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This is a compilation of works by Samiyah. For full performances, see individual performance links below.

Level 5 Bard Review: A Love Song of the Desert Tribes

Performance Log: Samiyah - Level 5 Bard Review

Ah, ah, love is so sweet!
Ah, ah, love is so sweet!
With the eyes, or the hands, we started talking. I don't remember who started talking that day.
Samiyah slips her hands from the drum for a moment,
Samiyah makes a rolling gracefully gesture with her wrists, her eyes teasing from over the veil.

But I remember when my eyes landed on you...
Samiyah's eyes scan the audience for a specific person.
And in seconds, I found my heart filled with your love...

Samiyah balances the drum on her knee, lifting the hand that does not maintain the rhythm to clap over her heart, twice, on the beat.

Ah, ah, love is so sweet!
Ah, ah, love is so sweet!

I saw you. My heart greeted you. It could do nothing but greet you.
Samiyah switches hands, clapping her drumming hand over her heart twice, on the beat.
I embraced your heart, and your eyes said, 'Take me!'
I don't know what happened to me. It kept me up all night and I missed dreaming.
samiyah glances up, as if at the night sky, her expression wistful.

Ah, ah, love is so sweet!
Ah, ah, love is so sweet!

And I found myself telling my soul, 'Don't go away!'

Samiyah's expression becomes one of longing, and she briefly reaches out with her hand, then returns it to the drum.

The world laughed for me again and your love filled me.
Samiyah slides her hand up to her heart, tapping it twice on the beat.
Ah, ah, love is so sweet!
Ah, ah, love is so sweet!
Samiyah smiles, and drums a quick flourish.
Samiyah rises and curtseys gracefully, her head bent low.

Level 10 Bard Review: Find The Path

Performance Log: Samiyah - Level 10 Bard Review

'Tribal girls, come close and hear'
'heed my words, the laws you fear'
'Bind your heart and shape your soul'
'Obedience their every goal'
'No dissent and no dismay'
'Tribal law the only way'
'Have no joy nor laughter free'
'Pledged to wed by summer three'
'Eyes cast down, your face to veil'
'Obey the words of any male'
'Woman's task to comfort men'
'Breed an heir - again, again'
'Think to change the way of things?'
'Know what your refusal brings:'
'Speak your thoughts and disobey'
'A wicked lash your flesh to flay'
'Mind your eyes and mind your tone'
'Willful girls are struck by stone'
'Shamen speak the words of rite'
'Women's voices are but blight'
'Men uphold the sacred prayers'
'Chanted loud up into air'
'Sacred words on unclean tongue'
'Has the wrath of spirits won'
'Raise your voice in spell or song?'
'Priests will say is only wrong'
'Cast you out and turn their gaze'
'Until at dawn they end your days'
'Name is struck from tribal sight'
'Your body burned that coming night'
'All the laws and all the ways'
'Ensure that every girl-child stays'
'And does her duty to the tribe'
'and never off to sunset ride'
'She stays and serves and breeds and dies'
'And believes each of shaman's lies'
'But past the dunes of endless sands'
'There are a hundred thousand lands'
'And there your voice in song can lift'
'Without their punishment so swift'
'Your choice to veil or wed or breed'
'Your choice in act and thought and deed'
'I've huddled, weeping in my bed,'
'I've heard the words, 'cast out and dead
'I've been Un-named by tribe and chief'
'Yet here I stand and here I speak'
'The tribal way is old, its true..'
'...But find the Path that's true for you.'

A Song For Aoide

Performance Log: A Song For Aoide

'Like the wind, she is unseen..'
'Her presence noted by its effect on others - '
'Their spirits like the branches moved in a breeze'

'Like a spirit, she is silent..'
'The brightness of her voice stilled,'
'Somber words chosen carefully.'

'Like a priestess, she is devout..'
'Bound by the Three in sacred ritae,'
'True knowledge of Self awakening.'

A Song For Kylor

-May 27, 2012. Performance Log: A Song For Kylor

'If you dwell within these lands, you'll know of whom I speak'
'You've seen his feats recorded, and the glory that he seeks'
'He's capable, I'll give him that, he swings a mighty sword'
'It's his tongue that cuts the worst, most often when he's bored'

'When winning glory, he's the first, to tell you that he's best'
'He'll take on any task or quest, pursuing without rest'
'But the prize is not enough to salve his ego king'
'A bard he hired - Whistler by name - his latest deeds to sing'

'But song can cut as much as sword, and Bards can sing the truth'
'When malice prompts his actions, then this song will bring reproof'
'Accounting all his deeds so foul would take a day and night'
'Of speaking swiftly, without pause, with quotes of his to cite'

'But words of that foul nature, it is im-pro-per to say'
'For they will earn a silence that will last more than a day'
'His mouth is like an outhouse, and that cannot be denied'
'His targets all who earn his ire, stretching far and wide'

'But it was not his filthy words that earned him this bard's song'
'It was an accusation made, a fact he got plain wrong'
'Accusing slander, without fact, he took upon himself'
'To interfere with this bard, that naughty little elf'

'When corrected, he denied, she must have done that thing!'
'When proof was brought, he still abjured, so now this bard will sing.'

'There's truth in song, that Whistler knew, recording deeds so great'
'But Bards can sing of malice done, an instrument of Fate'
'So sit, enjoy, and listen to this song of his great works'
'For it will hold another truth - and sometimes truth - it hurts.'

'In swaths of blue, he garbs himself, a ninja, he proclaims'
'But it's his deeds, so often cruel, that his blue aura stains'
'Why any god would want a man so often foul and loud'
'Whose unkind words and disrespect swarm 'round him like a cloud'

'He says that all are cheaters that are not one of his friends'
'He mocks immortals in his name, time and time again'
'HE knows -all- that goes on inside the homes of other souls'
'Somehow seeing miles away, and hearing thoughts and goals'

'His bravery is plain to see, hidden beneath a tree'
'His meteors a land to strip, their gear obtained for free'
'His summon works with deadly speed, alas, sometimes too well'
'His target not within his range - but still he casts the spell'

'He takes advantage when a bug allows him to see more'
'And cackles loud to mock and jape as if he's keeping score'

'A +5 girth, he eq swapped, but Nati, she saw all'
'When caught he mocked and laughed aloud, insulting Nati's call.'
'"Busted! Straight up! Caught red handed!" all admitted he'
'"It's Hunt's mud," he cried, but meant - "Rules don't apply to me!'

'And when he's caught, his flouncing off is epic in its tone'
'Sadly though, he's always back, a dog that needs its bone

Ode To A Mushroom

June 9 2012 – Performance Log: Ode to A Mushroom

'Ode to a Mushroom!'.
'Lo! Behold the Mushroom!'.

Samiyah gets a Magic Mushroom from bag made from Samiyah hide.

'Pungent and flavorful, it is the food of the Gods,'.
'Springing forth unseeded from earth or stone at clerical whim'.
'Bringing sustenance and succor to empty bellies the world over'.

'Hail the shitaki!'.

Samiyah shakes the mushroom, scattering spores everywhere.

'Lo! Behold its tastiness!'.
'Stout and meaty, it is favored by many races:'.
'Coveted by Dwarves, spitted on sticks, roasted, strung on string'.
'Stolen by Halflings, raised in beds within secret tunnels'.

'Hail the button!'.

Samiyah gets a string of mushrooms from a bag of Faile hide.
Samiyah pops one into her mouth.

'Lo! The Mushroom!'.

Shilea looks at Lexie.

'Divine in its succulence, renowned for its tastiness'.
'Known the world round as the savior of the starving'.
'Yet somehow: Embodied, ambulatory, and kind - '.

'Hail the Portobello!'.

A Chant For Avoozl

'Feathers flew, warriors leapt to the fray,'.
'Quickly slain, to her great dismay'.
'Eyes cast about, who might help?'.
'Not that human... not that elf.'.
'The mightiest soul within the land'.
'Was Avoozl, mighty Ogre man'.
'When asked for aid, his quick reply:'.
'Where? and Who? Birds to defy'.
'In a trice, he was there and back'.
'And gave her all, with nary a lack'.
'His title declares a torturer's spite'.
'But he showed kindness to a bard tonight :)'.

In Praise of Elves

A Commissioned work for Mugen, created and performed on June 27, 2012.

