.

Katrana ftells, 'haha'.

Cremini ftells, 'haha, good idea'.

Katrana ftells, 'The fortune teller'.
Katrana ftells, 'which is?'.

Mutex ftells, 'I won't be participating much with the hunt'.

Katrana ftells, 'and found wear?'.
Katrana ftells, 'where?'.

Mutex ftells, 'but I can probably help with mana and fetching items'.

Katrana ftells, 'nodnod'.

Mutex ftells, 'ah'.

Mutex ftells, 'fortune teller'.

Katrana ftells, 'Know who that is and where?'.

Cremini ftells, 'I do'.

Mutex ftells, 'either mystic or mok?'.

Cremini ftells, 'not sure about a particular mob in altibia'.

Katrana ftells, 'Spill it for Mute:)'.

Cremini ftells, 'mok I think'.
Cremini ftells, 'but she did spend a lot of time in atibia'.

Katrana ftells, 'There is a loom somewhere in the world, and a mob with it.'.
Katrana ftells, 'that mob too'.

Cremini ftells, 'Cilli'.
Cremini ftells, 'has a loom'.
Cremini ftells, 'not sure if there's a weaver there'.

Katrana ftells, 'nicely done:)'.

Cremini ftells, 'I've spent quite a bit of time wandering :P'.

Katrana ftells, 'so that's 2'.
Katrana ftells, 'She in her mortal days had to carry a baby and kill a mob'.
Katrana ftells, 'I'd recommend chasing after that mob'.

Cremini ftells, 'ah, yes'.
Cremini ftells, 'I just read about that'.
Cremini ftells, 'which mob...'.
Cremini ftells, 'I'll go check wiki'.
Cremini ftells, 'she carried a baby instead of a weapon because she'd just rped having her daughter'.

Katrana ftells, 'nodnod'.

Cremini ftells, 'I was thinking *any* weaver reference'.

Katrana ftells, 'There is a mob in the realm that reflects her beloved Shadow'.

Cremini ftells, 'there are some weaver mobs'.
Cremini ftells, 'spiders, I mean'.
Cremini ftells, 'they'd not be my first choice, but still an option'.

Mutex ftells, 'I'm semi afw doin some work'.

Katrana ftells, 'kk'.

Cremini ftells, 'k, I'll be afk but back'.

Katrana ftells, 'kk'.

Mutex ftells, 'hmm, also my connection appears to be shady right now'.
Mutex ftells, 'working on my brother's patio'.

Katrana ftells, ':('.
Katrana ftells, 'nods'.

Cremini ftells, 'ok, back to the list'.

Katrana ftells, 'Hrm I think I'll be vis for this'.

Cremini ftells, 'may as well'.
Cremini ftells, 'definitely the Dhole'.

Katrana ftells, 'Agreed'.

Cremini ftells, 'So Mutex, are you not going to hunt at all?'.

Katrana ftells, 'I think those are good starters'.
Katrana ftells, 'sounds like he's afkish and depending on the audience will be a target'.

Mutex ftells, 'well... not on this connection at least'.

Cremini ftells, 'cause I think we should either split up and go for the top 3 or 4 (depending on who's here)'.

Katrana ftells, 'nods'.

Cremini ftells, 'or stick together and go for the hardest'.
Cremini ftells, 'but there's a chance we can get more by splitting up'.
Cremini ftells, 'depending on who is on'.
Cremini ftells, 'blah'.

Cordir gossips, 'A little over 15 minutes to the second part of the quest :)'.

Cremini ftells, 'it was 3 mobs she had to kill'.
Cremini ftells, 'the brothers of sanguinnia'.

Katrana ftells, 'hehe, oooh we should check those'.

Cremini ftells, 'yeah'.
Cremini ftells, 'wonder if I can kill them solo..'.
Cremini ftells, 'and naked :P'.

Katrana ftells, 'haha'.
Katrana ftells, 'we'll see I guess'.

Cremini ftells, 'checking..'.
Cremini ftells, 'actually afk a sec'.

Ink ftells, 'rawr!'.

Katrana ftells, 'RAWR'.

Katrana ftells, 'you must seek and destroy mobs!'.

Ink ftells, 'yes!'.

Mutex ftells, 'Hey Inky'.

Ink ftells, 'imp invis me'.
Ink ftells, 'nvm'.

Katrana ftells, 'mmm should be close to full mana at the get for this thing'.
Katrana ftells, 'afk a min'.
Katrana ftells, 'gah wylding uprising afk a few more'.

Mutex ftells, 'here comes the reboot'.

Cremini ftells, 'well, it still looks like we're not doing too badly'.

Cremini ftells, 'too early for the nashites :P'.

Katrana ftells, 'nodnod'.

Cremini ftells, 'not sure where all of legion is'.
Cremini ftells, 'and I have a feeling some of this will take the night'.

Mutex ftells, 'but I'll need help with dirs'.

Cremini ftells, 'you could try the weaver in cilli'.
Cremini ftells, 'pretty easy to get there'.

Cordir gossips, 'if you need guild transport, please raise your hand.'.

Someone gossips, 'and try not to die in the next few seconds :P'.


Ink gossips (in common), 'Lanae'.

Mutex gossips (in common), 'Beastly Fido'.
Mutex gossips (in common), ':P'.

Katrana ftells, 'haha'.

Ink gossips (in common), 'Guardian Vampire'.

Katrana ftells, 'I miss fidos'.

Ink ftells, 'uhhhh'.

Katrana ftells, 'Lanae isn't one?'.

Ink ftells, 'do i dare call guardian or scar?'.
Ink ftells, 'guess not?'.

Katrana ftells, 'uhh no if you aren't prepared'.

Ink gossips (in common), 'Each Usiage'.

Ink ftells, 'hehe'.

Mutex ftells, 'you only get one shot correct?'.

Ink ftells, 'yeah, think so'.

Ink ftells, 'wtf!'.

Mutex ftells, 'ink, was thinking one of the altibia mobs'.
Mutex ftells, 'I actually don't even remember how to get to altibia'.

Ink ftells, 'haha'.

Mutex ftells, 'I know'.
Mutex ftells, 'I suck'.
Mutex ftells, 'I plan on exploring a ton'.
Mutex ftells, '... *ahem* after I level'.

