An Engagement

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Notes: This log was created somewhere around Fall 1996/spring 1997 –ish. It was heavily edited at the time of its creation, and the original mud log is no longer available. It’s been further edited for this posting (yes, it was MUCH longer). The information contained in this log is not common knowledge and is currently obscured from Gwyrdain's memory. No reference to such should be made in-character unless the PC in question has direct knowledge of the event and cruelly intends to start a cascade of events that could result in the restoration of Gwyrdain's memory. WARNING: Any such action would rouse the wrath and revenge of Cordir.)

In a Large Gallery [Exits: east south]
You stand surrounded by many pieces of fine art. Paintings on the walls are protected by some magical force as well as the many other displays scattered about this room.

Gwyrdain is here. Lord Landru is here.

Landru asks, 'Just don't kill another cook, OK?’ He rolls his eyes, saying 'I like this one'.

Gwyrdain nods with a grin.

Cordir curties to Landru

Landru bows to Cordir, then murmurs, 'Very well. Goodbye'. With a happy wave, the Lord of Landru’s keep departs the Gallery.

Gwyrdain smiles softly, saying 'Hello, Cordir'.

Cordir looks at Landru’s receding back, and says, puzzled, 'That was rather.... unusual.'

Gwyrdain says 'I have never met him before, though I had wanted to...'

Cordir says softly, "Hello, Gwyrdain..."

Gwyrdain says 'Well... words'. .. the young Nashite seems lost in thought for a moment. 'They don't ever come easily for me', he says with a frown.

Gwyrdain says 'Well now. As I say... I have heard your words. I was very pleased to have heard from you'

He smirks shyly.

Cordir nods slowly, asking 'Any thoughts on what I said? Like I said... I am quite happy to wait as long as I need to.’

Gwyrdain says 'Yes, I understand., but there is no question to be answered. You are right.’

A clay golem has arrived.

Look at Golem: The clay that makes up this golem is shaped precisely to a large, ugly human.

Gwyrdain growls at a clay golem, and it slaps him in return.

Cordir says 'Excuse me, Golem... this is a private conversation.. Would you mind leaving?’

A clay golem disappears in a mushroom cloud.

Gwyrdain grins neutrally.

Cordir blinks, and mutters, 'Methinks... there's something ... strange going on.’

Gwyrdain says 'None are perfect save Him. All have their paths and purposes'.

Cordir says 'Agreed.... I am far less than Perfect...’

Gwyrdain says 'And I less'.

Cordir arches a brow, and demands, 'Why do you say that?’

Gwyrdain frowns.

Cordir sits gracefully, arranging her skirts.

Gwyrdain says 'Well... in any case, my perfection is not something to be assessed by me and I see what a long way there is yet'.

Look at Gwyrdain: Grey eyes meet yours, unflinching. There is strength there, and the assuredness and self-reliance hard earned on the long, lonely path that his Lord has set before him. Those eyes also speak volumes of compassion, warmth, and perhaps a hint of new-found joy. A neatly trimmed beard of reddish brown outlines a firm, if not outright stubborn jaw, which is marked here and there with trophies from a life that could never be called easy.

Cordir says 'So... no questions... nothing to be said? Nothing I can clarify...’
Cordir makes a gesture of incompletion, some confusion, then realizes she's fidgeting, and carefully folds her hands in her lap.

Gwyrdain sits down and thinks deeply for a moment, then says 'Yes, there is ought to be said, but questions? No, I know all I need to know. Hrmmm... I understand that feelings are perhaps a bit raw... But.... There is something to be said. I...’ He takes a deep breath, as Cordir carefully studies a painting, so as not to look at him.

She murmurs, "Go ahead.... what is it?"

Gwyrdain says 'Cordir...I would have you... for a wife.’

Cordir goes completely still for a moment, then smiles, quite sadly, whispering, ‘That.. is a cruel jest, Gwyrdain.’

Gwyrdain frowns, saying 'No, you will be my bride.’

Trembling with held-back tears, she whispers, 'I... would not have thought you capable of it.’

Gwyrdain says 'Me???’