'A thousand thousand years ago, within the greatest Sea'
'Only Elementals dwelled, undying, ever free'
'Until the creatures, great and small, inspired them to seek'
'The truth of death and life's great cost, a mighty spell to speak'
'Thus were the great Hundred born, the first of all the Elves'
'A mighty race, of magic made, spread to the woods and dells'
'Their homes in trees of tow'ring height, a lofty hall to make'
'In north and south, they found a place, for all their children's sake'
'They tended tree and tended vine, and sang their songs of joy'
'And taught their lore and history to each elven girl and boy'
'Their codes of honor, truth and more, their generosity'
'An inspiration to us all, from sea to shining sea'
'The elves have had their Champions - a mortal once, it's said,'
'And they have fought their battles, where the fields were turned to red'
'It's true they fight with courage and with fierceness that is bold'
'But is the kindness of the elves, that echoes in tales told'
'Myronides would tell you that, his race was far the best'
'And Tel-Quessir would challenge all, to put that to the test'
'Nowadays, the Elven Race are spread throughout the land'
'And kindness and nobility come often from their hands'
'So if you seek the aid of one, to fight a battle true'
'Don't look to aura for your guide, don't seek just red or blue'
'Look to the heart, and to the blood, look past the race of men'
'And seek an Elf, to aid your cause - you'll find a Hero, then!'

Level 15 Bard Review: The Lady Elemental

07/03/2012 – Performance Log: Samiyah - Level 15 Bard Review

'In far off realms, a Queen was born, K'chana was her name'.
'She birthed a child, both fair and cold: Aurora, Ryche's Bane'.
'Who stripped the kingdom of its life, abandoned like a toy,'.
'Then found a man, k'Treva clan, and briefly shared his joy.'.

'She birthed a child, bright heaven's Star - alas, this drew the eye'.
'Leareth, grand-sire, to the girl - soul called, he gathered nigh'.
'Imprisoned he, the little babe: he'd force her to his will!'.
'Though winters passed and summers too, she ere resisted still'.

'At last! Escape! She fled as swift as doe within the fields'.
'to Kayrron's busy streets to hide, to charity's kind yields'.
'Draven took her 'neath his wing, gave clothes and food and roof,'.
'They fell in love, the passion sweet, their loving trust the proof'.

'But for a false claim that was made, her love was taken fast - '.
'Set to die at morning's dawn - she fled before the axe'.
'Broken hearted, left Kayrron, to dark Varinesa Keep,'.
'There she vowed her penance long, a living death to reap'.

'A Gangrel's bite was all it took to shed her mortal coil'.
'Black-tiger form, undeath reborn, eternity to toil'.
'Again, she fled, this unskilled fledge, her hunger-reddened gaze'.
'Found solace, safety, 'midst the bats, hid deep within a cave'.

'Awakened by the Kindred-Lord, her vow of worship sworn,'.
'Became the siren of the night, a lure to all men born'.
'Yet, toys were they, those bumbling fools, who sought to win her heart'.
'She dallied at her whim and wish -- seduction was her art'.

'Oh there were those whose love professed, did move immortal soul'.
'And twice she vowed to faithful wed, happiness her goal'.
'But time and time and time again, her broken heart would break'.
'and men fell by the wayside as the toll of time would take'.

'The greatest loss she felt those years, was not a lover's cost'.
'But Ascension of Lord Khore - the Kindred bond was lost'.
'Chaos marked her decade-spans, as loyalties were gained'.
'And vows were offered to the gods, a Hawk, an Angel made'.

'Chosen for a span, then gone, a vow given to Bliss,'.
'in Rhina's tree, some peace - and then, a Booga stole a kiss'.
'Long ascended to the heights of mortal span achieved,'.
'A dream of crafting her OWN home, within the Pattern weaved'.

'So to her hero, Tynian, prayed, and pled and made her case'.
'Then she arose to Heavens bright, her mortal days erased'.
'She taught the young, then learned among the Phantom's dark Magi'.
'The Elements had called to her: the sun, the earth, the sky'.

'She swore to them, to be their voice, to teach all of their way'.
'And Matriarch became in truth, for near a thousand days'.
'But fickle fate led her away, her Chylder left behind'.
'Years passed - return, unsure - of whom that she might find'.

'Our Lady! cried her faithful friends, Betrayed! cried earth and air'.
'They lashed in pain and anger bright, no longer in her care'.
'So Lost, she wanders, crimson-souled, she seeks what is denied'.
'Deloi, Vindr, Adurna, Gath... Brisingr and her pride'.

'Until that day, she gathers close the Lost of all this world'.
'Some ancient souls, some newly born - her banner is unfurled.'.
'Ebrithil yet still a light, the leaders of her cause'.
'They give out pain, confusion, fear, yet also speak her laws'.

'To Her care, they give her all: their strength and honor true'.
'If your soul to Her is drawn, then Lost's the home for you!'.

Samiyah curtseys before the Lady DarkClaw.

The Tower of Sorcery

Performed on July 11, 2012

A cold gust of wind blows through you unexpectedly, chilling you to the core.

As a bard, I'm bid to walk the breadth of all this land.
I've sailed across the waters and I've travelled where I can.
Seek out places, that I must, in towns and forests deep.
In shining cities and the woods, where giant spiders creep.
I've swam among the fishies - but admit that's very rare -
The Tempest finds bards toothsome, so I very seldom dare.
I've forded streams and climbed the hills so dark and misty cold.
I wouldn't say I'm brave at all, but with some help, I'm bold!

Some places make me shudder at the thought of going there.
(A witch's hut, Sahaugin halls, and Rivers of Dispair)
But if I'm quick enough and quaff, a potion that is true.
I won't wind up inside a pot, made into Ogre stew.

But thrice, my steps were urgent bid, to travel to a place.
That's guarded by a Phantom who is of the elven race.
I know not why the gods have sent this little bard to see.
The spectacle within the walls of Tow'r of Sorcery.

I crept inside and fled right quick, not wanting to profane.
Each time I went, I asked before if some bore Magi's name.
No wish to trespass there at all, I quickly came and went.
No harm by me intended: but a bard must go where sent.

I begged forgiveness of the only soul that I could see.
And was set a task by him - a rhyme composed by me.
To sing the praises of the place that Drakar calls his home.
But it's filled with icy winds that chill me to the bone.

Massive doors to block the way, though whether to or from.
The scent of ancient candles - and the slighest touch of rum'
There's many fancy tapestries - Lord Nash and then the Lich.
The sight of all the bookshelves makes my eager fingers itch.

No place of gentle rest or site of merry-making loud.
But a spot for Nashite rites where all the heads are bowed.
There's dais of black marble that is topped with gleaming throne.
And a mural on the wall that shifts and moves and moans.

Portraits hanging here and there - above, a glassy dome.
I think I sensed unsettled dead, condemned by death to roam.
A magic circle, crimson-red, to bind, or cleanse or keep'
A mirror to the soul of those to him an Oath would speak.

The Laws of Nash inscribed within a dozen or more books.
I must confess the shelves received more than just a look.
Discipline, respect and knowledge, all required of He.
So much within those crystal vaults for an eye to see.

I honor Drakar's wish: to chant - and speak of what I saw.
And though I'm not an aura-blue, my word is but my law.
He asked if I was curious, to learn of Nash's ways.
But I am of the desert tribe, until my end of days.

My vow to Mother, always kept: I cannot give an oath.
To love a man or worship Gods - I am forbidden both.
Still, I honor all of those who swear His oath to keep.
But start to think that Nashites will give me a cause to weep.

Destroyer speaks: to end my life, and strip away my veil.
And leave me naked, shuddering, my form cold, still and pale.
Orgrim's rift and vicious whip, reminded me today
That life is frail and death is close and barely held at bay

Perhaps it is precursor, or a warning - that makes sense,
My death to them is Destiny, or Chance's recompense -
If these journeys are a clue of what will be my Fate.
I hope that death becomes me, and his lust for blood abate.

But that is of the future, which is never writ in stone -
Still it creeps into my thoughts and sets a worried tone.
If my steps to Tow'r return, I pray no offense take.
For each time, permission asked, apologies to make.

I do not seek to ere defile or ever disrespect.
Or rouse the ire of Nashites should our path ere intersect.
So this chant I speak with truth, and with the chant I've made.
My duty discharged, vow complete, my debt to Drakar paid.