Katrana ftells, 'haha'.

Mutex ftells, 'lol'.

Ink ftells, 'hmmm'.
Ink ftells, 'should i try scar?'.

Katrana ftells, 'how tough is Scar?'.

Ink ftells, 'hes pretty tough but doable with a dispel magic'.
Ink ftells, 'but i'd need exclude too'.

Mutex ftells, 'sec'.

Cremini ftells, 'hey Mut..bring me some recalls!'.

Katrana ftells, 'you got dispel?'.

Mutex ftells, 'where are you?'.
Mutex ftells, 'I'm checking my stuff'.
Mutex ftells, 'I have a prot good sphere'.

Cremini ftells, 'nvm, ink saved me'.

Mutex ftells, 'a tele sphere'.
Mutex ftells, 'dispel good sphere'.
Mutex ftells, 'doh'.
Mutex ftells, 'that' sit'.
Mutex ftells, '*that's it'.

Ink ftells, 'hmmm'.

Katrana ftells, 'which one was that on Cremini?'.

Cremini ftells, 'the dhole'.

Katrana ftells, 'yay!'.
Katrana ftells, 'did you see what was in the package Cremini?'.

Ink ftells, 'duergar princeling'.
Ink ftells, 'captain vahzlune'.
Ink ftells, 'guardian vampire'.

Katrana ftells, 'gogogo'.

Katrana ftells, ':P'.

Ink ftells, 'black dracolich'.

Cremini ftells, 'ew'.
Cremini ftells, 'he's mean'.
Cremini ftells, 'mutex, have any brights?'.

Katrana ftells, 'I'll admit none of those were on my list'.

Ink ftells, 'hehe'.

Katrana ftells, 'Cept D'hole!'.

Cremini ftells, 'princeling on mine, yes, but the vortex and I aren't on great terms right now'.

Mutex ftells, 'I gave my last to lore'.

Cremini ftells, 'k, thanks'.

Mutex ftells, 'sorry'.
Mutex ftells, 'I can group with you if you want?'.

Cremini ftells, 'are you safe to leave guild?'.

Katrana ftells, 'Sagan coming to supply you with stuffs'.

Mutex ftells, 'sure why not'.

Cremini ftells, 'oh yay sagger'.

Sagan ftells, 'what potions are we in need of?'.

Cremini ftells, 'k then Mut, go get the princelings'.

Mutex ftells, 'I deposited gold'.

Cremini ftells, 'I'm blind!'.

Mutex ftells, 'you have to lead though crem'.

Cremini ftells, 'in the kitchen'.

Ink ftells, 'yay saggy'.

Mutex ftells, 'oh... duergar'.

Cremini ftells, 'yeah'.

Mutex ftells, 'that's by dh right?'.

Cremini ftells, 'yep'.

Katrana ftells, 'tell Sagan what you need'.

Mutex ftells, 'k'.
Mutex ftells, 'omw'.

Cremini ftells, 'I can go if you dont know how to get there'.

Ink ftells, 'sagan, go kill duergar princeling'.

Mutex ftells, 'snicker'.

Cremini ftells, 'SAGGERS. I need a bright or a cure blindness'.

Cremini ftells, 'in the kitchen'.

Bortex gossips (in common), 'the drow spider in olde drow city'.

Cremini ftells, 'thanks'.

Ink ftells, 'sags, you in guild?'.
Ink ftells, 'or near?'.

Sagan ftells, 'finding princelings'.

Ink ftells, 'i need a ride out of guild'.

Ink ftells, 'mk'.

Cordir gossips, 'If you mean the Yochlol... that zone doesn't exist any more. If it did... she would have been on the list. :)'.

Bortex gossips (in common), ':)'.

Cordir gossips, 'excellent guess.'.

Ink ftells, 'i need dispel magics, mutex'.

Mutex ftells, 'need me to group with you?'.

Ink ftells, 'nah, not yet'.
Ink ftells, 'but in a min'.

Mutex ftells, 'k'.
Mutex yells (in common), 'HEY!'.

Ink ftells, 'lemme know when you get it'.

Sagan ftells, 'i have package'.

Ink ftells, 'yay'.

Cremini ftells, 'yay'.

Ink ftells, 'whats in it'.

Cremini ftells, 'from?'.

Sagan ftells, 'EDITED gloves'.

Ink ftells, 'nice! i need those!'.

Cremini ftells, 'nice'.

Mutex ftells, 'neat!'.

Ink ftells, 'what was cremini's breastplate?'.

Katrana ftells, 'What are you after Ink?'.

Ink ftells, 'i'm going for dracolich and vahzlune'.
Ink ftells, 'do some locates, saggy'.
Ink ftells, 'locate package'.

Sagan ftells, 'guardian vampire'.

Katrana ftells, 'hers was EDITED'.

Ink ftells, 'Cremini going for that one'.

Ink ftells, 'ooo nice'.

Mutex ftells, 'NICE'.

Sagan ftells, 'sahuagin healer'.

Ink ftells, 'all this yummy da for me'.
Ink ftells, 'wheres the healer?'.

Sagan ftells, 'those are the only ones i can see'.

Mutex ftells, 'may have found a spider'.

Cremini ftells, 'well theres a scroll that summons the guardian vampire'.

Bortex gossips (in common), 'whats the ranking on the other part of the quest?'.

Mutex ftells, 'got 500 xp from a circlet of power'.

Cremini ftells, 'if the spider has an exp circlet, its the right one'.

Bortex gossips (in common), 'nevermind'.

Cremini ftells, 'get the other item'.

Mutex ftells, 'but I don't WANT xp :P'.

Cremini ftells, 'dangs or web or whatever'.

Katrana ftells, 'haha'.

Mutex ftells, 'fangs?'.

Sagan ftells, 'can i pass this package over to you ink?'.

Cremini ftells, 'it will have another item'.

Ink ftells, 'sure'.

Katrana ftells, 'give to me'.

Cremini ftells, 'an exp circlet and something else'.

Ink ftells, 'have kat hold item'.

Katrana ftells, 'or ink'.

Cremini ftells, 'differs from spider to spider'.

Mutex ftells, 'the xp circlet immediately gave me xp'.

Cordir gossips, 'Answer: Celeste is kicking everyone's butt on Part I.'.

