A Solider Takes The Field

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Someone smiles at Aphelion.
Someone utters the words, 'gpuzre'.
You are surrounded by a force shield.

Someone utters the words, 'ghcandusiohp'.
You feel stronger.

Aphelion says in a voice of patrician elegance, 'Good evening.'

Someone says (in elven), 'ayyw uyununa!'.

Someone says (in common), 'oops.'.
Someone says (in common), 'good evening I means!'.

Aphelion says (in common), '... would that I might be able to see someone so friendly....'.

Rhyvn appears out of nowhere.
Rhyvn bows deeply.
Rhyvn gives Aphelion 5000 gold.

Aphelion says (in common), 'that is kind of you.'.

Rhyvn leaves east.

Venom appears out of nowhere.
Venom bows deeply.

Aphelion curtseys, her back stiff, head barely inclined.

> l venom

Venom looks at Venom.

Mish auctions, 'Venom won the auction for a mithril breastplate with onyx clasps!  BID CLAIM to claim it.'.

Venom leaves east.
Venom arrives from the east.
Venom puts a mithril breastplate with onyx clasps in the donation pit.
Venom coughs.

Wadworth gets a mithril breastplate with onyx clasps from the donation pit.
Wadworth stops using an iron breast plate.
Wadworth wears a mithril breastplate with onyx clasps on his body.
Wadworth stops using a mithril breastplate with onyx clasps.
Wadworth wears an iron breast plate on his body.
Wadworth puts a mithril breastplate with onyx clasps in the donation pit.

Wadworth says (in common), 'i will never tick it '.

Aphelion gets a mithril breastplate with onyx clasps from the donation pit.

Aphelion says (in common), 'it's lovely workmanship.'.

Wadworth nods.

Venom agrees with Aphelion 100%.

Venom says (in halfling), 'veurygyu byv y fuvsyn yunrevuna rpu wufrps yb nuvguu puyy.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Pardon that wretched tongue'.

Venom says (in common), 'Suitable for a person venturing the depths of newbie hell.'.

Aphelion buckles on the armor with deft precision, clearly used to wearing armor.

Aphelion wears a mithril breastplate with onyx clasps on your body.

Rhyvn arrives from the east.

Rhyvn smiles happily.
Rhyvn looks at Aphelion.

 Venom grins evilly, his elongated fangs glistening.
Venom beams a smile at Rhyvn.

Venom says (in common), 'Hello, Rhyvn'.

Rhyvn says (in elven), 'puyyy'.

Venom says (in common), 'Do you know this young lady?'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'just for now.'.
Rhyvn shrugs.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'I like to help all little ones.'.

Rhyvn smiles happily.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'do you?'.

Venom says (in common), 'You know me, always eager to help a young lady...'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'she's amazing.'.
Rhyvn grins wickedly.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'yeah........'.

 Aphelion gives her thanks in a tone that is carefully polite, 'Oh, yes. certainly.' 

 Rhyvn looks off in the distance.

Venom says (in common), 'Besides, you don't seem to be helping me at all.'.
Venom says (in common), 'Thusly, you should be replaced.'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'hm?'.

Aphelion observes the exchange in silence.

Venom looks at Aphelion.

Venom says (in common), 'Would you look at those eyes...'.
Venom says (in common), 'I bet you're no stranger to battle...'.

Aphelion says (in common), 'I am not.'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'she's very beautiful.'.

Venom says (in common), 'You remind me of someone, though I cannot place who.'.

Aphelion inclines her head briefly. 'Pardon me a moment.'

The Pit
[Exits: east up]
This is the room of last resort.  If you are weaponless, armorless,
or in need of something you can't afford, this is where you go to
depend on the generosity of others.  Veteran adventurers often come
here to unload equipment they can't use, can't sell, or just want to
donate to the less fortunate.  Be warned, less scrupulous individuals
have been known to dump cursed equipment here, merely for the pleasure
of seeing the poor suffer.  Less than vigilant janitors have left grim
evidence that a choice piece of equipment is occasionally wanted by
more than one person.

A grand staircase leads to the temples above.
(Token magic) A magical spring flows from the ground here.
A small club-like weapon made of wood sits here ready for action.
A pit for donations dominates the room.
Rhyvn is here.
(Dark Purple Aura) Venom is here.