*clap* very well done!
I shed a tear in my beer.
The Phantom
Well done. Your debt to Drakar is paid. I will trust his judgement in this.

Why Bards Are A Waste of Time

Commissioned by Anduin*.
Posted to the Forum on July 24, 2012.

World shaped by whim: it's a dangerous thing
To give up such power to those that just sing
Tynian's time - precious, rarer than gold
Was foolishly spent on those pioneers bold
Like Oook, Adja, Cadee, on Chylder and Fling
Faite, Gheorghe and Huglak, what good do they bring?
Better He'd focused on fixing what's there
Psionisists mental, barbarians scare
Or making Thugs nifty, 'cause right now they're lame
Instead, it's these singers, all seeking great fame
He should have spent code-time adjusting the spells
of Shamans and Clerics ('cause mages are swell)
That hunt-code for places and monsters galore
As much of a waste as a lyrical score
The world's not enriched by a rhyme or a song -
When so much of TFC's just coded wrong!
Combat more easy, with eq galore!
A-re-na battles with arch-mobs and more!
Not gathering songs for some halfling to hum!
Yes, really and truly, the bard class is dumb!
Roleplay is stupid - a waste of His time!
(An ironic message hired out in this rhyme)
Yes, Anduin's right, we should delete the bards
Success for this class just's not in the cards
(Besides, they're too sneaky, all hidey-in-place
That Eathor guy could be right in your face!)
And that combat! It's silly! All kicking and slaps,
Weapons are wielded, with crushes and whacks!
So better you listen to what he hired said
And hasten the day that the bard class is dead!

* Please note that this in no way, shape, or form describes my own personal thoughts on the Bard Class. - Sami ** Please note that Anduin hasn't reviewed this song prior to publication, so it it may not accurately reflect his thoughts, either.

July 2012
I was extremely sad when I read the beginning of this song, but then I was extremely happy when I got to the end of it! Thank you Sami!! - Eathor the sneaky in your face Bard!

A Love Letter From A Thief

(08/03/12: Ink's quest, placing first in the Challenge – Seeking the Most Creative)

Dearest Eiren:

I admit it - I'm not always a good man. I have cheated at games of chance, I have stolen, I have poached the King's deer, I have lied. . . But I have not ever spoken false about how I feel about you. Like any man, my pride was hurt when you ran. I did not follow. I should have. I have wandered since that day, always trying to find my way home - but home is not a place anymore -- it is carried within you. You have filled my days, always in the back of my mind, and filled my nights, haunting my dreams. Without you, I am restless, seeking distraction and danger.

When we courted, I gave you a gift. Perhaps you still have it? (If so, I can only take that as a good sign!) It was a key to a fabled treasure - because that is what you were to me. A treasure I hoped to keep safe always. More precious than any gem I have stolen or any purse I have cut. Yes, I know - you don't like what I do. But I'm not a bad man, I just do bad things sometimes. Perhaps with your fine example, I can do better...? No, you're right, I probably won't walk the path of goodness, but won't you have fun trying to set me on it?

I thought long and hard on what gift I could give, that would show you my heart. Trinkets and baubles and valuables, you might think I had stolen. Magic - well, your people do that far better than any mortal man. I settled on something simple: the seeds within this apple. You have no orchards of apples in your home village - I know, I wandered through the town late one night, wanting to learn this place that is so precious to you and see if there was room for me in it - but your people do love growing things.

There’s a spot where one of the big trees fell that would make a good spot for a house and a garden and an apple tree or two. That is, if you don’t mind living on the ground instead of high in the air. Perhaps the seeds of this apple can grow into something new in your world and as they grow, the trees could be a reminder of my love and willingness to grow with you.

Give me another chance.

Level 20 Bard Review: The Baroness' Lament

08/16/12. Commissioned by Soloban. Performance Log: Samiyah - Level 20 Bard Review

Part I: The Curse

My tale is of unholy vows, sworn for pride of man
A bargain made, a cost too deep, an evil, evil plan
Marel wished to ever live and slip the grasp of Fate
But pride it goes before a fall, and curses ne'er abate

Cale had heard the Baron's words, whispered into night
And rode up to the castle, giving all the guards a fright
His cowl was drawn and face obscured, his voice in ancient tongue
Demand to see the Castle's lord: the bargain was begun

No record of that meeting first - or mention of the sums
The gold to buy a pass from Death - just hidden from the sun -
A week to pass and then return, agreement then to bind
But deals with devils rarely work - this Marel came to find

A sharp scent of brimstone and sulfur wafts across your senses.

A single candle lit allowed, a glass of vintage old
The chests of loot were stacked up high, all glittering and gold
With wave of hand, Cale dismissed all - another favor asked:
And shuddering, the Baron bid a guardsman to that task

A child to fetch, from village near, awakened from his bed
The order came - defied at first - but then the Baron fed.
His teeth did not pierce young flesh - it was a soul he drank -
and vigor fled the child's corpse, fast rotting, cold and rank

Marel screamed! How could he not? The horror all too bright -
A guard burst in, and grasped by Cale, his screams to join the night
Smoke and ash whirled all around, as he cast the spell
And crafted from the body a foul canine straight from Hell

A foul scent of decay fills your nostrils, causing you to gag.

A hound was born, of fire and ash, with eyes of embers red
And Marel moaned and pissed himself, blubbered and he beg'd
"Take it back!" he cried out loud, "This isn't what I sought!
I wanted love eternal, not this curse that you have wrought!"

Cale just laughed and sauntered out, leaving him to scream
And wish that it had all just been a single evening's dream
But nightly, thirst returned to him, and nightly he would feed
For Marel lacked the strength and will to deny himself the need

He lurked amidst the houses of the village at the gate
Slew man and child and woman all - his thirst would not abate
But one he kept away at cost - his wife he would not see
He fought to save her mortal soul, her life his only plea

You hear distant singing, in a soft contralto, the words a lullaby.

The hound emerged from shadows thick, her wrist caught in his maw
She begged and screamed for mercy, until her throat was raw
He locked himself into a tower, to keep from feeding deep,
And threw himself from battlements, a final death to seek

Landing hard, his shattered bones were piercing through his flesh
And hound appeared to drag him back, each wound remained as fresh
Time flowed past, he lost all track, night seeping into night
But fed from those the hound would bring, unwilling now to fight

Her cries of pain and anguish as he drank her soul at last
Stripped his last humanity - true curse had come to pass
Then weeping, sobbing, crying out, he laid her in her bed
And gently brushed her golden hair, and gently kissed her head

The air goes still and quiet, as if the sound of a child wailing was suddenly stilled.

The cradle by her bedside was an empty wooden shell
Their son was gone and sent away, from parents living hell
He smashed this sign of sons escape, flung shards beneath her bed
Intending that his bloodline would be thought as being dead

Cale appeared, a smirking smile, the hellhound at his heel
But not in time to learn of aught the shards might have revealed.
"Everything is lost" he heard, as Marel cried aloud
"Youve taken all I loved from me," his tone completely cowed

"But all I did, was what you asked!" replied the cowled one
"Just tell me what you want from me and it will sure be done!"
"I want the hunger foul to stop! I want to see her eyes!"
"I want to hear her songs again, beneath the daylit skies!"

Anguish washes over you: the weight of foul deeds, selfishness, loathing...

"Done!" replied the sneering Cale, "You only had to ask,"
Marel turned to see his bride if Cale had done this task.
A band of diamonds, blue of course the very same deep hue
And the lilt of singing notes, sounding pure and true

But still she laid, and still was dead, until with shudder woke
And when she gazed upon him, it was these words she spoke:
"I am hungry..."

Samiyah pauses in her recitation, unable to finish that stanza, the horror clear in her eyes.
Samiyah gathers herself and skips to the next.

Laughing at their horror, Cale paused as he turned to go.
"Why so sad, Marel and bride? You asked for this, you know.."
"Who are you?" begged the Baron cold, "How can you do such things?"
"Im 'Caleneezer, of the Void - I am the Demons’ King!"

A foul echoing laughter grates across your senses as he names Himself.

