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Trigger before move are PREVENT type triggers that are special functions associated with rooms and doors. The are found in the #TRIGGERS section of an area file.

These triggers always begin with the special code: P

P <room vnum> <door number> <spec_name> * Comment

P 30934 3 spec_mudschool_newbies * Room name

FROM AWG - Need to integrate

The Prevent Specfun This specfun is assigned to a door. When a mob or player attempts to use the door, the MUD then conducts a check to see whether admittance is allowed. If blocked, a message is given the player telling them why. Of the specfun class called Triggers, only ONE trigger can be assigned to a given door in a room. These specfuns, along with the Allow Specfuns, are placed together in the TRIGGERS block.

The layout of a Prevent Specfun is as follows:

A: This must be a P.

B: This is the room's vnum where the door is.

C: This is the door to attached the specfun to. 0 means north, 1 means east, 2 means south, 3 means west, 4 means up, and 5 means down.

D: This is the name of the prevent specfun off the approved prevent specfun list.

E: This usually would contain the room's name and the door's direction.