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Led By Wish
Created February 9, 2013
Disbanded September 27, 2013
Holy Symbol a piece of red volcanic glass
Alignment Evil
Temple The Coral Cave

Following Description / FINFO:

Our world, created in Star Fire by Lord Nash through the ultimate transmutation
of matter, stands on the precipice of a New Age. One in which the Old Ways of
moral corruption and narcissistic self-interest are stripped away in favor of a
great spiritual and political Reformation! Led by Wish, Foul Sepiod of Nash,
the "Alchemists" are a tightly knit band of dedicated followers who shall bring
forth this new age in a soul cleansing process of mystical purification.
Alchemists seek magical and physical power in order to manifest those changes
essential to the dawning of this new age. Join them, or forever be swept up
like flotsam in the tidal wave of their awakening!

Membership (Roster: 04/22/13)

Thormalin, Rydell, Raquith, Miki, Cantor, Nessa, Rosemark, Illegal, Brimstone, Lexie, Scrye, Gor, Orpik, Vicarious, Nero, Sabella, Teva, Doc, Sycora, Tross, Viscous, Zuggmatoy, Cynder, Set, Styx,

Membership (Who Lists)

02-09-2013  Elf [       Ma:13       ] Scrye plays around with Alchemy
02-09-2013  Ogr [    Sh:24 Wa:20    ] Gore Jar Breaker of Alchemy and BOC
02-12-2013  Hum [ Cl:23 Ra:18 Tg:18 ] Nero'vil, Nashite Devil of Alchemy
02-10-2013  Hel [       Ma:15       ] Zuggtmoy the Witch of Alchemy
02-12-2013  Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Orpik, Crimson Overlord of the Alchemy *BC*
02-10-2013  Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Lexie, Rage Quit Nashite Succubus of Alchemy
02-14-2013  Elf [       Cl:20       ] Raquith, Nashite Distillate of Alchemy
02-14-2013  Gno [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Teva EbbinWhat, Crimson Alchemist of Nashite
03-12-2013  Hum [       Ma:13       ] Tross the boy of Alchemy
04-18-2013  Hum [    Wa: 9 Ma:17    ] Sabella: Wicked Witch of Nashite Alchemy

Requirements for Entry


  1. Alchemy is the art of spiritual and physical transmutation. Seek to manifest change in others, and understand that which changes you.
  2. Place your Alchemist brothers and sister first, before self.
  3. Be accountable and learn from reflection.
  4. The practice of Alchemy has consequences. Learn to live with yours.
  5. Lord Nash is the first and greatest of all Alchemists. Worship him or do not worship him, but never forget his gifts.

Additional Notes

[ 4] Wish: Alchemy
Wed Oct 9 18:32:23 2013
To: all
As most of you are aware, I have been an avid player of TFC.
To be certain, I have taken hiatus's from TFC from time to time,
sometimes lengthy. However, even during my absences I have
always kept tabs on the game and, more importantly, on
the fantastic group of players who make up its heart and soul.
Over the past year, I have been honored to be the leader
and friend to many of the most dedicated and devout players.
With their help, and with the help of all of the other
Immortals, we built Alchemy. A small following,
never very powerful or influential, but a home nonetheless.
Over the past few months, unfortunately, I have had
too many things consuming my time, and my playing time
on TFC was the thing that suffered most. I was neglectful
of Alchemy and my followers, and for this I full
heartedly apologize. My followers and friends have all
been exceedingly generous to me, and you deserved better.
This is in no way a "retirement" note. I decided long
ago that I would never post one of those again. Instead,
consider this an "I shall return!" note. Alchemy
may be no more, Coral Cave may have crumbled into dust,
but you can count on seeing the flicker of a tentacle
or an opaque cloud of black ink from time to time.

Finally, thank you to all my Alchemists. A better core
group of followers I could not have asked for. We may not
have shaken up the world like I would have liked to, but
we had fun, laughs, and we were slightly different in our own way.

Take care,
Wish the Cuttlefish, Chief Alchemist of Nash and Squishy Elves