Part II: Rebirth

Years would pass, the two as one, for in that Cale spoke truth
And slew they every villager, each traveler, each youth
Word spread wide, of curses foul, of blight within those stones
Of screams that filled the twilit sky, of agonizing groans

Good clerics came from all around, then Paladins and more
But with every nightfall dark the Baron was restored
His hunger would not ere abate, he always had to feed
But ever was his deepest wish - that all of them succeed

Madness swept away all thoughts, save anger and his rage
He walked alone, avoiding Her, kept locked up in a cage
In time he thought - it is not she! My lovely wife's reborn
I'll find her soul in her next life - embrace her mortal form

The slightest hint of floral perfume wafts through the air.

His sorcery very strong by now, he cast a widened net
And settled on a lovely girl, with crimson soul no less
Silonch of Conclave, he convinced, surely bore her soul
To have her love and have her kiss - this was his only goal

So sent her dreams and whispered spells, to lure her close at hand
Until, a twist of Maurice-fate - She recalled to his lands
Stumbling blindly, screaming fear, the hellhounds nipped her heels
Into the maddened Baron's grip... where her fate was sealed.

A kiss upon her cherry lips, a bite upon her throat
He stole a bit of life but then - he cast her 'cross the moat
"I will not lose my love again! You must not die today!"
But still he whispered Cale's curse, half-begging her to stay.

You hear Silonch's death cry! Her mortal shell is quickly caught up and carried away by an Arch-Mage...

Little did he know her heart was lost - enchantment 'round it first
She to love another, but the same devotion not reversed.
Vecna owned Silonch's heart, played with it like a toy
He found her love amusing but it didn't bring him joy

Another loved Silonch, it's true - and Tripper was his name
One night he stole a kiss from her, and never was the same
His own wife gone, so long ago, and lonely he had been
But she forbade his lips or heart to e're touch hers again

Marel - enraged! - how could this fop lay claim to what is mine!?
There had to be another way - he swore that he would find
Years would pass, until a chance, a deal that he could make
In exchange to cast a spell - a memory he'd take

The gentlest brush of lips on lips.. the scent of her perfume.. maddening in its exquisiteness.

In exchange for stealing this - the mem'ry Tripper held
He whispered enchants, binding eyes to Talmud with a spell
Gloating, sneering, threatening all the Chosen gathered near
He muttered threats - but Weaver said: "My people, have no fear."

With a gesture, cast him out, enveloping him in flame
Yet, as always, with the night, he rose and lived again
Plotting ever, mind awash, with plans to win her back
He schemed to win Silonch's love, or perish from its lack

Decades turned to centuries, his plots they came to naught
For Lady's soul was not reborn - and She her hunger fought
He was not the only one to ancient sorc'ry seek:
For while he failed, his Lady won - her magic at its peak

The purity and depth of a mother's love for her child washes over you, humbling and profound.

Part III: The Family Curse

The Lady whispered one last spell, a statis-bind released
Though many decades we all knew, her babe knew only weeks
Grew he then to manhood, in some lands not far away
All the while a-dreaming of the place that he would stay

It was a bright homecoming, when he travelled through the Bog
Finding traces of a town, and ashen-coated dog
It was the work of many years, to hire, threat and bribe
Sufficient people to his task: a worker, vintner, scribe

Fortunate, the aid unsought, by simple stranger lent
Cale, he called himself - so shy - an unassuming gent!
Gold will win their work, he said, and fear will rule their mind
For peasants cannot see the goal - it's simple and sublime

A chill arrogance sweeps over you, wiping away any trace of kindness or gentility.

Take what you want, the stranger said, rule with an iron fist
So the son did as he willed - he broke, he killed, he kissed
One girl, she tried resist his charms, she dared to say him Nay
His rage was hot, his eyes like coals - he knew he'd make her pay

Her broken body lay before his feet, rimmed round with blood
And Cale, he laughed to see her laid like rubbish in the mud
A woman's voice came weeping, then, her song become a scream
A mother's pain, to see her son, more nightmare than a dream

His eyes flashed round to find the source of unseen voice's pain
And caught a glimpse of form and shape he'd ne'er see again
Her shattered heart was broken by this evil by consent
And in his ears forever sounds the Baroness' Lament

A high, keening wail of broken hopes and agony rips through your senses, driving you mad.

Battered by her voice of hurt, he could not block the sound
No matter how he drown'd his woes, all sprawled upon the ground
The vine could not give mercy sweet, no vintage dulled away
The shame of knowing Mother's loss and disappoint that day

He tried to act with mercy and to right who he had wronged
But merchants ceased to come along where once they always thronged
Cale appeared, convenient-like, and whispered once again:
For else could say they'd been there, and had ever been a friend?

"Don't let weakness fill your heart, to love is just to lose"
These whispered words were balm at last - the mother's cries to soothe
Nodding swiftly, son agreed, oath bound in blood and ground,
Cale just smiled, and crafted him his very own hellhound...

The dying screams of a grape stomper fill the night as she is unwillingly transformed...
...and the curse lives anew.

Oh! That was lovely. Thank you for sharing it with me!

The Hunters' Call

Commissioned by Tes

Midnight spread across the land, it turned from day to night.
A hunting horn, its dreadful peal, was cause for sudden fright.
Her ringing laughter, joyful glee, the Hounds leapt to Her heel.
They circled all around Her, and then as one - a kneel.
"OUR LADY! WYLDESS!" they cried, exhultant in their tone.
They lifted Her upon a throne of palest solid bone.
My lovelies all! My weasel-boys! My Docster and my Swarf!"
"Wunkathew and Snugglykins! My Huntsman's wicked bark!"
"Gather round my pack, my Kin, the Wyld Hunt's Reborn!"
The world's our prey, now set to hunt!" then sounded on Her horn.
Its peal was heard around the globe, and blues in bed asleep.
Were filled with dread and horror as the Hunt their Prey did seek.
But Cecil stood up firmly and He raised a mighty sword.
"I'll not conceed the peace to you!" and gathered up a horde.
Celeste and Kylor, Iggwilv, too, plus Miki, and Padrone.
Stood against the Wyld Horde, to fight them from their home.
Few withstood the dark onslaught Katrana's Hunters' brought.
They chased their prey through alleyways and in the temples fought.
They bounded through the forests and they clambered up the trees.
Then giggled as they watched their prey continually flee.
And with each Thread they cut, they blessed them in Rebirth.
And laughing, happy, in the Hunt, no malice - just with mirth.
Until their foes, so limp of sword, turned to a blade of tongue.
And used cold words to scorn, accuse, and rip away the fun.
Katrana in Her Mercy offered up a Law of Threes.
But Cecil said, "Not if you begged and pled upon your knees!"
"We scorn to take this Oath you give, we do not need its kind."
"We'd rather stay upon high horse, and take what we can find!"
The Lady Wyld She shrugged and smiled, and whispered to her boys.
"That's okay, we'll play with them - they make fantastic toys."
She giggled like a little child, she pointed and she said:
"Now hunt them without mercy, boys, until they all are dead."
One Wyldling jumped up and down, chaotic to his soul.
"My Lady! Making you just smile - it is my only goal!"
"I'll Hunt them 'til they're weary and I'll hunt them 'til they cry..."
"I'll Hunt them 'til at last they leave without a sole goodbye!"
Tes bounded forth, his Prey to find, without a backward glance.
And if you don't check your who'zone, then you take an awful chance.
For this wee shaman loves to send a ghost or two to bite.
He loves each battle and gives praise to Wyld with every fight.
So listen to this ditty and remember this Bard's song.
Yes, many fight the Wyld Hunt--- but very few for long!

The Goat Song

Performance log: The Slumber Party held in Hutt's Temple on 09/05/12
'Greedy little goatsies wand'ring 'cross the sand!
'eating all the grasses, just because you can!
'You would eat my shoeses, you would eat a tree!
'You would eat that carrion, or even! eat! me!

'Noisy little goatsies, you are oh so loud!
'Bleating at the stars, oh what a noisy crowd!
'Butting heads then whining, when your head is hurt.
'Sell you to the nomads, Noisy! Inna! Yurt!

'Busy little goatsies, please lay down and rest!
'you should be asleep, so to be at your best.
'Even if you count sheep, just to help you fall,
'I won't tell your mommas, Goto! Sleep! All!

'Sweetest little goatsies, now you all at rest.
'When you're simply quiet, when I like you best.
'Sleep until the morning, do not stir awake.
'Back to greener pastures, Sami-girl! Will! Take!