Cremini ftells, 'right, but it will have another item'.

Bortex gossips (in common), 'dang'.

Mutex ftells, 'the spider only had xp circlet and fangs'.
Mutex ftells, 'I picked up fangs'.

Cremini ftells, 'good, that's the items you turn in'.

Sagan ftells, 'who is the someone carrying a package?'.

Katrana gossips, 'The rest of us had Outworld obligations:( Boo Outworld.'.

Cordir gossips, 'That part is still ongoing through midnight tonight'.

Sagan ftells, 'sahuagin healer doesn't have that package btw its a diff package'.

Ink ftells, 'oh :P'.

Gala ftells, 'JUST ON FOR A MIN'.

Cremini ftells, 'dang, I need an invis'.

Katrana ftells, 'GALA'.
Katrana ftells, 'boo'.

Sagan ftells, 'sorry was just looking for package and didn't read it all'.

Ink ftells, 'yay gala'.

Cremini ftells, 'and invis pots or anything, Saggers?'.
Cremini ftells, 'these mobs are slowing me down :P'.

Sagan ftells, 'i have dark sphere, more cure blind pots, hm'.

Bortex gossips (in common), 'im stumped'.

Katrana ftells, 'so how many we up to? 4 packages?'.

Ink ftells, 'gonna hit draco first'.

Mutex ftells, 'well I didn't get a package, just a fangs that I turned in'.

Cremini ftells, 'Sagan. There is a scroll that summons guardian'.
Cremini ftells, 'know where it is?'.
Cremini ftells, 'it's in pyramid'.
Cremini ftells, 'but I dont know where'.

Katrana ftells, 'let me know when to watch you Inkers'.

Cremini ftells, 'or was when Cordir was a mortal'.

Mutex ftells, 'so slue wouldn't be one?'.

Cremini ftells, 'probably not'.
Cremini ftells, 'did you try the weaver in cilli?'.

Sagan ftells, 'its a scroll with a spell of gate, but i dont remember what mob its on'.

Ink ftells, 'who has dispel magic stuff for me now?'.

Katrana ftells, 'we should have Cremini rattle off our 2 ideas to see if they are right haha'.

Cremini ftells, 'oh, right, sorry, was hurrying'.

Mutex ftells, 'I can go with you ink, but I don't have any sphere etc'.

Katrana ftells, 'haha'.

Cremini ftells, 'ideas: mob in tier'.

Mutex ftells, 'I still think someone in altibia'.

Cremini ftells, 'that you have to area spell'.
Cremini ftells, 'weaver in cilli'.
Cremini ftells, 'shamans of nkai'.

Gala (unseen) ftells, 'where's weaver?'.

Cremini ftells, 'cilli'.

Gala (unseen) ftells, ':P'.
Gala (unseen) ftells, 'I'm in Cilli'.

Cremini ftells, 'oh :P'.

Ink ftells, 'mute youre a little small'.

Cremini ftells, 'um, up a level or two'.

Ink ftells, 'maybe i'll make gala come'.

Gala (unseen) ftells, 'where from the bottom floor?'.

Cremini ftells, 'there's a loom'.

Gala (unseen) ftells, 'k'.

Mutex ftells, 'I could dispel and recall?'.

Cremini ftells, 'fortune teller in mok'.
Cremini ftells, 'night in duskfdspkfpoadsfa'.
Cremini ftells, 'her mob guardian'.
Cremini ftells, 'master amati south of ll'.

Ink ftells, 'gala, portal to me and dispel this dracolich'.

Katrana ftells, 'wait, there is only 7 out on mobs right?'.

Cremini ftells, 'yes'.

Gala (unseen) ftells, 'got popcorn?'.

Cremini ftells, 'how many packages do we have?'.

Ink ftells, 'we'e got 3 i think'.

Katrana ftells, 'we have 3, D'hole, princeling'.

Ink ftells, 'i have no popcorn'.

Cremini ftells, 'on our way to 2 more'.

Katrana ftells, 'and whatever the other was'.

Ink ftells, 'just drop your bags and flee after you dispel'.

Mutex ftells, 'me?'.
Mutex ftells, 'k'.

Mutex ftells, 'sagan can you hold my bags?'.

Gala (unseen) ftells, 'oh Mutex is going, yay'.

Ink ftells, 'nvm, i've got a relic'.

Mutex ftells, 'haha'.

Gala (unseen) ftells, 'lol'.

Mutex ftells, 'k'.

Cremini ftells, 'saggers, locate that scroll for me :P'.
Cremini ftells, 'I got stuck with no way out'.

Sagan ftells, 'trying to remember the name of it'.

Cremini ftells, 'and dont want to come back :P'.
Cremini ftells, 'dang secret passage'.

Sagan ftells, 'its in pyramid of scryah?'.

Cremini ftells, 'yes'.
Cremini ftells, 'or was when cordir was mortal'.
Cremini ftells, 'I can walk back to vampire, but it's slow'.
Cremini ftells, 'and I got lost :P'.

Katrana ftells, 'nice Ink'.

Ink ftells, 'dracolich dead'.

Gala (unseen) ftells, 'wait these mobs have the prizes on them?'.

Sagan ftells, 'dang nice'.<< - REFERRING TO ITEM, ITEM WAS EDITED OUT

Mutex ftells, 'woah'.

Cremini ftells, 'haha, yes'.

Gala (unseen) ftells, 'cool'.

Katrana ftells, 'watching self dear one'.

Mutex ftells, 'INK'.

Ink ftells, 'going to next mob now'.

Katrana ftells, 'k'.
Katrana ftells, 'where?'.

Cordir gossips, 'Thingone! Are you aware of the quest going on right now?'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'nods, why?'.

Cordir gossips, 'Just making sure everyone who logs in knows what's up, and has a chance to participate'.

Cordir gossips, 'don't want anyone feeling left out :)'.

Katrana ftells, 'So what's left Vahlzune?'.

Cremini ftells, 'and guardian vamp'.

Thingone gossips (in common), ':)'.

Cremini ftells, 'which I will try again after vahzlune'.

Gala ftells, 'we almost got all the mobs?'.

Katrana ftells, 'cuddlies be sure to thank Sister for this quest she put together'.
Katrana ftells, 'Awesome prizes'.