 Aphelion steps back into the room, her gaze instantly taking in all those present.

Rhyvn shakes her head.

 Venom eyes Aphelion curiously.

Cresom says (in common), 'need something for your throat rhyvn?'.

 Aphelion returns the appraising glance.

Rhyvn nods in recognition to Cresom.

Cresom snickers softly.

Venom says (in common), 'You now what you need Aphelion...'.

 Aphelion approaches the Kindred, closing the space between them that the conversation be more discrete.

Venom gets a Major Amulet of Health from a saddlebag.

 Venom takes Aphelion's hand, his claws barely leaving a scratch.
 Venom places the powerful artifact in what appears to be a strong and steady palm.

Venom gives Aphelion a Major Amulet of Health.

 Aphelion allows her hand to remain in his, fingers delicately poised to cup the artifact.

 Aphelion tilts her head to one side and asks, 'Nothing comes without a price. What is yours?'

Venom raises one eyebrow, mildly impressed, 'fearless and direct? what a treat...''.

Venom says (in common), 'My price is affordable.'.
Venom says (in common), 'Impress me.'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'be careful, Aphelion.'.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'with all your self.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Pay no heed to the foolish mortals of the realm, they do not understand the Kindred ways.'.
Venom glares at Rhyvn.

 Aphelion's cold grey eyes scan up and down the Kindred's proud mien, and she murmurs, 'Others may foolishly think it an easy task...' 

 Venom denotes with a huff, 'Your first task will be not to fall into that category... others disappoint me.'

 Rhyvn mutters "thank God."

Rhyvn says (in common), 'Aphelion, if I can help, please let me know.'.

Rhyvn bows deeply.
Rhyvn leaves east.

> l venom

Venom says (in common), 'Forgive me, I'm in my adventuring attire.'.
Venom says (in common), 'I wasn't expecting to meet anyone interesting this eve.'.

Ink looks at Venom.
Ink grins evilly at Venom.

Venom nods in recognition to Ink.

 Aphelion walks a slow circle around the Kindred, her pace deliberate, studying him like a captain on the  battlefield might, yet graceful.

Venom says (in common), 'Greetings, Swarf.'.

> l ink
Ink smiles happily.

 Venom relaxes, allowing the intrusion like a careless recruit, refusing to show concern.

Rhyvn appears out of nowhere.

Venom says (in common), 'Are you looking for something specific madam?'.

Aphelion says (in common), 'I am. Though speaking of it in haste would be unwise and unseemly.'.

Aphelion tells Rhyvn (in common), 'Would you mind coming back to the chamber for a moment?'.

Aphelion gives a Minor Amulet of Health to Rhyvn.

Rhyvn thanks you heartily.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'thank you.'.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'to what do I owe the honor?'.

Rhyvn puts a Minor Amulet of Health in a padded canvas backpack.

Venom says (in common), 'Well, we wouldn't want anyone to be unseemly... would we Rhyvn?'.

Aphelion says (in common), 'Generosity and largesse is a virtue. It has been shown me, I wished to show it in return.'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'Oh no!  We can't have any unseemlinesss!'.

 Venom grins evilly, his elongated fangs glistening.

Venom says (in common), 'Something else is missing...'.
Venom says (in common), 'Pardon me.'.
Venom leaves east.

Rhyvn frowns.

Venom arrives from the east.
Venom says (in common), 'I wouldn't want those steady hands to slip upon that hilt.'.
Venom gives Aphelion a pair of quilted cloth gloves.

Venom says (in common), 'Try those on.'.

Someone gives Aphelion a begemmed vulture cuff bracelet.

Aphelion wears a pair of quilted cloth gloves on your hands.

Rhyvn beams a smile at someone.

 Aphelion inclines her head in thanks and acknowledgement.

Venom says (in common), 'If you find this a better fit, it's steel matches the cold look in your eyes.'.

Aphelion wears a begemmed vulture cuff bracelet around your right wrist.

Rhyvn tells Aphelion (in common), 'don't forget to level and save!!!!!'.

Venom says (in common), 'Your hands are full'.

Venom says (in common), 'Cresom.'.
Venom says (in common), 'I have a question for you.'.

Someone raises an eyebrow.

