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Being an ambassador is the first phase of immortality.

LEVEL:                  Ambassador
PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY: Helping new players learn and understand basic 
                        mudding/TFC survival, answering questions from
SECONDARY:              Learn the basic tenets of Demigodhood, ask
                        questions about and learn god-rules.  Get a feel
                        on what it is to be a TFC immortal.
Becoming an Immortal on TFC requires a significant amount of time and
interest. Before a mortal may petition for Immortality they must
demonstrate a level of familiarity with the mud as shown by the following
                           Single Class   Dual Class   Triple Class
Reach Effective Level           30            40            50
Complete Mobmastery Level       50            50            40

Those mortals that are effective 30th and higher may read the Immortal
Rules, which treat this subject in more depth and explain the further
requirements. These Rules are available by the command 'rules', or by
    Promotion from Ambassador to Attendant requires several hours of 
    "TFC community service" as an ambassador.  The number of hours are
    determined in part by factors from your mortal existence. Generally 
    speaking, the range is a *minimum* of 75 hours up to 300 hours.  The
    number of hours you are actually required to serve may vary.  This time 
    is spent helping new players as well as getting used to being an
    Immortal.  Those who will vote on your promotion will be watching how 
    you use this time and how well you follow the intent and letter of the 
    rules, so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that promotion is NOT 
    guaranteed.  The number of allowed Attendants depends on the number
    of FLIs eligible to have an Attendant, and other factors, such as
    the FLI and prospective Attendant's availability.

Current Ambassadors


Retired Ambassadors