A Song For Aoide

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June 22, 2012

Within a Grand Hunting Lodge
[Exits: west]
Massive beams of dark, ancient pine form the walls and ceiling of this enormous
hunting lodge. Trophies hang upon the wall, ranging from a simple twelve point
buck to the scaled head of an ancient red dragon. The chamber is laid out
symmetrically with rows of tressle tables and wide, stone fireplaces to either
side of the main corridor. To either side of the main door, twin staircases
spiral upwards towards the lofts where the hunters who live here take their
rest. The floor is strewn with sweet smelling rushes and fur hide rugs. In the
north-west corner, a small door leads out to the pens and stables. At the far
end of the lodge, a semi-circular raised platform holds the throne of the Lady
Huntress. The scent of a fresh kill and roasting meat fills the air, and the
sound of the hunting-hounds baying causes your blood to rise in your veins,
suffused with an intense joy you cannot explain.
(Red Aura) An enormous, empty black iron cauldron hangs above an unlit firepit.
(Light Red Aura) Ink is here.
(Intense Light Red Aura) Katrana is here.

Samiyah lays a hand across her chest, modestly lowers her eyes, and curtseys.

Ink grins evilly.
Ink grovels in the dirt before you.

Katrana grins Wyldly.

You tell Aoide (in common), 'Would you come to your temple?'.

Ink says (in sahuagin), 'Hello, young bard'.

You poke Ink in the ribs.

Katrana says, 'Hello bardling'.

Ink quietly mops up his puddle in attempts to conceal his tracks.
Ink utters the words, 'sagg xa hgruqz'.
Ink seems to walk lighter.

You say (in common), 'Lady Wyldess, with your permission...'.

Ink whispers, 'Shhhhhh'.

Katrana smiles happily.

You say (in common), 'I would like to sing a song for your Ghost.'.

Katrana raises an eyebrow.
Katrana sits down and thinks deeply.

Ink pokes himself.

Aoide tells you (in common), 'of course'.

Ink says (in sahuagin), 'Very well, permission granted, bard'.

Katrana says, 'For my Ghost...'.

Ink says (in sahuagin), 'However, I am not a ghost'.

Katrana sits down and thinks deeply.
Katrana unlocks the rune-covered trapdoor.

Aoide arrives from the west.

Katrana opens the rune-covered trapdoor.

Aoide curtseys gracefully.

You point at Aoide accusingly.
You say (in common), 'That one.'.

Katrana says, 'I believe the Cavern is better suited'.
Katrana leaves down.

Aoide leaves down.

Samiyah looks nervously into the dark portal.

> d
An Underground Cavern
[Exits: up]
The scent of wood smoke fills your nostrils as you glance about the rough-
hewn cavern surrounding you. The roof of the cave glitters with the light from
thousands of precious stones embedded deep within the rough stone, each one
catching and reflecting the light of the enormous bonfire that blazes in the
center of the cavern. Piles of furs dot the walls, some occupied by the
Huntress' minions and others empty but oddly inviting. Strings of skulls, both
animal and human, hang from the ceiling against the eastern wall, clattering
and echoing hollowly as a constant breeze emanates from deep within the
cavern. Tendrils of thorny vines writhe against the northern wall behind the
throne, occasionally offering up a glimpse of the large, black thorns that
guard the black roses the Wyldess adores.
(Invis) (Hide) (Light Red Aura) Aoide is here.
(Intense Light Red Aura) Katrana is here.
(Light Red Aura) Ink is here.
(Light Red Aura) (White Aura) Manatheren, hound of the Hunt, lays beside the Wyldess' throne.

Ink closes the rune-covered trapdoor.

Samiyah looks around, her eyes huge.
Samiyah gulps loudly.

Aoide says (in common), 'oh dear, Sami! What have I done to displease you?'.

You say (in common), 'Nothing at all, Lady Ghost.'.
You say (in common), 'in fact...'.

Manatheren watches your movement closely.

Samiyah clears her throat nervously.

Aoide says (in common), 'and don't fear Manatheran. He is kind to friends'.

Ink kicks Manatheren in the ribs and warns him.

Samiyah folds her hands, interlacing her fingers to still their shaking.
Samiyah composes herself, after one quick, flicker of a glance towards The Ghost.

Samiyah gets a wooden gourd rattle from a saddlebag.

Manatheren curls his lip at the Swish.

Samiyah flicks the rattle in a single deliberate, slow-paced stroke, the grains inside making an almost eerie sound.

Samiyah chants softly, 'Like the wind, she is unseen..'
Samiyah chants softly, 'Her presence noted by its effect on others - '
Samiyah chants softly, 'Their spirits like the branches moved in a breeze'

Samiyah flicks the rattle in a single, deliberate stroke, the grains within barely heard.
Samiyah chants quietly, 'Like a spirit, she is silent..'
Samiyah chants quietly, 'The brightness of her voice stilled,'
Samiyah chants quietly, 'Somber words chosen carefully.'