Cordir says 'Sirak would never abide it. He's specifically stated so. And you... cannot.. go against His will....I dare say you must have His permission, and Sirak will not grant it.’

Gwyrdain says 'Sirak will abide it.’

Cordir says 'No, beloved... I don't think that could ever be...’

Gwyrdain says 'Do you speak of His will or his will?’

Cordir says 'Sirak's. I don't pretend to know Lord Nash's....'

Gwyrdain frowns and says 'You are wrong'.

Cordir stands, trembling, and paces the room.

Gwyrdain says 'I am sorry to be blunt, but it is true. He will abide it... and more'.

Cordir halts, completely confused by what she's hearing.

Gwyrdain says, with longing in his voice, '..Cordir..'.

Cordir turns and leans against the wall between two portraits.
Cordir swallows hard.
Cordir says softly, barely audibly, "Yes, Gwyr?"

Gwyrdain offers his hand.

Cordir lays her hand in his.

Gwyrdain says 'Marry me. Do you not wish this?'

Cordir smiles softly, nodding, then whispers, 'I do... wish it...'

Gwyrdain says 'Then there it is. We shall wed'

Cordir says 'But... I do not understand.... '

Gwyrdain fidgets a bit.

Cordir says 'What, love?’

Gwyrdain smiles at his love, then pulls her to him.

Cordir whispers, quite softly, "Do you think, perhaps... that we could have a happy ending? I... think I might fall quite apart if something happened... like.. before... which reminds me… I would demand one thing... THE LICH IS ** NOT ** INVITED!!!!'.
Cordir smiles tremulously, half happily, half tearily.

Gwyrdain says 'Hrmmm. That's... interesting... and yes, I understand... It would be my wish that he would be invited... I really don't think he'd be a problem... like before'.

Cordir says 'If.. if you wish it, I.. will bear it.’
Cordir says 'There are those in the Conclave I like, and would wish could be there..’

Gwyrdain says 'Hrmmm... well... that would be the next step.’
Gwyrdain says 'Hrmmm planning...’

Cordir blushes, saying 'Forgive me, if I stepped, perhaps, too far, too soon...’

Gwyrdain says 'Hrmmm... tell ya what'.

Cordir raises her eyebrow inquiringly, and asks, 'What's that?’

Gwyrdain says 'I will plan it' You have ever so much to think about these upcoming days'.

Cordir says 'Well... umm.... I'd like SOME input....'
Cordir bites her lip.

Gwyrdain says 'Oh???’ with a frown.

Cordir says 'Or are you arranging my dress, and bouquet, and my maid of honor, and all the other little details that generally go into these things..’

Gwyrdain says 'Oh, well... those little things... I mean the real planning. I've actually already got the rest worked out. To some extent'. He blushes. Gwyrdain says 'I've... been...’

Cordir looks at Gwyrdain sharply.

Gwyrdain says 'Hrmmm... thinking about this day for...' He pauses and thinks a moment. 'A ... while...'

Cordir says 'Truly? Then why would Lord Sirak say .....’
Cordir breaks off, and paces a bit, then continues. 'That's what has me so confused.. He ORDERED me not to speak of such things with you.. That you had told him you had no interest in such things.. That you "didn't care for me in that fashion"'.

Gwyrdain says 'Well... a while... is ... Hrmmm... I've been think about it this last day... which isn't to say I'd never pondered it before...’

Someone rolls his eyes.

Cordir says 'That's what you said, my lord Sirak'.

Gwyrdain says 'I have just come to the conclusion that the time is fulfilled'

Sirak coughs, and says 'if I may interrupt… which... I may'.

Look at Sirak: Sirak wears the crest of the great Lord Nash proudly on his chest.

