Aoide's Triat Mastery

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Trials for the Wyrm:

Seeking the places, things, and essences of the dead:

  • Find the ghost of a key and the door it opens.
  • Find the ghostly campfire and the place it rests in.
  • Obtain a crown of ghostly flowers and retain it for the remainder of your quest. Should it be lost, regain it.
  • Map the Dream Realm and share it with the realm: The Dream Realm
  • Map the Caves of the Spirit and share it with the realm: Caves of the Spirit
  • Create a Mobmastery list of 30 creatures who are 'dead': zombies, ghosts, specters, spirits, etc (static loaded mobs) and share it with the realm: Dead Mobmastery targets
  • Find and document 30 rooms in which 'ghost', 'ghostly,' 'spirit,' 'haunt' or other undead references are found: Rooms of the Undead
  • Create and perform your Final Bardic Council offering. The topic should be appropriate to your Trial: Aoide - Level 30 Bard Review

Trials for the Wyld:

Trial #1: Seek out the unsettled spirits of the realm, and give them peace. For these tasks, you are permitted the company of no more than two of the Reborn and any number of the undead. Also, map the lands these creatures inhabit and share it with the realm.:

Trial #2: Slay the following:

Trial #3: Cut a Thread. Aoide kills Daisy

Trials for the Weaver:

Sacrifice #1: The sacrifice of a life of joyfulness. Suffer willing rebirth at the hand of the Wyldess, becoming a ghost: maintaining constant invisibility and hide, refraining from public channels, and expressing no gladness in song or laughter (via emote or social): Aoide Becomes a Ghost

Sacrifice #2: The sacrifice of the company of the living. Keep the company only of the dead and Reborn, specifically zombies you yourself create, or those who come before you recently Reborn and naked but for three items (one of which may be a weapon). Also, you may not seek restful sleep in the company of the living.

Sacrifice #3: The sacrifice of free will. No aid may be given to any other for its duration; no other task taken up. Not a retrieval of a corpse, not the collection of gold, not the gifting of spells for a purpose not linked to your task.