Suriel's Icy Indifference

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Official Information

Suriel's Icy Indifference was the Snowman of the High Order in 2013.

Player Provided Information / Trivia

  • Suriel's Icy Indifference won the Snowman Wars in 2013.
  • Suriel's Icy Indifference was named by Samiyah.
  • Suriel's Icy Indifference was built largely through the efforts of Samiyah and the Mage-For-Hire, Belsambar, along with assistance from members of the High Order.
  • Although it was generally the tradition that the winning snowman could be loaded into the winner's temple until the next year, because Suriel's Icy Indifference was moved out into the world after the fights so players could fight him, the mob could not be reloaded and the snowman was destroyed.


A towering figure of glittering ice and snow stands here, outstretched wings 
tipped with sharp icicles. His physique is powerful,  hard-packed, and hardy. 
With empty holes for eyes, the creature's expression is one of indifference, 
uncaring as to the goings-on around him. His presence lowers the temperature 
in his vicinity, the coldness of his demeanor made tangible. 

Suriel's Icy Indifference could sell you the Bog and you would thank him.
Suriel's Icy Indifference is in perfect health. 

Suriel's Icy Indifference is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) (Extra-Magicky) a strong aura of animatory magic
<worn on finger>    a gleaming band of smooth ice
<worn on finger>    a lump of coal set in an unweildy black iron band
<worn around neck>  a necklace of linked snowglobes
<worn around neck>  a loose-fitting knit scarf
<worn on head>      some ice spiked earmuffs
<worn on legs>      a large pair of overalls
<worn on feet>      a large pair of black leather boots, filled with melted snow
<worn on hands>     a pair of frost-covered mittens
<worn on arms>      a pair of reinforced tree bark armlets
<worn as shield>    a thick slab of ice
<worn about body>   a magical cold producing robe
<wielded>           a razor-sharp carrot-on-a-stick
<worn with pride>   a water jug holding the remains of defeated snowmen