Sirak is using:
< light> (Red Aura) (Magical) A bright ball of reddish light
<finger> (Red Aura) (Magical) The Ring of Nash
<finger> (Red Aura) A silver ring
<neck> (Red Aura) (Magical) (Humming) The Scarab of Death
<neck> (Red Aura) A nut and bolt hanging from a black string
<on body> (Red Aura) Black robes
<head> (Red Aura) The Crown of Skulldruggery
<legs> a heavy lead ball and titanium chain
<feet> (Red Aura) Lord Nash's old boots
<hands> (Red Aura) (Magical) The Tambourine of Doom
<about body> (Red Aura) A dark red cloak
<about waist> (Red Aura) A black rope belt
<wrist> (Red Aura) A silver bracelet
<wrist> (Red Aura) A black wristwatch
<wielded> a pair of marimba mallets
<wielded off-hand> a pair of marimba mallets
<held> A HUGE picture of Evelyn Glennie
<worn with pride> (Red Aura) (Magical) (Glowing) The Crest of Lord Nash
<worn with pride> (Magical) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood

Gwyrdain bows before Sirak.

Cordir curtseys deeply before Lord Sirak.

Sirak says 'what young Gwyrdain is trying to say.. is..'

Gwyrdain and Cordir both raises their eyebrow inquiringly, wondering what they’re about to hear.

Sirak says 'Is that you will marry him'.

Gwyrdain snickers softly.

Cordir coughs delicately, then murmurs, 'That's for ME to answer, Lord Sirak. And while I have said that I like the idea.. I have not said, "YES".'

Sirak rolls his eyes. 'You did too say yes! You were just planning!’

Cordir says 'I did not say, YES.... I asked questions about it...’

Sirak says 'You will say yes'.

Gwyrdain sighs loudly.

Sirak taps his foot impatiently.

Cordir narrows her eyes and glares at Lord Sirak.

A guard has arrived.
Sirak growls.
Sirak utters the words, 'rift'.
Sirak's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** a guard!
A guard is DEAD!!
You hear a guard's death cry.

Cordir says 'Sir... there are some things that even YOU do not get to order, and a woman's wedding is one of them.'

Gwyrdain says 'Cordir. Look at me'.

Sirak says 'I wasn't ordering... I was predicting'

Gwyrdain says 'Cordir'

Cordir puts her hands on her hips and paces the room.

Sirak coughs.

Gwyrdain says 'Cordir' as he looks at her intently.

Cordir says quietly, "I'm not ignoring you, Gwyr..."

Gwyrdain says 'Marry me... Be my wife... This is my desire. This was your hope, no?’

Cordir nods, and confirms, ‘It was. But… Why now? Why after everything... He... *points at Sirak* said..’

Gwyrdain says 'Say yes.’

Cordir says 'But this suddenness... after what was said... has me concerned. I want to know ... why now?

Gwyrdain says 'Cordir.. I love thee'

Cordir says 'And I, thee, Gwyr.'

Gwyrdain says 'Then marry me'.

A guard has arrived.
Sirak utters the words, 'rift'.
Sirak's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** a guard!
A guard is DEAD!!
You hear a guard's death cry.
Cordir sacrifices the corpse of a guard to Gryphon.

Sirak thanks you heartily.

Cordir looks over at Lord Sirak distrustfully.

Sirak raises an eyebrow.

Cordir says 'What hand has He in this?'

Sirak rolls his eyes, saying, ‘my dear... I have saved your marriage before it was even planned, if you MUST know'.

Gwyrdain raises an eyebrow.

Cordir says softly, "You cannot save what did not exist at the time, Lord."

Sirak snickers, and mutters, 'that's what YOU think'.

Cordir says 'You, in fact, caused nearly an irrevocable rift between Gwyr and I...’

Gwyrdain says 'I understand what he's saying to some extent'.

Sirak says 'all we be explained after Cordir says yes to young Gwyrdain'

Cordir says 'And I am rather confused why you are suddenly playing matchmaker.'

Sirak says 'I was all along my dear'.

Gwyrdain says 'If you cannot trust him, I am sorry... trust me at least'

Cordir says 'I feel like someone who is buying a "pig in a poke"... and no, I do NOT trust Lord Sirak.'

Sirak smirks.

  • Cordir’s alarm (at) On Some Stairs has been triggered.

Josta yells 'wuh oh!'

  • Cordir’ s alarm (at) Before a Small Castle has been triggered.

