Frothy (Snowman)

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Official Information

Frothy the Beerman was the Snowman of the Enforcers in 2005.

Player Provided Information / Trivia


(Description by Cordir:

Frothy the Beerman was a jolly happy soul
With a keg of ale and a chugging hose and four bar maids in a row
Frothy the Beerman is as real as real today
He's in Wylin's place, takin' up some space
And he serves em with a 'hey!'
There must have been some magic in that old beer mug they found
For when they put it in his hand, the booze suddenly abounds!
Frothy the beerman is as drunk as he can be
And Enforcers say, Serve em up all day!
'Cause we'll drink to Slue and Smee!
Frothy the Beerman knew the quest might run all night
So he said lets pour, we won't be a bore
And for fun we'll have a fight!
Down to the Courtyard with a beer keg in his hands
Running here and there, all through Temple square
Sayin drink up while you can!
He led them down through Midgaard town, right to where Slue yells STOP!
and he only paused to tip his hat where the Grunting Boar serves slop
Frothy the Beerman had to hurry on his way
But he waved goodbye, saying, Drink up, guy,
Cause you know I love to play!
Drunkety, Drunk, Drunk,  Drunkety, Drunk, Drunk, 
Look at Frothy go!
Drunkety, Drunk, Drunk,  Drunkety, Drunk, Drunk, 
That's how his story goes!
Frothy is in perfect health.

Frothy is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) the blinding light from reflecting snow
<worn on finger>    an ice diamond
<worn on finger>    a clear crystal band etched with a wintery scene
<worn around neck>  a loose-fitting knit scarf
<worn on head>      a coal helmet
<worn on legs>      a warm set of long underwear
<worn on feet>      a large pair of black leather boots, filled with melted snow
<worn on hands>     a pair of carrot spiked gloves
<worn about body>   a magical cold producing robe
<wielded>           a heavily loaded coal bucket
<worn with pride>   a water jug holding the remains of defeated snowmen