Animate dead

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Official Information

Target a corpse to create your own, personal zombie.

Animate dead is available to:
Clerics  : level 15. Evil.
Shamans  : level 10. Evil.

Player-Supplied Information

  • You must have a mob corpse to use this spell. This spell costs 100 mana to cast and will consume the corpse of the mob that you are animating. You will also lose HP upon casting it. Upon animation, the zombie will become charmed and follow you. Zombie level is affected by the level of the caster and those in his group. The largest zombies are created by level 50s who are not in a group. If you want your zombie to wear equipment, the mob that you will make the zombie out of must be given that equipment *first* so that those items are in the corpse. The zombie can use anything that is in the corpse prior to animation, however after animation it is not possible to give more items to that zombie. If you are unfettered while you have zombies they will turn against you. - Ink, added 05/24/2012