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Official Information


       auction  <message>        <= Available to level 3 and higher
       gossip   <message>        <= Available to all levels
       question <message>        <= Available to all levels
       answer   <message>        <= Available to all levels
       shout    <message>        <= Available to level 5 and higher
       yell     <message>        <= Available to level 3 and higher

These commands send messages through communication channels to other players.

SHOUT sends a message to all awake players in the world. To curb excessive
shouting, SHOUT imposes a three-second delay on the shouter. YELL is similar
to SHOUT, but is heard only within an area and is restricted to those level
3 and above.

AUCTION, GOSSIP, and QUESTION and ANSWER also send messages to all
interested players. '.' is a synonym for GOSSIP. The QUESTION and ANSWER
commands both use the same 'question' channel. CHAT is a synonym for GOSSIP.

Mish also AUCTIONS items. Use the BID command to bid in her auctions.

You can use the CHANNELS command to hear, or not hear, any of these channels.

Player-Supplied Information