Bortex gossips (in common), 'Beholder'.

Gala ftells, 'so you don't even need me!'.

Katrana ftells, 'We need what Vahlzune, and Guardian vamp?'.

Cremini ftells, 'uyes'.

Ink ftells, 'yep'.

Ink ftells, 'how many is that'.

Cordir gossips, 'Greetings, Inquisitor'.

Raage gossips (in common), 'gos Myrrhine'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'Greets :)'.

Katrana ftells, 'is that 5?'.

Cordir gossips, 'Part II of the quest is ongoing'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'part 2?'.

Sagan ftells, 'found a spider'.

Gala ftells, 'Myrrhine Raage gossiped'.

Sagan ftells, 'they do anything?'.

Cremini ftells, 'yay'.

Cremini ftells, 'get the item'.

Cremini ftells, 'fangs or web or whatnot'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'so the 2 special mobs already dead?'.

Gala ftells, 'ok I'm off. Good luck team.'.

Cordir gossips, 'NONE of the special mobs have been named or fought, no.'.

Katrana ftells, 'we got D'hole, princeling, draco'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'neato'.

Sagan ftells, 'ok got fangs'.

Katrana ftells, 'what else?'.

Sagan ftells, 'what do i do w/fangs?'.

Mutex ftells, 'turn in to cordir'.

Cordir gossips, 'The seven mobs were given their gifts, and the spiders are still out and about.'.

Mutex ftells, 'think she's in ror'.

Cremini ftells, 'give to shilea or me'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'cool :)'.

Sagan ftells, 'kk'.

Cremini ftells, 'unless you're going to try to win'.

Sagan ftells, 'lol no'.

Mutex ftells, 'oh only one person can win?'.

Sagan ftells, 'found another spider'.

Mutex ftells, 'thought it was like a following thing'.

Cremini ftells, 'sec, Mut'.

Mutex ftells, 'oops'.

Cremini ftells, 'no, no, you're goo'.

Mutex ftells, 'then I would have given to one of you'.

Cremini ftells, 'good'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'Happy Birthday, btw Cordir :)'.

Cordir gossips, 'Thank you very much :)'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'I hope it's been pleasant thus far?'.

Bortex gossips (in common), 'Ya Happy B-Day :)'.

Ink ftells, 'anyone got a silence item?'.

Mutex ftells, 'I could silence for you?'.
Mutex ftells, 'oh, you want to cast'.

Cordir gossips, 'Thank you Bortex :)'.
Cordir gossips, 'Some good, some bad, but the good is significantly outweighing the bad. :)'.

Katrana ftells, 'no silence:('.

Cremini ftells, 'got captain'.

Mutex ftells, 'he had something?'.

Ink ftells, 'got vahzlune too'.

Cremini ftells, 'ok, regenning'.
Cremini ftells, 'sorry if I missed anything'.

Ink ftells, 'locate more packages?'.

Cremini ftells, 'thanks saggers'.

Katrana ftells, 'not watching Inkers'.

Cremini ftells, 'and no, it's not a following quest, but no reason you can't play too Mutex'.
Cremini ftells, '(on the spider items)'.

Katrana ftells, 'I think Sagan is after Guardian Vampire'.

Cremini ftells, 'I dont know if she's giving one prize or three or what'.

Katrana ftells, 'and I don't think we've located the other'.

Cremini ftells, 'but I knew sagan wouldnt bother to turn in cause he's pretending not to play tfc :P'.
Cremini ftells, 'and yay sag!'.

Sagan ftells, 'lol'.

Cremini ftells, 'are you walking? or going for the scroll?'.

Sagan ftells, 'trying to find scroll'.

Cremini ftells, 'k, then I'll walk back'.
Cremini ftells, 'race you :P'.
Cremini ftells, 'you will probably win'.
Cremini ftells, 'that zone is annoying without an invis'.

Sagan ftells, 'no idea what its even called or who has it heheh'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'well my first Guess is Lanae'.

Katrana ftells, 'pray for one when you get there'.

Cremini ftells, 'k, dont want to waste mana for the final 2'.

Katrana ftells, 'I got the mana'.

Cremini ftells, 'kk'.

Mutex ftells, 'guardian vampire has package'.

Cremini ftells, 'nod, we just have to get to him'.

Katrana ftells, 'I think there is still 1 more right?'.

Cremini ftells, 'should be'.

Katrana ftells, 'or have we gottan 6?'.

Mutex ftells, 'if I can help let me know'.

Mutex ftells, 'I don't even know where he is'.

Cremini ftells, 'captain, dhole, princeling, dracolich'.

Cremini ftells, 'did we get anything else?'.

Cremini ftells, 'there are 2 more we don't know where are'.

Cremini ftells, 'anyone try the mob in tier yet?'.

Katrana ftells, 'can I eat this rune Inkers?'.

Cremini ftells, 'do you know how to get ther emutex?'.

Mutex ftells, 'no'.

Mutex ftells, ':('.

Ink ftells, 'i need a really big TS'.
Ink ftells, 'kat you got any 32 TS's?'.

Katrana ftells, 'no a 31'.

Sagan ftells, 'i have one somewhere'.
Sagan ftells, 'want it?'.

Cremini ftells, 'want to come look for guardian, mutex?'.

Cordir gossips, 'Part I still ongoing - turn in items at ROR. Part II ongoing - gifts are on mobs, and the two special mobs have NOT been named or fought'.

Sagan ftells, 'ah its the scroll of promise'.
Sagan ftells, 'found it on wiki'.

Cremini ftells, 'did it work?'.

Sagan ftells, 'no idea :p'.

Ink ftells, 'yeah, duh, i could have told you that'.
Ink ftells, 'its on the keeper'.

Cremini ftells, 'ah, that's in sanguinnia ist it?'.

Sagan ftells, '><'.

Mutex ftells, 'sure crem'.

Sagan ftells, 'i'll go kill keeper'.
Sagan ftells, 'stupid face'.

Mutex ftells, 'where do I meet you'.

Cremini ftells, 'whats your ht?'.

Mutex ftells, 'll'.

Ink ftells, 'haha, i've been spammed like crazy and no one told me :P'.

Cordir gossips, 'Avoozl! Did you see the new BOC page on the wiki?'.