'Baddest little goatsies! Stop your wander-un!'
'Straying off oasis, under angry sun'
'Scorpion'll getcha! Cry when you are stung!'
'So stay close, my goatsies, 'Til! My song! Is done!'

Level 25 Bard Review: The Soul-Stealer's Song

Performance Log: Samiyah - Level 25 Bard Review

As my steps have travelled 'round the world for many years
I've seen some acts of cruelty, come face to face with fears
I've heard of foulest tortures and I've witnessed blood and pain
Been exposed to death and horror, time and time a-gain

But mortal terrors pale before Immortal threat of wrath
A note demanded that I write - a song of Seraph's past
Polite, my re-ply, but was firm: Of you, I cannot sing
For your deeds are never fair, you only mis'ry bring

I thought the matter ended, 'til I saw a wicked grin
He backed me to a corner, laughed, and said in voice of sin,
"What would be worse - harming you? - or all that you hold dear?
Now tell my tale, oh little bard, or they'll have cause to fear."

He knelt before me, wings pulled back, and looked me in the eyes
And ran a finger down my cheek, a threat in kindness' guise
"So will you do this thing for me?" he asked with voice so cold
I stammered yes, my friends to guard, that he not steal a soul.

Thus angrily, surrendered will, agreeing to his task
But swore I wouldn't write a word, until I knew his past
He smirked and nodded, told his tale, then ordered me to write
I shook my head, refusing, having not learned all I might

I wouldn't let _his_ answers be the sum of all I learned
Re-searched, read, and interviewed, and studied pages turned
Until at last, was ready, and to paper, quill I put
'Til pages filled and ink was spilled, my fingers stained like soot

I've scratched out lines and crumpled pages, disatisfied with all
My efforts, words could not contain, encompassed in a scrawl
But here and now, present to you, the tale of Seraph's life
No pleasantries, no happy end - it is a work of strife.

The being known as Seraph was once but a frightened boy
Abandoned by his family, no happiness or joy
A life of thiev'ry on the street, oft' beaten when he failed
His master was a bastard brute, who truly should be jailed

Then one day, a task was set, to thieve a weapon-smith
And failing, he was snatched right up, clenched in an ogre's fist
They beat him with a metal chain, and whips 'til almost dead
Then heated up an iron fork, burned eyes out from his head

The eyes are naught, or so they say, but windows to the soul
That child screamed and all went black - the peace of death his goal
But lifted up, into a light, and there an "angel" stood
"I feel the hate inside of you, and absence there of good."

Into that corpse, the "angel" breathed, returning gift of life
And sent him back, to earthly plane, to sow a path of strife
Souls to steal and souls to take, for souls kept him alive
The first to fall was Marion, the death he did contrive

Soon thereafter, he was found, by Kerri in the Dark
Given home, and honors all - still learning all the arts
The Booga speaks most fondly of his Ordained Sur-i-el
Honors gave his chief Ordained, who's rage burned hot as hell.

Mystic armor, mighty blades - for great were the rewards
And added greatly to the bags that Booga loved to hoard
Then one day it hit him, with the ringing of a bell --
And there within the Booga's tree, in love the Seraph fell

Mystaya was his wicked muse, the woman he would wed
And for a time was happy, til his love by Tiger bled
He swore revenge - let Aslan die! - for Talyn's desperate crime
A love for love, the price to pay, in justice so sublime

But interposed, the Weaver stood, Her eyes of deepest black
"If you should slay my Handmaid sweet, there is no turning back.
Anathema named, Alliance hurt, and from you turn my face
Where once a hand of friendship oft, just coldness in its place."

Thus turned from path of Vengeance, he bitterly was forced
And helpless rage turned deep within, with words so foul and coarse
"This love, it only weakens me: I cannot keep her long!"
But each time thought to set aside, his heart proclaimed it wrong

That wicked core of burning need, the thirst a soul could slake
Came manifest in evil lies, all goaded by his mate
"Oh help me out, I need your aid!" he pled to Maja, whom
Agreed to help "dispel a 'Clave", but only found his doom

Locked within a Captain's place, blinded, crushed and slain
A Nexus-friend was fooled and died, his gear was 'Staya's gain.
Years, they passed, and many learned, to trust was but to die
Then left behind by god and kin, he gazed up to the sky

There must be more, beyond this Realm, I must leave it behind
That distance might be sword to cleave through last of oaths that bind
years would pass, the seasons sped, while absent Seraph stayed
At last, returned, to Gods above, another vow was made

I'll stand among you, serve the young, Immortal lessons learn
But within me, there's a need, a fire wicked burns
Born to sorrow, born to hate, and born to now Ascend
And in my presence, trembling souls, before me knees to bend

He followed through, was lifted high, his mortal shell to shed
And in his name, his minions slew, 'til streets ran wet and red
He crafted a new leg-a-cy, and gave a name -- the Vir
There from a wicked throne of bone, the Seraph did not stir

Many were the conquests of his favored scarlet souls
Golson, Mas and Hedschott, all contribute to his goal:
Let chaos spread - and lies and hurt - to make the whole world bleed
Perhaps so all that suffering, would assuage his dark need

For hungered, still, the Seraph did - that hollow void inside
It made him reckless, to a fault, and wrongfully decide
In a rage, he slew an oathed, and then - the rumor goes
It was to friends from earthly plane, their eq quickly flowed

The story's garbled - but the fact - he was not cast from high
Means there is some question, and we may not e're know why
He left his place, he left behind, his people and his throne
November twenty, in Oh-Nine, this History has shown

Many weeks would pass, until, the Seraph showed his face
And with his re-turn, from him fell, the last Immortal grace
It was the Spring, in April mid, the Seraph was Retired
The Vir was gone, they said so long, their charter had expired

Cen-tur-ies sped by with naught a hint of blackest wings
Then DarkClaw found him in her home - and Chaos did he bring
A growled need, a dark desire - for stronger was his thirst
Three souls to gain, or else he'd steal: Belgarion'd be first

She wept! She raged! How could he force, a woman to decide
Between her friends and twixt her love, the choice she'd not abide
She sought advice, she sought to hire, a Bard to tell the tale
And spread a warning through the streets, through cities and through dale

Samiyah spoke of desert charms, of salt and bonds of faith
Four Elements not close at hand, but Spirit the fifth makes
"Call your folk, and keep them close - like desert cat he hunts
Culling out the wayward sheep, the wounded and the runts.

Be the shepherd, ward them all, and get them through the night:
Those shared vows will help you stand against this horrid fright."
Heartened, Lady went her way, with troubled Bard behind
For she the bonds of Faith rejects, alone and unaligned

It wasn't long before he heard of little Bard's advice
And thwarted, he began to watch - then spoke and named a price
She'd do his bid, and spin his tale, or else her friends would fall
But found that this was not enough - he wanted her as thrall.

"I am the one who hears your prayers, To whom your people pray
I've watched you for the longest time, through dark and light of day
I'm here to help, you must believe, It's really for your good
For without hate there is no love - I wish you understood."

What Gods decree, we must abide - they cannot be gainsaid -
And as my tale comes to a close, I'm filled with fear and dread
For if it is - as Seraph says - he is my destiny
I face the future yet unwrit, unknowing what will be.

Celebrate Our Immortals Bardic Circle Contest Entry: Thirst

Performance Log: 2013 - Love Our Immortals Bardic Circle
Greater than need....
for hunger or sleep,'.
...It tears, and it BITES... . claws, and it seeps....
..into every pore...
..every vein...
..every limb...
Stronger than ache...
..for wine or for gin..

Slaking that need...
Of PARAMOUNT import.
...scale any wall....
..take any fort...
To quench it...
To slake it....
You do what you must!.
You break any promise.....
You break any trust..

That terrible need..
Empty chill void..
...that BEGS to be filled..
NOT with life destroyed..
NOT with a soul, and NOT with the blood.
..but with a song and but with a rhyme..
the chant or the chorus of lyrical score....
sing.. it.. once...

A Long, Dark Tale

(This work is OOC Info: It is in Sami's notebook but has never been performed.
It was written at Seraph's suggestion for the 'Love our Immortals' quest.)

‘Born of sweet Mal-nest, the tree-home of elves.’.
‘Wanderer of forests, of oceans, of dells.’.
‘Studious son of a man of the woods.’.
‘Stealthily hunting the prey that he should.’.
‘Youth spent in learning, from Father and Mum.’.