Venom says (in common), 'This young lady, she is very intriguing.'.
Venom says (in common), 'She needs a container.'.
Venom says (in common), 'Would you mind fetching a specific corpse.'.

Someone says (in common), 'I can go get a couple '.
Someone says (in common), 'which one?'.
Someone says (in common), 'i was just going to pop easy stuff'.
Someone snickers softly.

Venom says (in common), 'No no.'.
Venom says (in common), 'I have a strong instinct about this one....'.

Someone says (in common), 'what mob am I looking for?'.

 Venom's Kindred nostrils flare as he takes in the scent of this battle-hardened woman.

Venom says (in common), 'Bring me the corpse of the midnight dragon.'.
Venom says (in common), 'And I shall fashion for her a container.'.
Venom says (in common), 'From its hide.'.

Someone says (in common), 'I got a cont burned last time i was there'.

Venom says (in common), 'Do not be a coward, it is unbecoming of your status here.'.

Someone says (in common), 'ok perfect belsam is on he will do it '.

Rhyvn raises an eyebrow.

Venom says (in common), 'Some badly over-popped popcorn carried by the past.'.
Venom says (in common), 'Go, fetch the popcorn.'.

Venom gives Aphelion the glowing steel bracelet.

Venom says (in common), 'If that works for you...'.
Venom says (in common), 'It compliments the gloves.'.

Aphelion says (in common), 'dex is needed most vitally'.

Venom gives Aphelion a pair of reinforced leather pants.

Venom gives Aphelion the glittering amethyst amulet.

You stop using a Major Amulet of Health.
Aphelion wears the glittering amethyst amulet around your neck.

Venom looks at Aphelion.
Venom says (in common), 'remove the beads'.
Venom says (in common), 'wear the health and the neck I gave you'.

Aphelion wears a Major Amulet of Health around your neck.
Venom leaves east.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'bossyyyyyyyyyyyyy...'.

Someone nods.

Venom arrives from the east.

 Aphelion smiles slightly and nods to the girl.

Someone says (in common), 'the corpse is coming '.

Venom gives Aphelion the runed zircon bracelet.
Venom says (in common), 'wear the two bracelets I gave you'.
Venom says (in common), 'that will be a good start on your stats'.

Venom says (in common), 'Already your neck is adorned with my touch...'.
Venom says (in common), 'How suiting.'.
Venom says (in common), 'Wrist as well, what a coincedence.'.
Venom says (in common), 'Just the two places I like to mark.'.

 Aphelion says with amusement in her voice, 'Only a slattern allows herself to be marked.'

Cresom gives the corpse of the midnight dragon to Venom.

Venom recites the heavy scroll.
Venom's new bag made from midnight dragon hide looks pretty snazzy.
Venom gives Aphelion a bag made from midnight dragon hide.

Venom looks at Aphelion.

 Aphelion curtseys, her back stiff and her head barely inclined.

Venom gives Aphelion a grey steel catseye ring.
Venom says (in common), 'If you get hurt in battle, twist the ring.'.

Rhyvn tells Aphelion (in common), 'be careful ...'.

 Aphelion slowly arches one brow at the girl, considering her words.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'although I wouldn't have listened either.'.
Rhyvn sighs loudly.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'time will tell all, though.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Are you girls exchanging secrets?'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'we're talking about packages.'.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'the size of them, and such.'.

 Aphelion's other eyebrow raises at such crass talk.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'Christmas presents, '.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'promises.'.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'broken things.'.

Venom says (in common), 'The size of a package is not a matter for talk. It's more confirming if you just open it.'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'I'm very careful about everything I open.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Indeed, a true coward.'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'careful, cautious.'.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'and NOT FOR YOU.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Scared, needy, helpless..'.

Rhyvn shrugs.

Venom says (in common), 'Some are prey, some are predator.'.
Venom says (in common), 'This is simply the nature of things.'.

 Aphelion's eyes flicker over the two, clearly aware of which is which.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'well, you'll have to catch me first, and you'll never have me willingly.'.
Rhyvn shrugs.

Venom says (in common), 'All I smell is fear...'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'of what?'.
Rhyvn raises an eyebrow.

 Venom grins a sly grin as though he was expecting that question, 'The unknown...'