Cremini ftells, 'k, meet me in guild'.

Avoozl gossips (in elven), 'i didnt, ill have to check it out'.

Cremini ftells, 'come to gh, mut'.
Cremini ftells, 'oh, cant see you :P'.
Cremini ftells, 'follow me'.

Mutex ftells, 'was'.
Mutex ftells, ':P'.

Cremini ftells, 'oh :P'.

Katrana ftells, 'what you after Inkers'.

Mutex ftells, 'thanks for carrying me :)'.

Cremini ftells, 'hm, where did I put those keys?'.
Cremini ftells, 'blah, lost my keys'.

Katrana ftells, 'can I eat this rune!'.

Cremini ftells, 'sorry, I'm bad with dirs'.

Mutex ftells, 'me too!'.

Sagan ftells, 'no scroll of promise on keeper'.

Ink ftells, 'haha'.

Cremini ftells, 'hm, k'.

Cremini ftells, 'well, we'll just have to find him'.

Sagan ftells, 'ok gang, have fun!'.

Mutex ftells, 'cya sag'.

Cremini ftells, 'thanks for the help, saggers'.

Mutex ftells, 'ack'.

Mutex ftells, 'can't see you'.

Ink ftells, 'hmm?'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'oh :P'.

Mutex ftells, 'hmm'.
Mutex ftells, 'my detects are still up too'.
Mutex ftells, 'which way'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'down'.

Mutex ftells, 'lower chambers?'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'yes'.

Mutex ftells, 'east?'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'it's a maze'.

Katrana ftells, 'DIE SPIDER DIE'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'just keep wandering until you find snapper jow'.

Mutex ftells, 'found him'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'k...can you mark him and portal me there? or just wait for me'.

Mutex ftells, 'I'm at snapper'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'I'm still looking :P'.
Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'I'm here too'.
Cremini ftells, 'this is maze too'.

Mutex ftells, 'k'.

Cremini ftells, 'we're looking for a vampire'.

Mutex ftells, 'lol'.

Cremini ftells, 'um, have something marked anywhere?'.

Mutex ftells, 'checking'.
Mutex ftells, 'I HAD something marked'.
Mutex ftells, 'oops'.
Mutex ftells, 'nope'.

Cremini ftells, 'sorry, forgot about this part'.

Mutex ftells, 'just hall'.
Mutex ftells, 'gh?'.

Cremini ftells, 'ok, lets go there'.

Mutex ftells, 'por room'.
Mutex ftells, 'oops'.

Cremini ftells, 'we'll walk back'.

Mutex ftells, 'I'll mark this time'.

Cremini ftells, 'thanks, I forgot to warn you'.

Mutex ftells, 'didn't realize'.
Mutex ftells, 'you have absorb up?'.

Cremini ftells, 'no'.

Katrana ftells, 'you hit it yet?'.

Cremini ftells, 'thanks'.

Katrana ftells, 'Inkers?'.

Cordir gossips, 'Anyone with quest items to turn in?'.

Ink ftells, 'yes? hmm?'.

Katrana ftells, 'was it on that mob?'.

Ink ftells, 'no'.
Ink ftells, 'and its a shoppy'.
Ink ftells, 'so it would have poofed anyway'.

Cremini ftells, 'see why I'm not too worried about someone else getting it first?'.
Cremini ftells, 'there's night in her new zone'.
Cremini ftells, 'master amati'.
Cremini ftells, 'though he'd be locateable'.

Ink ftells, 'i'm going for night'.
Ink ftells, 'i dunno where he is in here though'.
Ink ftells, 'hmm, try it'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'hm, gotta kill him again I guess'.

Ink ftells, 'whereabouts is he in here'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'oh :P'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'that's not where we came from?'.

Mutex ftells, 'sec'.

Cremini (unseen) ftells, 'k'.

Mutex ftells, 'k'.
Mutex ftells, 'my buff script messed up'.
Mutex ftells, 'ready'.

Cremini ftells, 'k, go for it'.
Cremini ftells, 'we just gotta wander'.

Mutex ftells, 'what am I looking for'.
Mutex ftells, 'WOOOOO'.
Mutex ftells, 'YES'.

Katrana ftells, 'find it?'.
Katrana ftells, 'nice!'.

Ink ftells, 'nice'.

Katrana ftells, 'so that was in the package?'.

Mutex ftells, 'where are we?'.
Mutex ftells, 'minister of heat?'.

Cremini ftells, 'um...either one of the new zones or glashorn'.

Cordir gossips, 'Stepped afk a few - any guesses or items to turn in?'.

Cremini ftells, 'we're in glashorn'.
Cremini ftells, 'by the guru'.

Mutex ftells, 'know how to get out?'.

Cremini ftells, 'uh, not really'.
Cremini ftells, 'I'll just recall :P'.

Mutex ftells, 'wait'.

Cremini ftells, 'I'm a recall junky'.

Cordir gossips, 'Quest Part I is currently a field of 6 participants'.

Katrana ftells, 'So we've got 5 now?'.

Ink ftells, 'or 6'.

Katrana ftells, 'with 2 that we don't know where they are?'.

Ink ftells, 'vahz, princeling, dhole, guardian vampire, dracolich, lestat'.

Katrana ftells, 'D'hole, princeling, Lestat, Vahlzune, Vampire'.

Katrana ftells, 'nodnod 6'.

Ink ftells, 'the last one i'm working on'.

Katrana ftells, 'so the invis one'.

Ink ftells, 'then theres 2 god+ mobs'.

Katrana ftells, 'yea'.
Katrana ftells, 'which I dunno that we're ready for'.

Ink ftells, 'nods'.

Ink ftells, 'mutex, do me a favor?'.

Mutex ftells, 'sure'.

Ink ftells, 'be a good boy and run to duergar and where the shaman is theres a skull with a couple fish scales'.
Ink ftells, 'they are soul sense, i need them'.

Mutex ftells, 'k sec'.
Mutex ftells, 'hmm'.
Mutex ftells, 'which area is the shaman in?'.
Mutex ftells, 'from fisher'.

Ink ftells, 'north by the king'.
Ink ftells, 'but in a door to the west'.
Ink ftells, 'from fisher just east and then north'.

Mutex ftells, 'k at king'.

