Terrain Types

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Terrain Types control what weather is visible to the player as well as the effort involved in moving through it.

Flag Name Flag Value Extra Information
INSIDE 0 Players are indoors. The sky/weather is not visible.
CITY 1 Weather is visible
FIELD 2 Weather is visible
FOREST 3 Weather is visible
HILLS 4 Weather is visible
MOUNTAIN 5 Weather is visible
WATER SWIM 6 Water is considered shallow. A boat is NOT required to travel through the room. Water currents will affect them. Weather is visible.
WATER NOSWIM 7 Water is considered deeper and a boat is required. Water currents will affect them. Weather is visible.
UNDERWATER 8 In an underwater room the player will suffer drowning damage. Flying is not possible. When using this terrain type a room flag of no_transport MUST be used. Weather is visible.
AIR 9 Player must be flying, can be affected by air currents. Weather is visible.
DESERT 10 Weather is visible