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Official Information

Usage: cast 'alarm' pc
Usage: cast 'alarm' npc
Usage: cast 'alarm' any
Usage: cast 'alarm' good
Usage: cast 'alarm' evil
Usage: cast 'alarm' neutral
Usage: cast 'alarm' <name of target>
Usage: cast 'alarm' <name of target following's Immortal>

Set a magical alarm upon a room. The 'pc' parameter causes the alarm to go off when a PC enters the room, 'npc' causes the alarm to go off when a mob enters the room, and 'any' causes the alarm to go off when either a mob or PC enters the room. Alarm can also be cast to look for a specific alignment (good, evil, neutral); however, alarm cannot be set on lack of alignment (unaligned). Alternatively, you may specify the name of who you are looking for, or the name of a following's Immortal, if you wish to target any of that Immortal's followers. Unless the spell is looking for a specific target, a skilled mage may be able to side-step the spell undetected.

Alarm is available to:
Mages: level 4. Any Alignment.

Player-Supplied Information

  • This spell is of particular use to a mage. Highly recommended for mages to cast alarms at the entrances to zones they are xp'ing in. The alarm will give you warning that someone is entering your area.