 Aphelion says with a graceful gesture, 'But is not the unknown where we face our greatest opportunities for victory?'

Venom nods in recognition to Aphelion.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'some things are not unknown.  Just pale...immitations.'.
Rhyvn shrugs.

Venom says (in common), 'Indeed. But some prefer to learn carefully, to open the package cautiously, to stay safe from the darkness..'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'I have no interest in anything vow-breakers have to offer.'.

Venom says (in common), 'Do not toy with words and dance around your petty opinion.'.
Venom says (in common), 'I vowed I would not harm you and as of today, I have not.'.
Venom says (in common), 'When I lay my fang upon you, then and only then, you will know my name is Venom.'.
Venom says (in common), 'Until then I have done nothing wrong, so keep your foul accusations to yourself.'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'Perhaps you are right.'.
Rhyvn says (in common), 'I do know I'm very sorry for many many things.'.

Venom says (in common), 'I seek no apologies from you, child.'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'no matter.'.

Rhyvn says (in common), 'I wish you well Aphelion.'.
Rhyvn bows deeply.
Rhyvn leaves east.

 Aphelion glances at the departing girl, then at the Kindred. 

Venom says (in common), 'She is hurting.'.
Venom says (in common), 'They say the first cut is the deepest.'.
Venom says (in common), 'I say the throat bleeds better than the heart.'.

 Aphelion does not offer a quip in return, instead, simply listens and learns more.

Venom says (in common), 'These denizens of the realm, they are not like me... They fear that which they do not understand.'.
Venom says (in common), 'She pretensiously claims I am the illusion of the unknown, but she offers no definition for me.'.

 Aphelion tilts her head to one side, saying slowly, '.. In you, I think they have a reason to fear, do they not? I do not think you one of the sheep.'

Venom says (in common), 'I am the sated wolf, I do not hunger for these foolish mortals.'.
Venom says (in common), 'I have bigger goals.'.

Aphelion says (in common), '.. you are sunset. Night without morning. Death, should you wish it. '.
Aphelion says (in common), 'do you wonder that they fear?'.
You raise your eyebrow.

Venom says (in common), 'I am the shadow that does not move, a darkness that does not cover your light if let be.'.
Venom says (in common), 'But some have meddled, and thusly I would respond.'.
Venom says (in common), 'I have no ambition to kill here... I simply respond to the prying of lesser beings with my iron boot heel'.

Someone tells Aphelion, 'Hello! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. '.

Drakar has granted you the ability to see him when he is invis.

Aphelion tells Drakar (in common), 'my thanks for the offer, kind Sir.'.

Aphelion says (in common), 'a grey studded wristguard from the post would be very welcome, if you would be willing to undertake its obtaining.'.

Venom says (in common), 'For the dex?'.

Aphelion nods.

Venom says (in common), 'Do you not have a dex wrist item already on you?'.

Aphelion nods.
Aphelion says (in common), 'more would be useful.'.
Aphelion says (in common), 'I am a touch clumsy, despite all of those tiresome dance lessons.'.

Venom says (in common), 'What happened to that other bracelet that Cresom gave you?'.

Venom says (in common), 'Pardon me, I shall return.'.
Venom leaves east.

Venom appears out of nowhere.
Venom looks at Aphelion.

With eyes like the halo of frost around a silvery full moon, the woman
before you has an icy calm and reserve that is almost unsettling.  Her
demeanor is that of one born to priviledge, and you can almost hear an
father's regretful, almost mournful tone: 'If only she had been born a 
man!' Her piercing gaze sees through fascades and self-illusion as she 
might through cold morning dew, through challenges and deceptions like 
the movement of pieces upon an inlaid chess board and through flattery 
and seduction like the scant veil of an oathbreaking nun.  Her hair is 
arranged into a noblewoman's coronet, an intricate arrangement of ebon 
strands, twin streaks of scarlet from her temples drawing your eye. To
underestimate her as simply a woman of means, however, would be error:
Her posture has the composed strength of one as capable in the courts,
be it Cillidellia or D'Or D'Terraithe, as on the blood-soaked field of
honor or glory. 
Aphelion is in perfect health.

 Aphelion sweeps into a curtsey, head unbowed, eyes still remaining on yours.

(end scene)