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This template provides an information box about a PC (mortal or Immortal). All fields are optional, and will only be displayed when a value is given.

A blank Info pc template provided below, and copied directly into any character article. Fields that we don't have information on should be left blank, so that additional information can easily be added when it comes available.

{{Info pc
|name           = 
|incarnation    = 
|styled_as      = 
|imm_rank       = 
|created        = 
|status         = 
|retire_date    = 
|race           = 
|hometown       = 
|classes        = 
|last_seen      = 
|followed       = 
|spouse         = 
|partner        = 
|parents        = 
|children       = 
|relatives      = 
|areas_written  = 
|immorted_on    = 
|following      = 
|portfolio      = 

== Mud Contributions: ==
== Current Description: ==
== WHO Lists: ==

== Character History: ==
== Trivia: ==
== Player Provided Information: ==
== Personal Timeline: ==
== Player Information: ==

The various information fields are explained below.

{{Info pc
|name           = character's name
|incarnation    = Generation (instance) of character (i.e. I, II etc.) accessed after 1997.  If refering to multiple incarnations by same player, separate with commas (e.g. I, IV).
|styled_as      = A title commonly associated with the character.  For FLI, typically related to following.  Mortals may have a title they are predominately known for.
|imm_rank       = Most recent Immortal level held (e.g. Demigod)
|created        = creation date (RL calendar)
|status         = Active/Inactive/Retired/Deleted. Retired is a formal status given to Immortals, mortals placed in the Timerian Museum or whose name has been retired by God+.  Otherwise, use 'Inactive'.
|retire_date    = Date of retirement (for characters formally retired)
|race           = character race: Use {{Race|<race name>}}, e.g. {{Race|Dwarf}}
|hometown       = character hometown
|classes        = character's (mortal) class(es) (separate additional with <br />
|last_seen      = RL date character was last seen (if inactive)
|followed       = List of FLIs followed (separate additional with <br />)
|spouse         = In game spouse
|partner        = In game partner
|parents        = In game parents (separate additional with <br />)
|children       = In game children (separate additional with <br />)
|relatives      = In game relatives
|areas_written  = Areas written (separate additional with <br />).  If more than 5, give number of areas written
|immorted_on    = RL date character immorted
|following      = following(s) led as FLI
|portfolio      = Typically god+: Area Coordinator, Code Writer, etc.  There are only one or two instances where this would apply to non-god+