Players near you: Horus JoyJoy, Doc, Myronides, Pendor, Krazor, Asia, Noah, Josta, Sirak, Cordir, Gwyrdain

Cordir says 'Dear lord! The entire world is coming to visit'.

Gwyrdain says 'Cordir... marry me?’

Cordir says 'Go away, Sirak. I'll not have a witness... this is a PRIVATE thing....'

Sirak growls 'Maybe if you asked NICELY'.

Cordir taps her foot impatiently and glares at Sirak.

Gwyrdain says 'For me, Cordir? Please'.

Cordir says icily, "DEAR Lord Sirak... would you PLEASE go away so that I can accept Gwyrdain's proposal in privacy?"

Jahiliya tells Cordir '(cackle)'

Sirak says 'very well, I shall go talk to Landru'
Sirak opens the Nash Bible and begins reading, then suddenly vanishes.

Gwyrdain smiles happily, and says huskily, ‘Cordir…'.

Cordir breathes a deep sigh of relief, and says 'Yes, beloved?’

Gwyrdain says 'I really, really love thee', and points at her.

Cordir blushes.

Gwyrdain sweeps Cordir into a romantic waltz.

Cordir lays a hand on her chest, murmuring, "Me?"

Gwyrdain stops dancing, presses Cordir up against the wall, and gives her a long and passionate kiss.

Cordir moans against Gwyrdain's lips.

He gazes down at her, and murmurs, ‘Marry me'

Cordir says 'Even if things change in the future... You'll still want me?'

Gwyrdain says 'Will you change? perhaps to some extent'

Cordir says 'Probably... I.. hope.. to be Immortal. I don't know what mantle I will be assuming.... That may change me... us... drastically..’

Gwyrdain says 'I will stand by you. And you will stand by me.. though... a bit farther off'.
Gwyrdain smiles, then continues. ‘We’ve had a rough few days here.. I know things _will_ change.. Think we can handle changes?’

Cordir nods, then says softly, 'Gwyr.... there's a problem....’ She bites her lip with a frown.

Gwyrdain raises an eyebrow and says 'Now's the time, isn't it?’

Cordir says 'You... didn't ask Gryphon permission to court me.. I cannot accept without His permission.'

Gwyrdain says 'Oh?'

Cordir says 'I just asked Polnevdra and she says, as High Priestess, it is required...'

Gwyrdain clears his throat. 'I did not know that I was under his authority as you remind me that you are not under Sirak’s.'

Cordir says 'I am. You are not, but Gryphon is my Liege...And for a woman to wed... her liege (well, normally it would be father) must be asked, first.'

Gwyrdain says 'Pardon me for a moment'. He leaves the room momentarily, then returns, and apologizes.

Cordir blushes miserably.

Gwyrdain says 'Why is Polnevdra telling you this?'

Cordir says 'She is the High Priestess... it is her job.'
Cordir says 'I asked her if it was all right, and she said that Gryphon must be asked..'

Gwyrdain says 'by?’

Cordir says 'By you. That is usually how it is done...'
Cordir blushes.

Gwyrdain says 'Then she should be telling me'.

Sirak suddenly appears with the Nash Bible in hand.

Gwyrdain sighs loudly.

Sirak says 'usually usually'.
Sirak rolls his eyes. Sirak says 'what’s usually?'

Cordir glares icily at Sirak

Gwyrdain throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Gwyrdain looks down at his feet.
Gwyrdain says 'It... does bad stuff to my neutrality'.
Gwyrdain frowns

Cordir patently ignores Lord Sirak.

Sirak says 'relax my future protégé, your Lord is powerful'

Gwyrdain says 'It is so'

Cordir says 'Gwyr... it is simply asking Gryphon permission to ask me.'

Someone bows before Sirak.

Cordir says 'It's not a pledge, or service or anything..'

Sirak nods in recognition to someone.

Cordir says with a blush, 'It's ... manners...'

Gryphon tells Cordir 'I am with you, Cordir.....'

Cordir prays to Gryphon: '*nod* I thought as much'

Gwyrdain clears his throat, and asks, 'Lord Gryphon, may I have your permission to take the lady Cordir to wife?'