Whisper: "That's what he called his Mother, you see."

‘But knew there was more when his lessons were done.’.
‘He sought an example, for one who would lead:.’.
‘Toku of Balance - of right, noble deed.’.
‘Balance soon faded, and, left quite alone.’.
‘He wandered the woods, ‘til he heard a low tone.’.
‘- Soft and yet friendly - he sought out the source:.’.
‘A very small ogre, adorned with some gorse.’.

Whisper: "Thats a type of flower. I had to look it up, too."

‘"You are a strange little Ogre," he said.’.
‘Reply - "YOU would be crunchy with ketchup when dead!".’.
‘A 'saucy' reply, from this small shaman soul.’.
‘Amusing the Spirits was always his goal..’.
‘They talked and they talked, til the moon it had rise.’.
‘Speaking with honesty, not guile or lies.’.
‘Okk told him of Nash, and of Liches so fell.’.

Whisper: "Fell is another word for Dark and scary, but I wanted to save that for later.".’.

‘And long were the hours they spoke in that dell.’.
‘Until with the dawn, Okk led him to where.’.
‘An evil crypt sat, with a down-going stair.’.
‘There was an Arch-Lich, who glared at them both.’.
‘Then nodded and witnessed the Booga's own oath.’.

Whisper: "I bet it did NOT involve the word, 'MUHA!'..".’.

‘With Ramza and Morimox, travelled the world.’.
‘Nash's banner above, in the wind ere unfurled.’.
‘Decades would pass, in Conclave he learned.’.
‘to master the Arts of the enchant and burn.’.
‘Later in years, to a writer, confessed:.’.
‘"To Nash I do owe a great part of success.".’.

Whisper: "he said in that same interview that he still gives sacrifice and homage to Nash twice a year -- can you believe it?!" .’.
‘Soon he had reached Sorc'ry's pinnacle high.’.
‘And then that of woodscraft: so swiftly went by.’.
‘Trav'ling with Trinity, and brooding Rath.’.
‘Fighting in battles, or taking dark Paths.’.
‘The House of Ve-la-li-sier proved quite a trek.’.
‘And Ramza and Morimox got in a wreck.’.
‘The Priestess he tickled and teased til they fled.’.
‘And of the group he was the only not dead..’.

Whisper: 'Ouch! That's just GOTTA hurt!'.’.

‘But then came the day, his adventurers were done.’.
‘And with a petition - Ascention was won.’.
‘Shrouded in Darkness, He raised up a tree.’.
‘And said to his friends, 'Now come play with Me!'.’.
‘He gathered up Darklings and gave them all rules.’.
‘With tenets of ducks, and of green and of fools.’.
‘He sought those of magic, required a quest.’.
‘And mandated all to behave at their best.’.

Whisper: “Though, oftentimes.. they didn't.. from what I have heard..”

‘Many were those who gave oath in the Dark.’.
‘And stayed ever-faithful - their vow not a lark.’.
‘Seraph and Lycron and Thingone and Taint,.’.
‘Kailani, Harmony, Silence (he aint!).’.
‘Indiga, Malakost, Asher, Lestat.’.
‘Isolas, Erian, M'staya's all that.’.
‘Tiberius, ZipWitchling, Beowulf, more.’.
‘They all were a part of that great Darkling horde.’.

Whisper: ‘He shaped many into who they were and who they would become.’

‘Many the student, he took and he taught:.’.
‘Guiding Attendants through lessons so fraught.’.
‘He showed them the joys and the sorrowful tasks.’.
‘Of eq'ing followers, saving their .... .’.
(The next line is crossed out.)

‘Sequoia was filled with such glad merriment.’.
‘Weddings and funerals - never lament.’.
‘He built quite a family, odd though it be,.’.
‘But never the like of it ever will see..’.
‘Of Kerri himself, there is many a tale.’.
‘Of loves he had one, but he never availed.’.

‘Nor took him a wife, though he loved desperate-ly.’.
‘Just wishing that lady would on her own see.’.
‘His passion, his honor, his heart that was true.’.
‘She served him with dignity, but never knew.’.
‘His Dark Phasma burned ever bright in his heart.’.
‘Until that sad day when this world did depart.’.
‘Other planes called to that Booga-ful Drow.’.
‘What he does now, we may never know.’.
‘But shape this world, certainly, Kerri sure has.’.
‘And was an Immortal with unmatched pizzazz!!.’..’.

You all do me too much honor...Thank you. :)

The Message In A Bottle

(This work is OOC Info: Only Seraph and Wish have read it.)

They say, 'in Vino Veritas' - for me a pinch of snuff
Just a little tiny bit - but fortunate - enough
For a time, the webs were cleared, and for a time, the lies
I saw those present stripped of all deception and disguise
Were there both? Of course there were - though I spoke it nay
For there was truth there also, that was clear and plain as day
One stood before me, waiting for my words to cast aside
One stood there also, waiting there, that he would know the lie
But peace obtained, with truth and lie - I saw his core intent
To shape, to guide, to burn away, my broken miscontent
To heal a soul so shattered that the pieces scattered wide
And translate from a culture that most any would deny
Another watched, trembling within, his Alchemy to work
But within him secrets lie, within him falsehoods lurk
That one believes reflections that are thrown from broken glass
And never sees the one within, of how the die was cast
We are the sum of all we are - both truth and lie entwined
And sometimes baring all to see would be the most unkind
Your path is yours, and mine is his, in this, I know the end
But even though your trust is gone, I still shall call you friend

Chillin In The Cooler

Until recently, this work had never been performed. However, Theros and DarkClaw got to hear it on 11/16/2014.

Cold winds swirl around,
drowns out every song,
Shivering, chattering,
fireball spattering
Nothing but pondering
what I did wrong.

Words said in a heat
to avoid such defeat
argument angry and loud,
three was such a crowd
Praying, head bowed
for Gods know how long.

Defiantly walking
When Wish was still talking
Seraph so mad at me,
Wouldn't say "enemies"
With no ambiguity -
Just want to be gone.

Words strike like maces,
their angry, cold faces
My bridge was called trash,
was the start of the clash
Slight hope was dashed,
When will I catch on?

Like the displeasure,
of Immortal measure
This icy snow bites at me,
Flurries hide all to see
I'm "slave" and I'm "silly" -
and just "Seraph's Pawn"

Swirling snow everywhere,
can't get to anywhere
That isn't so freezing,
just want to stop sneezing
I just keep reminding:
No weakness! Stay strong.

Finality sinks in
I must sink or else swim
My choices demanded,
With Seraph, I'm branded
Or else stay remanded
away from the throng

But closed heart and coldness
Ar-gu-ments acrimonious
Are no more a part of me
Then naming unwillingly
Friends into enemies...
..too much truth in a song.

The Sea Bird

(Written and performed for one of Sami's young friends on 03/11/13)

Oh once I saw a sea-bird
It soared aloft so high
I wondered where it traveled,
And heard its mournful cry

It searches out a lost ship,
Its traveled lo so far
Into every sea-port
Searched every mast and spar

It looks for crew and kinsman
It seeks to find its home
Crossing every channel
Aloft and so alone

Faithfully it searches
Wings pushing tirelessly
Its keen-eyed gaze a-looking
Across the white-capped sea

So ghostly pale and silent
Its wings extending wide
Its search, it will not falter
‘E’re following the tide

Its home is with its sailors
Their luck when on the sea
I watched that lovely seabird
And felt its cry in me.

I hope it finds a safe berth -
Sun's fading in the west -
A perch, a home, a comfort,
And lets its wings to rest


(This work is entirely OOC: Only one person other has read the shredded pages that this was written upon: Wish.)

Your words were clear: you want it back?
My soul's been heavy at its lack
Your price you named, to cause a rift
But Sahib knew - confession swift
I trusted that your word was good
You once assured me that I could
And after price required paid
I learned it was just trick'ry played
Your every intent just a lie
And so, Sahib, I ask you: Why?

