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Official Information

All MUDs have some kind of "God" system. These Gods come in two flavors:
The Implementors who have set the mud up and do the majority of the hard
work to keep it running, and the rest of the Gods who gained their position
by whatever method is approved at a given MUD. On TFC, all these other Gods
are people who played the game and after awhile reached the maximum level
and effectively "won" the game. They then petitioned for immortality and
were accepted into the group that helps the Implementors, or Imps, keep
the MUD going. On TFC, Gods with the rank of Demi or Lesser are allowed
to have followers who they help in a variety of ways, and from whom they
require obedience to the "tenets" of their "religion and alignment." It
is customary to ask permission to follow prior to doing so. In addition,
all Gods at TFC are to be respected, if not for their personality, for their
position. If something they do or say that seems wrong, you are allowed
to take it up the chain of command, so to speak, but you should not make
a public scene and ruin the game for others. To see who the Gods are, on
TFC you type wizlist.