Cordir prays to Gryphon: 'I have NO IDEA what Sirak is up to and I do not trust him'.

Gryphon sits down and thinks deeply, then says 'Well....'

Sirak raises an eyebrow. Sirak taps his foot impatiently

Gwyrdain raises an eyebrow.

Cordir prays to Gryphon: 'M'Lord... not four days ago, Sirak ordered me to never speak of marriage with Gwyrdain... now he is shoving me into his arms.. I do love Gwyrdain... but I do not trust Sirak's plans'

Gryphon says 'You wish my permission to ask? Strange'

Gryphon tells Cordir 'nod'

Cordir prays to Gryphon: 'I told him, as did Pol, that it was required, that he had to ask.. That's what Pol told me. She said we need to talk'

Gwyrdain says 'Well... I have asked...' Gwyrdain blushes.

Cordir prays to Gryphon: 'I'm not sure about what.’

Gryphon says 'If permission to court her is sought, ... Then you have it. It is a simple thing. Yes...'

Cordir whispers, 'And permission to wed, Lord?’

Gryphon says 'has he asked?'

Cordir nods.

Gryphon shrugs.

Cordir says 'I said he had to have Your permission to ask, first, before I could answer.'

Sirak chuckles, evidently amused.

Gwyrdain says 'I have asked... I wish permission to carry it out if she will...’

Someone says 'I have no objection. Then so be it'.

Cordir smiles softly.

Sirak says 'I have an objection'.

Gryphon says 'As you will, Sirak' and bows before Sirak.

Cordir masterfully controls her sharp comment, and turns an inquiring eye towards Lord Sirak, asking, 'Prithee, milord, what is the objection?’

Sirak says 'oh no, I was just joking'.

A clay golem has arrived.
Gwyrdain growls at a clay golem.
A clay golem growls at Gwyrdain.
A clay golem disappears in a mushroom cloud.
Gwyrdain chuckles at Sirak's joke.
Gryphon smirks.

Sirak nudges Cordir. What's his hurry?!

Gwyrdain says 'Cordir'

Cordir turns to face Gwyrdain.

Gwyrdain says 'Marry me'

Gryphon quietly excuses himself.

Cordir says softly, "Yes, Gwyr... I will."

Sirak rolls his eyes and says 'see, I TOLD you you'd say yes'

Gwyrdain lets out an extremely large breath.

Cordir takes a deep breath, and once more, masterfully controls her temper and ignores Lord Sirak.

Sirak says 'very well.. my job is done'

Cordir lays a trembling hand in Gwyrdain's.

Gwyrdain says 'He _is_ being nice. At least now.’

Sirak says 'and your future secured young Gwyrdain'

Gwyrdain bows before Sirak.

Cordir curtseys to Sirak.

Sirak says 'oh nicer than either of you could possibly imagine'

Gwyrdain smiles at Cordir.

Sirak nods in recognition to Gwyrdain.

Gwyrdain kisses Cordir on her cheek... impressed with her curtsey.

Sirak says 'I would explain... but... she seems upset with me still, so I think I'll just go'.

Cordir snarls at Lord Sirak, growling, 'OH NO YOU DON’T'.

Sirak raises an eyebrow, saying 'No I don't what?’

Gwyrdain tries to calm Cordir.

Sirak says 'oh that's O.K. Gwyrdain, I like her spirit'.

Cordir says 'Just .... leave... after all that...And not explain what the hell is going on..’

Gwyrdain grins mischievously.

Sirak smirks, ‘No no, what the hell WAS going on, it isn't anymore'

Cordir sighs, exasperated.

Sirak says 'and don't act so knowing Gwyrdain, or you'll regret it'.

Cordir says 'Fine. Go then, please.’

Gwyrdain frowns.

Sirak says 'which will it be Cordir?’

Cordir says 'Never mind, Lord Sirak. * I * will go.’