Ink ftells, 'go south west'.
Ink ftells, 'avoozl killing someone'.
Ink ftells, 'thanks!'.
Ink ftells, 'grrr zone'.

Cordir gossips, 'Quest Update for those just joining us: Part I is still underway until midnight tonight, with six participants in the running. Part II is ongoing, with NO'.

Cordir gossips, 'NONE of the final 2 mobs named or fought, but several (most) of the 7 other mobs defeated and their prizes gained.'.

Mutex ftells, 'what were the prizes so far?'.

Ink ftells, 'i'll list them off when i get them all back :P i've forgotten haha'.

Mutex ftells, 'hehe'.
Mutex ftells, 'do you know what you are looking for?'.

Ink ftells, 'yep'.
Ink ftells, 'just a matter of time when these other mobs move :P'.

Mutex ftells, 'sure'.

Ink ftells, 'portal to me'.

Mutex ftells, 'sec need mana'.

Ink ftells, 'you can fog it and i can peek'.

Mutex ftells, 'sleeping'.

Ink ftells, 'and you can get the sanc in case its sanc'.

Mutex ftells, 'I had no mana from locating'.

Bortex gossips (in common), 'Farewell Realm, BBS'.

Mordru gossips (in common), 'c ya later Bortex'.

Mutex ftells, 'ready?'.

Ink ftells, 'yep'.

Cordir gossips, 'AFK for a sec'.

Ink ftells, 'ok, portal away'.

Cordir gossips, 'Back'.

Ink ftells, 'go east and faerie fog'.

Ink ftells, 'keep imp invis up'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'K rdy for another guess?'.

Ink ftells, 'keep fogging til you get the mob'.

Ink ftells, 'not that one'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'Guardian Spider'.

Ink ftells, 'keep going'.

Katrana ftells, 'pump it maybe?'.

Ink ftells, 'ooo, here goes hed for guardian'.

Katrana ftells, 'I'd rather him get the prize'.

Mutex ftells, 'I pumped one of the rounds'.

Ink ftells, 'nods me too'.
Ink ftells, 'dark here'.

Katrana ftells, 'it wasn't Guardian?'.

Mutex ftells, 'I like Nashite'.

Ink (unseen) ftells, 'guess not'.

Mutex ftells, 'even though Avoozl hunts me'.

Mutex ftells, 'these mobs con death'.

Ink (unseen) ftells, 'alright, mute, we're going to have to kill these all one at a time'.

Mutex ftells, 'safe to sleep here?'.

Katrana ftells, 'just dispel magic them:)'.

Ink (unseen) ftells, 'its not a safe room, not'.

Mutex ftells, 'I mean'.

Mutex ftells, 'but you are watching :)'.

Cordir gossips, 'figures, i step afk for a sec and get a guess'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'd'oh'.

Mutex ftells, 'oooh'.

Mutex ftells, 'we shall see'.

Mutex ftells, 'guess I shouldn't pray give mana huh?'.

Ink (unseen) ftells, 'haha'.

Mutex ftells, 'lol'.

Ink (unseen) ftells, 'nope :P'.

Mutex ftells, 'k'.
Mutex ftells, 'sun?'.

Ink (unseen) ftells, 'sure'.
Ink ftells, 'we'll just kill them one at a time'.
Ink ftells, 'omg theres like 30 of them here now'.
Ink ftells, 'haha'.
Ink ftells, 'this is silly'.

Katrana ftells, 'just get it over with:P'.

Ink ftells, 'haha nods'.
Ink ftells, 'assist me'.

Mutex ftells, 'I'm not in your group'.

Ink ftells, 'i can't group you'.

Mutex ftells, 'group me'.

Ink ftells, 'i can't'.

Mutex ftells, 'oh'.

Katrana ftells, 'his TMQ'.

Ink ftells, 'oh there we go'.
Ink ftells, 'hmmm'.
Ink ftells, 'doesn't look like its on night'.

Mutex ftells, '?'.
Mutex ftells, 'I was assuming you were clearing to be able to area'.

Ink ftells, 'this mob here'.
Ink ftells, 'correct'.

Ink gossips (in common), 'GRATS HED!'.

Mutex gossips (in common), 'grats!'.

Mutex ftells, 'I'm assuming he got one?'.

Avoozl gossips (in elven), 'what was the other one u had to guess?'.

Ink ftells, 'alright well, if its not on night lets head to safe'.

Cordir gossips, 'It hasn't been fought'.

Katrana ftells, 'well get out if you can't peek it on him'.

Avoozl gossips (in elven), 'o'.

Katrana ftells, 'Mute dear one, want me to get you out?'.

Mutex ftells, 'portalled out'.

Ink ftells, 'haha he used inversion on the mob :P'.

Katrana ftells, 'kk'.

Mutex ftells, 'how? sphere?'.

Katrana ftells, 'smart guy'.

Ink ftells, 'nods'.
Ink ftells, 'oh, there we go'.
Ink ftells, 'i see the last one now'.

Mutex ftells, 'didn't even know that was possible to get an inversion sphere'.

Katrana ftells, 'gogo'.
Katrana ftells, 'want me to summon?'.
Katrana ftells, 'mana full'.

Ink ftells, 'yes please'.
Ink ftells, 'gonna need you again, mute'.

Mutex ftells, 'ok'.

Ink ftells, 'actually, maybe not'.
Ink ftells, 'dunno'.
Ink ftells, 'lemme follow you at GH'.

Mutex ftells, 'where to?'.

Ink ftells, 'group me'.

Mutex ftells, 'I thought you couldn't?'.

Ink ftells, 'you can lead'.

Mutex ftells, 'where to'.

Ink ftells, 'ok, your HT'.
Ink ftells, 'awesome, now go to docks'.
Ink ftells, 'oops, brt'.

Mutex ftells, 'dunno what I did there, fatfingered'.
Mutex ftells, 'at docks'.

Ink ftells, 'i removed my TS'.
Ink ftells, 'go to manor'.

Mutex ftells, 'err forget dirs'.

Mordru gossips (in common), 'later realm, see you tomorrow'.

Mutex ftells, '15s?'.

Ink ftells, 'no'.
Ink ftells, 's'.
Ink ftells, '4w'.
Ink ftells, 'whered you go'.