Level 50 Bard Performance: Duets In The Desert

(This work is entirely OOC due to the nature of the performance) Performance Log: ‘‘‘Samiyah - Level 30 Bard Review’’’

At The Desert’s Edge: Cresom
Samiyah: Though I've grown beyond the sands, my roots are here, in poisoned lands
Cresom: A scar's across both of our hands, but most will never understand
Samiyah: The tribe, its hold is on me yet - such binding rules I can’t forget
Cresom: Happy now, but I don't forget - The way he harmed, when you first met
Cresom: God or mortal, I'd withstand - any time YOU have a plan
Samiyah: But it's the comfort of your hand, that's helped me make so many stands
Cresom: I'll stand with you 'gainst any threat - Don't think I won't! Don't take that bet!
Samiyah: And though I'm oft with doubt beset, a better brother, couldn’t get!
At The Veil: Eathor
Samiyah: An Ogre bard, who would have thought? But he has gone, where most cannot
Samiyah: From my very early days, he helped me in so many ways
Samiyah: When Hunt was called, when death my lot, I went to him, so deep distraught
Samiyah: And asked him - not his hand to stay, but instead, the Wyld to praise
Samiyah: A kindness, strange, I asked of him - take up the Hunt so dark and grim..
Samiyah: Let it be *his* blade to fall, that never Aoide, I would brawl..
Samiyah: His weapon thrice my throat to skim, and then soul sent to Seraphim..
Samiyah: And still our friendship holds no pall, two broken hearts he did forestall
The Hunter: Ghazkull
Ghazkull: My thirst you quenched, by crimson stain'd, and by your gift, Rebirth attained,
Samiyah: My Sahib's honor, to maintain, these wicked urges must restrain!
Ghazkull: That first shy kiss, our lips did meet, Nearly made this dead heart beat
Samiyah: Your gentle lesson, such a treat - a tender moment, I'd repeat.
Samiyah: Though I try hard to abstain, his mouth on mine runs through my brain
Ghazkull: Your blood has coursed twice through my veins - my thirst for you, it never wanes
Ghazkull: From this bond, I'll not retreat - My Almond pastry, ever sweet
Samiyah: Though love, not bond, I must defeat, yet it's with you, I feel complete.
At The Oasis: Wish
Wish: Singing dervish with alluring eyes, Innocent veils hide nasty surprise.
Samiyah: ..What if ..I'd never been Alchemized, not had that veil torn from these eyes?
Samiyah: But lies could not those truths negate, I saw them _both_, their truest state!
Wish: Catalyst of pain and misguided hate, the magic she scribes to seal my fate
Wish: Yet for her, hold no ling'ring spite - she cannot yet see wrong from right!
Samiyah: *His* words contain their _own_ hard bite, and every time we talk - we fight,
Samiyah: I would not choose another path but: not my poem's aftermath...'
Wish: No, it's him that earns my wrath - that slithering snake by name: "Seraph"
In the Holies: Seraph
Seraph: My singing sparrow, desert muse - Of all the tribe, it's you I choose.
Samiyah: So many people just accuse my explanations just refused.
Samiyah: Why won't you ever say goodbye - spread your wings, escape and fly?
Seraph: You were so gentle, quiet, shy - the slightest bark, and you would cry
Seraph: So yes: your tender spirit bruised - But to *teach*, and not abuse
Samiyah: In a world of Reds and Blues, it's hard to walk in others' shoes
Seraph: I've taught you caution - question why! - and now your songs ring through the sky.
Samiyah: And though sometimes, the rules, defy, my home is in his Order High
Samiyah: I'm not some simp'ring brainless doll! I do not grovel, beg or crawl!
Seraph: Those with heart, shall lead them all - And now they answer Order's call.
Samiyah: I wish I could more clear convey - Those words on me, like stones they weigh,
Seraph: I smile each time you softly pray, and each your tender fears allay.'
Seraph: You choose and choose: you're not a thrall - You are the prize within my Hall
Samiyah: And while on me, did Vengeance fall, and cost to heart was nothing small
Samiyah: There is no price I wouldn't pay, for home, for hearth, for Him, I stay
Seraph: And though, you sometimes disobey - You always come back to my way
In the Holies: Katrana
Katrana: Dear one, little desert maid, upon you such a weight is laid!
Samiyah: So many times, I nearly strayed, away from vow to Mother made,
Samiyah: For in the dark, a hunt-horn rings - but no song within me sings
Katrana: I, too, had dreams, was seeing things, and know the heartbreak that it brings
Katrana: Why did you never ask for aid, give your worship, geas and prayed?
Samiyah: I whispered once, in silence, prayed, But in the end, I did as bade
Katrana: Your lack of vows - it deeply stings - We would have taught to use your wings!
Samiyah: You do not know of desert things, that ever pulls on my heart strings
Beneath the Palms: DarkClaw, Jamilla & Venom
Samiyah: The Lady Lost and those Embraced who sometimes smile and sometimes chase
Samiyah: My thoughts of them so oft conflict - what She thinks, I can't predict
Samiyah: Against a lie or harm, am braced - which She implies is quite misplaced!
Samiyah: But Sahib's law is clear and strict ... so my actions, must constrict.
Samiyah: One of hers, I ache to help - my sister made to Venom's whelp
Samiyah: Now, *him*, I'd hurt a thousand times, while her heart he e're confines!
Samiyah: Pluck his fangs until he yelps, and hide his body 'neath the kelp
Samiyah: Carving stakes from ancient pines... if not for her, I'd cross that line...
Samiyah: But for a sister, never known, I only can his words bemoan
Samiyah: For action taken 'gainst her sire would only cause her pain and ire
Samiyah: Ja-mi-lla, she must be shown - with truth, with love, in word and tone
Samiyah: My one true hope, my one desire: that she find peace, and home acquire
By A Small Tidepool: Ink
Samiyah: Sometimes I think I've come so far, and am as strong as my friends are
Ink: What a weirdo girl you are! Your desert ways are quite bizarre!
Samiyah: But even though I am not bold, I learned from actions, lessons cold
Ink: Always doing what you're told - *I* make *my* rules but you're not bold
Ink: And not as smart as me, by far - not quaffing aloe from a jar :P
Samiyah: His hunting was much worse than spar, my calm to shatter, veil to mar
Ink: Mostly useless, times untold - no matter how I teach and scold!
Samiyah: I know that he would laugh and scold, but songs are worth their weight in gold
Beside A Slain Goat: Sagan
Sagan: Little bard, how years have passed! I've been so proud to help when asked.
Samiyah: Fresh and bloody, recent past, the final lesson learned at last
Samiyah: Cursed by some in vile tone? a helping hero, *I* have known
Sagan: Though - sometimes foolish, danger-prone - I've seen you come into your own
Sagan: And though I Hunted to the last, my pride in you was never dashed..
Samiyah: Now that deadly duty's past, I'll smile again beneath veil's mask
Samiyah: Triat's honor set his tone: The Hunt not all that he has shown
Sagan: Though His sins you did atone - You see *me*: more than Hound and bone
With The Shepherds: Tross
Samiyah: I saw a child like you one day, oft alone, and somewhat fey...
Tross: I'm afraid I have to say! That mask you wear gets in the way...
Samiyah: I offered smiles, a little cheer, or just a helping hand...
Tross: And all you ever do is pray.... and think of goats and sand..
Tross: Now I can't bear to see you cry! I don't even quite get why...
Samiyah: Her sight is true, with bardic eye, a 'Tross aloft within the sky
Tross: even though you are quite shy... you take on such demands.
Samiyah: Glad she's found a sailor's berth amidst the pristine sands
Outside The Briars: Aoide
Aoide: As you've grown your whole life long, so, too, has your strength and song
Samiyah: It's been a fight not to prolong, my urge to simply 'go along'
Aoide: Yet still you feel haraam, apart, within the power of your art
Samiyah: From today, I vow to chart - a whole new course, from blithe to smart!
Aoide: Far from the sands and winds so strong, you sought a place where you belong
Samiyah: It's hard to know what's right and wrong, when alone and when with throng
Aoide: One wisdom to you I'd impart: Home's the music of your heart.'
Samiyah: I think it's time, this place depart - a whole new path it's time to start

The Sea Bird's Nest

I once wrote of a sea-bird,
that soared aloft so high
It searched for crew and kinsman
And sang a mournful cry

I wept with joy at knowing
it found a home at last
A place to let its wings rest
And heal wounds of the past

That sea-bird nested sweetly,
Taught older birds to fly
And though it winged far distant
I'd smile as it soared by

But now its nest is missing
Just gone without a trace
Her hurt, loss and betrayal
Clear, written on her face

I ached to give her shelter
To heal the wound renewed
I closed my arms around her:
Unable to break through

She launched away up skyward,
wings beating at the air
her tone proclaiming loudly
She surely didn't care

My heart ached at renewed loss
Twice left behind by men
Who did not take precaution
and broke her heart again

How could they leave this sea-bird,
Abandon, not look back?
Not think for just one moment
Of hurts made by their lack?