(Cordir leaves and goes to…)
A Tiny Room [Exits: south]
Cordir rests.
Cordir throws her head back and lets out a scream of frustration and annoyance.
Cordir glares at nothing in particular.
Gryphon tells Cordir 'Nice tantrum'
Cordir tells Gryphon 'gee... thanks.’
Cordir stalks over to the wall and punches it. Hard.
Cordir mutters something nasty about "can't even get engaged without Sirak making a muck of it!"
Gryphon tells Cordir 'Welcome to the big leagues, Cordir'.
Cordir prays: 'What do you mean?’
Gryphon tells Cordir 'The attention of the gods is a two edged sword. You must take the good with the bad, little one'
Cordir prays: '*chuckle* Nod. He is just sooooooo frustrating! But... 'tis the price I will pay... I do wish to be Immortal. And I will pay the price. I simply do not like games like his. There was no need for all that...’
Gryphon tells Cordir 'It does not appear that you have many choices, little one'.
Cordir prays: 'He didn't have to be involved at all.. Yet ... he made some sort of conspiracy of the whole thing... *sigh*'
Gryphon tells Cordir 'You must take the good with the bad...that is dignity'.
Cordir prays: 'I will try to better comport myself in a manner that will make you proud.’

Cordir tells Gwyrdain 'Do let me know when Sirak leaves. . . I'd like to spend some time - ALONE - with my fiancé'.... *small smile*'.

Gwyrdain tells Cordir (in old-common) 'go north.’

The Servant's Quarters
[Exits: south]
A steak of servant catches your eye.

Gwyrdain says 'Hello, again'.

Cordir says 'Hello… I hope you can understand why I had to leave. I could not remain, and keep calm.’

Gwyrdain says 'I do... but I think... well…’

Cordir says 'And I do not wish to further antagonize Lord Sirak.’

Gwyrdain says 'I think he really wants to explain'.

Cordir says 'Although.. it seems he does enjoy this cat and mouse game with me. I thought he had nothing to explain? That it was simply a jest... OR so he seemed to be saying..’

Gwyrdain says 'He does... he offers an explanation. Because of what has occurred, I know that you are wary'.

Cordir nods. Cordir says 'Very. I don't wish another kidnapping.. Or a plague of demons killing the wedding party... Or.. any number of other diabolical things that He might plan..’

Gwyrdain says 'But... He does want to explain, and I will be beside you.’

Cordir nods and acquiesces. 'For you. And only for you.’

(Cordir follows Gwyrdain back to…)

In a Large Gallery [Exits: east south]
Gwyrdain is here.
(Red Aura) Sirak is resting here.

Gwyrdain nods in recognition to Sirak.

Sirak stands up, raises an eyebrow, and mutters, 'oh how nice, you've returned'.

Sirak kisses Cordir’s hand. How continental!

Cordir murmurs, "Yes, Lord Sirak."

Sirak says 'do you wish something of me?’

Cordir glances over at Gwyrdain.

Sirak says 'well, now let's rest, so I may explain'.
Sirak rests.

Gwyrdain rests.

Cordir sits gracefully, smoothing down her skirt.

Gwyrdain looks at Cordir, and tells her, 'rest... he'll be particular perhaps?’

Cordir rests.

Sirak says 'Gwyrdain came to visit oh... a few weeks ago'

Gwyrdain smiles at Cordir..

Sirak says 'and indeed he did talk to my father' and beams a smile at Gwyrdain.

Gwyrdain takes a deep breath and nods, saying 'Quite... something'.

Cordir says 'Gwyr-love... you said nothing of this before!'

Gwyrdain is/was speechless.

Sirak says 'he didn't?!'.

Gwyrdain frowns, And explains, ‘Well.. we haven't had a chance to speak privately for some time'.

Sirak says 'well anyway, he started casting spells on himself and Lord Nash became angry'.

Gwyrdain suddenly realizes his mistake and slaps himself.

Sirak says 'I mean, here he was... Lord Nash has infinitely many things to do, yet Gwyrdain wastes his time casting enchantments on himself?’ Sirak rolls his eyes.

Gwyrdain says 'Now you see why I have far, so far to go,’ and sighs softly.

Sirak says 'oh no, not really. Lord Nash then sent him away, and spoke to me alone. He said this... he said that the two of you would be married soon (and this soon that he referred to was before the present mind you). He also said this... That this lady... Cordir.. may indeed rise to immortality'.

