2014 Olympics Haiku

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[ 14] Tynian: Pencils Out. Ha!
Sun Feb 9 18:09:38 2014
To: all
This contest ends promptly at 7pm (mud time) on Sunday 2/9.

Your mission: Write and post a TFC-related Haiku.

A Haiku is 3 lines. The first and third lines have 5 syllables. The
middle line has 7 syllables.

When you have your Haiku, post it in a note. You can post to all, or to
immortal. One entry per character. Scoring is as follows:

DQ - If entry is not a Haiku (5/7/5), the entry is disqualified.
0 - Haiku format, not TFC-related
1 - Somewhat TFC-related
2 - Fully TFC-themed

I'm the judge, though I may get input from 3rd parties at my discretion.

Ties will be broken by the order in which the notes were posted. Those
that get full Haiku credit will always get more points than someone that
gets 1 or zero points.

Here's a non-TFC example:

Whitecaps on the bay:
A broken signboard banging
In the April wind.

[ 15] Katrana: Katrana's entry
Sun Feb 9 18:16:22 2014
To: all
Inspired by some TFC meme's

Hunt, why you so mean?
Killing me for no reason.
Be nice and cuddle.

<3 and cuddles...Kat

[ 16] Seraph: writing
Sun Feb 9 18:17:13 2014
To: tynain
blood sweat tears
warcry sound of weapons clashing
pain despair tired
excited cackling
last effort fade to black
Victory new gear
defeat pit again

[ 17] Samiyah: Haiku Entry
Sun Feb 9 18:18:13 2014
To: god
Souls across the globe
Some hunt - some sing - some wander
All find Challenge here

- samiyah

[ 18] Mnaramenth: Haiku
Sun Feb 9 18:27:01 2014
To: all
Dragon has been slain
Artifact magic in corpse
Need mage to ID...

[ 19] Tikruul: Battle Haiku!
Sun Feb 9 18:31:06 2014
To: all
Blood soaks through armor
spells fly through air wildly
Combat has ensued!

[ 20] Belsambar: A Haiku by the one and only...
Sun Feb 9 18:34:18 2014
To: all
SuicideMage here
Meteor Swarm cast on zone
Beware falling rocks


[ 21] Ink: Swarfly Haiku
Sun Feb 9 18:57:43 2014
To: all
Dwarven turned Swarven
Then trait mastery sought
Now Swishly am I

[ 22] Ort: Portal Haiku
Sun Feb 9 18:59:04 2014
To: all
Portal is scary
Especially when it fails
Master and Lady

[ 23] Aphelion: Aphelion's quest entry
Sun Feb 9 19:27:14 2014
To: all
Battle lines are drawn
Pawns facing across a board
Who will win today?