Samiyah flicks the rattle in a single, deliberate stroke, the grains scraping along the inside of the gourd.
Samiyah chants respectfully, 'Like a priestess, she is devout..'
Samiyah chants respectfully, 'Bound by the Three in sacred ritae,'
Samiyah chants respectfully, 'True knowledge of Self awakening.'

Samiyah flicks the rattle in a single, deliberate stroke, the grains whispering against one another and falling silent.
Samiyah lays a hand across her chest, modestly lowers her eyes, and curtseys.

Katrana says, 'Samiyah, that was lovely'.

Ink attempts to blink but can't... where are his eyelids?!

Aoide nods.
Aoide says (in common), 'it was indeed'.

Samiyah puts the rattle away, and again interlaces her fingers.

Ink claps at your performance.

Katrana says, 'Thank you for that performance.'.

You say (in common), 'I wanted to say thank you for all of your help'.

Aoide says (in common), 'I don't think I've ever had something written about me...'.
Aoide says (in common), 'other than the songs I write about myself'.
Aoide nods.

Ink says (in sahuagin), 'ws y aunuvyes fyrvyn, z wunynw y yuyakvurf ygyer nqsuyb'.

You say (in common), 'in a way that acknowledged your .. your Quest and your spirit.'.

You say (in common), 'I'm sorry, Ink, I don't know what a fyrvyn is'.

Ink says (in sahuagin), 'yv z vyeyw, ub z vys byresuw yn nqsuyb, rpyr us'.

You say (in common), 'or a nqsuyb'.

Ink says, 'Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!'.
Ink coughs.
Ink gargles a bit of salt water and tries again.
Ink utters the words, 'haiojzg'.
Ink snickers softly.
Ink says (in sahuagin), 'You are forgiven'.

Aoide says (in common), 'Thank you, Samiyah. I am touched.'.

Katrana says, 'We're still trying to train the Swish'.

Ink says (in sahuagin), 'Well done, bard'.

You smile at Aoide.

You say (in common), 'it isn't much, but..'.

Katrana nods in recognition to Ink.

Aoide says (in common), 'never say that about your craft'.

You say (in common), 'what I was reading, seemed to say that threes are special..'.

Aoide says (in common), 'a piece of one's mind and soul is much'.

You say (in common), 'so, three threes...'.

Katrana says, 'Sometimes few words speak the loudest dear one'.

You smile happily.

Katrana nods.

Aoide nods in recognition to you.

Aoide says (in common), 'you may not remember from our discussion of the Triat'.

Katrana says, 'Those numbers are very powerful to us...'.

Aoide says (in common), 'but the three need each other'.

Katrana says, 'It means alot that you noticed something so subtle'.

Samiyah nods, the movement causing her veil-charms to chime.

Aoide says (in common), 'each alone is weaker than the three together'.

Katrana nods.

Ink says (in sahuagin), 'Especially the Wyld'.

Aoide says (in common), 'how observant of you, Ink'.

Katrana pouts as she glances to the painting on the west wall.

Ink says (in sahuagin), 'You're welcome'.

Aoide says (in common), 'normally, one would expect the Wyld's acolyte to claim it the strongest of all'.

You say (in common), 'anyway... I don't want to take up your time, but.. I wanted to .. to speak those words to you.'.

Aoide says (in common), 'thank you'.

> l west
The wall of the cave is dominated by a large stone bookcase. The bookcase
itself appears to be coming straight out of the stone itself, as if it were
part of the wall naturally. The shelves of the bookcase hold a few books and
trinkets. A large triptych hangs above the bookcase.

> l triptych
The painting is made up of three distinct sections, though a thread of ebon
paint runs throughout. The first painting is little more than splotches of
color, mostly crimson. The paint still looks wet and strongly resembles blood.
The final panel is covered in interlocking loops of various shades of blue.
The thin loops form a woven pattern that covers the entire panel. Explosions
of both colors line the edges of the center panel which is strangely vacant
other than the crimson and blue borders.

Ink quietly mops up his puddle in attempts to conceal his tracks.
Ink utters the words, 'sagg xa hgruqz'.
Ink seems to walk lighter.
Ink whispers, 'Shhhhhh'.

Katrana says, 'I appreciate you sharing your performance with us'.

You smile at Aoide.

Katrana creates a pair of blood-stained shears out of thin air!

Samiyah lays a hand across her chest, modestly lowers her eyes, and curtseys.

Katrana opens the rune-covered trapdoor.

You say (in common), 'by Your leave, Sayyida'.

Katrana nods.

> up
Within a Grand Hunting Lodge
[Exits: west down]

(end Log)