Cordir whispers, "That is indeed my hope."

Gwyrdain says 'More than hope, it seems to me'.

Sirak says 'he wouldn't tell me exactly, he didn't trust me' He pouts. Repeatedly. He taps his foot impatiently, and pouts some more, until Gwyrdain comforts him.

Sirak says 'and he said that doom awaited Gwyrdain on his present course'.

Gwyrdain looks down at his feet.

Cordir says 'Why doom?’

Sirak says 'you see, if you were to be married last week as was supposed to happen, and then you were to become an immortal, I’m afraid Gwyrdain would have become horribly depressed. for he had not the confidence to confront you on the situations that will befall you'

Cordir glances over at Gwyrdain, concerned.

A guard has arrived.
Cordir stand up.
Cordir’s lightning bolt MASSACRES a guard!
A guard's slash misses Cordir.
Cordir’s pound injures a guard.
A guard disappears in a mushroom cloud.
Cordir rests.

Sirak says 'and young Gwyrdain certainly would not have been my protégé… he would've become know as... "Gwyrdain the Downtrodden"'. The Son of Nash shivers uncomfortably.

Gwyrdain sniffs sadly.

Cordir frowns, shaking her head.

Sirak says 'so, of course, I could not let this happen'

Cordir nods, waiting...

Sirak says with a blush, 'so I.... shall we say... fixed things?’

Cordir says 'By starting a fight between he and I to postpone things a week?’

Sirak says 'yes, that... and... I made you both think, as a side affect, of the possibilities that may arise. Now I know Gwyrdain will be able to handle himself.. I mean, look at how he's been the last couple of days?’ He snickers at his own evil thoughts.

Cordir says 'I have not seen him for several days. Ever since that ill-fated trip to Dwarvenhold.’

Sirak says 'indeed'.

Gwyrdain has had really ... interesting titles.

Sirak says 'but... if that had not happened... it would've happened for the 'first time' in the future'.

Cordir says '(You must have missed the *30** I've had)'

Gwyrdain frowns and says '(I sure caught the Tidal tracks)'.

Sirak rolls his eyes.
Sirak raises an eyebrow. ‘Do you not understand?’

You nod in recognition to him.

Sirak says 'you, poor young Gwyrdain, would have... thrown in the towel shall we say? Am I making this understandable or is it too much for mortal minds?’ Sirak sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir says 'I think that I have some vague concept of what you are trying to communicate, Lord Sirak... '.

Gwyrdain says 'The general drift is... understood, I believe'.

Cordir says 'Basically this: That we weren't ready.’

Sirak says 'think of it this know plague?’

Cordir nods. Gwyrdain nods sadly.

Cordir says 'I was the plague poster child for a long time'.

Gwyrdain throws back his head and cackles with insane glee, then clears his throat and nods.

Sirak says 'well if one catches a horrible plague...they are dead. But if one is exposed to it slightly, one builds up resistance' Sirak gasps, and says 'oops, mortals aren't supposed to know that yet'.

Gwyrdain slaps his knee. Gwyrdain says 'I shoulda known'.

Sirak says 'but does that make it clear?’

Gwyrdain slaps his knee again.

Cordir says 'Something to the effect that we needed to get used to being messed with?’

Sirak says 'no, you needed to get used to messing with each other' Sirak smirks at the two.

Cordir says 'I'm not sure.. your last analogy sort of ....’ She stops speaking, blushes, and clears her throat self-consciously.

Gwyrdain says 'We... hadn't even had a dispute...’

Sirak says 'but you would have'.

Gwyrdain says 'and after the immorting... The 1st could have come out rather... harshly'.

Cordir says 'I.. don't know that it's going to happen, Gwyr... I .. hope. I do not know.’

Sirak says 'rather bad my friend'.

Cordir says 'It could have been... unpleasant'.

Sirak says 'indeed, you're not as unwise as most think Cordir. Or.. maybe you are. Don't worry kids. Everything is O.K. NOW'.

Cordir says 'But... Gwyrdain would never follow me as a Goddess. We worked that out a long time ago.’

Gwyrdain frowns.