Mutex ftells, 'then?'.
Mutex ftells, 'came to rescue ou'.
Mutex ftells, '&you'.
Mutex ftells, ':P'.
Mutex ftells, 's4w'.

Ink ftells, 'east'.
Ink ftells, 'all east as much as you can'.
Ink ftells, 'north'.
Ink ftells, 'hmm'.
Ink ftells, 'sit still'.
Ink ftells, 'where on earth did you take me'.

Mutex ftells, 'manor'.
Mutex ftells, 'north'.

Ink ftells, 'ok, come east'.

Mutex ftells, 'maldobar used to xp with me here'.

Ink ftells, 'pass door, but don't go in'.
Ink ftells, 'when we go in silence right away'.
Ink ftells, 'then dispel magic'.

Mutex ftells, 'k'.

Ink ftells, 'ready?'.

Mutex ftells, 'nod'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'afw a minute i wanna log that'.

Ink ftells, 'go'.
Ink ftells, 'come dispel magic it'.
Ink ftells, 'don't silence'.

Mutex ftells, 'which dir?'.

Ink ftells, 'south'.
Ink ftells, 'just dispel'.
Ink ftells, 'no silence'.
Ink ftells, 'or not :P'.

Mutex ftells, 'err'.

Ink ftells, 'heeh'.

Ink ftells, 'its ok'.

Katrana ftells, 'just dispel magic it:)'.
Katrana ftells, 'I got ink'.

Ink ftells, 'yay'.

Katrana ftells, 'yay!'.

Mutex ftells, 'yay'.

Ink ftells, 'how do i get down :P'.

Mutex ftells, 'what was it?'.

Ink ftells, 'dunno, its not marked'.

Mutex ftells, 'give me?'.
Mutex ftells, 'I'l mark'.

Katrana ftells, 'horrifying essence, Vahlzune, Dhole, Lestat, Guardian Vamp, princeling '.
Katrana ftells, 'what else?'.

Katrana ftells, 'oh draco'.
Katrana ftells, 'horrifying essence, Vahlzune, Dhole, Lestat, Guardian Vamp, princeling, draco'.

Ink ftells, 'essence, vahz, dracolich, lestat, guard vamp, princeling, dhole'.

Katrana ftells, '7 yes?'.
Katrana ftells, 'whee'.

Ink ftells, 'yah, got all 7'.

Katrana ftells, 'NICE WORK'.

Ink ftells, 'omg nice'.

Ink ftells, 'EDITED - ITEM STATS'.

Katrana ftells, 'omg'.

Ink ftells, 'thats *perfect* for me to switch back to warrior'.

Katrana ftells, 'sweet!'.

Ink ftells, 'absolutely perfect'.

Mutex ftells, 'I want to hear the others'.

Ink ftells, 'alright'.

Ink ftells, 'so... as far as i know'.

Mutex ftells, 'EDITED was mine'.
Mutex ftells, 'well cremini let me have it :P'.

Ink ftells, 'EDITED wrist'.
Ink ftells, 'EDITED weapon'.
Ink ftells, 'eq'.
Ink ftells, 'doh'.

Avoozl gossips (in elven), 'chuck norris!'.

Ink ftells, 'EDITED'.
Ink ftells, 'EDITED onbody'.

Cordir gossips, '... and if you can explain why that mob has any significance to me whatsoever, I will give you a cookie. :P'.

Ink ftells, 'EDITED waist'.

Avoozl gossips (in elven), 'all the hot babes love chuck norris!'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'nice!'.

Cordir gossips, 'Ah. But I'm a seven thousand one hundred and fifty year old crone. Not a "hot babe". '.

Ink ftells, 'take me out of guild again mute'.

Mutex ftells, 'at gh'.

Avoozl gossips (in elven), 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.

Ink ftells, 'k,one sec'.

Avoozl gossips (in elven), 'i think thats on hedschotts neck'.

Avoozl gossips (in elven), 'happy birthday though'.

Ink ftells, 'ok, lets go'.

Mutex ftells, 'where to?'.

Ink ftells, 'thanks'.

Mutex ftells, 'np'.

Ink ftells, 'plantation'.
Ink ftells, 'i'll run'.

Mutex ftells, 'k'.

Cordir gossips, 'Thank you. (just hit it -- timed it perfectly -- 7150 years old ( 14276 hours), created Sun Oct 26 97 17:15:41.)'.

Mutex gossips (in common), 'Grats!'.

Mutex gossips (in common), 'Happy birthday!'.

Katrana ftells, 'I'm eating this rune'.

Ink ftells, 'nods'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'hrm whats on my neck?'.

Katrana ftells, 'afk a min'.

Cordir gossips, 'So. Any guesses for the last final mob?'.

Cordir gossips, 'i'.

Ink ftells, 'poor heddy going to lose his scroll :('.

Mutex ftells, 'which scroll?'.
Mutex ftells, 'inversion?'.
Mutex ftells, ':P'.

Ink ftells, 'dispel magic one'.

Mutex ftells, 'oh'.
Mutex ftells, 'did he use it up?'.

Ink ftells, 'yeah, he used it on guardian'.

Katrana ftells, 'you have prot evil scroll inkers?'.

Ink ftells, 'yeah, think so'.

Katrana ftells, 'kk'.

Ink ftells, 'i'll have mute check before i go'.

Katrana ftells, 'Inkers I have EDITED sphere'.

Ink ftells, 'ooo nice'.

Katrana ftells, 'want?'.

Ink ftells, 'hmmm, not yet'.

Katrana ftells, 'k'.

Ink ftells, 'doh, i'm cursed still :P'.

Mutex ftells, 'I have a remove curse wand I believe'.

Ink ftells, 'nods, not a big deal atm'.

Katrana ftells, 'I have a level 16 dispel magic sphere'.

Ink ftells, 'haha'.

Katrana ftells, 'I'm trying!'.
Katrana ftells, 'haha'.
Katrana ftells, 'I have another spider'.

Ink ftells, 'in'.

Katrana ftells, 'if you want it'.

Ink ftells, 'doh'.
Ink ftells, 'i've got this one, should be go'.
Ink ftells, 'good'.

Katrana ftells, 'k'.