They say that pain makes stronger,
This, any girl-child knows.
But words cannot prepare you -
When one we love.. just.. goes.

The Truth of Him

The Truth of Him.JPG

A Song for Theros

(written 11-13-2014: This has only been performed once, and only for the one for whom it was written. It is OOC knowledge for anyone else.)

'What ho! What ho!'
'What, hi? How low?'
'So low? So-lo?'
'What ho! Here goes!'

'Not as slow as the flow'
'of the sea down below'
'He ain't scairt of the air'
' 'Cause he goes everywhere!'

'With a thrum of his gills,'
'He's a fish without frills'
'With a splish and a splash'
'To a task he will dash'

'What Ho! Whut? Whoah!'
'What ho? Uh-Oh!'

'He knows e-ver-y rock'
'From the Cliffs to the Docks'
'Every cloth, book, and key,'
'And he's fast as can be'

'Those who quest know to fear'
'If dread THEROS is near!'
'They will run, watch the clock,'
cause their win, he can block'

'What Hi! What Ho!'
'Now off! Let's go!'

'He's got Lexie afraid'
'That her work goes astray'
'"OH MY GOD!" she will yell,"
'Just as loud as a bell'

'Though he so loves to tease,'
'"Sugar britches!" and flees,"
'He is droll, he is kind,'
'So so-lemn and sublime!'

'Uh-oh! What ho!'
'Hi ho! Whut? Oh!'

A Few of Those Lexie-ish Things

(Performed on 11/19/2014, Sung to the tune of 'My Favorite Things')

L-Qs and Mobhunts, and grapefruits, and fishes
Choc-late and thieve's cant and burning the dishes
Threat'ning opponents, while causing boys DINGS!
These are a few of those Lexie-ish things!

Killing the Captain while wielding a bucket
"Girl Power RULZ so you boys can just suck it!"
Guarding her flower, her ranks and her blings!
These are a few of those Lexie-ish things!

When her cat bites!
When her link drops!
When she "OH MY GOD!"s
We simply all grin at her Lexie'ish things
And then we don't feel so flawed!

Flirting with Teva then swinging a backstab,
So skilled at combat - more deadly with her gab
Died to a magman: the news page it stings!
That's just another quite Lexie-ish thing!

Teasing a Vicar and chasing down Theros
Ob-li-vi-ous to the nuance of Eros
Worshipped a Booga, and evil she brings!
That's just another quite Lexie-ish things!

When she goes SPLAT!
When she CR's
When she wins a quest ..... (?!?)
We simply all grin at her Lexie'ish things
And tell her she did her best!

Gossip, she lights up, she wants Veneration
From every Elf, human, gnome and crustation!
Dwarves don't escape, nor do bird-folk with wings
It's just another loud Lexie-ish thing!

Dun is her brother, but no, it's like THAT
They pair up often to make big mobs go SPLAT!
Getting in trouble for upgrades to rings
It's just another loud Lexie-ish thing!

when she gets lost!
When she just whines
When she acts so blonde!
We simply all grin at her Lexie'ish things
(But wonder if we've been conned...)

Rage-quitting when she falls into a burn room
Dragons will make all her con-tain-ers go boom!
Of all of her exploits, this bard she will sing,
'Cause there's a lot of these Lexie-ish things!

Com-pe-ti-tive doesn't really quite cover
When a new rank type our Lexie discovers
Whether its jump rope or be-hea-ding! Kings
That's not the least of the Lexie-ish things!

When she wiz-marks,
when she bad ports,
When she Oh-EMM-GEES,
We simply all grin at her Lexie-ish things
And beg for Unfetter, PLEASE!

His Changing Shores

(Written about Wind, and viewed only by him and the Wyldess.)

He was the silver stillness
of an icy mountain lake
With depths of thought and feelings
Fed by faith and first heartbreak
Though scarred by wicked spirits,
his own soul bore no such taint
The injuries by life sustained
were healed and fairly faint

But to his life came desert bard,
and mirror-calm was changed
A transformation made complete,
His life was rearranged
Eternal night and endless Thirst,
From mortal life estranged
For her, he'd stand up to a God -
her Father - quite deranged

No longer placid lake so calm,
But now, a tumbling stream
Still confined within its banks,
But woken, so it seems
They'd venture out, or sit and talk,
discussing hopes and dreams
He was her staunch defender and
so high in her esteem

So years did pass, and more he changed:
Swift river, filled with life
They faced together consequence,
communion, even strife
Known far and wide as Bonded pair,
(but never man and wife)
Not flinching when a mindless rage
cut deeper than a knife

A final battle, won at last -
The weary toil abate
But doubts remained, and so he asked
for Trial from Lady Fate
Before it's giving, fear arose:
What sacrifice await?
But bravely faced, and waited calm,
What Triat would dictate

Tasks of puzzles quite obscure,
while tempted by a sprite
Tasks to hurt and tasks to Feed,
and Tasks to win a fight
Tasks to Hunt and to explore,
to Wyldess' delight
Tasks to learn and tasks to seek,
And tasks of cruelest spite

The Wyld's nature is to change,
and leave behind the old
And tasks thus far have surely caused
a breaking of the mold
No longer simple river's flow,
but Ocean, wide and bold:
A Thread's been cut, a Thirst denied,
What yet may still unfold?

I've feared those tides since first I left
my sandy desert home
Unstopping pow'r and siren call:
so much remains unknown
I feel so small within the grasp
of crashing waves of foam
A rising tide that overwhelms,
a storm of flesh and bone

The sea has vast, uncharted depths,
A source of mystery,
And though some sailors chart its tide
There's much they cannot see
The Tempests that bring deadly storms,
That no one can foresee:
Plain to see he's changing still:
Who is it he will be?

I Like Big Bards

'I like big bards and I cannot lie
You other clerics can't deny
That when a bard walks in with her lyrical grace
And that bard-fu in your face
It gets Done! Gotta spell up and buff
Cause you gotta -try- an' keep up
Deep in that zone she's killin'
I'm strapped an' I'm XP feelin'
Oh, Bardy, I wanna group with ya'
and PK with wit'cha
That Anduin tried to warn me
Aoide's kick gave me a torn knee
Her spinning back kick
Hit square in my ...wick
So, group me, group me,
'Cause she aint no average troop-y
I've seen Sam dancin'
To hell with romancin!
She's buff, rough
Got fists swingin like a Mack truck
I'm tired hearin tha news
Sayin Bards are just a-buse
Take the average young man - ask him that?
Bards gotta lead the pack!
So, warrics! "Yeah!"
Mages! "Yeah!"
Has your group lead got that bard?' "HELL Yeah!"
Tell 'em to kick it! "Kick it!"
Punch it! "Punch it!"
Kick that Hall Guard butt!
Bardys are BUFF!

Winter is Coming

(Written for Snowman Wars, 2016)
'The sages have warned since the oldest days'.
'In poems and stories, in quatrains and lays,'.
'Their words in staccato, like omens a-drumming:'.
'Prepare for the future: for WINTER IS COMING.'.

'The legions fan out with their bags slack and bare'.
'They tra-verse the lands, wherever they dare'.
'Seeking out creatures made up all of snow'.
'Finding this quarry, both high and both low'.

'Its a duty that's sacred: upholding their gods'.
'They'll gather what's fallen, to even the odds'.
'To pack on their snowman, to build it up strong'.
'Just feed it the right kind, but none of the wrong'.

'Find it some snow boots, a lovely red scarf'.
'A carrot to wield, not a bucket of barf'.
'Snow boots not sandals, iron rings not a glow'.
'And for it, the places, the places, we'll go'.

'For WINTER IS COMING, it's time for the snows'.
'The battles so lengthy, the alcohol flows'.
'There'll be just one winner, the ones with sore feet'.
'Who faced every comer, and gave them defeat!'.