Sirak says 'that wasn't an issue. That it HAD been decided made the future even more clear though, not that Lord Nash needs clarity'. Sirak chuckles at his own joke, since none of you would.

Gwyrdain nods in recognition to Sirak.

Sirak says 'don't misunderstand me Cordir'.

Gwyrdain says 'Cordir... though it may have been bad... or harsh or worse...’

Sirak says 'had I not interfered with times course, you would be happily married right now'.

Cordir says 'What do you mean, sir?’

Sirak says 'and would've been for a long time, but eventually.... something drastic would've occurred'.

Gwyrdain says 'His intentions were not quite as... despicable as we might have thought. And he has helped'.

Cordir reluctantly agrees.

Sirak raises an eyebrow, saying 'despicable? He sits down and thinks deeply.

Gwyrdain says 'So, perhaps our thoughts as to his intentions?’

Sirak says 'what was despicable?’ Sirak sits down and thinks deeply.

Gwyrdain says 'I don't know'. He shrugs and says 'She hasn't told'.

Cordir says quietly, "I was told not to."

Sirak says 'told not to what?’

Cordir says 'Speak of our conversation, Lord Sirak. That's been clarified, now, and I understand what you meant, however..’

Sirak says 'you can speak of it now'.

Cordir says 'At the time... what you said...Seemed only hurtful, cruel, and ... evil.

Sirak says 'well I apologize for that my dear. I was only thinking of the future'.

Gwyrdain says 'Of course, he couldn't have revealed his intentions...’

Cordir nods slowly.

Sirak says 'of course Gwyrdain'. Sirak rolls his eyes.

Gwyrdain says 'That would not have done.... no not too well'.

Gwyrdain blushes.

Sirak says 'if it seemed harsh, it was only because I was going for the easiest and quickest solution'.

Sirak blushes as he notices his boo-boo.

Cordir nods.

Sirak says 'no one will ever hear me say I am not impatient'.

A servant has arrived.
Gwyrdain looks at a servant.
Sirak stands up.
Sirak's pound *** DEMOLISHES *** a servant!
A servant takes a pitiful swing at Sirak, and misses by a mile!
Sirak's pound *** ANNIHILATES *** a servant!
Sirak's kick *** DEMOLISHES *** a servant!
A servant is DEAD!!
A servant hits the ground ... DEAD.
A guard has arrived.
Sirak growls.
A guard leaves east.
Gwyrdain claps at Sirak's performance.

Sirak says 'well, I shall leave you two kids alone now'.

Gwyrdain grins happily at Cordir.

Sirak says 'I'm sorry for all the commotion'.

Cordir nods.

Sirak says 'I hope you will understand as time passes'.

Gwyrdain says 'Thank you, Lord Sirak'.

Cordir says 'Perhaps... when Lord Nash grants me that wisdom..’

Sirak nods in recognition to Gwyrdain.

Gwyrdain bows before Sirak.

Cordir says in aside to Gwyrdain, "But I'm still not sure about the Lich being there..."

Sirak says 'farewell'.

Gwyrdain says 'Farewell!'. Gwyrdain waves goodbye to Sirak.

Sirak says 'may Nash not make me have to work to save my protégé again'.

Gwyrdain blushes.

Sirak grovels in the direction of the statue of Lord Nash.

Gwyrdain thanks Sirak heartily.

Sirak nods and waves happily then opens the Nash Bible and begins reading, then suddenly vanishes.

Cordir smiles at Gwyrdain.

Gwyrdain grins up at Cordir... overjoyed to see her smiling.

Cordir blushes. Cordir says 'Is it so rare, love?’

Cordir eats some bread and drinks some water.

Gwyrdain says 'Yes! I love your timing'.

Gwyrdain sweeps Cordir into a romantic waltz.

Cordir blushes and says 'well... my stomach was growling so loud, I'm surprised it didn't drown out Lord Sirak’s words.’

Cordir reaches up and gently strokes Gwyrdain's cheek.

Gwyrdain blushes shyly. Gwyrdain says 'I love you. I love you. I love you.’

Cordir smiles happily.

(end log)