Cordir gossips, 'Are there any guesses or special objects to turn in?'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'ok i have a guess'.
Hedschott gossips (in common), 'Dwarven Priest'.

Ink ftells, 'did hed leave guild?'.

Mutex ftells, 'nope'.

Ink ftells, '(was that the right answer)'.

Raage gossips (in common), 'guess: Chuback the Minotaur'.

Trilian gossips (in aarakocran), 'Would anyone like a token bag made from one of those special corpses?'.

Chuback gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Avoozl gossips (in elven), 'ok'.

Trilian gossips (in aarakocran), 'Just give a tell if so!'.

Ink ftells, 'guess i'm walking back to guild :P'.

Mutex ftells, 'lol'.

Vale ftells, 'hai'.

Katrana ftells, 'Oh herro'.
Katrana ftells, 'We got all the pretties but one'.
Katrana ftells, 'well 2'.

Vale ftells, 'where to go 4 pretties?'.

Katrana ftells, 'Hedschott got one'.
Katrana ftells, 'gotta guess and kill the mob that only an immortal can summon'.

Ink ftells, 'id that please vale'.
Ink ftells, 'need to give this to someone'.

Katrana ftells, 'want me to hold?'.

Ink ftells, 'its limited'.

Katrana ftells, 'ahh nods'.

Vale ftells, 'did you guys win?'.

Mutex ftells, 'basically'.

Vale ftells, 'teh pretties challenge'.

Ink ftells, 'we got 7 of the 9 mobs'.

Katrana ftells, '7 items'.

Vale ftells, 'MUTEX'.

Ink ftells, 'hed got one'.
Ink ftells, 'and 1 is stil open'.

Mutex ftells, 'Hi!'.

Vale ftells, 'your name, it is my favorite'.

Ink ftells, 'alright, should i make this guess?'.

Katrana ftells, 'haha'.

Mutex ftells, 'haha thanks!'.

Katrana ftells, 'sure I'll watch, I'm allowed to help yes?'.

Ink ftells, 'yep'.

Vale ftells, 'can i help?'.

Ink ftells, 'no :('.

Mutex ftells, 'not for the summoned ones'.

Vale ftells, 'sad face'.

Ink ftells, 'do i spell up just in case? :P'.
Ink ftells, 'or wait til i get there to spell up'.

Katrana ftells, 'I don't know...'.

Ink ftells, 'yah, tough call huh'.

Katrana ftells, 'you make an alias?'.

Ink ftells, 'no alias'.

Mutex ftells, 'ask hed?'.

Ink ftells, 'i could always dark/jump and then get ready'.
Ink ftells, 'then go kill it'.
Ink ftells, 'haha'.

Katrana ftells, 'what prep you have?'.

Ink ftells, 'i'll just do all spells but exclude'.

Katrana ftells, 'nods'.

Vale ftells, 'need spheres?'.

Ink ftells, 'what kind'.

Mutex ftells, 'want prot potion ink?'.

Vale ftells, 'whateva '.

Ink ftells, 'i got a prot'.

Mutex ftells, 'k'.

Katrana ftells, 'shield?'.

Vale ftells, 'got harm, cloak, confusion, colour spray'.

Mutex ftells, 'I shielded him'.

Katrana ftells, 'nods'.

Mutex ftells, 'but probably shouldn't have'.

Mutex ftells, 'since yours is better'.

Katrana ftells, 'meh'.

Ink ftells, 'ok, here we go'.

Mutex ftells, 'nice breastplate'.

Ink gossips (in common), 'Scar'.

Mutex ftells, 'wee!'.

Ink ftells, 'yay'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'duh'.
Hedschott gossips (in common), 'of course!'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'good luck Ink!'.

Cordir gossips, 'Well, the Swish has been disarmed for the sixth time now'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Cordir gossips, '7th..'.
Cordir gossips, 'he's empowering things..'.
Cordir gossips, 'Ink has looked healthier..'.

Ink ftells, 'geeez'.
Ink ftells, 'DIE ALREADY'.

Cordir gossips, 'but Scar is seriously injured'.

Ink ftells, 'i got a few heals'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'we all did, in our 20's....'.

Katrana ftells, 'k'.

Chuback gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Raage gossips (in common), 'lol'.

Cordir gossips, 'ooh, there's a demo from scar'.
Cordir gossips, 'INk is hurt pretty badly, Scar in dire need of medical help'.

Cordir gossips, 'Ink is victorious'.

Ink ftells, 'WOOT'.

Mutex ftells, 'grats!'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'grats!'.

Ink gossips (in common), 'thanks'.

Cordir gossips, 'if you would like a glimpse at Scar, come to the kitchen'.

Mutex gossips (in common), 'woo'.

Katrana ftells, '8 of the 9:)'.

Hedschott gossips (in common), 'ooh one sec'.

Ink ftells, '*dance*'.
Ink ftells, 'need to find Hed'.

Mutex ftells, 'he was right here'.
Mutex ftells, 'guess not anymore'.

Ink ftells, 'hes probaby going after ivory'.

Katrana ftells, 'wheee'.

Katrana ftells, 'oh Vale did you get your answer with what people got?'.

Soloban gossips (in common), 'party in here'.

Cordir gossips, 'I will be giving out the final two prizes in the Kitchen'.
Cordir gossips, 'if you wish to be present, come here now.'.

Katrana ftells, 'what's the pretty Inkers?'.

Cordir gossips, 'For all of the prizes granted: Look keywords for more information'.

Ink ftells, 'EDITED'.

Mutex ftells, 'ooh grats!'.
Mutex ftells, 'crazy'.

Katrana ftells, 'what is it?'.

Mutex ftells, 'I don't know what hed's is'.

Ink ftells, 'You see the following faint symbols: EDITED'.

Katrana ftells, 'uber!'.

Mutex ftells, 'those things don't exist'.
Mutex ftells, ':P'.

Cordir gossips, 'last call to look at Scar'.
Cordir gossips, 'Purging in 3...'.
Cordir gossips, '2....'.
Cordir gossips, '1...'.

Ink ftells, 'hed's was EDITED'.

Mutex ftells, 'I'm assuming EDITED?'.

Ink ftells, 'nods'.

Cordir gossips, 'Part II of the quest has ended'.
Cordir gossips, 'Part I is still ongoing.'.
(end Log)